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Alex McCord Recaps Latest Episodes of Real Housewives of Atlanta and Beverly Hills

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Phaedra Parks Ex-Friend Angela Stanton Speaks Out On Apollo Nida’s Arrest

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Joanna Krupa Reportedly Wants off 'The Real Housewives of Miami' and onto 'Beverly Hills' or 'Orange County' Edition
"Real Housewives of Miami" star Joanna Krupa believes her show is the red-headed step child to its West Coast counterparts -- so she wants in on the California action ... but Bravo's not biting.

Sources close to production tell us, the 34-year-old model has been making a play to switch from "Real Housewives of Miami" to either "Beverly Hills" or "Orange County" ... because she thinks the Florida show is a sinking ship.  We're told the tone of some internal discussions is it may not return.

So Joanna has been hanging out in L.A., partying this past weekend with Kyle Richards and Joyce Giraud from Bev Hills and Gretchen Rossi from O.C.

But our Bravo sources say it's not gonna happen ... the network just isn't in the business of switching their "Housewives" from one show to another ... and it won't make an exception for Krupa ... no matter how much of an entitled tantrum she throws.

Then again, entitled sells ... which is why she wants Beverly Hills.
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Thursday, January 30, 2014

Ramona Singer Files For Divorce From Husband Mario Singer
Ramona Singer, who is said to be singing the blues over reports that her husband Mario Singer has been cheating, has filed for divorce.

Court records show that the television star filed the formal paperwork Tuesday in Manhattan Supreme Court. The papers are sealed but a source familiar with the case confirmed they are for a divorce.

“Ramona has been protecting him,” former “Real Housewives of New York” star, Jill Zarin, told People. “She looked the other way when people told her he was cheating.”

The couple, who have been married for 22 years, have one daughter, Avery, 19.

Ramona, 57, reportedly caught Mario at their Hamptons home over the weekend with 27-year-old Kasey Dexter, who is said to be his girlfriend of a year.

“She saw him there with the girlfriend and made a big scene and called the police,” a source told the People.
“This is a personal and private matter for our family,” she told People in a statement. “For my daughter Avery’s sake, I would appreciate everyone respecting our privacy during this difficult time.”

She reiterated her request via Twitter Wednesday.

"Thank you all for the love & support!" she wrote. "For my daughter's sake, I would appreciate everyone respecting our privacy during this difficult time."
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Kim Zolciak Takes Out $300K Loan To Finish Construction On Her Atlanta Dream Home
Former Real Housewives of Atlanta star Kim Zolciak might be biting off more than she can chew with her dream home, because has exclusively learned the reality TV star and her hubby just took out an extra $300,000 loan to complete construction.

After purchasing the Alpharetta, Ga. home with husband Kroy Biermann in 2012 for a whopping $880,000, the couple embarked on massive renovations to turn the 7,186 square-foot home into their dream.

But in loan documents obtained by Radar, it looks like the couple needed extra backing to complete the 5-bedroom, 6.5-bathroom home because on Dec. 9, 2013 they signed off on a credit line of $300,000 with Landmark Community Bank.

With new 2-month-old twins, the couple is likely to be in a hurry to finish their renovations on the massive home and get settled.

Renovations on the home — aptly named Zolciak Manor — are said to include a two-story master closet, eight fireplaces, an elaborate chandelier, sweeping staircases and a large pool.
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Lisa Vanderpump Says 'Reality TV Gives You a Thicker Skin'
The Real Housewives franchise has produced many a breakout star in recent years (NeNe Leakes, Bethenny Frankel, Teresa Giudice). For better or worse, the stars of the hit Bravo reality series have achieved major fame — not to mention millions of loyal fans.

One of the biggest stars to come out of The Real Housewives of Beverly Hills is Lisa Vanderpump, whose popularity resulted in her own spinoff series, Vanderpump Rules. She also appeared on the 16th season of Dancing With the Stars.

The British beauty, 53, chatted with about reality TV stardom, the secret to her 31-year marriage with husband Ken Todd, and those pesky tabloid rumors.

This season of RHOBH has been particularly nasty in terms of tabloid reports and rumors. How do you deal?
“It’s just all sensationalism, and then you read about it on Twitter and you just have to ignore it or make a statement, but for the most part it’s nonsense. People should just relax and watch the show and then judge it from there. I just have to ignore it unless it comes from somewhere reputable.” One thing that reality television does give you is a thicker skin. I remember the first time something was written about me and it wasn’t true, I was so indignant and I burst into tears. I remember sitting in my restaurant thinking, ‘how could they?’ Now I’m like, ‘oh, whatever!’”

Viewers love watching you and Ken together. What’s the secret to having a lasting marriage when so many relationships have been torn apart by reality TV fame.
“It sounds clichĂ©, but I think having respect for each other and being kind to one another. Of course, you have trials and tribulations like everybody does, but we have a sense of humor about things as well. We’re not taking ourselves too seriously, and I think most people watching Housewives know that I do love a laugh, and I’m married to somebody that supports everything I do.”

You’re always looking glam. What are some of your best beauty tips?
“It’s really about makeup. I’m a great believer that you can get ready in five minutes, of course it normally takes longer, but you can put it together very quickly if you have to. I just think it’s really important to always put your best foot forward if you can. The one day that you put your hair in a clip and you’ve got no makeup on is the day you run into the person that you really don’t want to see, so I always try and pull it together, whatever time I’m working with. I’ve always got mascara — if not lashes — on and lipgloss. I just feel better that way, and I think most of us do when we just make the bit of effort. It gives us a better kind of energy and a better attitude.”
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Porsha Stewart’s First “Soulful” Single Gets Name and Release Date
It’s been nearly a year since Porsha Stewart belted out her own rendition of “Amazing Grace” at The Real Housewives of Atlanta’s Season 4 Reunion, and as the Season 5 sit-down approaches, so to does the release of Porsha’s first single. Since the Season 4 Reunion, Porsha has been through a very painful and public divorce from Kordell Stewart, and despite the tough time, Porsha insists that she’s channeled all of her anger into her music.

