Saturday, March 31, 2012

Taylor Armstrong May Be Leaving RHOBH
There’s never a dull moment in Taylor-land, is there? Days after a report stating Bravo may fire Taylor Armstrong, a new report has emerged claiming the controversial Housewife might resign from Real Housewives of Beverly Hills because Bravo is cutting her hours big time!

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Did Sheree Whitfield Sabotage Her Daughter's Proposal?
A lot can change in a week on a show like The Real Housewives of Atlanta. Case in point: Sheree Whitfield's almost-son-in-law, Daman.

It was only a week or so ago that Daman revealed to Sheree that he planned on asking Tierra to marry him. He swore that he was completely committed and that he felt like Tierra was the most caring, most wonderful person he had ever met.

In a matter of days, Sheree had Daman looking at $70,000 rings. Hello, intimidation. He held his own, though, and purchased a beautiful $6,500 rock instead.

Next, the mother of the bride took Daman to visit the venue. (Apparently, people are booking venues for proposals these days.) When Daman made it clear that he had to get his drink on in order to pop the question, Sheree questioned how ready he was for marriage. She advised him that he had to feel 100 percent ready in his heart and in his mind.

Some might say that she even kinda talked him out of it.

A few days later, Daman dropped in on Sheree to tell her that he was postponing the proposal. Anyone else think Sheree's "help" didn't fare well for Tierra?
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Report – Jill Zarin Disappoints Fans At Recent Macy’s Fashion Event; Was Demanding And Rude! Refused To Wear Merchandise!

This news shouldn't come as a surprise to anyone who paid attention to Jill Zarin on the last season of RHONY:
Oh, Jill Zaaaaaaarin. Give it up already and stop trying. I’ll admit, I’ve found you mildly amusing (albeit irreverent) in the past, but it’s just getting sad at this point.

The failed reality star recently hosted a “Find Your Magic” Spring Fashion Show at Macy’s in Philadelphia. The event presumably partnered with Jill to advertise her shapewear and her new jewelry line–both of which are sold at the department store–and was supposed to highlight spring trends and accessorizing.

As part of her appearance, Jill hosted a mini runway show and was supposed to educate attendees about incorporating the new spring trends into your current wardrobe, but sadly, Jill again let her guests down. No, she didn’t tell them being a stay-at-home mother sucked–it wasn’t that bad–she just didn’t impart any useful fashion information and bailed after less than an hour. At least according to one, less than impressed guest.

According to the Philadelphia Weekly Style Section, Jill was an uninspiring host. “I was hoping to see something new, but she [Jill] only showed trends that are in every other store,” PW Style reports. “The only trends discussed were bold colors and chunky heels.”

Even worse, Jill “couldn’t name what designer created each article of clothing. Several times throughout the show Jill mentioned that she loved a piece, yet had no idea who made it,” the review continues. “Rather than be professional and ask a Macy’s representative who it was, she just moved right on with the show…”

Sadly, things went from bad to worse after the show when an audience meet and greet was scheduled. The former Real Housewives of New York star demanded a makeup touch-up AND refused to wear a bracelet one of the Macy’s representatives had selected for her! Jill reportedly “ripped it off her wrist and threw it on the floor.” The reason? It wasn’t part of the Jill Zarin Jewelry Collection! A photo of Jill from the event is above.

Considering Jill allegedly has no other job to speak of, and what little celebrity she ever had is rapidly dwindling, you’d think she would take her gigs a little more seriously. Particularly because Macy’s sells her products and heavily promotes her.

So there you have it, Jill conducting herself with class, as always. Quick question: who is still booking this woman at events? #epicfail.
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Friday, March 30, 2012

Pay Up! Slade Smiley Accosted By Aggressive Debt Collector On Red Carpet, Gretchen Rossi Addresses Upcoming Courtroom Drama With Ex-Boyfriend Jay Photoglou
Gretchen Rossi's boyfriend Slade Smiley was blindsided Thursday night by a debt collector as he left an industry event in Hollywood, and has all the details for you.

Smiley, who accompanied his Real Housewives Of Orange County gal pal to the "Night of a Billion Reality Stars" function at Hollywood’s Supperclub, was approached by an aggressive collector who broke into a profane rant about how Slade owes $160,000 in past child support payments.

"Pay your child support!” the man yelled. “Your son has cancer!"

Sexy Slade didn’t take the bait though, barely acknowledging the grey-haired collector as he kept his head held high, getting into a limousine to continue his night.

Taylor Armstrong Claims Russell Forced Her To Act Differently On Camera
With her job as a Real Housewives of Beverly Hills star on the line, Taylor Armstrong is opening up!

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Kim Zolciak's New Single 'Love Me First' Hits The Web
"Real Housewives of Atlanta" star Kim Zolciak's new single "Love Me First" officially dropped Wednesday (March 28).

Listeners got a little taste of the reality star's country debut earlier this month, but now the full song in all of it's three-minute, 44-second glory is available for you to listen to on, where it made its world premiere.

The pregnant star of the upcoming "Don't Be Tardy for the Wedding," premiering in April on Bravo, sings on the track, "Before I love somebody else, gotta love me first."

The country tune is a departure from Zolciak's pop songs like "Don't Be Tardy for the Party" and "Google Me."
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Thursday, March 29, 2012

Diana Roque Ellis Would ‘Stir Up Some Drama’ On Real Housewives Of Beverly Hills
The Real Housewives of Beverly Hills are still under contract negotiations for their third season, but talk about Diana Roque Ellis possibly joining the show is growing by the day!

“Diana would love to do the show,” her rep Roger Neal told exclusively. “She says she is ready for the ladies and feels the show would be fun to do.”

Diana is close friends with RHOBH cast member Adrienne Maloof, and has the exclusive photos from her Christmas party where Diana posed with Lisa Vanderpump, Camille Grammer and Taylor Armstrong.

An insider said that Diana would be a perfect new housewife. “She thinks some of the women on Real Housewives are mean and she’d definitely like to be a part of the cast to stir up some drama!” the source said.

However, Diana hasn’t signed a deal with Bravo yet, and has exclusively learned that she’s in talks for a second reality show too!

Diana, 53, who was married to the wealthy Farley’s & Sathers Candy Company owner William H. Ellis, is also in talks with a production company to be in a reality show about rich ladies and their maids, tentatively called Housewives and Housekeepers.

“She’s filmed some promos for the other show,” an insider close to her told “She would love to do either show and she’s expecting and hoping to hear soon.”

