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Recovering Alcoholic Kim Richards Worried About Upcoming ‘RHOBH’ Cast Trip To Amsterdam

Paris Hilton‘s aunt and reality star, Kim Richards, has been sober for almost two years after a lifelong battle with drugs and alcohol. But now, RadarOnline.com has learned, there are new concerns for her sobriety as Richards and the entire cast of the Real Housewives of Beverly Hills are heading off for a booze- and drug-filled vacation — to Amsterdam!

The cast trip is a staple of the Housewives franchises, and this time around producers settled on the European capital, where many forms of marijuana are legal.

A source told Radar, “Kim isn’t thrilled about going. Being absolutely committed to her sobriety and going to a place that so many drugs are legal is bothersome for her.”

Richards “doesn’t think there will be any temptations, because of her determination to stay sober,” the source continues. “The main thing Kim isn’t looking forward to is comments from the other ladies about her battle with alcohol and prescription drugs.”

Indeed, Richards is already feuding with RHOBH newbie Eileen Davidson, as Radar has reported.

“Whenever Kim and Eileen film together, there is always a lot of eye rolling on the part of the soap star,” the source reveals. “Eileen complains that Kim is a total airhead and doesn’t understand why she is even on the show. In Eileen’s opinion, Kim is a total bore, and just rides on her sister, Kyle‘s coattails.”

The veteran Days of Our Lives and The Young & The Restless star “has indeed signed on to join the cast for the Real Housewives of Beverly Hills,” the source confirms. “She was only working on a limited basis for DOOL and Y&R. Eileen has a huge fan following, and will be paid for $750,000, which is a record for a new cast member.”
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Amber Marchese's Husband Jim Accuses Nicole Napolitano's Boyfriend Bobby of Being Unfaithful

The Real Housewives of New Jersey went in search of alligators as part of their girls' trip to Florida on Sunday night, but Amber Marchese's husband, Jim, had the biggest bite of them all.

"Better watch out for the gators," Kathy Wakile wisely told her sister, Rosie Pierri, as she showed her the new house she was building. "And I'm not even talkin' about the ones in the Everglades."

"Don't you sing or something?" Rosie asked, looking directly at Kevin Jonas, who co-owns a construction company and is helping to build the Wakile family's new home.

"That was my day job," said the former Jonas Brother. "Now I'm doing this." 

"Who's next to design their landscaping? 'N Sync?" Pierri joked, later telling her family she had broken up with girlfriend Ellen. "Let's get Lance Bass in on this."

But there was no joking in Florida.

"How can one person make everyone hate him?" Melissa Gorga's husband, Joe, said ahead of the arrival of Jim Marchese, who infuriated the group when he refused to attend a guys' night out because he runs a mortgage company and didn't want to be around Teresa Giudice and her husband, Joe, who pleaded guilty to fraud.

Jim and Amber arrived in Florida looking to mend fences and Jim began sweet-talking Nicole Napolitano, which didn't sit well with her boyfriend Bobby (Jim's former best friend). Bobby was so irritated he stormed off, calling his girlfriend, who tried to chase after him, "stupid," before locking himself in the bathroom.

Jim wasn't done yet, despite his wife begging him to stop. He then accused Bobby of being unfaithful to Napolitano. 

"You don't know what Bobby told me about your family," Jim said to twins Teresa Aprea and Napolitano, hinting to the big rumor about Aprea's husband Rino sleeping with the twins' mother.

"In a man's world, Jim is considered a bitch," Joe Gorga said as tempers continued to rise. 
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Reports Claim Yolanda Foster Will Quit 'RHOBH' If Ex’s New Fiancee Shiva Shaif Joins Cast

The Real Housewives of Beverly Hills and other shows in the Housewives franchise are experiencing some major cast shake-ups.  And, according to Real Housewives of Beverly Hills spoilers, there might be a new lady, beside Eileen Davidson,  joining the Bravo series.  But, not if Yolanda Foster has anything to say about it. Apparently Yolanda is threatening to quit the show if Bravo adds Shiva Shafai, her ex-husband (Yolanda has more than one) Mohammed Hadid’s new fiancée to the cast.  While Yolanda has filmed a few family scenes with Mohammed and Shiva in the past, Bravo is reportedly in talks with Shafai to bump her up to series regular.

According to the October 6 edition of Star Magazine, “While the 50 year old Real Housewives of Beverly Hills star acts chummy with ex-husband Mohammed Hadid and his fiancée Shiva Safai on camera, sources say that Yolanda is livid that Shiva might become a cast member!” Star’s inside source goes on to explain that, “Yolanda is very insecure and worries that Shiva, who is younger and prettier, will steal her thunder.  She’s nice to Shiva for the show, but she can’t stand her.  Yolanda made it clear that if Shiva’s offered a spot on the show, she’ll quit.”

There are so many rumored new additions to the Real Housewives of Beverly Hills, it’s hard to keep them all straight.  Supposedly The Young and the Restless actress Eileen Davidson has also signed on to the next season of RHOBH, so there isn’t much room on the cast for another new girl.  But, on the other hand, it makes total sense that Bravo would want to promote Shiva to a regular cast member because her presence will surely drum up some drama between her and Yolanda.

Monday, September 29, 2014

Teresa & Joe Giudice Beg Judge Not To Allow Letters From Business Partners and Former Friends Into The Court

In just three days, Real Housewives of New Jersey stars Teresa and Joe Giudice will be sentenced after pleading guilty to fraud and tax evasion charges in March.

But despite the lingering threat of prison, RadarOnline.com can reveal that the couple received a bit of mercy from a federal court judge last week.

On September 24, attorneys for the troubled reality stars, both 42, begged the judge not to allow “sentencing letters submitted by concerned citizens to the court,” state documents exclusively obtained by Radar.