We knew the release of Porsha’s first of five tracks was right around the corner, and now she’s giving Bravo’s The Dish even more details. “I just finished the first single,” she revealed of the track set to be called “Flatline.” “We're going to be releasing the single within the next two weeks! I'm so excited!”

And though we’ve seen bits and pieces of Porsha’s creative process on the show, she says she’s been working on this particular tune since she learned of her shocking split on Twitter. “I've been working on this song throughout the whole divorce and the whole season [of RHOA], mapping out my emotions and putting in things that I've gone through,” she said.

As you might have guessed, “Flatline” addresses the loss of a relationship, something Porsha can obviously relate to. Speaking about the song Porsha dished, “It's emotional and it's me really being vulnerable and just saying the things that a lot of people feel when you have a heartache and break up with someone.”

But don’t write this newly divorced gal off as just another singing housewife, because Porsha maintains music has been an important part of her life long before reality TV came along. “I didn't become a Housewife and say, 'Oh, I want to sing!' I just decided I had the time to put into it, to actually release something this time,” she explained. “When you go through something like I did, you lean on music. It was really important to me and I decided I wanted to share that with everybody else.”
Porsha says her co-star and musically inclined pal Kandi Burruss didn’t work on any of her songs, but she did give Porsha some much-needed advice and encouragement.“We didn’t work together on any of these songs, but she did stop by the studio once or twice while I was working on a couple songs and gave me a few angles and pointers,” says Porsha. “She was such a great friend — pushing me and telling me she believed in me. She was very encouraging.”

And how does Porsha feel about the finished product? The RHoA star says that when she heard the complete track for the first time it brought tears to her eyes. Aww, girl, we can’t wait to hear your music!
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Yolanda Foster Calls Out Brandi Glanville's Excessive Drinking
Late last year Brandi Glanville’s Real Housewives Of Beverly Hills co-stars became so concerned about her drinking that they started planning an intervention.

And one of her closest pals on the show, Yolanda Foster, has admitted that she hates when Brandi Drinks and has been vocal about her feelings. 

Speaking to Andy Cohen on Bravo's Watch What Happens Live, she said: 'Oh, I can't stand it. I hate it, yeah, and I tell her all the time. But like I always say, I'm not her mother. But I don't like it - I don't support it.'
However, while the duo have a great relationship on camera, it appears as if there is some tension between them in real life.

When asked if they are still close, she said: 'We are... y'know. We're close when we're shooting, and you see each other every day. But you know... Yeah, we see each other.'

And Brandi was not impressed with her pal, writing in a tweet, which has since been deleted, during the show, '@Andy @YolandaHFoster I thought we were closer, I guess... We had dinner plans Sat. until she had to cancel last sec. Hmm, I guess one never knows (sic).'

Yolanda was quick to fire back: 'Please, Think before you speak, Brandi. There is a child's privacy involved in this conversation, so back off!!!!! (sic).'

During a dinner party shown on a December 2013 episode of Real Housewives, Glanville drank freely and hit out at the other guests.

41-year-old Glanville, who was married to Eddie Cibrian before he left her for LeAnn Rimes, made unpleasant remarks about Joyce Giraud and giggled from her corner of the table as she swigged red wine.
'When Brandi drinks I am always her target,' said Giraud, a former beauty queen.
Giraud snapped when Glanville mocked her for calling her husband 'baby.'

'He is my baby and if you are upset because you don't have a baby, go find a baby. Maybe if you acted differently you would have a baby of your own,' said the Puerto Rican beauty defensively.  

In the car on the way home, Giraud and her husband, German producer Michael Ohoven, gibed at Glanville's sloppiness.

'I think you need to plan an intervention,' said Ohoven.

'She gets drunk and lonely.'

'I think she was wasted out of her mind. It's sad right? She's so pretty,' said Giraud. 

'It's so ugly to see such a pretty girl so wasted and slurring,' added the mother-of-two who has been at loggerheads with Glanville for some weeks and has accused her of making racist remarks about her. 

The contentious dinner was held by Foster, who was planning her first party since recovering from brain-degenerating Lyme Disease. 
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Vicki Gunvalson’s Divorce Finalized: Nets Nearly $1M In Assets
Real Housewives of Orange County star Vicki Gunvalson‘s divorce from ex-hubby Donn is finally settled, and has exclusively learned the Bravo star scored big time financially.

According to divorce docs filed on Oct. 16, 2013, and obtained by Radar, the dissolution of the marriage has neither party receiving spousal support — but if there’s a change in either Vicki or Donn’s income, a modification can be sought to request spousal support.

At the time of their separation, the Gunvalsons had a bank account balance of $161,887 and after paying a large chunk out toward the mortgages at their 7 Shire residence that account was left with $53,933 which the couple agreed to split.

Vicki, 51, will keep the 7 Shire residence and the couple’s Cota de Caza, Calif. home valued at $559,711 was sold via a short sale after their date of separation.

As for their assets, Vicki was awarded a whopping $886,459 in total value, including art, furniture, photographs and other personal possessions.

The court documents detail three timeshares the couple own in Puerto Vallerta, Mexico — one week which was sold for $5,700 had profits going to Vicki, while the other two valued at $9,000 and $3,600 will be split.