Diana is a San Francisco native who is an artist and specializes in painting large-scale allegorical images involving human form and faces, utilizing classical technique. The insider said that while she isn’t married now (not a requirement to be on the Housewives show she “is still looking for her Prince Charming.”

Watch out Brandi Glanville, there could be a new bad girl in town!
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Vicki Gunvalson Talks Being Replaced By Younger 'Housewives', Says Slade’s Miss Piggy Comparison Made Her Consider Plastic Surgery
When we last saw The Real Housewives of Orange County, Vicki Gunvalson, Tamra Barney, and Heather Dubrow were headed to L.A. in a chopper to help the newest Housewife with a business venture. Meanwhile, Alexis Bellino was getting sliced and diced — and we got to see every piece of gunk that came out of her nose. Thanks, Bravo! In her latest blog for the network, Vicki was very supportive of all her castmates’ decisions from Season 7, Episode 7.

First up, Vicki is all for Heather’s opening a restaurant, saying she’s behind her “100 percent” — but maybe the brunette and her friends should launch “a great boutique, a shoe store, spa, or something that all women would love to pamper themselves at” instead. That doesn’t really solve Heather’s chain restaurant phobia, though, and none of the ladies have ever complained about a lack of places to shop in the OC, as far as we know.

Vicki was also supportive of Alexis’s and Tamra’s cosmetic surgeries. While she thinks Tam looked great enhanced, Vicki agrees her friend “looks better” after having her breast implants removed.

As for Alexis’s rhinoplasty, Vicki was pretty sympathetic — especially after Slade’s nightclub routine, when he poked fun the veteran Housewife’s own nose. “Since the correlation of Ms. Piggy to myself, it has crossed my mind if I need to get my nose fixed also. I am German and Norweigan [sic] and my nose is a ‘pug’ nose. … At first I was very hurt by those comments, but now I just have to realize that no matter what you look like — there are still people who feel the need to tear you down, which is very hurtful.”

Vicki adds that her late father has the same nose, which we think is a great reason to keep it just how it is.
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Wednesday, March 28, 2012

Shocking Real Housewives of Atlanta Reunion Details: NeNe Leakes Announces Divorce, Marlo Attacked Kandi!
Considering several cast members of the The Real Housewives of Atlanta haven’t been on speaking terms for ages, it’s no surprise that the show’s March 16 reunion taping was filled with over-the-top drama.

Case in point? As Wetpaint Entertainment exclusively reported, Nene Leakes shocked everyone by announcing, “I’m divorced!” when challenged about her dating life by frenemy Kim Zolciak.

In addition to that revelation, “the afternoon was pretty intense,” an on-set source exclusively reveals to us. “It was a whole day of fighting, yelling and accusation-throwing. Everyone was worn out by the time it wrapped.”

Our source, who was there, filled us in on two of the most notable battles that went down:

Nene vs. Sheree

Picking up where their big fight in the first episode of the season left off, former pals Nene and Sheree Whitfield argued over a soured business deal. Sheree also challenged Nene’s claim when she said, “I’m rich!” thanks to all those Trump checks.

The big money from Celebrity Apprentice, Sheree pointed out, is given to charity — and whatever fee Nene received to appear on the show was hardly enough to qualify her as “rich.” Nene quickly covered for herself, explaining she had meant she was rich in the spiritual and emotional sense, not just in terms of her finances.

Because Marlo isn’t a full-time cast member, she was only brought on for a limited segment during the reunion taping, but she certainly didn’t waste any time mincing words.

“In her normal fashion, Marlo was throwing out accusations right and left,” says our source. “She picked fights with everyone except Nene and Cynthia.”

“But she sunk really low when she went after Kandi, making all sorts of mean accusations about Kandi’s sex life. Kandi was livid. It looked like she wanted to throttle Marlo.”

“Marlo’s M.O. was obvious,” the source adds. “She wants desperately to become a Housewife, so she was trying to show the producers she could really bring it in terms of drama. No one thinks they’re going to offer her a bigger role, though. Fans don’t seem to like her.”

A rep for Bravo had no comment, but we can assure you there were a lot more fights, tears and shocking moments than the ones we’ve mentioned here. But it wouldn’t be fun if we gave EVERYTHING away.

That said, our on-set source tells us it will definitely go down as one of the most scandalous, emotionally charged reunions ever. Can’t wait to tune in and Watch What Happens? Neither can we!
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Tuesday, March 27, 2012

Gretchen Rossi: I Regret Making Fun of Heather Dubrow's Acting Career

Add this to the long list of stuff Gretchen Rossi probably regrets, soon I'm sure Slade will be one of them:
It's not easy being the newbie on The Real Housewives of Orange County -- just ask Heather Dubrow.

Dubrow's costar Gretchen Rossi recently visited Us Weekly's New York City offices, where she admitted to being quick to judge the wealthy brunette.

"I feel so bad because the new Housewife Heather Dubrow is actually the sweetest girl ever, and I really got to know her and like her a lot," Rossi said. "However, when I first met her, she seemed a little pretentious to me. I think the exact words out of my mouth were, 'I think you have a stick up your ass.' It didn't go over quite well when I first started with her."

Rossi even mocked Dubrow's acting career in a confessional, saying "I've never heard of you before." In hindsight, the 33-year-old said she didn't mean to offend Dubrow. "To my defense, unless you are truly an A-list actor, people aren't going to know your name."

Dubrow, 43, "added a fun dynamic to the group this season," Rossi told Us. "She's very straightforward. She just tells you how it is and she doesn't hold back."
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Kim Zolciak Confronts Cynthia Bailey About Racial Comment

Score one for Kim Z. here as Cynthia sure did some funky moves backtracking (she know damn well what she said about Kim in Africa) like that.

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Monday, March 26, 2012

Bethenny Frankel 'Has No Respect For Marriage,' Says Her Mom
Bethenny Frankel's own mother has launched a scathing attack on her daughter, claiming she's "bored" of her husband and has "no respect for marriage."

In an exclusive interview with Star magazine, breaking via, the reality TV star's estranged mom, Bernadette Burke, has let loose on Bethenny's troubled marriage to Jason Hoppy.

“His problem is he’s too nice, and she’ll grab another nice one, he is replaceable," Burke said. “Nice is boring and Bethenny gets bored with nice. I know she is bored because I get bored watching him.

“She cheated on her first husband after her first couple of months of marriage. She doesn’t have any respect for marriage because she has never seen good marriages."

Bernadette also had a few choice words about Bethenny's parenting too.

"She has always hired people to take care of the baby, she doesn’t take care of that child she does photo shoots.

“She would never have married Jason but she wanted to have a child and the timing was right. She got what she wanted out of this, she married because of public opinion."

