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Kandi Burruss On What Really Went Down During ‘Kandi’s Ski Trip’
Pack your bags, because you’re about to go on one epic ski trip with the Burruss-Tucker families.

When two big families become one even bigger family, drama is certain to follow. When Real Housewives Of Atlanta star Kandi Burruss and her new husband, television producer Todd Tucker entered marital bliss, it was tough getting their families to follow suit. To get to the bottom of their family issues, Kandi and Todd planned a gigantic family ski getaway in Steamboat, Colorado, and brought the cameras along for the fun.

Bravo will premiere the first of three-part special, Kandi's Ski Trip, which documents the couple’s big blended family weekend in Steamboat Colorado, on Sunday, but we couldn’t wait until then to find out what happened when Kandi, Todd, and their hilarious brood holed up in the mountains and got real. Here’s the scoop on what’s to come.

ESSENCE: So, how did you decide on Colorado for the big trip?
KANDI BURRUSS: We just thought that would be a good place to go. It was on our wish list of places to try, and it just so happened to work out for the right time.

ESSENCE: Who came along for the fun?
BURRUSS: People have had the chance to see my family dynamic before, and they know it’s always a little bit extra and a lot turned up. The whole point of the trip was that Todd and I were trying to blend our families. You’ll get to see people that you’ve seen from my family before, like my mom, my aunt, and some of the people who work for me. Todd brings his brother, his uncle and his aunt too. Now that we’re married, we just want everybody to be on the same page.

ESSENCE: What really goes down on the slopes?
BURRUSS: You’re going to see two families trying to blend. Riley and Kaela, our daughters, have come a long way. You’ll get to see them getting along and having fun. You’re going to see my mom and Todd in a better place, thank the Lord. We’re trying to get [my mom] to work through things with my friend Carmen, and that’s a challenge, obviously. You’ll also see my mom’s feelings toward the people who work for me, and how she feels that they don’t really do anything and they get paid for nothing. Obviously that topic comes up and their feelings. And then my family feels like I’ve changed since I’ve been married, so that’s addressed. But I think everybody changes a little bit when they get married. I don’t know if that’s fair.

ESSENCE: So you guys are digging deep?
BURRUSS: I feel like any time you’re with your family, especially when you have the cameras around, they always seem to make you address issues that you normally kind of brush under the rug. Any time you have a big family that’s close, you’re always gonna have something. Trying to deal with things and combine the two families is very interesting. If people think it’s just us going and taking a few skiing lessons, that’s not it. It’s way more than that on this show.

ESSENCE: What have you learned about blending families?
BURRUSS: Well, I think that it definitely takes a lot of time. We had to work on our immediate blending first – our kids and the two of us. That was the first thing we needed to work on. We have family day and we do activities to try and make the girls work together, because I think when you have older kids and you try to blend them together, they’re already in their feelings, where they think, why does this have to change, or why is this that way? So, it’s harder to get the older kids to want to blend than it is a small child. You have to do a lot of family activities and do things that make it fun to work together. It takes a lot of patience, and people just want things to happen over night, but they won’t.

ESSENCE: You and Todd have had to spend more time apart. Is that still a struggle for you two?
BURRUS: Well, lately things have been a lot better. He hasn’t been out of town as much. Just like everyone else, you just have to make an effort. If you’re working too much and you get too caught up in your day-to-day, you lose focus and forget to work together and cater to each other. I think an effort has to be made on both parts.

ESSENCE: What do you love the most about the newlywed life with Todd?
BURRUSS: Spending quality time together and hanging out. We have our regular date night—we bought season tickets to the Atlanta Hawks games. It sounds simple, but it makes us have to take time out and do something together, just the two of us. Sometimes you work so much that you let things get in the way and you keep pushing things off until the next week, and the next week. [Our date night] is really quality time. We really like watching our favorite shows together. Every night we DVR our favorite shows, so we come home and we’re like, “What have we not caught up on yet?” It’s a little thing between us that we really just love. Right now we’re on Secrets and Lies real heavy, we watch Game Of Thrones and we also watch Love and Hip Hop: Atlanta.
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Melissa Gorga Allegedly Has Ties To Joe Giudice’s Alleged Mistress
Melissa Gorga and her sister-in-law and Real Housewives of New Jersey co-star Teresa Giudice engaged in what became known as Strippergate a few seasons ago on the Bravo reality show, and now, it appears Strippergate: Part 2 has begun.

According to a May 29 report by Radar Online, Melissa Gorga was once employed by the same man who Joe Giudice’s alleged mistress is currently working for. In the report, Melissa Gorga’s former boss confirmed he was close with both Gorga and Joe Giudice.
“I know the family well. They’re friends. Joe Gorga has done some work for me. He’s a good guy. [Melissa Gorga] worked for me! She worked as a bartender at one of my other venues. [Melissa Gorga] never danced. She was just a bartender.”
Melissa Gorga was accused of being a stripper during a 2012 episode of The Real Housewives of New Jersey, but later revealed she simply worked behind the bar at the club. Still, the issue made for quite the dramatic story line on the show, and the tension between her and her co-stars in regard to the issue lasted several episodes.

As the Inquisitr previously reported, Melissa Gorga has stayed fairly quiet in regard to Teresa’s current incarceration, speaking out about her sister-in-law only a few times. One of those times was during an appearance on Patti Stanger’s podcast, via Bravo’s The Daily Dish.

“She’s doing well. Everything is great—I wouldn’t say great, but you know what I’m saying. She’s doing as well as she could be,” Melissa Gorga explained at the time.
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Saturday, May 30, 2015

Dorinda Medley Attacks Kristen Taekman For ‘Shimmying’ With Her Boyfriend
Can the RHONY women ever find a good man? As Ramona Singer recovers from her divorce from cheating hubby Mario, Dorinda Medley is now the one in the hot seat thanks to her boyfriend John Mahdessian‘s firtatious ways. But instead of taking him to task, Medley turns on her fellow housewives for cozying up to him in an explosive new sneak peek clip obtained by!