Vicki and Donn will split the balance in their Morgan Stanley bank account which has $26,966, as well as the Gold Strike Poker stock, but Vicki will keep the three Allianz accounts with an accumulated balance of $230,948.

The mother of two will also keep the 2009 Mercedes SL550.

But after being married nearly 16 years, Donn isn’t leaving empty-handed.

Vicki’s ex was awarded approximately $633,058 in assets, including their home in Irvine, Calif. and the vacation home in Lake Havasu, Ariz. Including jet skis, a 2003 Lincoln Navigator, a 2004 BMW 745i and a 401k plan which currently has $74,000.
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Phaedra Park’s Husband Apollo Nida’s Violent Attack During ‘RHOA

The stars of ‘The Real Housewives Of Atlanta’ sat down for something Nene Leakes called ‘pillow talk’ and it turned ugly incredibly fast. Do you think Phaedra should be angry with Apollo for punching Kenya Moore’s friend?

It all started when Kenya Moore got into a heated discussion with fellow party-goer, Natalie Williams, during the Jan. 26 episode of RHOA. When Kenya started walking towards Natalie, that’s when her husband Christopher Williams, stood up to defend his wife by grabbing Kenya’s arm. This is when things get really bad. Kenya’s friend Brandon DeShazer decides to step in and defend Kenya’s honor and next thing you know there’s a brawl!

But how does Phaedra’s hubby Apollo Nida get involved? That’s a good question. Apollo, who has just been arrested on bank fraud charges, was bragging during the episode about how much money he spends at strip clubs. But when Christopher got in the middle of a girl fight, that’s when Apollo ripped his shirt off and attacked Brandon. Brandon now claims to have suffered broken ribs from the incident!

The fight starts and then the episode cuts to black. You’ll have to tune in next week to see the full fight! It’s shocking and Phaedra must be somewhat embarrassed!
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Ramona Singer, Husband Mario Separated After Domestic Dispute
Another Housewives marriage is on the rocks. After 27 years together, Real Housewives of New York's Ramona Singer and husband Mario have separated, two sources confirm to Us Weekly -- with both Ramona, 56, and Mario, 60, already dating other people.

At the moment, things are anything but amicable for the Bravo couple, who share college-aged daughter Avery; as first reported by Page Six, the couple recently got into a heated fight at their shared Hamptons home, with cops eventually arriving on the premises. (According to Page Six, after things calmed down at the Hamptons house, Ramona even offered the visiting policeman a "glass of wine," which they declined.) No word yet on when or if either party will file for divorce.

"They like to put on appearances like things are okay," one source tells Us Weekly. "It's been going on like this for awhile."

Adds another pal: "It is like war of the roses between them right now." As recently as last October, Ramona had denied reports that Mario had cheated with -- and impregnanted --another woman.
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Teresa Giudice Attacked By New Castmate Amber Marchesa Over Legal Woes
Amber Marchesa and her husband James have achieved the unthinkable: making Teresa Guidice a sympathetic figure.

A show insider tells exclusively that the new cast member went on the attack against both Teresa and her husband Joe — in front of the rest of the cast — for their well-documented string of legal and financial problems.

“All of the cast members have been really respectful of Teresa and Joe and the girls” in their current situation, the insider said, “but they went there.”

While Teresa’s been the show’s resident pot stirrer — and a common enemy among many of her cast mates over the years — even her past rivals rallied to her defense, as they were shocked by the cruel, personal barbs from the new kid in town, the insider said.

The insider speculated that Amber and her husband might be looking to take the fast road to reality fame through controversy, by taking aim at the show’s most high-profile star.

“Amber’s husband owns a mortgage company and they are trying to make a name for themselves and nothing is off limits including Teresa’s legal woes,” the insider said. “The Marcheses feel that they are too classy for the rest of the cast members and don’t like being associated with criminals.”

The couple’s above-it-all attitude has alienated them from many of their castmates, the insider said, though that’s of little consequence to them, if it improves their visibility.

“Amber will do anything to grab attention — she has fought with every single cast member and now her husband is getting in on it. She went after Melissa [Gorga] first and now has moved onto Teresa. She knows going after the two main housewives will get her the most camera time.”

“They try to play it off like they are too good for everyone, but they are the couple with the most issues.”

While Teresa’s never been known as a wallflower, the barrage of under-the-belt jabs left her pride wounded, as she focused to keep her cool.

“Teresa looked nervous and subdued when the topic of conversation turned to her legal drama: She tried to downplay the whole scene and not make it an issue while the cameras were rolling,” said the insider. “Teresa knows that people will try to use her legal woes to create drama and make a name for themselves.
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Porsha Stewart Talks Lesson Learned From Failed Marriage: “Never Lose Yourself in Love”
Porsha Stewart has been super busy lately and this week is no exception — The Real Housewives of Atlanta newbie has featured articles in not one, but two popular magazines. Both Star and OK! have given Porsha a full page.

Porsha herself shared her achievement on her Instagram, via a cool little app that allowed her to do a video montage of the magazines' covers and her story in each.

"Hey, checkout ya girl in @OkMagazine & #STAR !! On stands Now! #rhoa Both articles highlight my life, romance and my new ... Hair Company Naked Hair @gonakedhair," Porsha wrote next to the short video.

Mostly, Porsha talks about her divorce and her life now sans Kordell. The pair are no longer in contact, but that doesn't mean she's still holding any hard feelings against him.

When Star asked if she had spoken to her ex recently, Porsha responded, "No, I haven't. I just wish him well at this point."

She went on to comment on his current romance with Towanda Braxton and how she's totally fine with it.
"If he's happy with her, that's good. Everyone deserves love," Porsha concluded.

