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Jacqueline Laurita Says She Needed to Take “Drastic Measures” With Daughter Ashlee
On the April 29 episode of The Real Housewives of New Jersey, Jacqueline Laurita finally made the heart-wrenching decision to kick her daughter Ashlee out of the house in an effort to motivate her to do something with her life.

In her blog, Jacqueline writes about her reasoning behind that difficult decision.

“Asking her [Ashlee] to leave didn't mean we didn't love her. Chris and I love her very much," she says.

"At that point in time, although we weren't fighting as much, we didn't see her making much of an effort to jump-start her life.”

Jacqueline and her husband Chris made arrangements for Ashlee to stay with Jacqueline’s brother in Las Vegas while she acquired some valuable skills and learned how to take care of herself.

“We needed her to spring into action and take charge of her life. We felt like we needed to take drastic measures to get her to wake up and go after her dreams,” Jacqueline continued.

Although Ash missed her first flight out to Vegas, she eventually made it out west (to L.A.) and began a life of her own.

When we spoke to Jacqueline recently, the proud mom told us how impressed she was with Ashlee and gushed about their “great” relationship.

Yolanda Hadid's Over The Top Divorce Settlement
The brand new star of The Real Housewives of Beverly Hills and the fourth wife to music mogul David Foster, Yolanda Hadid, got an over the top divorce settlement from her former husband, Mohamed Hadid, is exclusively reporting.

Married to Mohamed for eight years, the stunning Dutch model recently joined the cast of the Bravo hit show and will appear in its third season. Coincidentally, Mohamed appeared on the show because he is very good friends with fellow housewife Lisa Vanderpump.

Mohamed threw an engagement party for Lisa's daughter Pandora that was featured on the show last season.
Yolanda filed for divorce from Mohamed in Santa Barbara County in 2003 and under terms of the divorce settlement agreement obtained exclusively by, she retained ownership of the Santa Barbara mansion, a $6 million dollar Malibu property, an Arabian horse, sole ownership of Hadid Interiors, several bank accounts, a Range Rover and an Escalade.

Yolanda also received a one-time cash payment of $3.6 million dollars and receives $30,000 a month in child support for the three children they had together: Jelena, Isabella and Anwar.

She was receiving an additional $10,000 a month in spousal support, but that ended when she married David Foster.

Mohamed kept the Bel Air mansion that has been featured on the reality show, the vacation home in Mexico, two Bentley's, a Range Rover and an Escalade, although Yolanda can use the vacation house whenever she wants.

According to the documents, Mohamed became responsible for "liabilities the notes payable to First Credit Bank, the approximate amount of $60,000,000 secured by Deeds Trust encumbering the real property located in the greater Los Angeles, CA. $17,000,000 for Casa Amore with First Credit Bank, $3,000,000 First Credit Bank, $22,000 Chase Visa."

The former couple have joint custody of their three children and agreed to "relocate the residences of the minor children more than 100 miles from the other parent, without prior written notice to the other notice." 

Mohamed pays for private schools for the kids and pays for a full-time nanny to live with Yolanda and the kids.

Mohamed agreed to have a $1 million dollar life insurance policy and that the beneficiaries are Yolanda and the children.

Interestingly, Yolanda and Mohamed did have a pre-nup that was declared null and void when the divorce settlement was executed, and signed by both parties in 2007.

Yolanda married David last year, and Mohamed remains single.
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Saturday, April 28, 2012

Peter Thomas Photoshoot With Krave Magazine; Cynthia Bailey Suggests Sheree Replacement

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Alex McCord Grieves The Loss Of Her Cat; Simon van Kempen Almost Gave His Baby His First Facial
Former “Real Housewives of New York City” star Alex McCord took to Facebook Wednesday to share the news that her family’s beloved cat Madge died after being hit by a car. The caption of the photo she posted read, “We buried our beloved Madge cat today; she was hit by a car this morning. Rest in peace, big beautiful kitty...we miss you so much already.

Madge had managed to get out of the house yesterday and up the street, where she was hit close to the house. McCord lives on a street with a block association so her neighbors found the cat and sent out an email describing Madge. McCord told, “We were so moved that our neighbors would do that; it was so lovely of them. We were able to get her body back so the boys and our other cat could say goodbye.”

McCord said grieving Madge will be a process, and it’s the first time her boys, who are six and eight, have dealt with any kind of loss. She also looked up resources on cat grief, since she’d had a cat before that had gone to the vet and never come back, which left the cat at home searching for the one that had gone missing. 

Madge and the other cat, Erin, were not friendly but were “feuding buddies,” McCord said. “They kind of had a love/hate relationship.” McCord’s research said that if a cat has died and the body isn’t destroyed or contagious let the other cat see the one who has passed so it can say goodbye.

“We had Madge’s body in a basket with a towel and we let Erin into the room. She sniffed her, prodded her a little with her paw and jumped as though she’d been spooked...then she went out into the backyard, vomited and let out a howl we’d never heard her make before...she’s been a little erratic, but the whole house has been.”

McCord’s boys also had a chance to say goodbye. Her eight-year-old was instantly emotional while her six-year-old “didn’t want to let it in for a little while and then it suddenly hit him.” The boys each took time to pet Madge and look at her.

“We were lucky that although she was hit by a car she was in almost perfect condition. We talked about how she looked just like she always looked but she was different because she wasn’t alive anymore. They each wrote her a little note which we put in a box we buried her in and put a marker above her grave.”

McCord remembers Madge as the cat with so much personality she’d take on the cameras when they were filming “Housewives” and would lay down on her back in the middle of the floor when they had company. 

The picture McCord posted on Facebook is of Madge wearing her scarf. “I had just gotten home and was saying hello to her. She was biting the edge of the scarf and trying to pull it off my neck so I finally said, ‘Oh do you wanna wear it?’ I took it off and put it on her and she was just so happy. It looked much better on her than it did on me.”

The cat was well-known by McCord's Facebook and Twitter followers. McCord often tweeted about Madge and posted photos.
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Taylor Armstrong Loses Round in Court
Taylor Armstrong lost a round in court today in a lawsuit brought against the "Real Housewives of Beverly Hills" co-star and her late husband by an online provider of health records. 