In a preview for the upcoming episode of Real Housewives of New York City, what was supposed to be a delightful weekend in the Berkshires to celebrate Medley’s birthday, quickly turns into a screaming fest as Medley targets Kristen Taekman for dancing with Mahdessian at a recent party.

“You were with him as well, Kristen!” Medley screams at Taekman. “You were right up there shimmying with him.”

“I was embarrassed for you, and I was embarrassed for myself,” she says to her stunned costar. “Don’t do that s***!”

Medley and Taekman aren’t the only ones fighting in the group, however. Ramona Singer and Countess LuAnn de Lesseps are clearly still at odds and in one revealing scene, she decides to turn to Radar to find ammunition against her frenemy!

With Carole Radziwill by her side, de Lesseps pores over Radar, transfixed by a juicy story about about Singer’s jaded love life.

“Awkward love triangle!” de Lesseps reads from Radar’s article. “Ramona Singer’s new man also locked lips with Mario’s mistress.”
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Psychic Jackie Gillies Makes $756/Hour
Real Housewives of Melbourne star Jackie Gillies is a professional psychic. She’s been predicting the future of others and herself for years now. In fact, she tells the story of how last year, while watching one of the American Real Housewives shows, she turned to her husband (rock star Ben Gillies) and said, “I’m going to be on a show like this” and voilà.

Jackie makes serious dough as a psychic medium. She charges AU$495 or US$378 for a 30-minute session -- but that doesn’t keep the ladies on the reality show (hello, Gamble Breaux) from criticizing Jackie's psychic abilities. Of course at that rate, Jackie doesn’t “give a shit what people think.” Part 2 of The Real Housewives of Melbourne reunion will air May 28 at 9pm on Bravo.
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Friday, May 29, 2015

Bethenny Frankel Now Dating Financial Advisor Peter Chalif Just Weeks After Boy-Toy Breakup
Bethenny Frankel‘s new man has been revealed!

Just weeks after kicking flame Michael Cerussi to the curb and enjoying a brief stint with Florida businessman Michael Toppel, the Skinnygirl mogul has officially picked up Peter Chalif, 41, a financial advisor for Citigroup Global Markets.

While she’s yet to officially divorce her estranged ex, Jason Hoppy, Frankel been spending time with Chalif in New York – even holding hands around the city!

With this new man on her arm, Frankel’s days of being a sugar mama could officially be over. According to reports, the executive owns a $3.7 million mansion in New Jersey that was supposedly owned by Thomas Edison‘s son at one time.

This pairing could just be a match made in heaven; not only is Chalif an East Coaster, but he is also founding member of nonprofit organization Little Kids Rock – can you say jackpot?

One insider commented on the relationship: “On the surface, Peter seems to be the perfect guy Bethenny’s always wanted. He’s rich and good looking and appears to have a good heart.”
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Kyle Richards Reveals That She Hasn't Spoken To Sister Kim Since Mexican Wedding Disaster
Kyle Richards made it clear by what she said and what she didn't say ... her sister Kim is in crisis.

We got Kyle out in Bev Hills Wednesday, and she opened up and said she hasn't spoken with Kim since Kim's daughter tied the knot in Mexico over the weekend.

As we reported, Kim was off the rails, pissing off everyone and apparently under the influence of something. Kyle says everything's okay now, but the way she says it makes it painfully obvious ... she's protecting her sister who is way off the wagon again.

As far as we know, Kim is still MIA. She hasn't returned to rehab and the last she was seen was in Cabo.

Thursday, May 28, 2015

Bethenny Frankel Breaks Down While Talking To Carole Radziwill About Her Daughter Bryn
It's no secret Bethenny Frankel lives for her daughter Bryn, 5.

The "Real Housewives of New York" star, 44, who is still dealing with divorce proceedings between her ex Jason Hoppy, admitted that her daughter "is going through a hard time," Tuesday night on the show. 

She added that while she is busy with other things right now, she'll never get lost time back that she wants to spend with her while her daughter while she's young.

"Whatever my situation is, it's pretty f------ bad ... and I can't do it," she told fellow cast member Carole Radziwill in the clip, while breaking down crying. 

She continued: "I just don't want to miss anything with her." 

Frankel admits she's embarrassed, but the two quickly start joking about her breakdown in a furniture store and it clearly helps that Radziwill is there for the reality star. 

"Don't you guys give people wine ... while they are shopping," Frankel jokes to the staff at the store. 

The two are not close and Frankel later tells the camera, "Sometimes you will open yourself up to a stranger easier than someone you really know." 

Fake Storyline? Tamra Barney To Unveil 'Spiritual Side' For Upcoming ‘RHOC’ Season
Look out Real Housewives of Orange County fans, this season’s set to be a doozy – especially thanks to Tamra Barney!

According to In Touch, the housewife will unveil a whole new side to her life: a spiritual side. But a source close to the star tells the publication that things aren’t as they seem for Barney’s new story line.

“She says she’s found religion,” the insider shared. “But her ‘new leaf’ story line is completely fake.”

Barney, who once called costar Alexis Bellino “Jesus Jugs,” has apparently taken on new hobbies, but all for show.

“She thinks the audience is stupid and will believe whatever she says,” the source claimed. “It’s disgusting.”

Of course, Barney experienced quite the health scare this spring when her son’s fiancée developed a blood clot just one month after giving birth to The Real Housewives Of Orange County star’s first grandchild.
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Wednesday, May 27, 2015

Dorinda Medley’s Boyfriend John Mahdessian Doesn't Care What You Think About Him
The hottest new cast member of “The Real Housewives of New York” has a gut, chest hair and sweats at the mere sight of sun.

Meet John Mahdessian, owner of the Upper East Side’s high-end dry cleaner, Madame Paulette, and boyfriend of Dorinda Medley, “RHONY’s” latest unmarried addition.