In her interview with OK!, Porsha shares that she not only achieved closure from her former relationship, but she also took away a valuable lesson.

"I've been able to move forward and leave the past behind — I got the closure I needed," Porsha told OK!, adding, "Never lose yourself in love. It's okay to love a man, but it's better to love yourself more, and you need to always stay focused on your goals. You can be independent and still believe in love."
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Yolanda Foster Says Brandi Glanville Needs to "Protect the Privacy" of Her Loved Ones
The ladies had fun during a self-defense class on this week's Real Housewives of Beverly Hills. But things came close to getting dangerous when Yolanda Foster misinterpreted the instructor's "stop" signal. Now, Yolanda is explaining why she kept choking the dude.

"As you can see, taking direction with my Lyme brain is just a tad unreliable as I almost choked the poor guy," Yolanda writes in her Bravo blog. "Embarrassing!!! Watching it back, Lars clearly gave instructions twice, but I guess it did not register in my head. I am glad he thought it was close to a happy ending."

Yolanda also weighs in on what Brandi Glanville can learn from the tension she experienced with her dad. "I believe the biggest lesson here for Brandi is to learn to protect the privacy of her family and friends," Yolanda says. "Just because something is the truth, does not mean you need to share it with the world, especially when it involves others."

"Thinking before she speaks is going to be mandatory because the choice of her words are starting to have consequences that effect not only her but also her loved ones," she continues. Indeed, this was an issue when Brandi shared too much about Adrienne Maloof's family life last season. 
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Alex McCord Recaps Latest Episodes of Real Housewives of Atlanta and Beverly Hills

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Joanna Krupa On Becoming A Mother: ‘I’m Gonna Freeze My Eggs’
Who says women can't have children later in life? Joanna Krupa is eyeing the option of freezing her eggs in order to wait on motherhood.

"What I'm gonna do -- unless it happens naturally -- I think I'm gonna freeze my eggs in the next month or two," she told Us Weekly.

The 34-year-old "Real Housewives of Miami" star and her husband, Romain Zago, have decided to hold off on becoming parents, although they both desire to start a family one day.

"We're talking more and more about it," Krupa added. "Honestly, (one second) I want to have a baby and (then) another second I don't feel like I'm ready for it just yet."

While she's focused on waiting until the time is right to become a parent, the reality TV star wishes she didn't wait on icing her eggs.

"I wish I did that in my twenties but, unfortunately, I didn't," she said. "So I think I'm gonna do it just in case because every year I'm like, 'This is the year, this is the year.' But I'm still focused on other things that it's just really hard and I don't want to take it away from being a mother."

Still, Krupa has embraced the feeling of "if it happens, it happens."

"Maybe it'll happen this year," she added. "We're definitely talking more about having a baby this year than ever in the last seven years we've been together, but if that doesn't happen then definitely I'm gonna freeze my eggs."

Krupa and Zago were married back in June and have previously indicated they may do a reality show of their own.

"We both have such busy lives," she said, indicating that the Bravo series only focuses on her life in Miami.

"To be honest, my life is more L.A.," Krupa confessed. "The only thing that keeps me in Miami is my husband. We're like the only couple that's been doing a bicoastal relationship for seven years, so it definitely wouldn't be a boring thing and we've definitely talked about it."

They've also talked about increasing the frequency of their sex life after previously having problems in that area.

"I'm the type that wants it more," she told Celebuzz. "Since the day we met he's never been as sexual as I am."

But Zago is definitely putting in work … literally … to bring happiness to his bride.

"I'm definitely getting more since we've been working on it," she said. "At least we went from once a month to once a week."
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Kenya Moore Is Having Fun with Apollo Nida's Bank Fraud and Identity Theft Charges
Major drama has arrived to "The Real Housewives of Atlanta," thanks to Phaedra Parks's husband Apollo Nida. On Saturday, Jan. 25, an article on the Atlanta Journal Constitution reported that Apollo was charged with bank fraud and identity theft in a complaint filed by the U.S. District Attorney’s office in Atlanta on Thursday. Apollo subsequently surrendered to authorities and was released on bail.

The complaint charges that Apollo created fake companies to get databases of individuals. He would then open fake bank accounts and deposit stolen U.S. Treasury checks and auto loan proceeds into the accounts. The main person involved, Gayla St. Julien, has identified Apollo as the mastermind. The secret service agent wrote in the complaint that she “described herself as NIDA’s ‘right hand b****’ in executing the legwork of his fraud schemes" but only received "scraps" compared to how much he got.

One person who has been quick to jump on the story is Apollo's "The Real Housewives of Atlanta" co-star Kenya Moore. Kenya has had beef with Apollo and Phaedra ever since the whole sexting scandal and was quick to say that this is proof of their bad characters.

"Losers never win. I have always seen through ppl and I was the first to tell you last season about these ppl and who they really are. #dirty," she tweeted earlier today.

The other housewives, NeNe Leakes, Porsha Stewart, Kandi Burruss, and Cynthia Bailey, have so far chosen to remain silent on the whole affair on social media.

Apollo, meanwhile, doesn't seem to be concerned about the charges. He continued tweeting as usual after the charge and release on bail. He even responded to the story with what seems to be a denial.

"I was in prison in 2008," he tweeted earlier today, in response to the court documents that the illegal activity took place "from in or about 2008."

When a fan told him to stop replying to tweets about the situation and to just lay low, he responded, "ok but this is crazy." 

Even Phaedra is acting as if nothing happened, tweeting about her upcoming book signing this morning.
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Aviva Drescher Has Cancer Scare
Aviva Drescher's asthma issues over the summer may have saved her life. The RHONY star, 43, is recovering from a procedure on precancerous polyps. 