Los Angeles Superior Court Judge Frederick Shaller denied a motion by Armstrong's attorney to throw out part of a settlement agreement between the Armstrongs and that called for payment of $1.5 million to either party if one side breached the agreement -- called a liquidated damages clause. 

"There is no evidence of the circumstances existing at the time the contract was made to enable the court to find that the liquidated damage clause is unreasonable," Shaller wrote in his four-page decision. filed suit against Armstrong and her husband, Russell, last July 29. The couple were in the process of a divorce when he was found hanged in a bedroom of his Mulholland Drive home on Aug. 15, but the lawsuit continued against his estranged wife. 

Russell Armstrong had been the largest shareholder of the company, which provides secure personal health records and electronic safe deposit box storage solutions. 

After company officials found he allegedly misappropriated investor money and diverted shares of the company, he was removed from the board and settled with the firm for $250,000. Under the terms of his original settlement, Armstrong was required to identify anyone to whom he had sold shares of MMRGlobal, parent company of 

When he failed to do so, he and his wife were sued for breach of contract. 

In his court papers, defense lawyer Michael Gless stated that the company already knew the name of one of the persons sold shares and that there was no proof the couple should have disclosed the names of the other two buyers. 

Gless also stated that even if the Armstrongs failed to disclose the names according to the agreement, the firm's damages were "in the range of hundreds of dollars, not millions." 

But Shaller found the argument unpersuasive. 

"The motion must be denied since even if (Taylor Armstrong) is correct that the liquidated damages clause is unenforceable, this alleged unenforceability does not bar plaintiff's claim and would not entitle defendant to a judgment in her favor," he wrote.
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Friday, April 27, 2012

Melissa Gorga Pens Romantic Song For Husband Joe
They say the way to a man’s heart is through his stomach.

But Real Housewives of New Jersey star Melissa Gorga has found another route and written a romantic ballad for her husband Joe.

The wannabe pop star has been married to Teresa Giudice’s brother for seven years and they have three children.

“What I’ve been trying to sit you here for this nice dinner for is because this life that I’m living right now is like a dream come true,” Melissa gushed in an episode of Housewives, airing Sunday.

“And I’m just happy so what I did is took all of these things that I’m feeling and I made a song for you. I made a ballad.”

“And it’s called How Many Times, Dear Joe. And I’m going to play it right now.”

As the tune played the couple looked doe-eyed at each other and Joe got emotional as Melissa wiped away his tears.

“I got these goosebumps. I had these feelings that I can’t explain. She has proven to me that she loves me, and adores me and loves our life together,” Joe said. “That’s why I know she is an amazing woman that I’m going to spend the rest of my life with.

“I can’t believe how hot that song makes me feel. I’m just f***ing turned on.”

And with that he picked up his wife and carried her into the bedroom to “listen to the song again.”
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LuAnn De Lesseps On Having A Baby
We'll have to wait until June to meet the new cast of "The Real Housewives of New York," but a sneak peek suggests that Season 5 is full of surprises -- which may include a baby.

“There is nothing that would make me happier than having a baby together,” Countess LuAnn de Lesseps tells boyfriend Jacques in the preview.

And LuAnn confirms that it's still a possibility that her children, Victoria and Noel, may get a new sibling.

“Well, you know what? We have talked about [having a baby]," LuAnn told me on the set of "New York Live." "We are thinking about it, and you will have to watch to see what happens. The good news is, I still can have children.”

The New York cast has finished shooting and the episodes are currently being edited, so none of the members knows what will make it into the season, but one thing is for sure: LuAnn does miss the ladies who will not be returning (though she claims that fellow "Housewife" Ramona Singer blackmailed and threatened her). 

“I do miss them,” says LuAnn. “We are together for four seasons, so we made friendships, and of course I will always miss the girls. But we have a new cast and it’s a very exciting season; there’s a lot of drama going on. It’s an interesting group of girls. They are very different from the other cast, but I like all the new girls. I get along with them. [But] I still have my issues with Ramona.” 

Kim Zolciak Gets Real About 'Disgusting' Co-star Marlo Hampton
While "The Real Housewives of Atlanta" reunion specials were still airing, Kim Zolciak’s cast mate and friend, Sheree Whitfield, confirmed reports that she wouldn’t be returning to the series if Bravo gives it another season.

“I think Sheree is just possibly in a different place,” Zolciak, whose new series "Don’t Be Tardy for the Wedding" premieres Thursday, told The Hollywood Reporter. “I don’t know what happened -- if it was completely her decision or Bravo’s, or a combination, I don’t know that. What I do know is that she does have a lot going on and I’m going to miss her.”

“If they are casting another housewife, then I look forward to that,” she added. “I look forward to meeting somebody new and kind of going through that, but Sheree definitely will be missed.”

Of course, that’s how Zolciak feels as long as Whitfield isn’t replaced by season-four standout and unofficial housewife, Marlo Hampton. Clearly, there is no love lost since the reunion was taped.

“Marlo better never hold a peach,” Zolciak said, referring the peaches the cast holds during the opening credits. “I mean she’s been arrested seven times, clearly that shows somebody’s character. Her language and her demeanor are just disgusting. Her energy to me is just disgusting, using the 'F' word, and the gay swear is disgusting to me. That really showed me her character, and after I saw that and heard that she had said that, I just had no interest in ever getting to know her.”

The two women really went at it during the reunion and Zolciak is still especially angry about Hampton bringing up her husband Kroy Biermann’s finances and the possibility they traded in her former engagement ring from “Big Poppa” to help pay for the one Biermann gave her.

“Just appalling to insult my family and it really ticked me off,” she said. “But I kept saying to myself, ‘I’m pregnant, calm down, don’t get aggravated, she doesn’t know me, doesn’t know anything about me.’ It seemed very rehearsed to me."