Mahdessian is the show’s breakout star this year, thanks to his and Medley’s cantankerous relationship, his shameless flirting and his larger-than-life personality.

In one episode, the 49-year-old is caught grinding against Housewives Sonja Morgan and Kristen Taekman like a horny spring-breaker; in another, he’s partying it up solo, to everyone’s horror, at midtown’s Beautique.

Last week, Ramona Singer called Mahdessian “crass” and accused him of using her pal for her swank uptown pad and connections.

But the so-called “Sultan of Stains” — who grew up in Little Neck, Queens, and is now the couture cleaner of choice for everyone from Anna Wintour to Lady Gaga — is unfazed by the attention, good and bad.

“It really doesn’t do anything for me because when I go to the Met Gala, the richest, most prominent people recognize me,” says Mahdessian, who keeps a pack of Marlboro Lights within reach.

“The higher up you go, the more I’m respected and recognized. In my own little world, being in the business for so many years and catering to the richest people, I’m used to that. It’s normal.”
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Kim Richards Under the Influence at Daughter's Wedding, Sober Coach Quits
Kim Richards melted down at her daughter's wedding over the weekend to the point her sober coach quit, her daughter isn't speaking with her anymore and those present say she was either on drugs or alcohol.

Multiple sources tell TMZ ... Kim was clearly under the influence of something, although no one seems to know what. Our sources say whatever Kim took or drank, she did so in private, but when she interacted with people at the wedding she was "a mess."

We're told Kim was saying horribly nasty things to her daughter, Brooke, right after the wedding. We're told Kim was cursing out the groom's family and was generally belligerent. The bride has vowed she won't speak with her mom again.

As for the sober coach ... we're told she couldn't control Kim and left Mexico immediately after the wedding. 

Our sources say Kim is still in Cabo and she's gone radio silent. The rehab facility gave her a pass to attend the wedding but gave her a deadline to return Monday, which she has not done. 

Tuesday, May 26, 2015

Carole Radziwill Takes Offense When LuAnn De Lesseps Takes A Dig At Her New Boyfriend
Things are going to get a little heated on the next episode of Real Housewives of New York. In an exclusive video of the coming installment of the reality TV show, LuAnn de Lesseps is a little upset over Carole Radziwill’s new boyfriend, Adam Kenworthy.

De Lesseps isn’t happy with the new relationship because Radziwill’s boyfriend just happens to be her niece’s ex-boyfriend and is over 20 years younger than Radziwill. The video, released by US Weekly, depicts de Lesseps calling out Radziwill and referring to the new relationship as a Sonja Morgan-like move.

“He’s a little young and he’s my niece’s ex-boyfriend, so what can I tell you?” de Lesseps explains after her co-stars Ramona Singer and Kristen Taekman asked her about how she felt about the whole situation. “It’s a little weird.”

Meanwhile, Radziwill is adamant that there isn’t anything unusual about her new boyfriend. “He likes me, I like him,” she stated. “It’s not much more complicated than that. We’re having a good time.”

The Real Housewives of New York star went on to talk about how hypocritical de Lesseps’ comments about dating younger men were.

“Lu lecturing me on dating younger men is like the Saudi government lecturing the world on feminism,” Radziwill stated in the video. “I love Lu, but sometimes, she can be a hypocrite of epic proportion.”
At the same time, de Lesseps is aware that she may have pushed things a little too far with Radziwill. In an interview with Andy Cohen, she addressed a particularly nasty tweet she posted about Radziwill and her new relationship in which she called Radziwill a “liar” and a “full of s**t newcomer.”

“That was mean. I felt bad about that. I was on a rant because you know my niece, and I are really tight and this has been really upsetting for me, because she was so upset,” de Lesseps stated. “It’s caused a lot of friction for me and my family personally. That’s why I was really upset but I went overboard and at this point I really just want to move on. Carole, ok? Can we move on?”

Despite the appeal by de Lesseps, Radziwill isn’t ready to accept the apology. After learning about what de Lesseps said, she tweeted, “There was no apology. Xo #rhony.” She then followed up with another note that stated: “Exactly. Covering up her own bad behavior. Wait & see…#getsfun #turksandcaicos.”
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Gretchen Rossi Shakes Off Her Haters With Taylor Swift Lip Sync
This Housewife knows they're gonna hate, hate, hate! Real Housewives of Orange County alum Gretchen Rossi took a page from Taylor Swift's playbook this weekend, and shared a new video of herself responding to her haters to the tune of "Shake It Off."

"This is how I feel towards all the haters that love to tear me down......" Rossi, 36, wrote on her Facebook page on May 23, alongside a webcam video of herself in lingerie.

"I work hard everyday to make my dreams happen! If you don't like it then click unfollow, I'm not mad at you, but if you want to spread negativity get off my page because my page is about spreading kindness, supporting and uplifting others especially other hard working entrepreneurs like myself.......So for all the haters out there you can suck it! .......If you don't like your life change it, don't come trying to knock someone down for working hard to connect with her audience and creating a space where she can share her life, her business, and what's important to me. Now this is me shaking it off!"

Indeed, the video features Rossi rocking out to the 1989 hitmaker's first single from her smash latest album. The former Housewife grasps a comb and uses it as a microphone as she repeatedly mimics Swift's "Shake It Off" dance moves in the comfort of her own home. "#‎thankyouIamdonenow #‎Idontlikejerksfornoreason #‎Makingfunofthestupidity #‎yesimadorkbutidontcare #‎shakeitoff @taylorswift #‎spreadlovenothate," the former Bravo star concluded in her post.
The clip has garnered nearly 290,000 views since it was posted on Saturday. During her multi-season stint on The Real Housewives of Orange County, Rossi was accustomed to shaking off her many haters, including her former costar and on-screen enemy Tamra Barney. 
Rossi was fired from the Housewives franchise in fall 2013, but the future Mrs. Slade Smiley told Us Weekly this past month at the Josh Duhamel Relief Run For Nepal benefit in Santa Monica, Calif., that she has been keeping busy with wedding planning.