A doctor believed she had reflux/gastritis so suggested an endoscopy and colonoscopy. While taking the latter test, she wrote on her Bravo blog that “all was clear except one polyp which was called a flat polyp and was precancer. Flat polyps are very hard to find and quite dangerous if not found early.” 

She is urging everyone to get the procedure, no matter how unglamorous it sounds. 
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Saturday, January 25, 2014

Cynthia Bailey's Husband Peter Caught Flirting With Another Woman
Real Housewives of Atlanta’s Peter Thomas won't let a little thing like the proximity of his wife, Cynthia Bailey, get in the way of his fun.

An eyewitness exclusively reveals to Life & Style that at a Golden Globes bash at 1Oak on Jan. 12 the couple had attended together, Peter — unbeknownst to Cynthia — was “flirting up a storm” and grinding on a brunette named Ella.

“She was twerking all over his thigh,” a stunned eyewitness tells Life & Style.

“And he was giving people a thumbs-up while she did it! He also put his hands around her waist and nuzzled her neck.”

The eyewitness says Peter spent most of the night far away from his wife and with the brunette.

"There was tons of laughing, flirting…and twerking!" 

The eyewitness adds that at one point, "It looked like he was going to kiss her!”

The reality TV duo went through some troubled times recently when Cynthia was diagnosed with fibroids.

The Bravo star even admitted to Life & Style had she not gone through corrective surgery, “We would be divorced for sure at this point. He wouldn’t have been able to take me anymore.”

And Peter confessed he considered straying at one point.

"Me and my buddies were planning a trip to Venezuela because nobody knows us there.”
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Carlton Gebbia Claims Joyce Giraud Is ‘Fighting For Airtime’, Defends ‘Unfiltered’ Brandi Glanville
As the new girl on The Real Housewives Of Beverly Hills, Carlton Gebbia had no idea how “toxic” her cast mates would be.

Now 12 episodes into the Bravo franchise, the Wiccan is faithfully defending her BFF Brandi Glanville and explaining why she loathes sisters Kim and Kyle Richards and former Miss Puerto Rico Joyce Giraud.

Despite Brandi’s controversial comment to Joyce on the Dec. 9 episode that implied black people don’t swim, Carlton stood by her friend and told Star Magazine, “Brandi is known for being unfiltered and inappropriate, but I don’t think she’s a racist. She just made a stupid comment.”

“She’s not judgmental,” she said of her sexy make out partner.

In fact, she claims Joyce is only stirring up the drama with Brandi because she needs attention.

When asked if any of the Housewives were fighting for airtime, Carlton flatly replied: “Definitely, especially Joyce.”

“If the camera isn’t on her, she will cause drama for the sake of drama,” she added.

The mother of three continued to rant about the other housewives – namely the Richards sisters.

“Kyle is not authentic. She is insincere. I don’t believe she has a loyal bone in her body. I think she’s incredibly calculating, and I honestly think she’s toxic.

Kim is just Kim. I see a wonderful person and a loving mom in Kim,” Carlton said.

She added that the hardest part of being on the show is “watching Kyle and Joyce make dangerous judgments about people. I don’t think they’re good people.”
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Friday, January 24, 2014

Phaedra Parks’ Husband, Apollo Nida, Charged With Fraud, Identity Theft
“The Real Housewives of Atlanta” cast member Phaedra Parks’ husband Apollo Nida has been arrested and charged with bank fraud and identity theft, according to a complaint filed by the U.S. District Attorney’s office in Atlanta Thursday.

Nida was imprisoned from 2004 to 2009 for breaking federal racketeering laws related to auto title fraud. He married Parks, an attorney, in 2009 and they have since had two children.

The U.S. District Judge Gerrilyn G. Brill released Nida on a pretrial bond. A clerk at the office confirmed this information today but we haven’t seen the actual complaint yet. (The AJC’s access to the Pacer database that provides this information was down this afternoon.)
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Lea Black's Husband Roy Gets Justin Bieber Off For Paltry $2,500 After DUI Areest
Could parts of Justin Bieber's DUI ordeal make its way onto the next season of Bravo's "Real Housewives of Miami"?

By now, you must be aware that the Biebs was popped by the police in Miami on early Thursday (Jan. 23) on charges of drunk driving, resisting arrest and driving without a valid license. But what you might not know is that the pop star's high-powered attorney is none other than "RHOM" star Lea Black's husband, Roy.

Roy appeared before a judge during Bieber's bail hearing on Thursday on behalf of the troubled teenager, arranging the terms of his release after being retained by Bieber's manager.

Turns out, Lea was unaware her husband had taken the singer on as a client. "U guys have me laughing," she tweets. "I just checked my tweets and found out about the Biebs, didn't know - hubby just called -was too rushed to mention."

Odds on Lea at least mentioning this next season? 
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Carlton Gebbia Threatens To Put A Spell On Joyce Giraud
Don’t mess with The Real Housewives of Beverly Hills star Carlton Gebbia!

In a preview for Monday’s new episode, the self-proclaimed Wiccan ranted about her co-star Kyle Richards, claiming she was ignorant about her faith.

“She was very uncomfortable around me,” Carlton observed, to which Brandi Glanville joked, “She thought you were going to cast a spell on her.”

“I f—king will,” Carlton said with a laugh.

Things quickly turned tense when Joyce Giraud chimed in with her views about witchcraft.

“Spells only get to you if you believe it. Test it out on me and you’ll see. It won’t get to me. I believe whatever you let into your world is what affects you,” she said.