“She’s just trying to create drama so she can hold a peach, which will never happen,” Zolciak added.
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Teresa Giudice Publicly Apologizes To Fellow NJ Housewives, But Caroline Manzo Rejects It
As she watched the April 22 premiere of The Real Housewives of New Jersey, Teresa Giudice longed to turn back the hands of time. Here were the women she was once closest to — now all discussing how much they can’t stand her. “Things have gotten out of hand,” Teresa admits to In Touch. “I want to accept responsibility for the things I did wrong. I’m truly sorry.”

Teresa’s tearful olive branch stems from an epiphany she had while playing for a charity on Celebrity Apprentice. “All of this drama seemed insignificant after I was exposed to people with real problems.” And so, in an attempt to bury the hatchet, Teresa, 39, has written open letters to Jacqueline, Melissa, Kathy and Caroline. “I wish I could take it all back and start over,” she confesses.

In her open letter to Jacqueline, Teresa writes, "Dear Jacqueline, I wish we could have resolved things sooner because I’m sincerely sorry for upsetting you — and I’m sorry I didn’t respond to your apology on Twitter. I feel like things have gotten out of hand, which is sad. I miss our friendship. I miss being like Lucy and Ethel with you. And so I hope we can work through these problems one day, when you are ready. Teresa xoxo"

To read all of Teresa's open letters to her former friends, pick up this week's issue of In Touch
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Alexis Bellino Catches Gretchen Rossi In Another Lie
The Real Housewives of Orange County star Alexis knows how to defend herself against the other women, since they are a competitive bunch, and now it seems that they are so competitive that they are stealing each other's jobs. At least that's how Bellino feels. On the show, Bellino invited Gretchen Rossi over to see her in action at Fox Five. This was Bellino's moment to be proud. However, she was told by Gretchen that a Fox Five producer had approached her about doing her correspondent job. Of course, Bellino felt betrayed and she felt like Gretchen was trying to steal her thunder since this job is the one thing she has that the others don't.

"The minute Gretchen left my home I called my Fox Five producer to confirm if this was true, and she said it was absolutely not true," she writes in her official Bravo blog. "They were only asking Gretchen to do one segment as a co-host with me, and had no plans ever of giving Gretchen her own correspondent position." In her blog, Alexis goes on to explain how she feels weird about Gretchen and claims that Gretchen can't even be happy about her job. She just had to steal Alexis' thunder to make herself feel better.

Bellino claims that this isn't the first time her The Real Housewives of Orange County star has taken something away from her. "I have had similar things happen where I have been asked to host an appearance and I had to say no because I was already booked, then Gretchen would end up doing it and I never once felt I should call her and tell her that," she writes. In other words, Bellino feels Gretchen constantly slaps her in the face. In her blog, she is questioning whether Gretchen was a good friend and she believes that things will just get worse between them.

Since both of them are feisty blondes who know what they want, it is hard for them to work things out. It seems that the stubborn attitudes are getting in the way.
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Kelly Bensimon Talks New Book 'I Can Make You Hot! The Supermodel Diet!'
Kelly Bensimon's quirky lifestyle and penchant for drama made made quite a splash when she joined The Real Housewives of New York City in season two. But as she adjusted to life under the microscope, the "Real Kelly" emerged and fans got a taste of her aspirational lifestyle. 

In fact, fans became so enamored with the leggy 43 year old, that she was constantly inundated with requests to detail how she leads her best life, ever. That inspired Bensimon to write a new book titled, I Can Make You Hot. But the tome is more than its title would suggest, as she revealed during an interview with ETOnline. 

ETOnline: What inspired this book? 
Kelly Bensimon: When I was on Housewives, a lot of the fans were always asking me about my diet, my health, my fitness, what I was wearing, my style, who does my hair, how I raise my kids – every aspect of my life was very, very interesting to them. So I decided to write this book and answer all these questions. 

ETOnline: But it's more than that, right? 
Bensimon: Yes, Hot is an acronym for Healthy Options Today. I knew that if I wrote a book titled I Can Make You Hot it would get people's attention and then I'd be able to tell them these lessons I've learned. It's all of my mistakes and the different emotional experiences that led to all my crazy yo-yo dieting – but it's also filled with amazing experts giving you incredible tips on hair and beauty and fitness and diet. It's not just about the mistakes, it's also the expert solutions. 

ETOnline: What's the number one lesson? 
Bensimon: Take care of yourself first. Treat your body like you would a Ferrari – you want to purr, you don't want your engine to stop and start. Since having children I've made a concerted effort to live a healthy lifestyle. I don't want to miss out on my kids life. I don't want to be that mom who hasn't eaten since yesterday to look a certain way and therefore can't focus or play.

ETOnline: Is there a chapter on jellybeans?
Bensimon: There is a chapter on how you can eat candy -- it's not the devil. I'm really excited too because this diet is so exciting – it's got all these great tips about really taking care of yourself, but on Sunday Funday, why not have a handful of jellybeans or try one of the amazing desert and drink recipes? I have these fun jellybean and gummy-bear martinis which are made with Hypnotiq, they are going to be so incredibly delicious.

ETOnline: Are you producing the liquor?
Bensimon: Oh no, we don't produce drinks, we have fun making recipes. I'm not in the alcohol producing business, I'm in the drinking alcohol business. I'm in the enjoying life business.

ETOnline: As a result of Housewives, you've amassed lots of fans. Is it odd to have strangers want to know such personal details about your life?
Bensimon: It's super flattering. Before Housewives, I wasn't really in the spotlight. I was a working mom, so it was totally different when I became this single parent having to go out there on my own. Housewives was my first real job after being divorced, so I was a little hesitant about the new position in my life. I think it would be daunting to anybody in the same position.

ETOnline: Do you have fond memories of your Housewives experience?
Bensimon: It was an incredible platform. I wouldn't have been able to write this book if it wasn't for Housewives. For me, it was an environment where I was with six women in these intense situations. I wasn't used to that. It was interesting to see how they navigated through life, so I always felt like the observer -- waiting for them to tell me what to do [laughs].

