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Kandi Burruss Can't Believe Cynthia Bailey Let NeNe Leakes Call Husband Peter A 'Bitch'
Kandi Burruss wants to make one thing very clear: there’s no way someone would call her man a bitch and live to tell about it!

Despite being one of the less dramatic women on Real Housewives of Atlanta, on a recent episode of Watch What Happens Live, Kandi admonished her co-star, Cynthia Bailey, for letting fellow housewife NeNe Leakes call Cynthia’s husband, Peter, a “bitch” in the heat of an argument. 

“I just couldn’t believe that Cynthia was letting NeNe call Peter a bitch like that,” Kandi told host Andy Cohen. “She didn’t defend him at all.”

While Kandi may have thought Cynthia’s passive role in the situation was inappropriate, she did admit that the entire fight was difficult to navigate for all of the parties involved.

“He couldn’t really say anything, because then he’s going to look like a bitch,” explained Kandi. “It was a weird situation to be in, but now, Peter does get in arguments with women a lot … but she still should have stuck up for him.” 
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Sonja Morgan Talks Real Housewives, the Sex Appeal of Parties and Sonja in the City
Classicalite was lucky enough to catch up with Sonja Morgan, star of The Real Housewives of New York, for an insightful Q&A.

We asked Sonja about her successful company Sonja in the City, what it's like throwing the best parties in New York and, of course, her fellow housewives.

Still--despite our best efforts--Sonja remained as classy and diplomatic as ever.

Classicalite: How do you possibly find time to star on Real Housewives of New York, run a successful event planning company and raise millions for charities, all while looking so fabulous?

Sonja Morgan: Even though it's reality TV, I don't think a lot of people realize how many hours go into location and outfit changes between real life and the life that we film on camera, because even though we give you a slice of our real life, it's not always chronological.

There's also some set design, so that's when the interns come in handy. We have to move furniture for camera angles up and down the stairs at times. Especially for doing an art show, party or luncheon, and some things just can't be filmed like family photos or paintings that are not cleared, so there is a lot behind the scenes that goes on. And it takes 85 hours of film to make one 45-minute episode.

So, you only get to see the silly but funny moments and then, of course, when we're at our very worst--because that makes the best television!

C: Tell me a little bit about what it's like to run Sonja in the City and the kind of clients to which you typically cater.    
S: I have people who have known me for decades that call me to put together something memorable for a special occasion, a corporate event or a charity that we have collaborated on before.

But now, with the show and my website, I've even had people email me asking me to do a sweet 16 or a bat mitzvah and those are fun, too. I really pick and choose because I don't have so much time, especially while I'm filming for five months.

The Sonja in the City events that I do on the show I sometimes only have a couple of days to put them together, but the jobs I choose I have sometimes up to a year to plan.

C: What's the most fun event you recently hosted? 
S: I would say every event I plan is fun, that's why I do them. I only work with people I enjoy working with. I loved the season six Sonja in the City premiere party at Tokya, where we had over 450 people and all my co-stars came. They looked so beautiful. We had wonderful sponsors, and I gathered tons of press, plus my daughter was able to attend and everything I do is to make sure she is secure. Bravo has been wonderful for that. All my co-stars' children were invited. I adore them all.

It was a great learning experience for my interns and came together beautifully in the short span of a week, even though I had to travel to three cities within the same week doing promotions for the show.

I also really enjoyed putting together the Sonja in the City charity event for the LIGALY youth center for the LGBT on Long Island at the East Hampton studio, which is a huge airplane hangar and I performed my caburlesque singing song skit that I wrote and choreographed.

Hank Stampfl of Speakeasy Modern brought 90 Broadway and Off Broadway performers to blow away the 500 in attendance. Many thanks to David Klimnick and all his genius he shares with the LGBT youth.

C: Is it hard for you to attend parties that aren't put on by your company? I imagine it's difficult to attend functions you know could have been planned much better if your company was hired to produce them. Can you think of an event you attended where you thought, 'Oh my God. They really should have hired me for this.'     
S: I'm not going to lie, I prefer my parties to other people's parties in general. But that's because I love entertaining. The biggest problem I experience is bad layout, and this creates lack of energy.