"We keep changing the date like 28 times. It’s so bad," Rossi told Us of pushing back plans. "You know what, honestly, every single time we start planning and thinking that we’re going to make it happen, something comes up or somebody can’t make it in the family or just something... It's so funny because at this point, I'm like, screw it. We're just going to like go elope. Because like every time we have a plan or have something, it always is like getting messed up. And we feel like we've been married because we've been together for six years. So eventually, one day, we'll get married [laughs]."

In the meantime, the two have been enjoying each other's company since their controversial romance panned out on the series. "The couple that plays together, stays together," Rossi joked with Us. "We love just working out and taking care of ourselves. So it's fun that we both enjoy it. And he got me a road bike just recently, and so we're out riding road bikes now. And I'm kicking his butt."

Monday, May 25, 2015

Kim Richards Leaves Rehab to Attend Daughter Brooke's Cabo Wedding
Kim Richards was front and center for her daughter's wedding Saturday in Cabo, but it's just a night out before returning to rehab.

Kim's daughter Brooke married Thayer Wiederhorn, the heir to the Fatburger fortune ... yeah, we were surprised too that he was skinny.

The pictures tell a fairly compelling story ... the family seems tight.  Kyle Richards -- who has had issues with Kim in the past -- was right there, along with her daughters and hubby Maurcio Umansky.  You'll recall, Kyle's daughter Alexia was badly bitten by Kim's pit bull.

Paris was there, along with most of the other Hiltons.

The entertainment was impressive ... Conrad Sewell performed his huge song, "Firestone.'

Kim, who had a sober coach present, did not drink and she's returning to rehab, where she's been since shortly after her drunken night at the Beverly Hills Hotel which led to her arrest and criminal charges.

Kim Zolciak Dishes On New Season of "Don't Be Tardy..."

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Sunday, May 24, 2015

Sonja Morgan Went Home With Adrienne Maloof's Ex-Husband Paul Nassif
It's a small world, after all! Real Housewives of New York City star Sonja Morgan recently went home with Paul Nassif, the ex-husband of former Beverly Hills Housewife Adrienne Maloof, multiple sources confirm to Us Weekly.

An insider tells Us that Morgan was at NYC hot spot No. 8 with a group of her fellow Bravo stars including N.Y. veteran Countess LuAnn de Lesseps, RHOC's Shannon Beador and Vicki Gunvalson, Flipping Out's Jenni Pulos, and Nassif. According to the observer, Morgan and Nassif were "all over each other" and "extremely touchy-feely."

A second source says the two went home together after the bash, while another insider tells Us that Morgan has liked the plastic surgeon for years. The source says Morgan would make comments like, "There's just something about him."

The twist in their hookup is that Nassif was previously married to former Housewife Maloof, 53, from 2002 to 2012. While their marriage appeared to be picture-perfect in the front of the cameras, their real-life split resulted in an ugly divorce battle over custody for their three kids.

Teresa Giudice Injures Shoulder Working Out In Prison
Joe Giudice‘s cheating scandal is just the latest bit of bad luck for Teresa Giudice. has learned that The Real Housewives of New Jersey star is facing a medical crisis behind bars!

Recently, Giudice has been nursing an injury that she received while locked up, the source says.

“Teresa hurt her shoulder,” the source claims. “She is going for an MRI, X-Rays and all kinds of tests.”

While the injury may have occurred before she checked into the Danbury Federal Corrections Institute in January, the source says that Giudice’s shoulder problem has been exacerbated while she has been locked up.

“It was hurting her before she went in to prison, but she hurt it even more,” the source says. “Her injury is due to wear and tear from her working out.”

As Radar previously reported, “Teresa has been working out after every single meal.”

“She works out three times a day,” a source previously said.

But besides going to the doctor, Giudice hasn’t been offered any special accommodations to afford her relief from her pain.

“They will not give her extra padding for her bed to make her more comfortable,” the source says. “They won’t even give her an extra pillow to put under her shoulder to give her relief.”
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Saturday, May 23, 2015

Kenya Moore Upset With Bravo And Patti Stanger Over Fake Engagement Scandal
Kenya Moore is still dealing with the fallout from her messy scandal surrounding her relationship with James Freeman, her date from Bravo’s The Millionaire Matchmaker. And a source speaking to revealed that The Real Housewives of Atlanta star is now furious with both Bravo and Matchmaker host Patti Stanger over the embarrassing situation!

Moore raised eyebrows last week when she revealed that Freeman, who she appeared to still be dating, had gotten married without her knowledge just one week after their episode of Matchmaker aired. She shared the surprising news in a statement on her Instagram account, sparking a great deal of questions and doubts among her fans and followers.

Freeman’s new wife even spoke out, claiming that Moore and her husband stopped talking after a few dates, and she was shocked by Moore’s statement about Freeman. "Kenya was humiliated," the source said, adding that Moore’s embarrassment left her extremely upset with both Bravo and her friend Stanger.  

"She lashed out at both [host] Patti Stanger and Millionaire Matchmaker, threatening to sue," the source said. "She was so embarrassed and wanted someone to blame, instead of admitting that she wasn't seeing James anymore and that she had faked their engagement. But Bravo told her to chill out."

And according to the insider, Moore is now worried that the scandal and her lack of a love interest may affect her standing on RHOA. The source said Moore ”doesn't want to be kicked off her show, but she's worried about not having a story line without a guy." 
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Pettifleur Berenger To Be Slapped with Cease and Desist Letter by Reality Star Omarosa Manigault Over Very Similarly Titled Book
O.G. 'Apprentice' bitch Omarosa Manigault isn't about to let some ‘Real Housewife' from Down Under rip-off her self-help book -- and now she's taking legal action to block the "bitch." 
The ‘Apprentice’ vet served Pettifleur Berenger -- one of the "Real Housewives of Melbourne" -- with a cease-and-desist for her recent self-help book, "Switch the Bitch: My Formula to Being the Champion of Your Life, Not the Victim."