The pair seems to fear that angry former friends or business associates could help decide their fate.

In April, Joe’s former business partner, Joe Mastropole— who claims his ex buddy still owes him the $260,000 court judgment he won in 2011— told Radar the convicted felon deserves a harsh punishment.

“A few years in jail is not enough,” he fumed. “The time is not enough for the crime.”

Due to their plea deal, Joe will reportedly serve a minimum of five years in prison, while Teresa will escape jail time altogether.

However, Joe and Teresa seen to be safe from outsiders’ influence— the judge agreed not to allow the written letters into the courtroom.
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Porsha Williams' Alleged Sugar Daddy Is Exposed...By His Wife

Porsha Williams’ love life has been making headlines all year. Immediately following the finalization of her divorce from ex-NFL star Kordell Stewart, rumors started circulating about an alleged love interest.

The Real Housewives of Atlanta reality star reportedly walked away from her marriage with the clothes on her back. However, several media outlets reported she had no problem with that because of her new man – Teodoro Nguema Obiang Mbasogo, the son of a wealthy African dictator. Mbasogo was rumored to be the man who picked up where the former Pittsburg Steeler left off. But, Porsha refuted the dating rumors.

Now, there’s reportedly another new man in her life. This time, All About the Tea, is reporting she’s opted for a “sugar daddy.” He’s reportedly a Nigerian billionaire. A “rock solid source” reportedly shared some interesting details about Porsha’s alleged money man.

The man has been identified as Bashorun Jide Omokore. So who exactly is he? Well according to the source, he’s one of the most wealthy oil barons in Nigeria. Omokore is the chairman/CEO of Atlantic Energy Limited and Seven Energy. But, there’s one problem with him – he’s married! His wife, a Nigerian bank executive, has reportedly learned about the alleged affair and she’s definitely not a happy camper. The source claims Okomore’s wife has warned Porsha about having any type of involvement with her husband.
Although the rumor has yet to be confirmed or denied, there’s one reason why a number of gossip sites suggests the speculation is true – Porsha’s $500K Rolls Royce. The source revealed Omokore reportedly purchased the extravagant vehicle as a gift for the 33-year-old reality star. While Porsha has a number of other business ventures outside of reality TV, the lavish car has raised lots of eyebrows!

Sunday, September 28, 2014

Source Claims Melissa Gorga and Nicole Napolitano Used Nicole’s Affair Rumors To Amp Up Their Story-Lines

During the current season of the Real Housewives of New Jersey, Amber Marchese supposedly started a rumor that Nicole Napolitano carried on an affair with a married man. This caused so much drama that Napolitano and Marchese ended up in a physical fight. But RadarOnline.com has learned that Marchese wasn’t the one who started the drama and that Napolitano and Melissa Gorga used the affair rumors to make their own storylines more exciting!

“Amber wasn’t filmed talking to Melissa about Nicole cheating,” a friend of the Housewives told Radar. “Nicole and Melissa made it a storyline for themselves.”

According to the source, “Amber told Melissa in private that people had been telling her that Nicole had an affair, but Amber didn’t believe what she was hearing.”

“Melissa then advised Amber to hold onto that information and use it later on,” the source said.

But then Gorga was the one who used the information to her own advantage.

“Melissa put it in her back pocket and used it to stir up drama later,” the source said.

And prior to the drama being caught on camera, Marchese had actually approached Napolitano about the allegations.

“Amber had already talked to Nicole about the rumor prior to the scene where Melissa confronted Nicole about what Amber had told her,” the source said. “Amber and Nicole talked about it — but then Nicole stopped communicating to Amber about it.”

Napolitano then pretended to act surprised when Gorga told her about the rumors — and after that is when the fight went down.

“Melissa stabbed Amber in the back and made alliances with the twins,” the source said. “They were getting everyone riled up after that and then the fight happened the next week.”

Marchese hadn’t intended for the rumors about Napolitano’s cheating to be repeated.

“Amber didn’t want to create drama,” the source said. “Melissa and Nicole were the ones who used the information to light the fire.”
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New Report Claims NeNe Leakes is First Choice To Replace Joan Rivers On 'Fashion Police'

Is Joan Rivers celebrating – or turning over in her grave?

According to a new report, NeNe Leakes is at the front of the line to replace Rivers on E!’s Fashion Police.
A source on Perezhilton.com said the outrageous The Real Housewives of Atlanta star is now getting serious consideration because she has great comic timing — and also, E! is looking to diversify their panel with a different ethnicity. 

As Radar has previously reported, while the investigation into Rivers’ shocking death continues, E! confirmed that her Fashion Police legacy would live on. In a statement to Radar, the network announced the show would return to air — but not until next year.

The network said it’s what the comic legend, whose daughter Melissa Rivers is a Fashion Police producer, would have wanted.

Although Rivers’ fellow comedienne and friend, Kathy Griffin, is also a frontrunner to replace her, the web site said Leakes could be in the driver’s seat.

In addition to making reality fans laugh on RHOA, Leakes,  46, launched a clothing line for HSN which was a smashing success. Most of the clothes in her NeNe Leakes Collection sold out in a day.

Leakes, who wears a size 10, enjoys representing curvy gals.

And the Bravo reality apha dog might be looking for a new gig as she’s hinted about quitting RHOA.

Saturday, September 27, 2014

Jacqueline Laurita Allegedly Owes $1 Million to IRS

Jacqueline Laurita, her husband, Christopher Laurita, and several other family members are signing an agreement to end the $8 million lawsuit flap related to their former clothing company, Signature Apparel.

In court papers filed September 24 that RadarOnline.com has exclusively obtained, the Real Housewives of New Jersey stars “agree to pay the total gross sum of One Million Dollars ($1,000,000.00)” to a trustee for plaintiffs.