As previously reported the star is set to lash out at Bernadette in an upcoming episode of Bethenny Ever After in which she will viciously state that she "hates her!"
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Camille Grammer Confirms Leave From "Real Housewives of Beverly Hills''
Did Camille Grammer leave on her own terms -- or was she pushed out?

As a source told Us Weekly Saturday evening, the 43-year-old ex-wife of Kelsey Grammer won't be coming back for season three of Real Housewives of Beverly Hills.

The former dancer and Playboy model confirmed it herself to Us later that night at the Grand Opening of a new Blizz Frozen Yogurt at the MGM Grand in Las Vegas.

"I can't say too much at this moment, but we couldn't get it worked out," the mother of two explained to Us. "I love these girls. I really do," she said of costars Kim and Kyle Richards, Taylor Armstrong, Lisa Vanderpump and Adrienne Maloof. "I've had so much fun with the franchise, but I guess the producers and I couldn't come to an agreement."

Although a Grammer source had said "She just doesn't want to expose her personal life anymore," she claimed the ouster was "mutual," and if she had her way, she'd be back for another round.

"I think I would have done it, definitely."

Her buddies Adrienne Maloof and Kyle Richards were also at Saturday's Blizz event in Vegas -- and they're bummed about her departure.

"It's sad," Maloof told Us. "Together the six of us were a great combo."

Added Kyle Richards, "It's going be sad not having her in the show. It's sad."

One major source of comfort for Grammer in her post-Housewives life is hunky boyfriend of eight months Dimitri Charalambopoulos, who was on her arm at Saturday's party. "Everything is great. We get along really well," gushed Grammer, who famously dealt with Kelsey's affair with Kayte Walsh and subsequent divorce filing on season one of the show. "I care about him very much and we're enjoying each other's company."
Big loss in my opinion, but not a surprise. It was Kelsey Grammer who put Camille on RHOBH in the first place and Camille herself always seem to be teetering on the edge of leaving the show anyway. But whether or not you liked Camille or hated her, she was never boring. And for all the drama she stirred up (esp. in Season 1) even her biggest hater should sympathize with how she got treated on and cheated on by her callous ex-husband, plus Camille deserves major props for being the only 'Housewife' to call out Kyle for being a "bully" as well as having the guts to confront Taylor about her domestic abuse  Season 2. That said, I'm glad that we got to see the real Camille in Season 2 and she finally seems to have found happiness in her personal life so good for her.

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Sunday, March 25, 2012

Jacqueline Laurita Says Teresa Giudice Is Jealous Of Melissa Gorga
Real Housewives of New Jersey star Melissa Gorga celebrated her 33rd birthday this week with the help of her costars!

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Saturday, March 24, 2012

Camille Grammer Leaves Real Housewives of Beverly Hills?!?

Of course until Bravo or Camille herself confirms this news who knows what's really up:
Real Housewives of Beverly Hills fans won't get to watch what happens with Camille Grammer any longer.

The former dancer and Playboy model, 43, will not be returning for season three of the Bravo reality series, a source confirms to Us Weekly. "She just doesn't want to expose her personal life anymore," the source explains.

Indeed, the first season of RHOBH saw Grammer's 14-year marriage to actor Kelsey Grammer fall apart as she battled with castmates Kyle Richards, Taylor Armstrong and other women on the show; she later accused her husband of landing her the reality series "to keep me preoccupied in California while he was off having his affair [with Kayte Walsh] in New York."

She and Emmy-winning Boss actor Kelsey, 57, share kids Mason and Jude, and recently reached an amicable divorce and custody arrangement after a protracted, often ugly court battle. (Kelsey famously cheated on Camille with flight attendant Walsh; he and Walsh are now married and expecting twins.)

Newly-single Camille was much mellower and seemingly happy on season two of the smash -- although she famously confronted her friend Armstrong about husband Russell's physical abuse.

Meanwhile, Camille stepped out with hunky new boyfriend Dimitri Charalambopoulos last October. The duo are still going strong, and were spotted partying together on Friday night at N9NE Steakhouse inside the Palms Casino Resort in Las Vegas with her castmates Adrienne Maloof and husband Dr. Paul Nassif, Kyle Richards and hubby Mauricio Umansky.
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Kyle Richards On If She Wants A Season 3: 'Sometimes Yes, Sometimes No'
Real Housewives of Beverly Hills star Kyle Richards dished to in an exclusive interview about her hopes for season three, who will be back, and even her thoughts on Rihanna hanging out with Ashton Kutcher!

As we first reported, the women haven't signed their contracts yet for a new season of the hit Bravo show, but it's expected they will all be back — even though Kyle seems a little hesitant.

"I don't even know if it's coming back! So…I mean, one would assume because our ratings are very high, but they haven't made an announcement. So I don't know either," Kyle said.

When asked whether she wanted to return for a third season, the 43-year-old replied, "Sometimes yes, sometimes no. There's fun times, but it's also very difficult so all of us right now are just taking the time to figure out if we want to do it or not."

Her sister, Kim Richards, caused headlines on the last season when she frequently appeared to be "out of it" and eventually checked into a rehab treatment facility.

Kim admitted on the show to taking a cocktail of prescription pills, including Lexapro, Trazadone and Topamax but since her release from rehab has appeared much healthier.

"I think she actually said that she would want to, because she's feeling good," Kyle said of her sister Kim appearing on the show again.

"She's feeling strong, so I think she actually would."
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Alex McCord to Dish About Motherhood on New CafeMom Web Series
Former The Real Housewives of New York cast member Alex McCord has landed a new (web) TV gig.

McCord will be appearing with original Melrose Place star and co-founder Andrew Shue on the original YouTube channel, CafeMom Studios, on a web talk series called Coffee Shop Confessions.

“It’s Andrew and three moms – I’m one of the moms,” McCord tells The Hollywood Reporter. “There’s a more conservative religious mom, you’ve got hippy granola chick mom, and I guess I’m sort of the saucy, inappropriate one.”

Premiering on April 6, Shue -- himself a father of five -- presents McCord, Timberly Whitfield and Julia Knight with different mom confessions the site has gathered and the women will weigh in on them.

“It was such a phenomenal group of women,” McCord says. “And it was everything you want a group of women to be as far as egging each other on and supporting each other in a positive way and everyone being funny and building on top of one another. And no one was tearing anyone down, oddly enough.”

The confessions range from the comedic and peculiar like “My son’s name is Spongebob,” to the possibly unspeakable such as, “I’m secretly skipping my birth control, so I can get pregnant again.”