Sound familiar? Omarosa dropped her own motivational tome, "The Bitch Switch: Knowing How To Turn It On and Off" ... back in October of 2008. 

Gotta say ... Omarosa and her lawyer, Bradford M. Cohen, fired off a pretty entertaining letter. They demand a full accounting of Berenger’s book sales … which they say “should not take long” -- since it's an "absolute bore to read."
Lastly, if Berenger doesn't pull her "literary classic" off shelves immediately ... Omarosa says she will file a lawsuit seeking $150k for each violation of her copyright.

Bitches, please.

Friday, May 22, 2015

Taylor Armstrong Reveals the Heartbreaking Reasons She Got Plastic Surgery
Before Lisa Rinna brought her signature plump pout to the cast of The Real Housewives of Beverly Hills, Taylor Armstrong's outsize lips were what everybody was talking about.

Now, in an exclusive Oprah: Where Are They Now? clip, the former RHOBH star goes into the deeply sad reasons she altered her face and body through plastic surgery.

"I spent the early part of my life trying to become someone that I wasn't," she says, "and I think a lot of it has to do with the shame and the guilt and all of the things I was carrying from my past."

During her time on RHOBH, native Oklahoman Armstrong was an advocate for survivors of domestic violence, openly discussing her experiences with abuse both before and during the series.

In order to mask the pain, "I got new lips and new breasts and changed my hair, changed my name," continues Armstrong, 43. "It was anything I could do to try to become someone else." 
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Andy Cohen Admits He Didn’t Want Bethenny Frankel, Kim Zolciak & Lisa Rinna On 'Real Housewives' At First
Though she’s one of the top names with a seven-figure paycheck, Andy Cohen didn’t initially want Bethenny Frankel on the Real Housewives Of New York City.

The Bravo decision-maker, in the upcoming special What Happens Live: Bethenny Turns The Tables, admitted that the was “initially wrong” in his casting decision for the reality series.

“When I saw the first casting of New York, was reticent about you because you had been on The Apprentice,” Cohen admitted. “And I thought that that was weird at the time.

Of course, Bethenny would go on to become the face of the series, and unveil a successful marketing line and even host a short-lived talk show before making her return to the show this year.

Cohen — who has since said he feels Bethenny was “born to be” on the show — admitted, “I’ve been wrong a thousand times,” and that was a big one!

In the discussion, Cohen also admitted two more housewives who he changed his mind about: Lisa Rinna and Kim Zolciak.

Rinna, he said, “was on the first casting tape for [Real Housewives of] Beverly Hills,” but he didn’t warm up to putting her on at first, as he felt her casting would be “not what this show is” about.

He said he changed his mind last year, and the decision has been a good one, as Rinna has been a spark plug on the reality show.

As for Zolciak, who made a mark on Real Housewives Of Atlanta, he said that he “did not get” her at first, but she’s since become one of the best known players on the franchise with multiple spin-offs to brag of.
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Thursday, May 21, 2015

Kim Richards Will Attend Daughter’s Wedding Weekend Without A Sober Companion
Kim Richards is ditching her rehab team to attend her daughter, Brooke Brinson’s second wedding ceremony in Mexico this weekend. Instead of a sober companion from the facility, has learned, her ex-husband, Monty, will be on hand to guarantee she won’t fall off the wagon. But after he gave her a Vicodin earlier this year, is he really the best chaperone?

The Real Housewives of Beverly Hills star scrapped plans to take a rehab employee, an insider told Radar, “because she doesn’t want everyone talking about her having an outsider, with her in Mexico. She has decided that her ex-husband, Monty, Brooke’s father, will be responsible for making sure she doesn’t fall off the wagon.”

Still, “There will be alcohol served at the wedding reception,” the source confirmed. “Brooke has gone out of her way to tell the staff and wedding coordinator not to serve Kim any alcohol. During the wedding toast, Kim will be served a ginger ale or club soda.”

Another insider complained,”It’s so selfish of Kim to put that huge responsibility on Monty as he is battling terminal cancer. This wedding is turning into everything about Kim, and not the bride.”

What’s more, Monty might not be the best sober influence. In April, he admitted to giving Richards a Vicodin during filming for The Real Housewives of Beverly Hills. Her subsequent bizarre behavior led other cast members to question her sobriety. (Members of Alcoholics Anonymous consider taking unprescribed medication to be taboo.)

Meanwhile, Richards is already spending time outside of treatment.

On Friday, just days after she was charged with resisting arrest and battery of a police officer, the 50-year-old troubled reality star’s sister, Kathy Hilton, shared a photo of her at her daughter Brooke’s shower for her upcoming wedding to Thayer Wiederhorn.

In the caption, Hilton wrote, “With my beautiful sister and niece @kimrichards11 @brookewiederhorn so happy for you and Thayer ! Wish you both a long life together xoxo Aunt K.”

Noticeably absent from the luncheon, however, was sister Kyle. “She was in New York City for Bravo’s upfronts, but wouldn’t have attended because of the ongoing hostility with Kim,” the insider explained.
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Joyce Giraud Talks New Show "Rica, Famosa, Latina"

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Wednesday, May 20, 2015

Bethenny Frankel Claims Her Mother Tried To Commit Suicide In Front Of Her
Bethenny Frankel has made no secret of the fact that she hates her mother but she makes a shocking claim about her awful childhood in an explosive Real Housewives of New York City sneak peek.

Frankel, 44, meets up with her step-father, John Parisella, and they discuss what a terrible childhood she believes she had.

“Of all the three choices of parents that I’ve had, he wins the prize,” the Bravolebrity says in the video.

Frankel then dropped the bombshell news that may explain why she has not spoken to her mother, Berndatte Birk, in over a decade.