The couple will have to immediately fork over $100,000 when a judge approves the agreement that comes just before the case was due to go to trial. The Lauritas will then be responsible for periodic payments of $112,500 through September 2016.

As Radar reported, the couple was accused of siphoning off millions from the company and using it to support their lavish lifestyle — even though they knew the business was failing.

When the pair finally filed for bankruptcy protection in 2009, the Lauritas were charged with knowingly defrauding their creditors, and the trustees of the case hit them with a $7.8 million lawsuit in an attempt to get back whatever money they could.

If the agreement gets the green light, the Lauritas latest filing states they admit no wrongdoing.
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Bethenny Frankel Reflects On 'Real Housewives' Run, Talks New Children's Book

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Friday, September 26, 2014

Amid Rumors of Tamra Barney's Firing, Talks Surface on Kobe Bryant's Wife Vanessa Joining 'RHOC'

Brace yourself: The latest RHOC casting rumors says Tamra Barney Judge is getting fired and being replaced by Kobe Bryant’s wife, Vanessa Bryant. Should this gossip pan out, is Vanessa the right replacement and what viewers want?

Like other reality TV shows in the franchise, Real Housewives of Orange County has its share of cat-clawing drama. Buzz about the firecracker blonde getting canned is nothing new on the presses, but if the gossip going around that the Black Mamba’s wife is working out a deal behind the scenes to replace Barney, this rivals anticipation around Teresa Giudice’s sentencing date. Tamra getting fired is likely utter nonsense, but play along for a bit.

Like anything else, change is inevitable, and at the end of the day, even the biggest and brightest of star’s candle can be doused in favor of some funky, fresh talent. Apparently, Andy Cohen and company are mulling over the idea of giving Tamra the boot, because the drama has caused rifts among cast members — and fans are seeing through her theatrics.

In taking a quote from RumorFix, the writing is on the wall about Vanessa Bryant being tapped.
“There will be a new girl and a new friend. They are looking at athletes wives. There is one who plays professional baseball. There have also been talks of Kobe Bryant’s wife being scoped out.”
A RHOC insider weighed in on Bravo’s calculus in its potential move to fire Tamra and hire Vanessa Bryant.
“Everyone is stirring the pot too much. So they’re NOT looking for someone who’s a sex pot or out of control. Actually, just the opposite. They want someone who’s really successful, an entrepreneur or just someone who’s well respected among their peers. She is not being authentic and the audience is not connecting with her.”
During a pow-wow with Cohen and the Real Housewives, a caller posed a question to Tamra Barney Judge and essentially put her on blast about being a troublemaker and appearing to deliberately ruffle the weaves of all cast mates. And in keeping with her baseline denial, she put a spin on the caller’s characterization of her in a manner only Tamara could do.
“I’d like to rephrase the question. Am I [a] trouble maker or am I just making the show worth watching?”
Cohen, in a cosign gesture to the caller, redirected Tamra with the deftness of a fiery attorney on cross-examination.
“Earlier you said it’s your job [troublemaking], but really your job is to be yourself on TV.”
I've said it before...firing Tamra Barney would be a HUGE mistake for Bravo. Love her or hate her, people TALK about Tamra and that's what you should want the most in a reality-TV star, someone interesting as opposed to a total bore who no one cares about. As for Vanessa Bryant possibly joining 'RHOC': I'll believe it when I see it, tho I do think 'RHOC' should have 6 stars instead of 5.

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Thursday, September 25, 2014

Dina Manzo Reportedly In Desperate Bid To ‘Squash Beef’ With Castmates Before ‘RHONJ’ Reunion

The Real Housewives Of New Jersey reunion show has already been delayed so that it takes place after Teresa Giudice’s fraud case sentencing. But that doesn’t mean that her cast mate Dina Manzo isn’t worried that some of the drama that unfolds during the taping will involve her. RadarOnline.com has learned that the blonde is so worried that she has been working the phones, calling the other Real Housewives to put an end to any feuds they may have.

A source tells RadarOnline.com, “Dina Manzo is worried! She has been calling fellow cast members over the last few weeks – a preemptive strike!”

“Her efforts have been to try to squash any beefs prior to the reunion taping a few days after the Giudice trial,” the source says. “She is scared of any drama and figures by calling people, she will not get into any confrontations.”

As RadarOnline.com previously reported 42-year-old Manzo struck a secret pact with newbie Housewives, twins Teresa Aprea and Nicole Napolitano when they started the show.

She reportedly promised not to talk about their family drama if they didn’t mention her estranged sister Caroline.

The plan backfired, however, when Dina mentioned, on camera, the rumors that Aprea’s husband Rino had allegedly slept with her mother Santa.

Now her desperate bid to avoid drama on the reunion show may also fail.

The source reveals, “Some of the cast members are agreeing but, behind the scenes, others are still planning to go against her.”
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Phaedra Parks Allegedly Starts Catfight With Kenya Moore On "Real Housewives Of Atlanta" Set

A major fight reportedly broke out on the set of reality TV series The Real Housewives of Atlanta recently. Phaedra Parks lashed out at castmate Kenya Moore because the latter was goading her about her husband, Apollo Nida, who has just started serving his 8-year prison sentence for fraud. Parks reportedly became infuriated when Moore brought up the subject of her husband and even accused her of cheating on Nida throughout their marriage.

Despite being given a warning from Parks about talking about her husband and other personal matters, Moore, a former Miss USA was relentless. According to MediaTakeout.com, Parks at one point lunged at Moore and tried to put her hands on her. It was reportedly Moore’s accusation about Parks cheating on Nida that made the mother of two snap. Fellow castmate Kandi Buruss restrained Parks before she could hurt Moore.