People go to a party to interact. A party needs sex appeal. A good hostess knows how to create a good mix. With a placement dinner, it is of the utmost importantance that the hostess possess this skill. I earned "the straw that stirs the drink" moniker in the early 90s for my ability to seat a room, put a guest list together, broker a deal and make a marriage match...and I pride myself in that.

I love putting people together.
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LeAnn Rimes Upset With Brandi Glanville For Not Quickly Notifying Eddie Cibrian That Son Mason Had Been Rushed To The Hospital
LeAnn Rimes is understandably angry that Brandi Glanville didn’t immediately let Eddie Cibrian know that his son, Mason, had been rushed to the hospital in New York.

“My husband need (sic) to be notified. Period,” LeAnn said Sunday afternoon.

Cibrian and Rimes didn’t learn the details of Mason’s medical emergency until the 10-year-old was able to call his dad himself, and that was apparently hours after he’d been in the emergency room at a New York City hospital.

As Radar ​was first to report, Mason was rushed by ambulance to the hospital and spent eight hours in the ER.

His The Real Housewives of Beverly Hills star mom had taken Mason and her younger son, Jake Cibrian, with her to the Big Apple where she was making promotional appearances.

But shockingly, she wasn’t the first to let her ex, Eddie, know when Mason had his emergency.

Cibrian and Rimes first heard from a friend that something was going on with Mason and it was hours later before they were able to get in contact with the boy!

“Got a text from a friend at 4:30am asking if mason was ok. THANK GOD! Mason just called Eddie himself!! It’s been a panicked morning not knowing anything and mason being all the way across the US. 

Relived to know he’s ok.,” Rimes told her followers.

Fortunately, Mason is on the mend. “He is doing a lot better and all will be fine,” Glanville wrote Sunday afternoon.
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Sunday, March 30, 2014

Porsha Stewart May Be Kicked Off Of ‘RHOA’ After Brawl With Kenya Moore
It has been reported that Porsha Stewart and Kenya Moore went at each other’s throats (OK, worse — each other’s hair) during the March 27 taping of the Season 6 RHOA reunion, and now other sources are claiming that Porsha is at risk of being fired from Season 7 of the dramarama that is The Real Housewives Of Atlanta. Read on for all the details!

During the taping, ”They did get into an altercation. Porsha stood up, so then Kenya stood up. … Porsha charged at Kenya and pulled her hair, but it was over in a matter of seconds. Porsha never dragged her by her hair. Andy [Cohen] and a producer jumped in and then security came,” Us Weekly reported. Yikes — that’s pretty intense.

The mag reported that Kenya is “fine,” but RadarOnline doesn’t think that Porsha will be… The site claims that Porsha is on the chopping block and may not be asked to film for Season 7. However, producers wouldn’t make such a “rash decision like that,” their source said. They just shot the reunion. A lot of conversations have to happen, so no decisions have been made yet.”

However, their source continued that “of course” Andy and other producers were upset and unhappy, and even “Porsha was upset. No one wanted that to happen.”
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Saturday, March 29, 2014

Teresa & Joe Giudice Continue To Spend, Spend, Spend As Possible Jail Time Looms

There's a reason these two not only belong together, but why they'll never be known for being smart:
Teresa Giudice and her husband Joe are both facing possible jail time after pleading guilty to felony tax fraud charges, but a source close to the reality couple has told that they’re still living their lavish lifestyle in “denial.”

The legally challenged The Real Housewives of New Jersey stars must pay the government hundreds of thousands of dollars as part of their plea bargain but that isn’t slowing down their spending.

“Teresa and Joe are completely in denial,” the source told Radar.

“They still live in their house that nobody thinks they can afford, they’re driving leased cars and they still shop and go out places.”

As Radar previously reported, at Teresa’s last book signing she was only allowing sales via cash and wasn’t giving the customers receipts.

“That isn’t a surprise at all. Teresa and Joe have spent years defrauding the government and they don’t know how to stop living so extravagantly now,” the source said.

