Monday, December 5, 2011

Sheree Whitfield Confronts Ex-Husband Bob Over Child Support
When it comes to keeping it 'real' Sheree Whitfield is about taking care of her business. On last night's episode of "The Real Housewives of Atlanta," Whitfield confronted her ex-husband, Bob Whitfield, about him being four years behind in child support payments.

While the single parent explains how much she has provided for their children without any of his assistance, the former NFL star asked Whitfield why she was complaining since he keeps a separate household for his children.

"Listen, you've been the able body female for those last four years," he said. "...And I feel like my kids maintain two households. They have the household with you that you provide all the things for. And they have the household with me that I provide all the things for. You got to go out and support the family responsibly."
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  1. She certainly remains her wishy-washy self: I'm a fashion designer but I can't sketch and don't sew, I'm a ballroom dancer but I have two left feet, I'm an actress maybe, and she can't decide to take her jerk husband to court for owing for years of back child support? So she goes to attorney Phaedra who says, get the jerk in ciyrt, and doesn't do it.

    I don't care how much her settlement was, but the asshole, if he was given an amount to pay and orders to do so, should cough up the back payments.