Nida started serving his prison sentence earlier this month, and Parks is believed to be having a hard time dealing with her family situation. Her publicist told CNN recently, “Phaedra is now putting all of her energy into ensuring the well-being of her two children and making decisions that are in their best interests. This situation has put a tremendous strain on Phaedra and her family, and she is working hard to bring back a sense of normalcy to everyone’s lives.”

Meanwhile, a source told RadarOnline.com that Parks plans to file for divorce from Nida while he is incarcerated in a Kentucky facility. “There were serious trust issues with Apollo, and Phaedra suspects he has been unfaithful, and has been burning through money. Phaedra has always been the breadwinner, and she began to resent it,” the source said.
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Brandi Glanville Says She Wants Her Sons to Hyphenate Their Last Names

Girl power! Real Housewives of Beverly Hills star Brandi Glanville is finally putting her well-pedicured foot down about something that really matters: her family. Her two boys, Mason and Jake Cibrian, share a last name with Brandi’s ex, Eddie Cibrian, who infamously ditched Brandi for his Northern Lights co-star LeAnn Rimes back in 2009.

“I would like my children to be hyphenated,” Brandi said in her most recent Podcast One (via All About The Real Housewives). “We’re not together and I did all the work.”

But what inspired this decision? It turns out that inspiration can come from the darnedest places! Brandi had received the gift of three monogrammed Ralph Lauren blankets for her and her boys — but the blankets were initialled with “G” for Glanville. Whoops! “I didn’t want to break her heart because they were expensive,” Brandi said about the gift in her podcast. “And it made me think ‘why not?’”

Why not, indeed! It turns out the legal fees for name-changing (as well as the fight Eddie might put up about the whole thing) are pretty steep, which is giving Brandi a little bit of pause.
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Ramona Singer's Estranged Husband Mario Won't Leave the House After Split — Allegedly Sleeping in Daughter's Room

Will Ramona Singer’s divorce turn into the War of the Roses?

The Real Housewives of New York City star’s cheating husband Mario won’t leave their home, says a new report.

According to the latest issue of Life & Style, Ramona kicked Mario out of the house after his alleged affair but he moved right back in against her wishes.

And now, he’s “sleeping in daughter Avery’s bedroom since she’s in college. Ramona’s freaking out, but they both have rights to the home until the divorce is settled. She’s stuck with him,” a source said.

As RadarOnline.com readers know, Ramona’s marriage blew up after she learned Mario, 60, had allegedly cheated on her with pretty personal trainer Kasey Dexter, 32.

This summer, Mario’s reported mistress charged that the two harassed her with a cease and desist legal. Sources said the move was part of Ramona’s attempt to reconcile with Mario.

But in August, Ramona,  57, told US Weekly although they had worked on their relationship, “I got the feeling that he started seeing [Kasey Dexter] again.”

Ramona said she confronted her husband in therapy on July 23 and, “He wouldn’t admit to it. He said everything was great with us. Then the next morning I pushed him on it and he admitted he [had seen her], and I just said, ‘I can’t do this anymore. Goodbye.’”

That day, July 24, the RHONYC star told US, she kicked Mario out, leaving him a note to get his own apartment and not to come to their house in the Hamptons.

But according to the new report, he’s now back living in the same home with the Pinot Grigio goddess as they work on their divorce.
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Melissa Gorga Doesn’t Believe Rumor That Teresa Aprea’s Husband Rino Bedded His Mother-In-Law

Melissa Gorga called an ongoing rumor that Teresa Aprea‘s husband Rino bedded his mother-in-law, Santa, “disgusting,” “ridiculous” and “100 percent untrue.”

Melissa, appearing alongside her husband Joe on Sunday’s edition of Watch What Happens Live, shot down the embarrassing story, saying she “100 percent [does] not believe it,” before sharing kind comments about Santa and her family.

“If you ever met her she’s just the sweetest, nicest lady,” the sometimes-singer told Andy Cohen. “And the family has such a tight bond … there’s no tension.”

As Radar previously reported, an insider said that while the affair “happened a long time ago … Rino and Santa did have sex — and it happened more than once.”

Elsewhere in the chat, Joe’s insatiable libido — Melissa joked with the phrase, “50 Shades of Gorga” — was the topic of discussion, as Teresa Giudice’s baby brother told Andy Cohen that even when his stunning wife is not in the mood for love, she’s understanding and obliging toward his urges in the bedroom.

“She’s like, ‘Alright honey, whatever you gotta do’ … there’s other ways, we do other things too.”

In spite of the ongoing hanky panky between the married lovebirds, don’t expect to see any little Gorgas anytime soon, as Melissa said she’s “happy with three” children, while Joe “would have five,” if he had his druthers.

“In a second,” he said. “I want one more daughter.”
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LuAnn de Lesseps Clashes with Socialite Writer Over Stray Seat Post Party

Despite the lavish cocktail parties, and elite social statuses, tempers do rise in the Hamptons.

Countess LuAnn de Lesseps found that out the hard way at a recent birthday party for real estate broker Debbie Loeffler at the Serafina restaurant, when fellow attendee and East Coast socialite Bettina Zilkha “threw a fit, waving her arms” at her following a perceived slight involving the Real Housewives of New York City royal.

“The party was very crowded and there were not enough seats,” an eyewitness told the NY Post. “Bettina had a plate of food and wanted to sit, but LuAnn said the chair was taken and her date had just gone to the bar.

“Bettina then yelled right in front of the crowd, which included Katie Couric” and other well-heeled attendees.

Zilkha, a fashion writer by trade, told the paper the unpleasant scene with the 49-year-old Bravo beauty stemmed out of a “misunderstanding.