ETOnline: Will you watch the new season?
Bensimon: I'll watch it. Even when I was on the show, I never felt like a real participant. That wasn't my role on the show. I wasn't the main character. My role was to come, instigate some drama and go home. No hard feelings – I had a great time.
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Kim Zolciak On Fran Drescher's Talk Show

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David Foster's New Wife Yolanda Hadid Joins The Real Housewives of Beverly Hills Cast?!?
David Foster's new wife, Yolanda Hadid, has officially joined the cast of the Bravo hit television series, The Real Housewives of Beverly Hills, has exclusively learned.

As we previously reported, Camille Grammer decided to quit the show because Bravo executives didn't want her to be a part of the main cast anymore, and she would have been relegated to guest appearances. Bravo executives also had wanted Camille to appear on camera with her boyfriend and children, but she refused.

Hadid, a stunning blonde Dutch model, is the fourth wife of the legendary music producer and has already begun filming with her fellow housewives. Hadid is fitting right in, and she’s known Lisa Vanderpump for years.

"What most people don't realize is that Yolanda was married to Lisa's very good friend, Mohamed Hadid. Mohamed has appeared several times on the show, including during the last season when he threw an over the top engagement party for Lisa's daughter, Pandora. Yolanda is going to make an excellent addition to the cast and she can definitely hold her ground if the claws come out; she is no shrinking violet," a show insider tells Radar.

Filming recently began on the third season which is expected to premiere in the fall. "Filming began last week on the third season with Kyle Richards. She has a lot going on in her life right now, including helping her sister and fellow cast member, Kim Richards, navigate the sometimes rocky road of sobriety," a source told Radar.

"Kim's sobriety and recovery are going to be a focal point of her story line. The ladies haven't all filmed together yet, but are expected to begin that next week. Kyle has been lamenting that she is really going to miss Camille because she added much needed class to the show."

The insider went on to reveal, "The ladies are also extremely concerned about Taylor's drinking problem. It has really gotten out of control, and they all believe she is an alcoholic in need of help. Taylor needs to go to rehab and the producers have talked to Kyle and Kim about how best to approach her drinking problem, because Kim's battle with the bottle was documented on the air. There has been talk of doing an on-camera intervention for Taylor."

Taylor's husband, Russell Armstrong, committed suicide last August amid serious financial troubles and relationship woes. His death came just weeks after Taylor filed for divorce and was featured as a central story line of the second season of the reality franchise.

"Producers also want to lighten things up for the upcoming season. There was so much sadness in the last season because of the suicide and Kim's drinking problem," the source tells Radar.

"Viewers want to live vicariously through the ladies and not see so much doom and gloom and Yolanda will definitely be shaking things up, for the better!"
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Bethenny Frankel Covers Self May 2012, Discusses New Novel 'Skinnydipping'
She's built a mini-empire thanks to her ultra-popular Skinnygirl brand, and Bethenny Frankel was chosen to adorn the cover of the May 2012 issue of Self magazine. 

 The 41-year-old Bravo reality star donned a springtime appropriate Sonia by Sonia Rykiel dress with Kirna ZabĂȘte earrings and Jimmy Choo shoes for the Robert Erdmann shot spread while opening up about everything from when she's the happiest to finding her sex sweet spot.

Highlights from Miss Frankel's interview are as follows. For more, be sure to pay a visit to Self!

On the importance of eating well:
"I used to starve, then binge, and I was 25 pounds heavier. I tried every diet from Beverly Hills to South Beach. Any diet that says to limit eating watermelon but processed protein bars are good means we've become stupid. Now I eat what I crave and make sure I'm having a balanced variety."

On when she's the most content:
"I'm happiest when it's just us, like when I'm on the floor with Jason and the baby, making a tent with blankets. Right now, I'm looking for some peace. I'm not really sure what I'm doing anymore with reality TV. I experienced a miscarriage on TV. I didn't need that."

On keeping the romance alive with husband Jason Hoppy:
"I've gotten home to a note saying, 'Come to the bathroom,' and he has a bubble bath going."

On realizing there is no perfect:
"I'm confident because I know there is no 'right' way of doing things. So I stay in my own lane and do what I do. The more you see that your ideas work, the stronger you'll feel."

On finding a sex sweet spot:
"Like Nike says, Just Do It! Figure out the pattern that works for both of you. I'm tired at night, but I'm in a 'place of yes' in the morning if I wake up before Bryn does. Jason loves it anytime, any way he can get it, so he's happy whenever."
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Teresa Giudice Is in "Serious Denial About Life," Says Brother Joe Gorga
So much for a fun summer at the Jersey shore.

Real Housewives of New Jersey premiered its fourth season Sunday, and while the cast attempted to put the Teresa Giudice-centric drama behind them, the reality star couldn't help but get herself into even more hot water.
Trekking to the shore with her family, Giudice was quickly confronted by her brother, Joe Gorga, after she supposedly trashed his wife, Melissa, by telling pals that if a "richer man" came along, she'd leave him.

"You're supposed to encourage my marriage, not break it down," Gorga told his sister during an emotional confrontation on the beach, that took place as their children -- and Giudice's husband Joe -- stood nearby.
The conversation turned ugly when Giudice brought up the fact that Gorga failed to check in on her and his four nieces when Joe Giudice went to jail shortly before their vacation. When Gorga argued that he had good reason to be wary -- he lent the couple $25,000 with little thanks -- Giudice continued to get defensive.

"Teresa is in serious denial about life. Life is not perfect. We all have issues," said Gorga in a voiceover. "If you don't have issues, you're not human, so be real and I'll be real with you."
Gorga wasn't the only one to feel Giudice's wrath on Sunday's premiere. Early on in the episode, Giudice pulled aside Caroline Manzo and tried to apologize for the nasty remarks she made about Manzo in her cookbook, including a crack about how Manzo was "as Italian as the Olive Garden."

"I think you misread it because if you really read it good you'd realize I didn't insult you," Giudice claimed.
"Teresa took advantage of my friendship and loyalty," Manzo countered in a voiceover after she agreed to simply "co-exist" with Giudice. "In some crazy way, I think she's afraid of me."

Though she stayed relatively mum on the matter, fellow Housewife Jacqueline Laurita remained firmly on Team Caroline.