“That’s bulls—t,” Carlton fired back in response. “Don’t come at me and say, ‘I f—king don’t believe that.’ 

You know what, f—k you. When you go home tonight, watch out.”

“I find it so silly. I don’t believe in these things,” Joyce said.

Although Carlton delivered her threat with a smirk, the hex might be real. According to the official synopsis from Bravo: “Carlton warns her to see what happens once she gets home – and something does!”
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Thursday, January 23, 2014

Kenya Moore Calls Both Phaedra Parks and Porsha Stewart “Dumb”
Kenya Moore is one of the more articulate stars of The Real Housewives of Atlanta, but she doesn’t mince her words. She also doesn’t really get along with most of her co-stars, which makes for a pretty explosive combination.

So when the 42-year-old stunner was on Arsenio Hall last night, January 21, we were prepared for just about anything to come out of her mouth, and boy did she deliver! Kenya proved that there really isn’t any love lost between her and her co-stars, and although she didn’t go after NeNe Leakes this time around, Phaedra Parks and Porsha Stewart weren’t so lucky. 

Kenya once again addressed the sexting scandal with Phaedra’s hubby Apollo, declaring, “I don’t want any parts of any married men so let’s just be clear about that.” And when she got into specifics, Kenya took a swipe at Phae-Phae’s professional skills, noting, “I’ve never seen him [Apollo] outside of a Real Housewives of Atlanta taping ever, so that’s a complete lie. I just think whatever woman would believe that lie, especially a woman that’s supposed to be an attorney, has to be the dumbest attorney I’ve ever seen in my life to believe a story like that without any facts.”

Kenya went on to state that she’s not about to let Phaedra bash her and get away unscathed. “To get on television and then to slander me outright, that’s hitting well below the belt and she’ll pay for that.” Yikes! We’d be worried, girl!

And when the Phaedra/Apollo situation was fully exhausted, Arsenio went on to discuss Porsha Stewart and her humiliating lack of knowledge about the Underground Railroad, especially given her family’s civil rights history. As can be expected, Kenya weighed in. “For her not to know anything about the Underground’s embarrassing. I almost feel sorry for her to be — I don’t want to use the word dumb, but dumb — and to show that to the world.” 

Even though Kenya started off pretty harsh she actually doesn’t blame Porsha for her lack of knowledge, at least not entirely. “We all make mistakes but the ignorance is something that’s hard to deal with. I feel on a lot of levels we failed her,” she concluded.
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Brandi Glanville Worried She’s On The Real Housewives Chopping Block
She’s one of the most controversial cast members on the Real Housewives of Beverly Hills, but Brandi Glanville might be too much for the Bravo show and the single mother is worried producers might give her the axe after the current season, is exclusively reporting.

The 90210 is potentially under a major shakeup for the next season, with honchos looking to also get rid of Kim Richards, whose loyal sister Kyle might follow suit.

“Brandi is fully aware of what a big mouth she has and doesn’t really censor anything she says, and doesn’t want to,” an insider told Radar.

“But she’s also aware that it might be too much for Bravo and it looks like her fan base might be falling, which has her worried.”

Glanville, 40, has been at the center of numerous cast feuds — with Joyce Giraud, Lisa Vanderpump — and the woman now married to her ex-husband Eddie Cibrian after he was caught cheating with her, LeAnn Rimes.

Most recently, Glanville made an off-the-cuff remark during her Podcast that she later attributed to “comedy,” by diminishing the severity of sexual abuse saying, “I wanted to be molested as a child.”

“It wouldn’t be the end of the world for producers to push Brandi off the show — she has so much going on with her book deals and Podcast,” the source said.

“But she genuinely enjoys filming the show. She’d rather stay on board, but it’s pretty clear right now she’s on the chopping block.”
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Joanna Krupa Grabs Lunch with Gretchen Rossi
When it comes to Real Housewives Joanna Krupa and Gretchen Rossi, nothing they do is ever low-key, including having lunch.

The two reality stars turned heads in Beverly Hills, California on Monday as they strolled down the street in skimpy dresses after eating at Il Pistaio restaurant. 

Real Housewives Of Miami star Joanna, 24, wore a striking short and pretty spaghetti strap dress that showed off her lean legs.
Her hair was pulled back into a bun and her make-up was light and flawless.

A silver belt and nude peep toe platform heels completed the look. 

Meanwhile, her girlfriend from the Real Housewives of Orange County, Gretchen Rossi, showed off her incredible figure - and ample cleavage - in a black and white color block fitted dress and black pumps.
The ladies were seen inside the restaurant and Joanna, obviously an animal lover, cuddled up and gave kisses to a cute pooch.

'Such a fun lunch with the girls,' she tweeted later.

The blonde bombshell revealed recently that she plans to have a baby with husband Romain Zago, but admitted they're not actively trying just yet.
'I don't feel like I'm ready for [motherhood] just yet,' told Us Weekly. 'I wish I did that in my twenties but, unfortunately, I didn't. 

'So I think I'm gonna do it just in case because every year I'm like, "This is the year, this is the year." 

'But I'm still focused on other things that it's just really hard, and I don't want to take it away from being a mother. Maybe it'll happen this year.'

'We're talking. We're definitely talking more about having a baby this year than ever in the last seven years we've been together, but if that doesn't happen then definitely I'm gonna freeze my eggs.'
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Wednesday, January 22, 2014

A Drunk Sonja Morgan Defends Brandi Glanville
Ladies and gentlemen ... SHE'S BAAAAAAAAAAAAAACK!!!

"Real Housewives of New York" star Sonja Morgan had a few too many last night ... once again ... and unleashed her legendary drunk alter ego on the streets of NYC.