“I had been sitting in that seat and I got up to get some more food, then I came back and she said, ‘You can’t sit there,’” she said. “It was a little strange, but it wasn’t a big deal.”

We suspect the drama didn’t faze the countess, who’s had plenty in her six seasons on the Bravo show.
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Tuesday, September 23, 2014

Return of Jacqueline Laurita Gives "Real Housewives of New Jersey" Huge Ratings Boost

Jacqueline Laurita returned to “The Real Housewives of New Jersey” and the fans couldn't look away. The once popular reality star hasn’t lost her ratings touch when she returned to the Bravo last week. According to TV By the Numbers on Tuesday, the star made a substantial impact on the ratings with more than 200,000 people watching than the week before.

The Bravo star also noticed the impact she made on the show and responded with excitement on Twitter after hearing the news. Knowing she is loved by the fans might make it easier for her to consider to come back to the show full-time. Add that she is fun to watch on the show and it might be a ratings booster for more than a few weeks, if Jacqueline Laurita decided to stay.

The interesting thing about “The Real Housewives of New Jersey” is that the cast has significantly changed over the years, but the fans have never lost their appreciation for the individuals who were genuine and gave their hearts to the show. Jacqueline Laurita has a golden touch when it comes to her time on TV. While some people might think it is easy to try to fool the viewers, people watching TV know the difference between the sincere cast members and the ones who show up for the cash.
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Dina Manzo Claims She Needed Therapy After Confronting Twins Teresa Aprea & Nicole Napolitano About Cheating Rumor

Is Dina Manzo regretting her return to Real Housewives of New Jersey? After getting caught in the middle of the season’s biggest rumor on last night’s episode, she admitted in a blog post today that she felt victimized by her own gossip-spreading ways — to the extent that she needed therapy after!

“It was something I hope I never have to experience again,” Manzo confessed in her latest Bravo blog.

The drama went down on Sunday’s episode, Manzo told twins Teresa Aprea and Nicole Napolitano that Teresa Giudice and Amber Marchese had heard a rumor about Aprea’s family.

As RadarOnline.com readers know, Victoria Gotti had told Giudice and Marchese that Rino Aprea had cheated on his wife Teresa Aprea with her mother, Santa. And according to the story, that’s why Aprea and Rino divorced; they remarried again years later.

But Aprea didn’t want to hear what the rumor was – so Manzo didn’t tell her or her twin sister Napolitano during the tense episode.

On her blog, Manzo wrote, “I was surprised Teresa [Aprea] didn’t want to hear it and right away. I was like, OK, Dina, shut your mouth, and so I did. It was a lose-lose for me…I’ve learned that there’s actually a term in therapy for the position I was put in.”

Manzo referred fans to her website where she appeared in a video with two therapists to explain her dilemma.

Manzo said, “I was put in a horrible situation, damned if you do, damned if you don’t.” She noted of co-star Aprea, “Teresa gets her guard up right away.”

Manzo said that the other Teresa – Giudice – gave her blessing to tell the twins about the cheating rumor.

“My intentions were good…still, I was stuck in a really sh*tty spot,” she declared on dinamanzo.com, also saying the news would have been better coming from her instead of from Marchese.

Manzo’s therapists gave her meditation exercises after the ordeal, the reality star said on her video.

“I was a mess,” she sighed.
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Kandi Burruss Says There is Tension Between The Real Housewives of Atlanta

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Monday, September 22, 2014

Sonja Morgan Drops Price to $7Million for New York City Townhouse

Real Housewives of New York star Sonja Morgan has dropped the price of her Lenox Hill townhouse yet again, this time asking $7.2 million. It’s been a rocky few years for the former wife of J.P Morgan heir John Morgan. She’s been trying desperately to hang onto the pad since her devastating 2008 divorce followed by a pricey lawsuit, which forced her to file for bankruptcy in 2010.

The five-story home at 162 East 63rd Street, which the couple purchased in 1998 for $9.1 million, has seen its price fluctuate a few times, falling from $12 million to $7.25 million, then returning for nearly $10 million in 2013 before beginning its steady decent to its current asking price. And last we heard, the loopy reality star was renting the home out for $25,000 per month to cover taxes while she tried to sell. The show doesn’t exactly portray the five-bedroom home in the best light, so let’s take a look inside to see what it really has to offer.

The space is situated on a prominent townhouse block on the Upper East Side next to a parking garage, a detail many find to be a slight hindrance. The Morgans only renovated the home once during their 15-year stay, but the house still has some redeemable qualities. The garden level has a beautiful entry foyer, a living room with a wood-burning fireplace, and an office with French doors that open to the familiar landscaped garden.
See photos of the apartment HERE.  

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Teresa Giudice Prepares to Downsize and Jacqueline Laurita Returns to 'RHONJ'

Morocco. Bali. Mexico. Yes, the Real Housewives go away on some fabulous group vacations. And in that grand tradition, the women of New Jersey head to. . . Boca Raton, Florida? OK, it might not be the most exotic location, but at least there’s sun. “I want the warmth on my face,” says Nicole Napolitano, “[and] on my boobs.” 

The whole purpose of the trip was to cheer up Teresa Giudice, but because she plead guilty to fraud and faces prison time, she opted not to go. Still, she’s not forgotten. In the limo on the way to the house they rented, Dina Manzo clinks glasses with Napolitano, Melissa Gorga, and Teresa Aprea and exclaims, “Here’s to Teresa!”

Back in Jersey, Teresa -- who once declared “I don’t want to live in somebody else’s house; that’s gross” -- adjusts to reality. With mounting legal bills, she admits she and her husband Joe “have been thinking about possibly downsizing.” (Indeed, their marble-filled Towaco, New Jersey, mansion is on the market for $4 million.)