“Each episode starts with a funny little dialogue and we’re chitchatting,” she says. “Then, we watch the reenactment of whatever crazy confession it is and then react to it. Whether it’s, ‘Oh, my God, that’s a Tuesday. I do that every day. That’s no big deal,’ or ‘That mother should be lit on fire.’ And we certainly didn’t always agree, which I though was the beautiful part.”

After Bravo decided not to renew her contract last September, McCord says she and husband Simon Van Kempen have been placing a lot of effort into their bedding and bath textile business Aluxe Home, her children, and charity work.

Additionally, McCord says the couple is seriously vetting possible television opportunities, which includes ongoing talks with Bravo.

“As far as future reality [series] for us,” she explains. “We don’t want to have to play defense… we don’t want to put ourselves out there for that kind of toxicity again. So whatever we do next, we want to make sure it’s the right show. I would rather not do a show than set myself up with the wrong show.”

Friday, March 23, 2012

Domestic Violence Charities Don't Want Taylor Armstrong Involved With Their Organizations
Weeks before filming is slated to begin on Real Housewives of Beverly Hills–with rumors that Bravo still hasn’t extended contracts with the cast and is actively scouting for new housewives–Taylor Armstrong (who is, according to reports, already skating on thin ice) is finding herself the recipient of much negative press and scrutiny.

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Thursday, March 22, 2012

Teresa Giudice Brings The Drama In Season 4 Of 'Real Housewives of New Jersey'
Viewers of "The Celebrity Apprentice" may be surprised not to have seen any of Teresa Giudice's table-flipping antics thus far on the series, but luckily (?) for fans, she's back in top form for Season 4 of Bravo's "The Real Housewives of New Jersey," as seen in the first-look clip above.

Last season, Teresa was at odds with her sister-in-law Melissa Gorga, brother Joe Gorga and cousin Kathy Wakile, as well as costar and former friend Caroline Manzo. And now she can add Jacqueline Laurita to the growing list.

"There are evil people out there -- and sometimes they come in the shape of your friends," Teresa says in the preview.

Bonus: Dina Manzo, Caroline's sister and former cast mate, makes an appearance, Caroline wears a hat, and Kim D. has long hair!

Season 4 premieres April 22 at 10 p.m. on Bravo.
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NeNe Leakes Wants Own Show Because Cast Members Are 'Boring'
Ever since NeNe Leakes and Kim Zolciak ended their friendship on The Real Housewives of Atlanta, it seems that NeNe has taken the high road when it comes to gossip and drama. She has shared her opinion, but hasn't involved herself in too much drama and limited her participation in yelling matches. And while she has been keeping her mouth shut about all of the reality show deals that her former friend Kim has been receiving from Bravo, everyone has speculated that she was very jealous of the spin-off show Kim was filming.

And now it seems that NeNe is speaking out about these claims and she is confirming them. She herself wants a spin-off, which would probably follow her around Atlanta and Los Angeles with her new career as an actress. Yesterday, she tweeted that she had been offered her own spin-off show aside from The Real Housewives of Atlanta, but that she is thinking about it because she currently loves her life of "acting & talk show hosting."

And if you thought that NeNe is looking forward to staying on the Bravo show, you may be wrong. She has shared that she couldn't wait to stop filming with the women and a recent tweet reveals that she actually thinks that all of the other women are 'boring.' "Ur right abt that because these chicks r boring," she tweeted a fan who told her she made the show.

Is NeNe putting herself too high on a pedestal or would a spin-off for her be the right thing?
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Dana Wilkey Calls Off Wedding To John Flynn, Talks Taylor's $60,000 Birthday Party For Daughter
The latest addition to The Real Housewives of Beverly Hills cast has called off her wedding to John Flynn, the businessman she’s been dating for six years. The couple have a two-year-old son, John Cayden Flynn.

“We realized that we’ve become more friends than romantic partners,” she says. “It’s better for us to break up and concentrate on our son right now.”

“My fiancé and I have decided to go our separate ways,” Dana, 38, tells Life & Style Weekly.

Not an actual housewife herself, Dana was added to the cast in the second season along with model Brandi Glanville as “Friends of the Housewives.”

Dana is a Lamborghini-owning business tycoon who is reportedly worth $12 million.

She began as an event planner for the stars (she masterminded the infamous $60,000 tea birthday party Taylor and Russell Armstrong threw for their 4-year-old daughter in season one.)

Dana also founded and owns the Adwil Agency,” a boutique web application development company and product placement firm,” as Bravo puts it.
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Wednesday, March 21, 2012

Taylor Armstrong Talks "Real Housewives of Bevery Hills' And Having Personal Life In The Public Eye
Taylor Armstrong stars in the Bravo reality TV series The Real Housewives of Beverly Hills, and is using her celebrity to change women’s lives around the world.

Armstrong’s new book Hiding From Reality: My Story of Love, Loss and Finding the Courage Within is an autobiographical account of her personal struggle with domestic violence, which ended tragically in 2011 with her estranged husband Russell’s very public suicide.

Armstrong has since survived the whirlwind media storm, and continues to live in Beverly Hills with her young daughter, Kennedy (6). Channeling her experience into positive action, Armstrong has volunteered for the 1736 Family Crisis Center for six years, and recently founded the Taylor Armstrong Foundation to expand her reach to local domestic violence shelters across the nation. She was also named Chief Creative Director of, a new online personal shopping community.

From juicy housewife gossip, to authentic book inspiration, a college speaking tour preview and what really happened when the cameras stopped filming, get to know Taylor Armstrong in this DSD exclusive.

Q: Does the show accurately depict the women of Beverly Hills?

A: All of our relationship drama is very real. Unfortunately, our lives are not cookie cutter like people expected Beverly Hills to be. So I’m happy in a way that people have been able to see so much of how real these women are and that we really care about each other. And the fact that we get so emotional is because we are truly invested in each other’s lives and we are a part of each other’s lives.

Q: Off camera, do you think that Beverly Hills women are similar to the famous housewives?

A: I do. I think that -- taking the drama of my life, obviously, in this last year has been pretty significant and severe in some ways -- so that aside, just the regular conflict. There is a lot of pressure for women across the country and I think that our relationships get strained with one another because we’re trying to be moms and wives and have relationships and people get their feelings hurt. It’s probably a little more intense when you’re filming a television show, just because there are cameras there and you find that your emotions are a little more raw when you’re on camera.

Q: The franchise, especially Beverly Hills, is known for drama. How do the producers stage and encourage conflict?