“We had a real nice melting pot of my mother trying to commit suicide in the kitchen in front of me,” she claims.

Now a mother of her own daughter, Bryn Hoppy, Frankel is incredulous about her experience with her mom.

“What mother would ever do that to their child?” she asks Parisella.

And he drops his own bombshell about Frankel’s mother.

“You have to understand, she never wanted a child,” he alleged.
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Amber Marchese Undergoes Partial Mastectomy in Second Cancer Battle
Real Housewives of New Jersey star Amber Marchese has successfully undergone a partial mastectomy to remove cancer from one of her breasts in her second battle with the deadly disease.

Amber had surgery yesterday to remove the new lump and surrounding tissue, E! News has learned. Since she already had a full mastectomy over five years ago during her cancer battle, her husband Jim Marchese is referring to it as a partial mastectomy.

"The surgery was close to four hours. They removed the tumor and more than 20 millimeters surrounding it," Jim tells E! News. "She was in a good deal of pain last night, but she's been resting and she's coming home today. After this, she'll have five weeks of radiation and then another surgery."

Jim adds, "She's really appreciative of everyone's thoughts and prayers. She'll be back on her feet in a few days. She's going to keep going and keep fighting."

Amber announced she was battling cancer again last month. "Truth be told, I found another mass, in the same breast as my first diagnosis, this past Friday before Easter," Amber shared with her Twitter followers. "I lifted my arms over my head, touched the side of my breast (I am not sure what made me do that) and there it was. A small pea sized, somewhat bean shaped, lump."

Shortly after, Amber told E! News, "I'm going to handle this with grace, positivity and faith. I don't know why this is happening to me, but it is. So I have to turn it into an opportunity to raise awareness. Some good has to come from this."
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Tuesday, May 19, 2015

‘RHONY’ Housewives Start To Shun Heather Thomson — ‘They’re Fed Up!’
Heather Thomson is not just a RHONY plus one: Now, has learned, some of her fellow cast members don’t even want her on the guest list! Find out why they’ve been giving her the cold shoulder. ​

The tension was clear at the NBC/Bravo up fronts even in NYC last week, according to the source.

“None of her costars were speaking to her,” at times, the source said, and most avoided taking photos with her.

Said the source, “They’re all fed up!”

Why the animosity?

“Heather doesn’t have a storyline, so she’s attacking Sonja [Morgan],” the source claimed. “She says Sonja has no brands and no business …”

Thomson relied on the same tricks last year to stir up drama, noted the insider, adding that “now the routine is old,” and she should “move on and think of something more productive.”

​​​​And since story lines are life on the reality series, the source said Thomson needs to think of a fresh new one fast, or potentially face being “on the chopping block for next season.”
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Caroline Manzo Throws Daughter Lauren a Bridal Shower
Lauren Manzo is about to put the "wife" in Real Housewives.

But before the Bravo reality star marries fiancé Vito Scalia, mom Caroline Manzo hosted a pre-wedding celebration.

"Today @carolinemmanzo threw me the most beautiful and perfect bridal shower!" Lauren, 27, captioned an Instagram of her wearing a flowing white gown Sunday.

The bride-to-be – who gained fame appearing with her mother in The Real Housewives of New Jersey – will take fans inside the festivities on an episode of her family's spin-off show, Manzo'd with Children
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Monday, May 18, 2015

Sonja Morgan On Her Drunk Atlantic City RHONY Episode: "It Happened, I Went Off the Rails"
Off the rails, indeed! Sonja Morgan has had her fair share of drunken escapades televised by Bravo, but the reality star almost hit rock bottom during last week’s Real Housewives of New York City episode — and she admits it!

“It happened, I went off the rails,” Morgan told Us Weekly at NBCUniversals’s upfront event in New York City on Thursday, May 14. “I don't know what cheap booze I was drinking…but I hadn't eaten and I think with the bad mood in the group, the way it started off, you really shouldn't drink when you're with the wrong people in the wrong mood.”

Morgan, who got seriously sloshed during Ramona Singer’s birthday weekend in Atlantic City, is referring to her costars Bethenny Frankel, LuAnn de Lesseps, Carole Radziwill, Heather Thomson, and Dorinda Medley, who bickered the entire limo drive to the hotel and then confronted her about being “delusional” when it comes to her business ventures.

During the frenzy of an episode, Morgan — who ended up being taken home from the venue by newcomer Dorinda — got upset at the dinner table when Frankel attempted to reason with her.

Morgan, who argued she is "in PR" and simply wants to help "promote people," then had a heart-to-heart with Frankel, who told her she needs to get help by speaking with a therapist and laying off the booze. 

“I’ll always be close with Bethenny, LuAnn, and Ramona. But the thing about Bethenny is I think she's worried about me because of what the girls have told her,” Morgan told Us, referring to how her castmates warned Frankel that Morgan is “delusional." “She hasn't been around the last four years because she's been busy raising Bryn and dealing with her marriage. If you listen to what the girls say, it's all lies — especially
(In case you’ve missed it, Thomson has repeatedly claimed that Morgan’s ventures are all fabrications.) 

“I don't have to lie about my castmates or knock their businesses or their hard-partying ways to be relevant and that makes me feel really secure and happy with myself—wherever I go,” the Bravo star told Us, adding that her clothing line is in full-force.
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Kandi Burruss’ Family Feud Explodes On ‘RHOA’ Spinoff Trip
Kandi Burruss is used to fighting with Mama Joyce, but now she’s being attacked by her entire family!

The Real Housewives of Atlanta star has a special three-episode spin-off with her new husband Todd Tucker and as he’s welcomed into the family Burruss’ aunts explode in anger at her.

The Bravolebrity learns that instead of NeNe Leakes or Kenya Moore causing trouble, it is her own flesh and blood that are furious with her.

“I’m mad,” her aunt tells her at a tense dinner.

“I don’t even understand what she’s talking about,” Burruss admits. “Where is this coming from?”