But downsizing for the Giudices would still be a step up for the rest of us. She and daughter Gia tour an 8,800-square foot home — featuring cathedral ceilings, granite countertops, chef-grade appliances and even a bidet in the master bathroom — that costs $1.4 million. Judging by her facial expressions, you’d think someone smeared poop all over the walls. Yet she admits the gorgeous home is more than enough: “Alls I
While Teresa goes smaller, her cousin Kathy Wakile goes bigger. (Apparently, those cannoli kits are a goldmine!) She visits Jacqueline Laurita -- yes, the former Housewife makes her return! -- and takes her to new home in Franklin Lakes, which is under construction. During the tour of the wooden beams, Jacqueline reveals that she too is downsizing since the cost for caring for her autistic son Nicholas has gotten to be expensive.  

And now for some happy news: Amber Marchese gets blood work back from her doctor, who reveals she is still cancer-free. “I pronounce you in perfect health,” he tells her. Elated, Amber decides she will join the girls in Boca after all and calls Dina to deliver the news. Panicked that Amber might cause trouble -- by revealing that Victoria Gotti spread a rumor that Teresa Aprea’s husband Rino, had an affair with Teresa’s
“The more we bond, the more it’s eating away at me that I’m not telling them that someone’s talking about their mother,” Dina reasons. But when she tries to tell Teresa that someone is saying something about her family, Teresa storms off and tells her, “Don’t say it.” 
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Countess LuAnn de Lesseps Selling Home For $8 Million

Countess LuAnn de Lesseps, of “The Real Housewives of New York City,” is in contract to sell her Bridgehampton home, at 280 Highland Terrace, for $8 million. Its original asking price was $9.9 million. The buyer is developer Joe Farrell, who we hear, is plotting a tear down. 

The 6,500-square-foot, two-story farmhouse boasts six bedrooms and 7½ bathrooms — all on 2.2 acres.  Farrell’s plan is to build a much bigger home, with all the bells and whistles, that will sell for around $19.5 million.

Sunday, September 21, 2014

Aviva Drescher Is Headed To ‘Marriage Boot Camp’

Aviva Drescher wasn’t a big part of this past season of The Real Housewives of New York, but she tried to make a statement in the season finale by detaching her prosthetic leg and tossing it onto the dinner table in front of her co-stars. Aviva had just been accused of being fake, so she wanted to prove a point by saying that the only thing fake about her was her leg.

Many of her co-stars, including Heather Thomson and Carole Radziwill, started distancing themselves from her because they feel she was becoming too much with her stories and lies. These women didn’t want to film with Drescher, which could have influenced the producers’ decisions about letting her go.

According to a new Radar Online report, Aviva Drescher won’t be returning to The Real Housewives of New York next season, but she may have another plan. The report reveals that she will head to Marriage Boot Camp. Drescher is scheduled to film the show for six weeks in Los Angeles and she will make $150,000 for opening up about her love life.

This is “a good paycheck for easy work” and a smart move, as Aviva “knows how to create good reality TV,” reveals a source about this new work for Drescher.

Aviva Drescher hasn’t displayed any marital problems on the show. Her husband, Reid, doesn’t seem interested in getting involved with the drama on the show, so this Marriage Boot Camp stint could be about her anger with the other ladies. Maybe her frustration is creating issues in the home.

This wouldn’t be the first time that a housewives couple has headed to another show after leaving Bravo behind. Alex McCord and Simon Van Kempen filmed Couples Therapy after leaving The Real Housewives of New York. They claimed that they were on the brink of divorce.

According to The Inquisitr, various sources have confirmed Aviva Drescher’s exit from The Real Housewives of New York. Very few ladies want to film with Drescher, which makes it hard for producers to involve her in the show’s story lines.
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Kandi Burruss Cancels ‘A Mother’s Love’ National Musical Tour

It sounds like Kandi Burruss hired the wrong promoter for her “A Mother’s Love” road tour.

The multi-city tour, which began earlier this month, was nixed after just three cities. Burruss, who created the musical in a matter of weeks last fall and debuted at the Rialto Theatre in November, confirmed the end on Instagram earlier today.

“I licensed A Mother’s Love to a promoter with high expectations of finally seeing my creation go on the road and I am very saddened and frustrated by the cancellation of the tour,” she said.

She created the musical to channel her frustrations about her mother’s rocky relationship with her then fiance (and now husband) Todd Tucker. “The Real Housewives of Atlanta” chronicled the tension and the development of the musical. In the season six finale, the performance was highlighted.

So if anything, the show had a major head start to get advance sales. But based on what one of the actors and a popular blogger Funky Dineva wrote, it sounds like the promoter who licensed the tour didn’t have a lot of spare cash flow going into the tour with a presumption that early advance sales would carry them forth.
It didn’t.  Here’s a bit of what Funky Dineva wrote:
We successfully performed in 3 cities in Georgia. The shows were stellar, though attendance could have been much better. It is my assumption that the promoter was banking on the week one shows to sell out, to carry us into week two, and so on and so forth. Well , you can’t squeeze blood from a turnip. When the week once receipts were tallied, the bottom line was, we didn’t have enough resources to move into week two. Week two was subsequently cancelled. No tea no shade, I wasn’t trippin, because after the weeks of rehearsal and rigorous week one schedule, The Doll needed a break. I figured we’d pick back up with week three, which happens to be the present moment. However, once the sun went down yesterday, and I didn’t have any travel arrangements for Detroit, I knew some major bs was about to go down. Lo and Behold, I get a phone call stating Kandi wants to meet. Chile at that point I stopped washing clothes, stopped packing bags, and took my ass down to da bar.
This did not sound like it was Kandi’s fault and Funky Dineva wrote, “I don’t think that the promotion company set out to partake in any shady business practices. I simply think they overshot their gamble and bit off a little more than they could chew. The promoter is hundreds of thousands of dollars in the hole if I had to guess, and that is worthy of my sympathy and support as I see it.”