A: We don’t have writers, so everything is just us interacting with one another. They really assist us in getting together in locations, because when you’re filming in a location they have to facilitate that. So they’ll organize for us to get together sometimes in a restaurant or something, which has to happen with insurance and permits to film. So in that respect they are involved, but the real conflict that occurs is all on our own, as much as I’m embarrassed to say that. [laughs]

Q: What are the most important lessons you’ve learned from having your personal life in the public eye?

A: When I watched season one of the show, I really didn’t like me, and I was just a shell of myself. I was trying to keep so much of my personal life off television that I was -- it looked like me in some respects, but the way I was dressing and acting didn’t seem anything like me. And that was a real wake-up call, to see how much of myself I had lost in my relationship. And also seeing my relationship play out on television. Although I knew there were things that were wrong, I could see such a difference between the way, just in our physical space together, how we interacted versus other couples on the show. It brought to light a lot, and I think was one of the biggest catalysts for us going into treatment and therapy in the beginning of last year.

Q: What is the message of your new book? What do you hope readers will take away from it?

A: The book starts out with me at a very young age and talks a lot about the self esteem issues that I didn’t address when I was growing up. Just being that young girl who felt like I always needed to have a boyfriend there to complete me. I think I became a serial monogamist in the seventh grade. Always needing to have a boyfriend to fill a void in myself that I wasn’t able to understand. But whenever I didn’t have a boyfriend I would have a level of anxiety, feeling like I needed someone to make me feel like I was worth something. So I think the biggest part of the message early on in the book is for young women to find that in themselves and to find their own confidence so they don’t feel like they need someone else. Because that’s when you can get into unhealthy relationships, the minute you feel like you need someone rather than they’re just a complement to you. That’s when you could allow someone to control you or to treat you poorly and you stay. And those things, left untreated, can snow ball into an abusive or significantly unhealthy relationship. You almost wake up one day and think, how did we get to this point? Because it does happen very slowly over time. And I’m hoping that the book will help people not run by all the red flags, because the red flags are there.
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Adriana de Moura Talks New Season of RHOM, Blames Larsa Pippen And Cristy Rice For Making The Show Boring
Bravo is doing everything in its power to redeem the lackluster Real Housewives of Miami, which was a complete dud until the live reunion aired on WWHL. In fact, one could probably credit firecracker Adriana de Moura going head-to-head with former castmates Larsa Pippen and Christy Rice at that reunion for the network’s decision to bring back the floundering series.

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Kim Zolciak, Kroy Biermann Expecting Baby No. 2
Fertile times in the Zolciak-Biermann household!

Just 10 months after giving birth to son KJ, Kim Zolciak is pregnant with her fourth child, several sources close to the Real Housewives of Atlanta star confirm to Us Weekly.

Zolciak, 33, and husband, Atlanta Falcons player Kroy Biermann, welcomed little KJ in June 2011. The reality star has two older daughters -- Brielle, 15, and Ariana, 9 -- from previous relationships.

On Twitter Tuesday, after announcing the big news, the "Tardy for the Party" singer thanked her daughters and "all our friends for keeping our pregnancy a secret u guys are the best!"

She added: "Thank you for all the Congrats! We feel so blessed!"

After meeting at an Atlanta fundraiser in fall 2010 (in an encounter shown on an episode of the Bravo hit) she and Biermann, 26, tied the knot in November 2011.
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Tuesday, March 20, 2012

Teresa Giudice Subdued On 'Celebrity Apprentice' (So Far)
Can a leopard-print-loving reality star change her spots?

Can the fiery Teresa Giudice really rebrand herself as a quiet, thoughtful entrepreneur who works well with others and is happy to be in the background?

Probably not.

During a teleconference about "The Celebrity Apprentice" earlier this week, Donald Trump – who also had contestants Dayana Mendoza and Paul Teutul Sr. on the line – suggested that the old Giudice will reappear.

"Well, I don't want to give much up, but as Dayana can tell you and Paul can tell you, she gets wild very soon," said Trump.

He conceded that he'd been baffled by how different Giudice, who lives in Montville, has been on his show compared with her image on Bravo's "The Real Housewives of New Jersey." Yes, she was seen on the NBC show flipping a table at Medieval Times in Lyndhurst a few Sundays ago – but that scripted re-creation was part of a challenge to raise money for charity.

"It's surprising to me that she's not more volatile," Trump said. "She's much different than I thought she would be. She's a very quality person. I thought she'd be a total wild woman … and really she's not. I mean, she's more reserved, and I think it's a lot different than when you see her on the other show. I don't know why. I'm not sure if it's rebranding or just that she's maybe … a little bit intimidated by some of the other people. It's a tough group."

'She has her moments'

Pressed about her impending, er, relapse, Trump said, "Yeah, she has her moments."

"Yeah, she has crazy moments," Teutul confirmed. "But still, she's more quiet than I would have thought, more subdued."
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You Can Talk To Danielle Staub For $18 A Minute

Considering how popular and all over the place she was like just a couple of years ago, it's funny how we rarely hear from Danielle these days. But just in case you really miss her:
She tried being a stripper, and now former Real Housewives of New Jersey star Danielle Staub is answering your phone calls for $18 a minute, RumorFix has confirmed.

The reality star is one of about a dozen infamous people who will be answering your calls for a fee for a new company called “Dial-A-Star.” The companies website reads: “ is the only place you can talk directly to a TRUE celebrity! Our service is unique an offers a completely discreet one on one conversation with celebs. The service is completely private and anonymous.” “

Here’s the lineup of “TRUE celebrities” and their per minute fees:

Lindsay Lohan’s mom, Dina Lohan $10
Lindsay Lohan’s dad, Michael Lohan $10
Former Jersey Shore’s Angelina Pivarnick $10
Octomom Nadya Suleman $15
Former Charlie Sheen porn star Capri Anderson $10

Gretchen Rossi Says Tamra's Engagement Is a Sham, Tamra Responds And Gretchen Says It's Not True
"Real Housewives of Orange County" star Gretchen Rossi is telling friends ... Tamra Barney's new engagement is based on a money-grubbing lie -- manufactured by show producers desperate for a dramatic finale.

Sources close to Gretchen tell TMZ, producers originally approached Gretchen's BF Slade about proposing -- hoping he'd pop the question in time for the show's big finale this year. We're told producers even attempted to bribe Slade with an exotic proposal destination ... and a FREE RING.

We're told Slade turned the offer down -- convinced the public already hated him enough without a fake proposal -- so producers turned to Tamra and her BF Eddie Judge out of spite.