Sonja had just finished dinner with NeNe Leakes when she decided to get some fresh air ... and spilled her drunken guts about some fellow "Housewives," including Brandi Glanville.

"I don't like what people did to Brandi ... 'cause Brandi is straight up ... straight ... smart."


There's more ... drunk Sonja talks to the cops, gives advice on life and even weighs in on municipal politics -- pretty funny stuff.

It ain't the first time Sonja's gone on a bender ... we got her out last year, when she tried to drunkenly discuss Ashton and Demi's relationship. 

Advil anyone?

Joe Giudice Asks Judge For Separate Trial From Wife Teresa, Claims She Had No Knowledge Of Alleged Criminal Activity
Facing up to 50 years in jail for felony tax fraud, Joe Giudice wants to protect his wife Teresa Giudice — and clear her name from their current legal woes.

In new court documents obtained exclusively by, Joe claims the Real Housewives of New Jersey star had no knowledge of any alleged criminal activity in relation to the 41 counts of federal fraud against the couple and will testify to that, ONLY if he gets a separate trial.

Joe argues that he is entitled to his own trial to allow the mother-of-four to invoke her right to testify on her own behalf and allow her the right to choose not to testify against her husband.

“Without an order severing the trials, she is placed in the position of choosing to testify on her own behalf and against her husband, or not testifying at all,” per the documents.

“Unquestionably, Mr. Giudice’s conduct and anticipated testimony would be just as imperative to Teresa’s defense. If the codefendants are tried jointly, and Mr. Giudice invokes his Fifth Amendment right, Teresa will be prejudiced.”

According to the documents, if the trials are severed, Joe affirmed his willingness to testify as to Teresa’s involvement in the alleged criminal activity and would testify that:

- Teresa had no knowledge of any misrepresentation on loan and mortgage applications and lines of credit.

- Teresa was not aware that various properties and businesses were acquired in her name.

- Joe signed Teresa’s name on numerous occasions without her knowledge or permission.

- Joe’s former business partner, Joe Mastropole, and Joe’s attorney, Fred Roughgarden, signed Teresa’s name on various documents, again without her knowledge or authorization.

- Other individuals, including bank representatives, were aware that Teresa had not signed various documents including loan applications, mortgage applications, and lines of credit.

As Radar previously reported, the controversial couple are facing a whopping 41 charges of tax evasion and fraud, as well as identity fraud.
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Porsha Williams Strapped For Cash, Could Lose New Home
Porsha Williams may have a new story line on "Real Housewives of Atlanta" -- holding a cup outside Walmart, begging for money so she can pay her homeowner's bills. 

Porsha lived in a high-rise condo complex in Atlanta ... and she's fallen behind on her homeowner's dues -- to the tune of $17,959!

Now the homeowner's association has filed legal docs -- obtained by TMZ -- requesting that her bank account be frozen and the money that goes in gets diverted to pay her homeowner's bills.  Fact is ... the only real money she gets is from 'RHOA.'

Porsha has been strapped for cash lately ... we're told she's getting $5K a month in spousal support from Kordell Stewart, but apparently that's not nearly enough to make ends meet.

We're told Porsha is living with her mom now.  At least the price is right.
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Tuesday, January 21, 2014

Carole Radziwill's Mother-in-Law 'Horrified' That She's On Reality Show
Jackie Kennedy’s socialite sister has said that she disapproves of her daughter in law joining the cast of the Real Housewives of New York. 

Lee Radziwill, Jackie’s younger sister, has protected her privacy for years but the family name is being brought back into the public sphere by her now-dead son’s widow, Carole Radziwill, who is now in her second season on the reality show. 

Carole became a member of the Radziwill family- and the Kennedy clan by extension- when she married Lee’s son Anthony in 1994. 

Lee Radziwill ‘guards her privacy with a vengeance and has expressed her disappointment that Carole used the Radzwill name on The Real Housewives of New York,’ a friend told Radar.
She and ‘Tony’ were extremely close with his cousin John F. Kennedy Jr. and his wife Carolyn, who became Carole’s best friend. 

Carole suffered immense tragedy in the summer of 1999 when both JFK Jr and Carolyn died in a plane crash, and then Tony died after a battle with a rare form of testicular cancer less than a month later. 

She achieved fame six years later with a best-selling memoir about her grief, called What Remains: A Memoir of Fate, Friendship and Love, but now has re-emerged- to the apparent dismay of her late husband’s mother. 

‘It’s just tacky. Lee believes Tony never would have wanted Carole to be a part of reality television and she can’t quite grasp why anyone would want to be a on a television show with women fighting and getting drunk,’ an unidentified source close to the 80-year-old socialite told Radar.

‘Fortunately, she lives in Paris and that puts some distance between her and the sensational headlines.’

Carole Radziwill, 50, has spoken about her on the show but has admitted in previous interviews that they are not particularly close anymore. 

‘I don’t see her as much as I’d like,’ Carole told The Daily Beast.

'The thing about Lee is that not only is she an unbelievably beautiful woman, she's one of the most curious women I've ever met.

‘I don't think she would understand reality TV, but if you look at her life, she was always doing something interesting and different. She was a decorator, she was even an actress on stage for a while, she worked in fashion, she had so many different interests and lives and careers. So I think she would be bemused.’

Carole has made it clear that she joined the show after initial hesitation, but the former journalist decided to sign on out of an anthropological interest- not to mention a paycheck. 

‘I am not terribly motivated by money. I am more motivated by experiences, and this seemed like an interesting new experience. But at the end of the day, I am also a single girl with bills. And I thought maybe it might help sell some books,’ she told MailOnline.
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NeNe Leakes' New Role: Fashion Designer
NeNe Leakes is more than just a reality star. The Real Housewives of Atlanta star has branched out into acting with a role on Glee, and now she's announcing her next project - a clothing line!