“I’m the oldest in here and I think I should have been considered some kind of way,” an upset aunt tells her.
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Sunday, May 17, 2015

Alexis Belino Talks What She's Doing Now and Weighs In on Season 10 of The Real Housewives of Orange County

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Alexia Echevarria Separates From Husband Herman After 15 Years of Marriage
It’s over. Real Housewives of Miami star Alexia Echevarria and her husband Herman Echevarria have decided to separate after 15 years of marriage, a source close to the Bravo star confirms exclusively to Us Weekly.

According to the insider, the Venue magazine founders have been separated for a few months now, and had been struggling with serious issues for a couple of years.

Despite their differences, the now-exes, who are currently living separately, will continue to run Venue magazine together. According to the source, Herman will remain a big presence in the lives of Alexia’s sons from her first marriage, Peter and Frankie. (Alexia was was previously married to drug felon Pedro Luis Rosello, who was sentenced to 24 years in federal prison after being part of one of the largest cocaine smuggling operations in the 1980s.)

However, there’s no chance of reconciliation. The insider tells Us that Alexia has contacted her attorney and will be filing for divorce.

The self-proclaimed Cuban Barbie opened up about her marriage to Herman in a 2013 Bravo blog post, crediting the businessman for serving as a father figure to her two sons, whom she shares with Rosello. 

“It’s uncomfortable to have to speak about my ex-husband, the biological father of my children, after we have been legally divorced for over 17 years,” she explained to fans after drama about her past marriage aired on the Bravo reality show two years ago. “As you all know, I've been happily married to Herman for the last 13 years. Peter and Frankie have always lived with me and Herman,” she explained of her situation. “[They] have been blessed with having two fathers in their lives.”

Saturday, May 16, 2015

Bethenny Frankel Ordered to Pay Estranged Husband Jason Hoppy $100,000 for His Legal Bills
More than two years after filed for divorce from Jason Hoppy, the couple are still slogging it out in court— and it’s taking a serious financial toll! In the latest round of the bitter battle, has learned, a judge has ordered The Real Housewives of New York City star to fork over more than $100,000 to her ex by June 1.

According to court documents filed on May 4 in NYC and obtained by Radar, Frankel has been ordered to pay Hoppy $100,000 in attorney fees by June 1. She previously made a separate court-ordered payment of $100,000 for the same purpose.

The judge said in the ruling that Hoppy “lacks sufficient funds of his own to compensate counsel without depleting his assets.” Indeed, the divorce bills are seriously piling up for the drug company salesman, who makes just over $100,000 per year.

Per the documents, Hoppy paid his former lawyers a total of $307,683, and owed them $86,996.02 as of March 12, 2014. He got new attorneys on March 20, 2014, paying a retainer of $50,000, and owed them $221,962.65 as of July 9, 2014. The number has only grown since then.

Adding to his court-ordered relief, Frankel will be forced to pay him $11,858.42 per month as temporary maintenance beginning this month. She’ll also pay him a temporary base child support of $3,000 for their daughter Bryn, 5, as well as 97% of Bryn’s preschool tuition (which is $600 per month), medical expenses, and other extracurricular expenses (around $900 per month), according to the documents.

The judge also ordered her to pay all carrying charges on the apartment that the couple still own jointly — and where Hoppy lives — totaling more than $11,000 per month, according to the court documents. That includes roughly $1,000 in utilities, $500 in housekeeping expenses, and other fees associated with the home.
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Jackie Gillies, Janet Roach and Chyka Keebaugh on That Shocking 'RHOM' Finale
Anyone who was under the illusion that this season of The Real Housewives of Melbourne had run out of drama before the finale had another thing coming on Thursday night.

After months of back-and-forth over rumors, not to mention plenty of nasty comments by resident villain Giana Liano, even cool-headed clairvoyant Jackie Gillies lost some of her shine-shine-shine.

Once Gillies arrived at this week's big event, a birthday party for season 2 newbie Pettifleur Berenger, she told PEOPLE she immediately felt her extra-powerful intuition tingling. What followed was, according to fellow Housewife Chyka Keebaugh, "very big drama that no one saw coming or expected."

The Set-Up

Though most Housewives events are wine-fueled showdowns, "I'd only had one drink," says Gillies, who spoke to PEOPLE along with pals Keebaugh and Janet Roach. "I said [to Janet], 'Something bad's going to happen tonight. I can feel it.' "
"She did," confirmed Roach. "She said, 'Psychically, I feel I need to keep my wits about me.' "

What followed was a literal bang-up argument that started with insults about Gillies' carer as a psychic, crested with Liano making "outrageous" insinuations about Gillies' and Roach's sobriety, and ended with Gillies chasing down Liano, rapping on a balcony door to draw her frenemy back in and ultimately, claims Gillies, getting caught up in a physical altercation that wasn't shown on screen.

Or, as Roach summed it up during the episode: "Gina is such a dirty fighter. She throws the bomb that Jackie and I have got dilated pupils and then run as fast as that fat, Spanx ass will let her go."

Unlike many other Housewives franchises's feuds, Melbourne's fight have typically been verbal – not physical – and Keebaugh says (perhaps optimistically): "I don't think it would ever get worse than [what happened in the finale]."

The Background

The dust-up had deeper layers than viewers saw because Liano, according to Gillies, "brought a person along ... to fully intimidate me. She brought this person along to say something to me, and so she ran outside, knowing that I wouldn't go after her. And I thought, 'No, no, no.' So I went after her, and she grabbed me. They don't actually show that. You only see me saying, 'Don't touch me.' That was probably my moment where I was like, 'I'm just done with this.' Because I did feel in a way unsafe. I did feel threatened."

It's a surprising move for Liano, a sharp-tongued lawyer who herself isn't easily intimidated, to shy away from conflict. Keebaugh attributed it to the fact that "Jackie rattles her cage."