We're told Tamra and Eddie instantly snatched up the proposal package -- and her whole proposal was then conveniently filmed for the show ... at the same exotic location that was allegedly offered to Slade.

Bravo had no comment.
I hope this does turn out to be true because Tamra has to be the only idiot on the planet who thought she could really be friends again with a lying wench like Gretchen Rossi.

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Monday, March 19, 2012

NeNe Leakes Talks Divorce And 'Real Housewives of Atlanta' Reunion
Is "Real Housewives of Atlanta" star NeNe Leakes having second thoughts about her decision to divorce husband Gregg Leakes?

On Sunday's "Real Housewives," Leakes took a meeting with her divorce attorney, Randy Kessler, who told the 44-year-old reality star that her divorce was close to being finalized. The news elicited "mixed feelings" from Leakes.

"I really have put a lot of thought into it -- I just want to be sure. I dont want to walk away from this and think I made a mistake," Leakes tells Kessler, who tries to reassure his client by reminding her that she tends to "overthink things."

But in a confessional, Leakes considered the prospect of life without Gregg: "I just never thought I would be scared to this level of freaking out because I had a partner in life and all of a sudden, I don't have my partner anymore -- that's hard."

Leakes filed to divorce Gregg, a real estate entrepreneur, in 2010. In November 2010, Leakes told Essence magazine that Gregg was hesitant to divorce. "He says he's very much in love and he wants to stay married." Leakes and Gregg are currently separated and have one son together, 13-year-old Brentt, and one son from Leakes' previous relationship, Bryson Bryant.
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Sunday, March 18, 2012

Gretchen Rossi Says She Was Loyal To Alexis Bellino
Days after Alexis Bellino spoke out accusing Gretchen Rossi of disloyalty, Gretchen is fighting back against her former best friend and denying that she threw her under the bus. The Real Housewives of Orange County stars certainly do not appear to be the closest of friends any longer, as Gretchen has apparently moved on to another blonde with a plastic surgery habit!

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Saturday, March 17, 2012

Oops! Bethenny Frankel Flashes Audience on Anderson Cooper's Show; Talks Fame, Motherhood And If She's Happy
The audience at Anderson was pleased when it found out it had tickets to the gun show as host Anderson Cooper and his guest Bethenny Frankel dropped to the floor in a push-up contest.

But what they were not expecting was when Frankel, 41, accidentally flashed her underwear at them!

As the Bethenny Ever After star, who was wearing red high heels and a knee-length dress assumed push-up position, her skirt flew up and exposed her pink underwear to one half of the audience.

Shocked, Frankel immediately sat back on her heels while Cooper was heaped in a fit of laughter across from her.

"How did it look?" the star, who was thankfully wearing briefs, asked the audience.

"That whole side of the room is like, 'Yes!'" Cooper said, raising his arms in the air, "and this side is like, 'What did we miss?!'"
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Adrienne Maloof Snaps a Photo With “Friend” Mel Gibson, Admits To Owning 300 Pairs of Louboutins

Guess Adrienne didn't read the part about Mel Gibson being a racist:
We kind of imagine Beverly Hills as this sacred place with palm-tree lined, glittery golden sidewalks where celebrities are always bumping into other celebrities — and it looks like we’re sort of right.

Real Housewives of Beverly Hills millionairess Adrienne Maloof and husband Paul Nassif conveniently ran into actor Mel Gibson at dinner and managed to snap a quick pic while they dined. Adrienne — sporting her classic ponytail — and the Braveheart star are both flashing the cameras coy smiles.

“Look who @drpaulnassif and I ran into last night, our friend the very talented Mel Gibson!” Adrienne tweeted along with the pic.

First Charlie Sheen, now Mel? The Maloof/Nassifs seem to have made a habit of befriending controversial stars!
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Phaedra Parks Denies Criminal Past
Rumors began swirling earlier this week that demure Southern Belle Phaedra Parks was hiding a deep, dark, criminal past, but the swiftly lawyer has taken to Twitter to vehemently any criminal activity.

It all began when one of Phaedra’s former “friends” — a woman named Angela Stanton — gave an interview with VIBE magazine regarding her upcoming memoir, Lies of a Real House Wife: Tell The Truth and Shame The Devil.

In the memoir, Angela alleges that Phaedra and her now husband Apollo Nida were writing fraudulent insurance checks for two years, and after Apollo and Angela served time for their crimes, the trio, and Apollo’s brother, moved on to stealing high-end cars.

When Angela was eventually caught, she was charged with racketeering and sent to state prison for five years. Apollo also served time in jail for his involvement in the car plot, but it’s unclear how long he remained behind bars.

While Angela’s story is surprisingly intricate and detailed, Phaedra maintains that there’s no truth to anything she’s said.

On March 15 Phaedra tweeted, “The interview circulating is a lie. My attys @bjbernstein & @LLinWood will deal w/this false & defamatory interview swiftly.”

Doesn’t Angela know not to go after a high-powered lawyer?!
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Friday, March 16, 2012

Kim Zolciak’s Spinoff To Debut April 26, Talks Why She Fired Sweetie Hughes
You do not want to be tardy for Kim Zolciak’s new spinoff series as Bravo has just announced it will début on April 26!

The series “Don’t Be Tardy For The Wedding,” features the Real Housewives of Atlanta star and her NFL beau Kroy Biermann, with Kim preparing for the wedding of her dreams in just eight weeks.

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Vicki Gunvalson Accuses Slade of Acting up to Get More Airtime on Real Housewives of Orange County
Tensions between Vicki Gunvalson and Gretchen Rossi finally boiled over in Real Housewives of Orange County Season 7, Episode 6. The claws really came out when Vicki blew up after Gretchen’s trash-talking boyfriend Slade Smiley came waltzing into the Bunco party, 80s mullet and all. We understand Vicki’s frustration — the guy had just compared her to Miss Piggy in front of 300 people at his comedy show. Yet saying her screaming fit was an overreaction may be putting it lightly. So does the Housewife feel embarrassed about her explosion in hindsight?

“Am I disgusted at myself and how I lost my temper with Gretchen and Slade? One word — absolutely!” the 49-year-old insurance hotshot wrote in her Bravo blog. But does that means she’s going to back down or apologize? Ha! Who do you think she is?

Vicki went on to explain the side of the story we didn’t see on-screen, saying that she felt Slade and Gretchen used Vicki’s boyfriend Brooks to make themselves feel better about Slade’s own past. (Both Brooks and Slade have serious issues with paying child support.)

But Vicki thinks that instead of going after Brooks like they should have, Slade and Gretchen decided to use her as a punching bag. To make matters worse, the blow up couldn’t have happened at a worse time: Vicki was dealing with her daughter Briana’s illness.