Said Laurita: "Teresa can't use the Giudice mind trick on Caroline."
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Kyle Richards: Real Housewives Is "Weird" Without Camille Grammer
Kyle Richards and Camille Grammer have no doubt been at odds on The Real Housewives of Beverly Hills, but Richards says departing cast member Grammer will leave a void in the Bravo series that will be tough to fill.

"It is very weird to me," Richards told Us Weekly at Saturday's GLAAD Media Awards in Los Angeles of the Housewives atmosphere in the wake of Grammer's decision to leave the show after two seasons.
"We all started out together. We've been through so much together and we're all very bonded," Richards explains of the cast, which also includes Taylor Armstrong, Adrienne Maloof, Lisa VanderPump and Kyle's sister Kim Richards.

Although she and Grammer frequently had words -- Grammer famously declared Richards a "bully" during the season 1 reunion -- Richards says it'll be hard to get used to filming without her costar.

"Even if we have our moments and we want to strangle each other at times, it feels weird," Richards reasoned. "I'm not a good person with change -- I don't like change."
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A Retrospective on Sheree Whitfield
It’s with great sadness that I announce that tonight is Sheree Whitfiled‘s last appearance on Real Housewives of Atlanta.
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Teresa Giudice Cooks Up Trouble On Season 4 Premiere Of Real Housewives of New Jersey
The Real Housewives of New Jersey ended its third season with a moment of calm, as 'Teresa posed for a family portrait alongside her brother Joe Gorga and his wife Melissa.

That was then, and this is now: On Sunday's season 4 premiere, Teresa is in hot water with her costars.

"I believe that she's living a rough life with her husband, she's unhappy and misery loves company," her brother Joe Gorga said. He was referring to the unflattering things Teresa wrote in her cookbook, including questioning Caroline's method of making meatballs, calling her one-sixteenth Italian and criticizing her son Chris's idea for a stripper-run car wash.

"Caroline was very hurt because she's really supported Teresa and she's been there for her through everything," Jacqueline says in the episode.

"She's not going to take any responsibility. She's going to make up excuses, and quite frankly I'm not in the mood," Caroline says about seeing Teresa for the first time since finding out about the book. "I don't want to talk about it. I'm glad I could help you sell cookbooks – what do you want me to say? Little thing called loyalty is clearly lacking."

Later, she adds, "I believe that Teresa took advantage of my loyalty, of my friendship."  

But Caroline and her family weren't the only targets: Teresa also wrote about Kathy Wakile and Melissa, saying that her sister-in-law was a copycat.

"You have to consider the same way ... I'm hurt, don't you think maybe Melissa and Kathy are hurt?" Caroline says.

Teresa's reply: "If the shoe fits, then wear it."

At the same time, Teresa's brother Joe is under the impression she's gossiping about his wife. He tells Melissa that Teresa said, "If a richer guy came along, your wife would leave you and go with him."

"Making a statement like that to a man about his wife is playing with fire," Melissa says.

Apart from cooking up drama among the cast, Teresa's husband Joe Giudice may go to jail for fake ID charges. "I've had a tough year with my husband getting arrested, and all the tabloids are out there saying we're going to get divorced, that Joe is cheating on me," she says.

"Teresa is in serious denial about life. Life is not perfect," her brother Joe Gorga says. "We all have our issues. If you don't have issues, you're not human. Be real, and I'll be real with you."
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Sunday, April 22, 2012

Vicki Gunvalson and Alexis Bellino Claim Their Friendship Is Legit
This season of Real Housewives of Orange County has been the equivalent of friendships in a blender, as the ladies have swapped buddies, traded aliases, and gotten us all mixed up with the flavors! First, Tamra Barney and Gretchen Rossi became BFFLs, bonding over blowjob helpers and bad dye jobs.
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Ashlee Holmes Dishes On 'The Real Housewives of New Jersey', The Songs On Her iPod, And Her Personal Style

Jacqueline can stay in denial all she wants, but the road this selfish brat is heading down seems nightmarish at the end.

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Kim Zolciak: “NeNe Has Never Owned a Home in Her Life”
During the first part of the Season 4 reunion of The Real Housewives of Atlanta, many people felt that the housewives were ganging up on NeNe Leakes, but Ms. Leakes certainly held her own, and went after her former friend, Kim Zolciak.

Kim addressed some of NeNe’s accusations in her latest blog for, and she was not happy.

Kim writes, “NeNe went off because, ‘We don't involve kids,’ but she has tweeted about my children before.”

As we previously reported, NeNe has tweeted about Kim’s children before, saying that Kim has children by three different men. While we think NeNe really meant that as an attack on Kim, she does clearly mention Kim’s kids.

“I feel like there's a certain line that you can cross but children are off limits! Talk about me, talk about my friends, my finances, whatever, but never my kids,” Kim continues.
To be fair, Sheree Whitfield brought up the kids at the reunion, but like we said, NeNe has tweeted about Kim’s brood in the past.

As for NeNe’s attack on Kim’s temporarily rented dream home, Kim fires back, “NeNe has never owned a home in her life, and she wants to talk about my living situation? No ma'am!”

Kim then explained that the only reason she and Kroy rented the house was because Kroy’s contract with the Atlanta Falcons was set to expire. Luckily, Kroy re-signed with the Falcons earlier this year and Kim is now in the process of buying the home in question.