She continued, "Gina knows that Jackie's got the support of us, and she doesn't know how to deal with it. So when she flies up and makes comments and Jackie says, 'That's not true,' she already knows that she's lost the battle because we all believe in Jax."

What's Next

But it's Gillies who'll be rattled at next week's reunion: "You see a side of Jackie you've never seen before," teased Roach.

"I get emotional," said Gillies, who cops to shedding more than a few tears over "something that happened in season 1 off camera and was swept under the carpet." 
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Friday, May 15, 2015

Teresa Giudice Is ''Reprioritizing'' in Prison: ''She's Going to Emerge Stronger, More Focused''
Teresa Giudice is using her time on the inside to prepare for reemerging better than ever on the outside.

"She's taking care of her body, she's taking care of her mind," attorney James J. Leonard said this week during an exclusive sit-down with E! News. "She's making her family's looked after. She's reprioritizing things in her life."

The Real Housewives of New Jersey star is almost in the middle of what will be a nearly year-long stay at the Federal Correctional Institution in Danbury, Conn., after pleading guilty to fraud and other charges related to her and husband Joe Giudice's 2010 bankruptcy filing. According to her lawyer, Teresa will be out of prison by Christmas, after which she'll be on home confinement until Feb. 5 or 6, followed by a period of supervised release. 

"I think she's going to emerge stronger, more focused," Leonard continued. "She's getting back in touch with her faith. She's spending a lot of time praying in there and I think the Teresa that comes out of prison is going to wow people."

So what will the newly focused Teresa be focused on once she's home?

"Being with her children, being with her family, being with Joe…and then kind of getting back into whatever she's going to get back into," Leonard explained. "If that's television, if it's different projects, if it's getting involved with a restaurant, etc.—there are so many opporutnites that she has.

"I think she's going to take it one day at a time, but her focus is, 'I want to get back to my freedom, I want to get back to my husband, I want to get back to my parents, my children, and then kind of take it as it goes.' But I expect that you'll be seeing her shortly after she comes home."

We do not doubt that for a moment.

But it's Joe (Leonard reiterated that tabloid reports that the couple are headed for divorce are completely untrue) and their four daughters who really can't wait to be with her all the time again. Right now they get weekend visits that start in the morning and last till around mid-afternoon, and the hardest part is "when they're over, leaving and saying goodbye," Leonard said.

"She's able to communicate frequently through email and with respect to her telephone minutes," he added. "But those visits, you can kind of escape your reality at that time and you can be with your family, yo can hug and kiss them, but at 3:30 they have to leave. That's a very sad situiaton, but she's dealing with it really well."
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Kim Richards Now Faces Up To Two Years In Prison After Official Charge of Public Intoxication and Resisting Arrest
It’s not looking good for Kim Richards. The “Real Housewives of Beverly Hills” star is now facing criminal charges stemming from her April arrest for public intoxication, reports TMZ.

Immediately following the arrest, Richards checked into rehab but apparently that did not impress the Los Angeles County District Attorney’s Office who charged her with public intoxication, resisting arrest and battery on a police officer.

Richards was arrested in the early hours of April 16 when security at the Beverly Hills Hotel ordered her to leave because she was creating a disturbance. As she was being escorted out, the 50-year-old asked to use the restroom and then refused to come out. When police arrived she reportedly began cursing them and then kicked a cop in the leg.

Officers stated that Richards, 50, “was displaying symptoms of alcohol intoxication including slurred speech and belligerent insolent behavior cursing at the officers at the officers and passively resisted arrest," according to a statement from the Beverly Hills Police Department.

Richards faces up to two years in jail.
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Thursday, May 14, 2015

Kenya Moore's New 'Boyfriend'...Marries Another Woman

Kenya Moore experienced a bit of an image upgrade this past season of “The Real Housewives of Atlanta,” showing signs of being humble and a openness to forgive, rather than always framing herself as the victim.

So her world seemed right when she appeared to meet a man she really liked on a March episode of Bravo’s “Millionaire Matchmaker,” 

His name is James Freeman, a Princeton-educated senior managing partner at a real estate investment company in Los Angeles. On the show’s first date, they got along well and she later said they began dating long distance.

But she announced some bad news on Instagram today that he is married and that kind of precludes her from dating him:

Freeman has not made any public comment to confirm or deny this accusation.

But friends of Freeman congratulating him on his marriage began surfacing on social media, according to Straight From the A, which features photos of him with his wife. 
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Kim Richards Won’t Be Fired From ‘Real Housewives of Beverly Hills' As Bravo Bosses Say They're Happy With Rehab Stay
It is not only her life that Real Housewives of Beverly Hills star Kim Richards is saving in rehab – but her job too! A well-connected insider tells exclusively, “The network is going to keep Kim on because she has adhered to everything that they’ve asked so far.”

The 50-year-old self-described alcoholic checked into treatment recently after being arrested while heavily intoxicated at the Beverly Hills Polo Lounge, where she reportedly resisted arrest and kicked a police officer.

Although Richards’ contract was up in the air following the incident, as the network set strict guidelines for her to remain on the show, the source tells Radar that any concern has faded.

“She checked into rehab and has agreed to go along with everything that her bosses asked of her,” says the source.

“Kim is not a liability if she is clean and sober and doing what is asked of her. She knows the process because she has done it several times before.”

On May 7, Richards’ live-in ex-husband Monty Brinson, who is currently battling cancer, shared a photo on Instagram of a healthy and happy looking Richards, along with a caption that read, “@kimrichards11 I love you too…. #love #family #blessed#heart #thankful.” Insiders say she has been staying in touch with him from rehab.

“Kim is actually starting to make progress and is not quite as resistant as she was in the beginning,” the network insider tells Radar.

“It seems that her contract with the studio and her job as a housewife actually helped her get sober, because she cannot afford to lose the money.”

“Kim cannot stand the thought of not being famous,” the source says, adding that “being irrelevant scares her to death. Whatever it takes!”
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