The name of the promoter was not released.
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Saturday, September 20, 2014

Amber Marchese's Husband Jim Accuses Dina Manzo of Plotting Against Jacqueline Laurita

Dina Manzo has claimed that Jacqueline Laurita's return to "The Real Housewives of New Jersey" is of no concern to her but the truth may be otherwise. In fact, fellow housewife Amber Marchese's husband, Jim Marchese, says that Dina actually actively plotted against Jacqueline's return to the show.

In an interview with RumorFix, posted on Thursday, September 18, Jim said that Dina tried to make a pact with him and Amber. The pact was that ff they would not talk about Jacqueline or film with her, Dina would in turn tip them off about any drama that may be coming their way. Jim said that he and Amber declined to enter into such a pact with Dina.

The day prior, Radar Online reported that Dina entered into such a pact with twins Nicole Napolitano and Teresa Aprea. Instead of staying true to her word, however, Dina didn't tell the twins that the other housewives were talking about the rumor that their mother had actually once slept with Teresa A.'s husband, Rino Aprea, until Bravo's cameras were rolling. A source claims that this enraged the twins, who lashed out at Dina so hard that she hid in a closet crying. All of this was supposedly caught on camera. 

Could all of this really be true? Back in mid-August, Dina Manzo said that she isn't even thinking about Jacqueline Laurita's return to the "The Real Housewives of New Jersey" and hasn't talked to anyone about it. Nicole Napolitano also earlier tweeted that she and Teresa Aprea actually love Dina and always got along with her.
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Gretchen Rossi Is Filming Something New (Again)...And Yes Slade Smiley Will Be There Too

Face it folks, they're never going away:
Gretchen Rossi may have filmed The Real Housewives of Orange County for a couple of years, but on her last season of the show, she learned that her co-stars were not her friends. Gretchen had been wanting to focus on her relationship and really move forward with Slade Smiley, but she held herself back due to his outstanding debts.

When Rossi decided that she wanted to propose and get engaged, very few of the housewives actually congratulated her. On her last reunion for The Real Housewives of Orange County, Gretchen Rossi completely broke down when the other ladies told her that her proposal to Slade Smiley felt empty.

According to new tweets, Gretchen Rossi may not be filming The Real Housewives of Orange County anymore, but she is filming something. She shared some pictures of herself in front of the camera this weekend, and she has been preparing for something new. But Rossi can’t reveal what it is just yet.

“Filming something super special tonight!!! Can’t wait to share with you guys! Hopefully soon! #gretchenrossi #filming #sharing #real #raw #life #ourjourney,” Gretchen revealed, while sharing an Instagram picture of herself in front of the cameras.

“Big day for me and Slade Smiley up at 5:30am for a long day ahead but excited to tell you about it soon!” she later tweeted.

Gretchen Rossi may not be talking to her co-stars anymore, but when the most recent season of The Real Housewives of Orange County started, her name often came up for discussion.

There have even been reports that Gretchen Rossi and Tamra Barney have battled it out over Twitter since Rossi left the show. According to The Inquisitr, both Rossi and Alexis Bellino were fired from the show last season. Neither of the ladies were interested in filming with Tamra or Vicki Gunvalson, which seemed to split the cast down the middle

This past season, Gretchen and Alexis were replaced with Shannon Beador and Lizzie Rovsek. But based on how the season ended up, it sounds like both Beador and Rovsek are planning on bowing out of their commitments for any additional seasons.

As for Gretchen Rossi, she is busy planning her wedding to Slade Smiley. No word yet on a wedding date, but the couple has been looking at locations and sharing their thoughts on social media.
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Friday, September 19, 2014

Amber and Jim Marchese Talk RHONJ Haters and the "Amazing" Florida Episode

Love 'em or hate 'em, chances are that if you're watching The Real Housewives of New Jersey Season 6, you probably already have an opinion about Amber and Jim Marchese. The newbie H'wives couple has already made quite the impression in the first half of the season. But how do they feel about the fan response?

Wetpaint Entertainment caught up with the pair at OK! Magazine's 8th Annual New York Fashion Week Celebration on September 10, where they dished about the most surprising parts of being on reality TV, what to expect from the upcoming Florida trip, Jacqueline Laurita's return, and more.

Wetpaint Entertainment: What's been the most surprising thing about being on reality TV?
Jim: [Sarcastic] How much I'm loved. I just can't get over the outreach from the fans. How much they love — they're so kind. It's been wonderful, it really has.
Amber: I guess it didn't sink in how much drama it would really be. How much fighting, and arguing. I guess you get girls together, and we're around each other all the time, it's gonna happen, but it didn't sink in.

So you've gotten some negative feedback from fans. How are you handling that?
Amber: I think my husband's getting more negative feedback than I am. I think I'm more 50/50. I knew, going in, I kind of knew I would be 50/50. People are going to love me, or they're going to hate me. Whereas my husband, I think he's a little more polarizing.
Jim: I think it's a lot of fun, and I just like to tease the fans and hey, I have a job this year and I'm doing it.

It's kind of like Real Housewives of Atlanta, where a lot of the husbands are involved and evoke strong feelings. Have you talked to any of them?
Amber. No! Maybe you should! We need to definitely get together and give him a couple of words of encouragement, because right now you kind of feel like an island all by yourself.
Jim: I'm OK with that, though.

And Amber, you're big on fitness. Any tips for people looking to get in shape for fall?
Amber: Lift heavy, that's all I have to say.  