“Now that we know he [Kroy] is, we're buying!  It's called being a smart businesswoman,” Kim continued.
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Saturday, April 21, 2012

Teresa Giudice: The Real Reason I Didn’t Do Season 4 ‘RHONJ’ Promotion
Don’t believe the scurrilous reports on the Internet that there was so much bad blood between RHONJ cast member Teresa Giudice and the rest of the New Jersey Housewives, that they couldn’t even be in the same room together for promos. spoke to Teresa and got the real story.
Yes, there’s been plenty of drama between Teresa Giudice and her Real Housewives of New Jersey cast mates, Caroline Manzo, Kathy Wakile, Jacqueline Laurita and Melissa Gorga during several show seasons, BUT that’s not the reason that Teresa has been MIA from the pre-season promo work.
The truth, Teresa Giudice told exclusively, is very simple, straight forward and drama-free. “My new book, Fabulicious!: Fast & Fit, is coming out May 15 and I need to do press for it on TV shows, but you can’t get booked for the same shows within a span of three weeks,” she explained .
“I really need to go on the shows to promote my cookbook and both our RHONJ network, Bravo and the shows producers are fine with me missing the RHONJ promotions, they understand,” she added.
FYI, Teresa has NOT we repeat NOT written about any of the other New Jersey Housewives in her new cookbook, she tells us. She saw how her mention of Caroline Manzo, in her first cookbook, Fabulicious!, went over like a lead balloon.
“I wasn’t saying anything malicious about Caroline or anyone else in the cookbook, and I’m sincerely sorry that I offended Caroline. I really like her,” Teresa told us. “I was joking in my cookbook.”
In fact, Teresa says she apologized to all the New Jersey Housewives about her cookbook. “It takes a year to write a cookbook. It came out last May and relationships had soured in the interim,” she says.
“Drama,” she hopes is now in her past.
“Being on Celebrity Apprentice changed my life,” she says. “I learned that there’s more important things in life, than drama. There are children that need your help.”
Teresa met a sweet 7-year-old boy, Mathew Levine, who is suffering from a debilitating and rare kidney disease, called Focal Segmental Glomerulosclerosis (FSGS). “It broke my heart. He’s a beautiful boy, who looks healthy on the outside but very sick on the inside,” she relates. She decided to take up his cause and raised $60,000 on Celebrity Apprentice for, the only organization exclusively devoted to supporting research for FSGS.
“All the drama of the Housewives is nothing next to this. I want to raise money and awareness,” says Teresa. “Life is too short for drama.”
Now, as for what Teresa wants to do in the fifth season of RHONJ – it’s all about “working on resolution with my friends and family.” In the meantime, season four of the Real Housewives of New Jersey kicks off this coming Sunday, April 22 at 10 p.m.
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Lisa Vanderpump, Kyle Hilton and Adrienne Maloof Film Segments of 3rd Season Of 'Real Housewives of Beverly Hills'
The Real Housewives of Beverly Hills may be currently off the screen, but its star Lisa Vanderpump certainly knows how to stand out in public. The 51-year-old cut a striking figure in a clinging fuchsia pink dress and matching designer bag as she stepped out in Beverly Hills yesterday. Only her nude shoes did not match her chosen bright hue as she headed towards a nail salon in the city.
The star looked in good spirits behind a pair of mirrored aviator sunglasses, and later relaxed as she indulged in a mani-pedi. Lisa recently announced she would be taking part in her own spin-off show called Sur, which will follow behind the scenes action at the self titled Hollywood restaurant and lounge. 'It is an exciting time for a new venture and I am thrilled to continue my working relationship with Bravo,' she said in a statement.
Lisa has also been busy filming the third season of Real Housewives, which airs on U.S. network Bravo. However, she will not be appearing alongside star Camille Grammer who last month announced she was quitting the show. 'I can't say too much at this moment, but we couldn't get it worked out,' the mother of two recently explained to Us Weekly.
'I love these girls. I really do,' she said of co-stars Kim and Kyle Richards, Taylor Armstrong, Lisa and Adrienne Maloof. 'I've had so much fun with the franchise, but I guess the producers and I couldn't come to an agreement.'
Lisa's cast mates Kyle and Adrienne were busy filming segments for the next series, hitting a children's clothing store in the Hollywood Hills yesterday. Kyle looked casual in wide-legged white trousers and a floaty patterned shirt as she brought daughter Portia and two of their dogs along for the outing.
Adrienne, however, looked a little more businesslike in a dark blue blazer and striped shirt. At one point, Kyle showed what a multi-tasker she is by chatting on the phone while watching her daughter and their pets.
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Friday, April 20, 2012

Caroline Manzo Talks Rifts With Teresa Giudice, Sister Dina Manzo
Since Bravo shot the third and fourth seasons of The Real Housewives of New Jersey back-to-back, it basically picks up where the last season left off when the series returns on Sunday. For original cast member Caroline Manzo, that means revisiting some difficult shifts in her relations
hips at the time.

Most prominently on the next season, her relationship with Teresa Giudice is vastly different than the days when they had the common foe of Danielle Staub. But now, many fans wonder if Giudice has stepped into the role Danielle left behind, and the other women are ganging up on her. Manzo doesn’t take kindly to the accusation.

“Listen, I have no patience for that to be quite honest with you,” she tells The Hollywood Reporter. “I am a fiercely moral person. I like to think that I am a good person and I don't gang up on anybody.”

“There is only so many times where you can get slapped in the face and not answer it,” she continues. “I am merely answering a multitude of situations and even in my answer, I am very clipped and I am very short and I have been accused of being very cold. Well, it is black and white. It is not gray.”

Manzo says she has ignored things that bothered her about Giudice in the past. But when her cookbook came out and she saw that her cast mate not only mocked her Italian heritage but also writes about her kids, that was the moment it all made sense to her.

“You hear so many things and there's so much hearsay and so many stories and remarks, but you kind of brushed them under the rug,” she says. “But when something is in black and white, there's no denying that. To me that was just validation of all the things that I had been hearing up until that point. So, it wasn't about what she said [in the cookbook], it was about that was my aha moment, if you will.”

Giudice isn’t the only person Manzo has fallen out with from the show and definitely not the most painful relationship to have fallen apart since its first season. Currently, she’s estranged from her sister and former cast mate Dina Manzo, who makes an appearance on the upcoming season.

“There are no scenes with me and Dina,” Manzo tells THR. “It is a very painful thing for me and not only me but the rest of my siblings, those that don't talk to her, my kids and nieces and nephew, so I am not alone here. But again, I will say that I remember the day that my mother told me that she was pregnant with Dina. I decorated Dina's cradle. I took her to school. When she was divorced, she lived with me for years. She is my baby sister. I don't know what she filmed and I don't know what was said in that scene and I don't care to know."

Last season, Dina sided with Giudice in the feud with her sister and the other women. So, there’s definitely a chance that she won’t have kind things to say about her sister. But, Manzo says she’s willing to take whatever Dina dishes out.