“I guess the saying that some people love kicking you when your [sic] down is true with Slade,” she writes. “Class, Integrity, and character are something you cannot buy or wish for… you either have it or you don't and for Slade to do what he did in front of 300 people was disgusting and made me very sad.” She added, “I really think he thrives on the drama so he gets more airtime” and thinks he could learn something from the other Househusbands, who have never verbally attacked the ladies.

Embarrassed, maybe. Sorry? Not so much.
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Thursday, March 15, 2012

Phaedra Parks Once Ran A Car Theft Ring?!?

That's what a former friend of Phaedra's is alleging:
The saying, "What's done in the dark, will always come to light," proves to be true in this particular situation relating to a popular reality show star we all know. Angela Stanton, former friend of Bravo's Real Housewives of Atlanta star Phaedra Parks, has given VIBE the exclusive scoop on Parks' criminal past from her upcoming memoir, Lies of a Real House Wife: Tell The Truth and Shame The Devil.

Stanton says she and Phaedra were not only friends, but partners in crime; literally. In Part 1 of the video below Stanton reveals that the entertainment attorney performed fraudulent activity along with her, her husband Apollo and his brother Eric. After years of her own trials and tribulations, Stanton is ready to tell her story of loyalty and betrayal.
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Wednesday, March 14, 2012

Bethenny Frankel Talks Marital Challenges On "The Tonight Show"
Bethenny Frankel, the former "Real Housewives of New York City" cast member and current star of "Bethenny Ever After", stopped by the "The Tonight Show With Jay Leno" Tuesday to to talk about her relationship with her husband, Jason Hoppy.

"[The] second year was way more difficult than the first," the reality TV star told Leno. "I was pregnant when I got married, so we were all excited about the baby and the wedding."

Since then, Frankel has realized that she isn't the best communicator: "I'm an initiator of arguments and he's the escalator," she said. "I'll light that fire, and then there's a big fire and I'm like, 'Oh my God, who put that fire there, what happened?'"

Still, Frankel says the pair is finally hitting their stride as a married couple. "The first two years are challenging, but now we're coming into a better rhythm. We got married older, so we are accepting each other now," she said. "We're together, we're committed, we work on it, and we're in love. And we're in it."

Frankel and Hoppy first met in a Manhattan nightclub in November 2008. Less than a year later, Hoppy proposed and the pair wed at the Four Seasons in New York City in March 2010. Frankel gave birth to their daughter, Bryn, in May 2010.
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Why Tamra Barney's Fiance Eddie Proposed to Her Twice
Eddie Judge’s proposal to Tamra Barney was so perfect that he did it twice, and has all the exclusive details!

The Real Housewives of Orange County star got engaged to Eddie on Valentine’s Day at the Four Seasons Resort in Bora Bora, and according to a source close to the couple, it was “very romantic.”

“Eddie asked her to marry him at the resort where they were staying in one of the huts that is over the water,” the source tells “Tamra was over the moon when he asked her, and she said yes right away. It was very romantic.”

Judge popped the question with a stunning cushion cut diamond, which the source said Tamra “loves.”

The beautiful blonde is the mother of four children with her ex-husband Simon Barney, and they all were part of the proposal re-enactment.

“Eddie wanted the kids to be a part of the engagement so when they got back from Bora Bora he proposed again to her in front of all the kids,” the source tells “They love Eddie and think of him like a second father, so it was perfect and they’re all really happy for their mom.

“Tamra has been telling her friends that the third time is a charm and that Eddie is her Prince Charming.”

While the happy couple hasn’t set a date yet, they’re hoping for a summer time destination wedding. “They’d love to have it in Italy,” the source says.

As for more children, “Tamra has said that she wants to have more kids, but she won’t have them herself and would love to adopt or use a surrogate,” the source shares.
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Tuesday, March 13, 2012

Brandi Glanville Reveals She’s Writing a Book About Life After Eddie Cibrian, Admits To Having Botox
Another day, another Housewife adding “author” to her résumé! This time around, it’s Real Housewives of Beverly Hills’ Brandi Glanville who is putting pen to paper and sharing her tale with the world. On Sunday, the 38-year-old single mother took to Twitter to let fans know she was brunching with a book agent. “Brunch with my fav book agent Michael B and fav RHOBH boss Alex B,” she tweeted.

While many of her followers took the news to mean Brandi is likely to return to the show for the as-yet-unannounced Season 3, one of the blonde babe’s followers asked about the book agent. “Question Brandi. Is every ‘housewife’ expected to write a book? Just wondering,” the skeptic wrote.

Um, talk about taking the words right of our mouths! If Brandi’s book goes to press, it will be the fourth one from the Real Housewives of Beverly Hills cast alone — not to mention the slew from Bravo’s other franchises. (Taylor Armstrong, Lisa Vanderpump, and Kyle Richards have all written books after appearing on the show.)

Apparently, Brandi didn’t take the follower’s question as a jab. “Nope mine has been a long time coming its about surviving divorce, no 1 wanted it until I got the show tho. Can't speak 4 others,” sheresponded.

We have to admit, we are curious to hear if Brandi has any more tire-slashing stories to share when it comes to her divorce from Eddie Cibrian. Plus, she’s hilarious. We just hope her spelling and grammar are better off Twitter!
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Ramona Singer To Celebrate 3 Year Anniversary Of Jewelry Line On HSN; Philanthropist Barbara Ellsworth Gunning for Permanent Role on 'Real Housewives of New York'
Ramona stopped by to talk about hosting HSN live on March 14 and how she can’t believe her line has become so successful — check out the affordable pieces here!

Ramona Singer is the woman who can do it all! caught up with The Real Housewives of New York City star to talk about her art deco-inspired jewelry line for HSN and she says it’s “so exciting!”

Ramona tells us that she gets her inspiration from family heirlooms that have been passed down through generations. One piece in particular was her husband Mario Singer‘s mother’s and she replicated it for her fans! These pieces are gorgeous and affordable and you can check it all out right here!

Tune into HSN on March 14 from 5pm – 7pm ET to see Ramona!
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Real Housewives of Atlanta Catfight of the Week: Cynthia Bailey vs. Malorie Bailey

I have to give it to Peter on this one. Served Malorie right for that diss Peter pulled with the toast at the anniversary party. Yeah, everyone on the planet (including myself) didn't think Peter and Cynthia would last a year together, but what Malorie pulled at their wedding last year, hiding the marriage certificate till the last minute, was unforgivable and she should be lucky Cynthia still speaks to her trifling ass for pulling such a stunt. Bottom line, Cynthia's a grown-ass woman fully capable of making her own decisions and whether she disagrees with them or not, as her sister, Malorie can choose to either be supportive or butt the hell out:
This week on The Real Housewives of Atlanta, the Bailey sisters were at it again... and it wasn't pretty.