Really? You don't think women should stick to lighter lifting?
Amber: Absolutely not. Get in there, lift the weights, don't be afraid of the weights, and keep going up, keep challenging yourself. That's what I do. I actually do very little cardio. It's all weights. 

You have this big Florida trip episode coming up. What's that like? We hear it's very dramatic.
Amber: Yes. I don't want to give away too much because it's going to be a really amazing episode, but my husband's actually a part of that. The twins and him went at it pretty hard. Luckily, I have nothing to do with it! 

So are you OK to say hi to them if you see them tonight?
Jim: I wouldn't go that far.
Amber: I wouldn't go that far, no. Listen, people hold grudges, they have a preconceived notion, they blame me for everything. So no, I don't think they'll say hi to me, and the feeling is mutual, for sure
Jim: The viewers will have a lot of fun with Florida. I got to set the record straight with Bobby and Rino, who weren't even — how do they say it? — man enough to show up half the time.

So the other husbands are there?
Jim: Yes. Most of them hide for half the time, but Joe [Gorga] actually had a few drinks with me and we had some fun.

We also know Jaqueline is back. How did you react when you heard about that?
Amber: I was so excited. I love her; I think she's a sweetheart. I actually have the most in common with her. I like her. I dig her a lot. I respect her as a mom. I think she puts her family first. You do that and I love it because that's my deal too.
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Kelly Bensimon to Style Shoppers at Short Hills Boutique

Former "Real Housewives of New York City" star Kelly Killoren Bensimon has a simpler take on things these days.

The editor-at-large for Hamptons Magazine and amNew York columnist will be serving up style advice and talking budget-friendly fashion at DoubleTake Consignment Boutique in Short Hills tonight from 5 to 8.

"We're seeing simpler trends season after season whether they're prints or tribal," Bensimon said last week after a New York fashion week engagement. "We're seeing a lot of the same trends year after year, just the colors are changing."

Her favorites this fall include whites and argyle.

While Bensimon will be giving her take on what's fresh this season and incorporating her favorite runway trends, she believes fashion should be tailored to the individual.

"I think the beauty about fashion is that style is so personal," Bensimon said. "I feel your style is dependent on your lifestyle."

Bensimon's style sense was gleaned from her many years on the front end of fashion. While millions will recognize her from the Bravo reality series, styling is the role for which Bensimon is best-suited.

An Illinois native, Bensimon traveled from the Midwest to New York City at 16, to launch her modeling career. She's appeared in Harper's Bazaar, Cosmopolitan and Elle magazines — and she spent a year as the Elle accessories editor. She even has a 6-year-old jewelry line "Kelly."

She has two daughters: Sea Louise and Thadeus Ann, with ex-husband Gille Bensimon. (The famed fashion photographer shot her March 2010 cover of Playboy magazine).

As a TV personality, Bensimon appears on "Today," "The Wendy Williams Show," "Watch What Happens Live," "Extra," "Access Hollywood" and the Fox News Channel.
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Thursday, September 18, 2014

Simon Barney Says Ex-Wife Tamra Barney Invited Press to Their Court Hearing

Oh, man — Simon Barney is not happy. If you thought things had been settled between Simon and his ex-wife, Tamra Barney of The Real Housewives of Orange County, you were very, very mistaken. Turns out, just because they’ve been quiet doesn’t mean they aren’t still fighting!
The spark that set Simon off was an argument he got into with a fan on Twitter this week, who wasn’t too happy with Simon airing his dirty laundry over social media. But Simon was ready with a comeback: “I wasn't the one who invited the reporters to court the other day,” he tweeted. “Guess who? Do your research before you make a statement.” Ouch! We hope that isn’t true — this certainly isn’t the first time Tamra’s been accused of inviting reporters to an event, but we get the feeling Simon may be a little biased.

The last we heard about Simon and Tamra’s feud, Simon was demanding that their daughter see a different therapist after the current doctor publicly stated that Tamra was a great mother. And, by all accounts, Tamra does seem to be a really good mother! She may have had her troubles with her co-stars, but Tamra always seems to have her children’s best interests at heart. We hope that she and Simon can settle their differences soon!
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Nicole Napolitano & Teresa Aprea Allegedly Promised Dina Manzo Not To Mention Her Estranged Sister Caroline If Dina Kept Their Drama Out Of The Spotlight

Navigating the loyalties, backstabbing and table-tossing of The Real Housewives of New Jersey can be a daunting task. So when newbies Teresa Aprea and Nicole Napolitano signed on, RadarOnline.com has learned, they entered into a secret pact with series vet Dina Manzo, promising to have each other’s backs — and never to mention her estranged sister, Caroline, on the show. But the plan backfired when Manzo blabbed on-camera about rumors Aprea’s husband, Rino, had slept with her mother, Santa, and the twins were livid!

During an upcoming episode featuring the cast trip to Florida, “Dina tells the twins about the rumor,” a source close to the cast told Tom Murro. “The twins get upset with Dina, because she made the twins promise to give each other a heads’ up about any drama brewing on camera, and to never mention Caroline or [estranged sister-in-law] Jacqueline [Laurita’s] names.”

“Dina didn’t want them relevant to the show,” the source said. But when she brought up the twins’ big scandal as the cameras were rolling, “The twins realized Dina knew this rumor was already being talked about … and they were never warned about it by her until they were put on the spot on camera.”

“The twins now do not trust Dina,” the source said, and they let her know it.

“Dina, who always runs from confrontation, got upset for being called out by the twins and ran off-camera to get away,” the source continued. “She sat crying in a closet to hide from production!”

Later, Manzo attempted an off-camera reconciliation with the twins, according to the source.

“She does not like to be show in a negative light,” the source explained. “That’s why she stayed away from the show for so long. She can’t handle anyone making her look bad!”
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