“It is just something that is going on in our lives right now and she has to go through what she is going through, whatever it is,” she says. “And again if I have to take the beating in the court of public opinion, I will. It's fine. That is my baby sister. I will not hit back.” The fourth season of The Real Housewives of New Jersey premieres Sunday at 10 p.m. on Bravo.  
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Real Reason Sheree Whitfield Is Leaving Atlanta Housewives: Fired For Being A Diva And Being Jealous Of Kim And Nene
After weeks of speculation, news broke Wednesday that Sheree Whitfield will be parting ways with the Real Housewives of Atlanta after four seasons.

The reality star told that she felt her time on the Bravo series had run its time and so she had chosen to leave — but can exclusively report, that Sheree was actually fired — for being a diva!

“After four solid seasons of helping Bravo build the show into its most successful Housewives franchise, I have decided to leave. The direction the show is going in is no longer a fit for my lifestyle. I’m tired of the fighting and the cattiness,” Sheree told

“I want to be part of something that empowers and inspires women to not only be healthy, but to treat themselves with respect. I wish the rest of the women the best of luck. I’m thrilled to say I’m now a free agent and am already fielding offers.”

However, our source tells a very different story, one not so favorable to the Southern born socialite.

"Sheree was fired," the source says. "She was demanding more money and that didn't go over well with show executives. They are tired of dealing with her diva attitude and demands."

The 42-year-old single mother of three was often captured on TV during her rigorous daily fitness regimen, arguing with her ex husband over child support and debuting her She By Sheree clothing line – all of which the show's producers found less than exciting for primetime.

"Executives think she's just boring and they want someone new on the show," the source says.
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Thursday, April 19, 2012

Marysol Patton Threatens To Quit RHOM After Drama At A Fashion Show
Last season Real Housewives of Miami was widely panned for being completely boring. Bravo apparently heeded the advice of viewers and decided to spice things up to jalapeno levels! After firing two castmembers and reportedly signing on Joanna Krupa, Karent Sierra, and Lisa Hochstein – things are getting crazy down in Miami. So much so that the CBS Miami reports there was quite the altercation at a recent fashion show!

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Wednesday, April 18, 2012

Sheree Whitfield: "Yes, I’m Leaving The Real Housewives of Atlanta!"
After weeks of speculation, Sheree Whitfield is exclusively confirming to Wetpaint Entertainment that yes, she is leaving The Real Housewives of Atlanta. After four seasons on the show, Sheree says her time on the Bravo series has run its course.

“After four solid seasons of helping Bravo build the show into its most successful Housewives franchise, I have decided to leave. The direction the show is going in is no longer a fit for my lifestyle. I’m tired of the fighting and the cattiness.”

“I want to be part of something that empowers and inspires women to not only be healthy, but to treat themselves with respect. I wish the rest of the women the best of luck. I’m thrilled to say I’m now a free agent and am already fielding offers.”

Sheree will continue to focus on her clothing line, She by Sheree. She’s also embarking on a new fitness venture to inspire people to live healthier lives.

Contrary to a previously published tabloid report, Sheree was not in New York City during the Bravo Upfronts. She was with her family on vacation in Puerto Rico. The same report says she was fired the day of the Bravo Upfronts and that she refused to attend the event as a result — she denies these allegations as well.
First of all, good riddance. Secondly, it's so laughable to see Sheree Whitfield talk about leaving RHOA because of the "I’m tired of the fighting and the cattiness". Something she willfully participated in time and time again, whether it was attempting to pull out Kim Zolciak's hair/wig, having an ugly, hour-long screaming match with Marlo Hampton in Africa, infamously taking on her former part planner, throwing water in the face of her ex-husband in front of their kids or instigating a fight between Kandi and Kim over some alleged comments made about Kim in Africa. Third, whether it's failed ventures as a clothing line, acting career or trying to build her own mansion ("Neverland!"), Sheree Whitfield is the last person who should be trying to help women empower themselves. Lastly, "I’m now a free agent and am already fielding offers".....puh-leeze!!!

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Joe Gorga Thinks Sister Teresa Giudice Is Fake
Since Joe Gorga and his wife Melissa Gorga joined The Real Housewives of New Jersey last season, Joe’s relationship with his sister Teresa Giudice has suffered.

The siblings — who were close growing up — spent the majority of last season not talking.

Despite a seemingly carefree trip to Mexico during Season 4, a source tells Reality Tea that Joe isn’t buying his sister’s constantly upbeat attitude. “Teresa isn’t as happy as she looks — or tells the media,” says the source.
“She wants to try and fool everyone as if her life if perfect and she has no money problems, etc,” the source continues. However, loyal RHoNJ viewers know that Teresa and Joe have had their share of financial problems in the past.

While Joe has reportedly helped Teresa out before, she’s now refusing to turn to her brother for help because of Melissa.

The source explains, “She is so competitive with Melissa that she can’t DARE lean on her brother and admit she has problems.”
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Tuesday, April 17, 2012

Taylor Armstrong's Friends Concerned About Her Drinking, Urging Her To Go To Rehab
The Real Housewives of Beverly Hills star Taylor Armstrong's friends are growing increasingly concerned about her drinking and are urging the blonde beauty to go to rehab, is exclusively reporting.

As previously reported, Armstrong is back for season three but Bravo is looking to gradually start phasing her out of the hit show. After reading the story on Friday, a distraught Taylor called the honchos at Bravo to check it out, and wasn't reassured by what she heard.

The producers of the Beverly Hills Housewives franchise plan on addressing Taylor's excessive drinking in the upcoming season which began shooting last week.

"Taylor has been relying on alcohol to cope with the suicide of her husband, Russell, and the stress of raising a child as a single mother. Viewers got a glimpse of her drinking last season on the show when she had an epic meltdown at Camille [Grammer's] Aspen mansion. Taylor got so intoxicated that she climbed into her suitcase. It was very scary for all of the ladies to witness," a source close to the cast told

"And that was before Russell killed himself. The fellow Housewives feel that Taylor needs to go to rehab to learn how to cope with the pressures of life without alcohol or any other substances. Taylor is in denial that she has a problem with booze. One of the reasons is why is because she is a paid spokesperson for Ciroc vodka. She earns about $100 thousand a year from that endorsement deal, and she is afraid that if she goes to rehab they will drop her."