The Deets

Peter Thomas was set on throwing his beautiful wife, Cynthia Bailey, a one-year anniversary party. His main motivation was to erase the unfortunate events that forever marked their wedding day — namely, Cynthia's sister, Malorie, trying to sabotage the wedding by hiding the marriage certificate until the last minute.

Peter's first party-planning mistake? Inviting Malorie. But, obviously, the woman is Cynthia's sister, so not inviting her wasn't really an option.

From the get-go, Peter made it clear that he didn't want Malorie riding in the limo over to the party with him and Cynthia. We can't say we blame him. Later, when Cynthia and Malorie got together, Malorie called Peter an a-hole... and that was before she found out she was banned from the limo.

In the end, no one rode in the limo, because it never showed up. Unfortunately, Malorie and Cynthia's mother did show up to the party and started off the evening by expressing to Cynthia how shocked they both were that her marriage lasted a year. Her mother even asked if Peter was bipolar.

It was Peter, however, who fanned the flames of the sisterly tension when he made a toast to "friends, family... and Malorie." Not one to ever miss an opportunity for drama, Malorie started crying, which led to Cynthia telling her to shut the hell up, which led to Malorie pointing a finger in Cynthia's face and whining about why Cynthia always sticks up for Peter.

Um, because he's her husband?
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Gretchen Rossi Denies Begging Bravo To Pay For Her Engagement Ring
According to a new, not so shocking report, Real Housewives of Orange County star Gretchen Rossi is not only trying to one up her costar Tamra Barney’s recent engagement, but is also trying to get Bravo to pay for her engagement ring!

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Monday, March 12, 2012

Bethenny Frankel Reveals the "Despicable" Way People Treat Her
Former Real Housewife of New York turned filthy rich Skinnygirl in charge, Bethenny Frankel, hasn't seen all puppies and rainbows since the reported $120 million sale of her Skinnygirl liquor brand.

The business mogul has far from retired after the deal — she's currently focused on a line of Skinnygirl cleanse packets, meal bars, etc. for the healthy mom on the go — but the star of Bethenny Ever After still deals with daily doses of haterade.

"Money brings out a really vicious side in other people. It surprises me because you always think about people making money and it changing them, you never think about it changing everything else," she dished in an interview with Forbes Woman.

"People look at you differently. People make up stories about you. People speculate about what you’ve had and what you’ve done and really try and tear you down and I had no idea that would be the case. And I think it’s really despicable."

The toughest sacrifice Bethenny has had to make, though, was putting off family to foster her career for so long. She revealed the possibility of no longer being able to have children at age 41 as one of her few regrets.

However, she assured, "Generally I am happy...With a side of unhappy."

Looks like we have plenty more scenes in the therapist's office to look forward to on Bethenny Ever After. But we're rooting for our fave sassy underdog H'Wife!
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Sunday, March 11, 2012

Caroline and Dina Manzo Still Aren't Speaking, But Dina Remains Friends With Teresa
Teresa Giudice spent the past season of "Real Housewives of New Jersey" picking fights with her own family -- and now she's doing it to Caroline and Dina Manzo.

The sisters -- who were once "thick as thieves" -- are no longer on speaking terms thanks to the troublemaking brunette, Caroline reveals during part one of the "RHoNJ" reunion on Sunday night.

After some back-and-forth with Giudice over her crumbling relationship with her brother, Giudice yells at Caroline, "You're a freaking liar! No wonder why Dina doesn't want to speak to you."
In the teaser clip, Caroline then admits to Andy Cohen, "I lost a lot of my relationship with her."

When Cohen asks "over what," Caroline glares at Giudice and says, "I'm looking at you."

"You backstabbed her!" Giudice shoots back.
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Saturday, March 10, 2012

Tamra Barney Finally Reaches Divorce Settlement With Simon
The newly engaged Tamra Barney is now free to move on to her next marriage as Radar Online is reporting her divorce from ex, Simon Barney has been finalized!

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Russell Armstrong's Shocking Attempt To Drown Taylor: New Details & New Victims Identified
Taylor Armstrong revealed in her memoir that her late husband, Russell, tried to drown her in a swimming pool along with two unnamed friends, and has exclusively learned their identities and confirmed that a police report was in fact filed.

Jennifur Diamond and her husband at the time, Mark Alsentzer, were at Taylor and Russell's home several years ago when he flew into a rage and badly injured Mark, but no one pressed charges because Taylor begged her BFF Jennifur not to, and both she and Mark agreed.

According to Taylor’s book, Russell pretended he had left the group but was really listening to their conversation and after hearing Taylor say, "Just take care of Kennedy if anything happens," Russell allegedly jumped out of the bushes and confronted her.

"Russell was in a frenzy, and he had a wild look in his eyes. He hit Mark, and threw Jennifur, her dog and Taylor in the swimming pool and tried to drown Taylor. Taylor thought she was going to die as Russell held her under the water," a source exclusively told

"Mark and Jennifur were able to pull Russell off of her and probably saved her life. The cops were called and a police report was filed. At that point Taylor hadn't been receiving any therapy, and she begged and pleaded with her friends not to press charges.

"Taylor had to cover her neck for several weeks because of the choke marks. She even had trouble speaking because of Russell's strength when he tried to choke her."

A second source tells that in exchange for Jennifur and Mark not pressing charges, Russell agreed to pay for their medical bills.

"Mark got 16 stitches and had work done on his teeth because of what Russell did," the insider said.

"I can't be sure that Russell gave them money to stay quiet, but he definitely gave them money to cover the expenses of Mark's medical stuff which was somewhere around $12,000."

And although no charges were pressed, the incident created a temporary rift between Taylor and Jennifur, who refused to protect Taylor any longer when Russell got violent.

"Jennifur was really, really upset and said that she couldn't talk to Taylor anymore because the abusive situation was too much. They tried to get Taylor to leave Russell, but she didn't want to give up her lifestyle," the source said.

"Taylor and Jennifur didn't see each other for months after the altercation. Taylor knew that if she confided in her that Russell had been beating her, the cops would be called," a second source revealed.

"She still wasn't receiving any therapy and was trying to protect Russell. But after Russell committed suicide, Jennifur was there for Taylor, no questions asked."
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