The 46-year-old TV personality announced the news on her website today. "I am so excited to share a little sneak peek of my clothing line! More details soon but about to help make you all look and feel FABULOUS in 2014, hunni!" she wrote, posting pictures of an "inspiration board" for her upcoming collection.

Judging by the board, the fashion line seems to be titled NENE by NeNe Leakes and will feature plenty of the star's favorite animal prints and bold colors.

The I Dream of NeNe star, who is reportedly the highest paid Housewife in the Bravo stable, also recently launched her own production company. Though she's not planning to leave the reality series that made her a celebrity, it's clear that NeNe is exploring other projects.

But NeNe isn't the only Housewife in the fashion industry. Her ATL costar Kandi Burruss owns a small chain of clothing stores called Tags, while Beverly Hills Housewife Kyle Richards recently opened up her own LA boutique, Kyle by Alene Too. Meanwhile, Heather Thomson of RHONY has a successful shapewear company called Yummie Tummie. Perhaps there's some crossover opportunity here?
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Access Hollywood Interviews Kyle Richards & Joyce Giraud

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Monday, January 20, 2014

Carlton Gebbia For Shows Up Drunk To Recovering Alcoholic Kim Richards’ Home

When you become friends with and hang around a skank like Brandi Glanville, the more you become just like her--yunno, it's the whole "birds that flock together" theory:
Real Housewives of Beverly Hills star Carlton Gebbia stirred up controversy when she showed up drunk and demanded alcohol at Kim Richards‘ home during Monday night’s episode.

Kim, a recovering alcoholic, was shocked by Carlton’s insensitivity.

“I was a bit surprised when Carlton asked for alcohol, and I felt a little on the spot. When she and the bartender came to me, I said, ‘I don’t keep alcohol in my house,’ especially since it was a party for Kimberly who is underage I didn’t think people would be expecting it.

“I ended up asking him if someone could go get some for her,” Kim revealed in her Bravo blog.

Although Kim tried not to make a scene, her co-stars were very upset by Carlton’s drunken antics.

“I thought it was very tacky for Carlton to show up slightly drunk… and to go fishing for booze when she knows Kim is a recovering alcoholic. You can drink in front of her — she is strong and can handle it. But you don’t go to her home to ask for alcohol,” Joyce Giraud noted in her blog.

Kim’s sister Kyle Richards wasn’t happy either.

“Kim wasn’t serving alcohol. While she attends events that have alcohol, I respect the fact that she doesn’t serve it at home,” Kyle said during the episode.

“I think when you’re in her home, why would you be looking for it? That isn’t appropriate.”

After the episode aired, Carlton tried to apologize for her behavior on her Bravo blog.

Kim’s sister Kyle Richards wasn’t happy either.

“Kim wasn’t serving alcohol. While she attends events that have alcohol, I respect the fact that she doesn’t serve it at home,” Kyle said during the episode.

“I think when you’re in her home, why would you be looking for it? That isn’t appropriate.”

After the episode aired, Carlton tried to apologize for her behavior on her Bravo blog.

“When it comes to alcohol, I am truly a light weight.. Before you condemn me, please understand I do have friends who are sober who host parties where they do serve alcohol — and as far as I understand it from Kim herself, she’s OK to be around it, as all of us have had a drink around her,” Carlton explained.

“I sincerely apologize if I appear insensitive to Kim’s plight or to anyone else for that matter who suffers the same devastating addiction and battle. It certainly was not my intention to be disrespectful,” she added. “I’m not perfect.”
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Sunday, January 19, 2014

Kandi Burruss On Drama With Mama Joyce: 'We're Back To Speaking'
Kandi Burruss’ relationship with Todd Tucker caused some tension between the “RHOA” star and her mother, but Mama Joyce said their relationship is back on track now.

“My relationship with Kandi now is in a very good place,” Joyce recently told
At one point the two weren’t on speaking terms but Joyce said she reached out to Kandi before her daughter left for a trip.

“She was going out of town, and I said I am not going to let my baby go out of town and not [give] her a call. We hadn’t talked for a couple of weeks. I was really upset with her. Really, I was upset because of the ladies on the ‘Housewives,’” Joyce explained.

Kandi’s co-star Cynthia Bailey commented on the tense situation on “Watch What Happens Live,” seemingly insinuating that while Joyce worried about Kandi providing for Todd, it’s Kandi who provides for Mama Joyce.

“I called Kandi,” said Joyce who wanted her daughter to address the statements and stand up for her mom. “They think that I was more concerned about her money and taking care of me and that’s not the case.”

While “RHOA” fans noted that Kandi’s mother is now living in Kandi’s old house, Joyce said, “I live in the same house that I’ve been living in for 37 years, the house that I moved in one month before Kandi was born.”

Though Kandi and Mama Joyce have reconciled, the matriarch said she’s still hasn’t really connected with Todd.

“I decided to stay out of their relationship and let them deal with their relationship. They’re together, but I’m out of their relationship.  It’s much healthier, but I have rekindled a healthy relationship with my daughter and my granddaughter, and we’re in a good place,” she said. “I really haven’t talked to Todd.”

It seems her suspicions about Todd being an opportunist still stand, but Mama Joyce said she’ll be happy if she’s wrong about him.

“I pray and hope that I am wrong about Todd and if I am wrong, I’ll come back to HLN and say, ‘I am wrong about Todd Tucker,’ and if I’m right, I will be totally quiet and y’all will not hear a word from me.”
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