Even though Armstrong is coming back for the upcoming season, it will be in a much more limited capacity.

"Producers reluctantly decided to sign Taylor for the next season and a lot of their decision was based purely on the fact that they felt bad just dumping her after all she went through last year," another source close to the production told

"Producers don't feel she's particularly a sympathetic character and that she lost a lot of people's respect by bringing out a book about the physical abuse she suffered at the hands of her late husband Russell Armstrong following his death, and that she basically cashed in on his suicide.

"Everyone's concerned that without the marriage drama she's just going to come across as dull. It's unlikely that she's going to be able to start publicly dating again so soon after Russell's death and with her money troubles she's unlikely to be leading any kind of aspirational lifestyle, so she's basically not really going to have any interesting hook," the source said.

Russell Armstrong committed suicide last August amid serious financial troubles and relationship woes. His death came just weeks after Taylor filed for divorce from her husband of six years.

Taylor subsequently released a memoir titled, Hiding from Reality: My Story of Love, Loss, and Finding the Courage Within, accusing Russell of shocking physical and verbal abuse throughout their relationship.
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Monday, April 16, 2012

LuAnn de Lesseps’s Boyfriend Jacques Azoulay Talks Wedding and Baby Plans; Is a Spin-Off in Their Future?
While watching his girlfriend — sorry, his petite amie — LuAnn de Lesseps work the carpet in a black catsuit with a plunging neckline at the Bravo Upfront event in NYC last week, Jacques Azoulay was beaming with pride, and we couldn’t resist asking him a few of our burning questions about the red-hot Real Housewives of New York couple.

Ever the good sport, Jacques filled us on their possible wedding and baby plans!

Wetpaint Entertainment: We have to ask, how many times a day do you get told you look like David Schwimmer [Ross from Friends]?

Jacques: (Laughs) It’s not a new thing. I’ve heard that for years. It’s very flattering. He’s a good actor!

So you and LuAnn, you’re talking marriage these days?


Would you ever get married on TV? Either on Real Housewives of New York or on your own wedding special?

Maybe. We’ve discussed, but I’m not definite about it. Maybe. Why not?

What about kids?

Oh yes, yes. I love kids.

What’s it like to be with a woman like LuAnn, who lives her life on TV?

It’s fun. She is who she is first. The rest, it’s circumstances. But we enjoy it, we do.
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'Real Housewives of Atlanta' Reunion Was all About NeNe's Benjamins
It couldn’t be clearer that The Real Housewives of Atlanta have morphed into a set of women whose only real connection is that they’re on the same show. The cast members barely feel like acquaintances these days, let alone people who should be part of the same social circle. In fact, this season seemed as if it was an endless stream of events, parties and other celebrations to get these women to interact with each other – cough, Africa trip.

On the reunion, conversation was less about trying to iron out their relationship wrinkles than it was about disproving each other’s financial claims. And the most focus was on NeNe Leakes’ declaration of wealth.

“I’m rich” was NeNe’s constant mantra this past season and defined the way she acted toward the women during the reunion. She may not admit it, but there’s clearly an air of arrogance about her in the post-Celebrity Apprentice and Glee world that she’s living in. And while she may deny that money has changed her, there is a disconnect between the woman who proudly admits she was a stripper in her 20s and then can’t stomach being in the same room with Kandi Burruss’ new sex toy line.

Kim Zolciak made a couple good points in regard to NeNe’s wealth. First, rich people don’t have to continually say they’re rich. And second, Kandi is probably the wealthiest of the bunch with her song royalties, clothing shop, Kandi Koated Nights talk franchise and the ability to translate her idea of a sex toy line into actual products.

Sheree Whitfield was also able to get NeNe to change her tune about “cashing Trump checks” when she brought up that Piers Morgan, the 2008 Celebrity Apprentice champ, revealed that he was paid about $25,000 to appear on the show. Even if NeNe was paid double that for appearing on the show, that isn’t exactly grounds for calling oneself rich.
Nene Leakes being loud, rude and obnoxious is nothing new to longtime RHOA fans, so it was no surprise to see Nene just being herself last night on the first part of the reunion show. That's why to me last night was really more about Sheree Whitfield continuing to show her true colors as a serious bitch with no man, no real job or any real friends. I mean Phaedra was so on point to call Sheree out for throwing "everybody under the bus" with her lame lies, excuses and always-pointing-the-finger-at-everybody-but-herself antics. It's gotten way past tired with Sheree and her gutter act this entire season, which in my opinion, would give Bravo every right to fire her (if the rumors are true). After all, seriously at this point if Bravo did give Sheree the boot, would anybody out there miss her?

Gretchen Defends Spaceship Sarah After The Real Housewives of Orange County’s Bowling for Champs Party
“Friend of the Housewives” Sarah Winchester’s appearance on Real Housewives of Orange County was awkward at best, but there was some good that came out of it: With someone else around to take the spotlight, all the other ladies managed to stay out of the drama-vacuum!

Gretchen, who invited Sarah and feuded with Vicki a few episodes back, wrote in her Bravo blog that the bowling and champs party was a “very difficult night” for her. “I was so torn between being there for my friend and also knowing that she was not letting it go when she needed to,” says Gretchen; yet she loved that so many fans wrote in saying she handled the fight with “grace” and “class” — no easy feat in this group!

“That was not my normal friend,” Gretchen writes. “I was disappointed in the way it all went down, and no matter what I did I felt like I could not win in that situation.”

But while Gretch walked away looking like a lady, Bowling for Champs hostess Heather Dubrow thinks Sarah the heiress’s abhorrent behavior deserves professional attention.

“I hope this opens Sarah's eyes to the fact that she obviously has a problem. She needs to seek professional help. If not for herself, then for the people around her,” Heather writes.

We don’t know if we’d go that far, but we do think Sarah should lay off the cocktails next time she’s invited out — if there ever is a next time!
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