Shockingly, another source told Radar that Teresa spent hundreds of dollars getting her hair and makeup done for the event, a significant expense for the financially troubled reality star. 

“Every penny that Teresa makes from her shows, books and her hair care product line has always been spent and even now people are worried that she’s still not saving. Both she and Joe are refusing to admit that things could be really bad for their family.”

Friday, March 28, 2014

Lisa Vanderpump Threatens To Quit Housewives If Brandi Glanville Returns

Nice of Lisa to finally see the light, stand up for principles and give Bravo a well-deserved ultimatum:
Friends turned enemies, it sounds like there is no saving The Real Housewives of Beverly Hills stars Brandi Glanville and Lisa Vanderpump’s relationship.

In a new interview with Life & Style, Vanderpump, 53, revealed that she isn’t sure she would return for another season of ‘RHOBH’ if Bravo decides to bring Glanville, 41, back.

“She and Ken are both throwing a major fit to Bravo telling them to take Brandi off the show,” a source said.

And Vanderpump didn’t deny it.

“Who knows what will happen?” she said. “But why would I stay?”

Vanderpump said that after all that happened this past
“Brandi has created so many lies,” Vanderpump explained. “It was done six months ago.

She added, “Too many things — too many nasty things — were said.”

The pinnacle of their fight occurred when Glanville found out that Vanderpump was close to Scheana Marie and Glanville didn’t like the fact that Marie had claimed to carry on an affair with her ex-husband Eddie Cibrian.

“Brandi became convinced Lisa had lied to her and had known about the affair when it happened,” another source said.

And in the end, all of Vanderpump’s costars sided with Glanville.

“The were all against me,” Vanderpump said. “You’re at a table with people like Kim Richards screaming, ‘You’re a liar!’ and things like that. It was a bit much.”
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Kenya Moore and Porsha Stewart Get in Scary Brawl During Reunion Taping
It just got real. Real Housewives of Atlanta stars Porsha Stewart and Kenya Moore got into a vicious brawl on Thursday, March 27, Us Weekly can confirm. The incident occurred while the two ladies were filming the always-combative reunion special for the Bravo series.

"There was a major physical altercation between Porsha and Kenya," an insider tells Us. "To the point that Porsha beat the crap out of Kenya, dragged her across the stage by her hair, and gave her a major beatdown." 

Stewart and Moore have been going head-to-head with each other for years. Back in November 2012, Moore called then-newcomer Stewart "naive" and a "heifer," and ranted about her new costar just minutes after meeting her in Season 5.

"Losing my cool, getting out character, cursing somebody else, embarrassing yourself . . . I can pretty much say I've done all of that!" Moore told Us during a visit to our NYC headquarters at the time. "It's a reality show, things happen."

During season six, Moore antagonized Stewart further in the aftermath of her split from husband Kordell Stewart -- suggesting that Porscha was a "beard" for the NFL pro.
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Alex McCord Recaps RHOA, RHOBH and RHONY

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Thursday, March 27, 2014

Bethenny Frankel Allegedly In ‘Deep Negotiations’ With Andy Cohen To Return To Bravo With Her Own Show
Bethenny Frankel is getting right back on the horse after her talk show was canceled and has exclusively learned that she’s working with Andy Cohen to return to Bravo with her own show.

The former Real Housewives of New York City star, 43, is not going to let dismal daytime show ratings stop her from getting right back in front of the camera.

“Bethenny has been talking with Andy about returning to Bravo with another show, and this would be one of the first things he produces with his new company,” a source close to the reality star told Radar.

Cohen, 45, has started his own production company and scoring a hit with Frankel is a high priority the source said.

“They’ve been in deep negotiations and she is definitely ready to return to Bravo, even though she loved being on network TV with her other show.”

The source also said that Frankel is still turning her back on the show that made her famous.

“Bethenny probably won’t stoop to that level and go back on RHONYC, she thinks she’s beyond and above that.”

Another source with knowledge of Frankel’s ambitions revealed to Radar what she’s hoping to arrange.

“Bethenny wants a separate deal of her own on Bravo.”
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Rumors Swirl Around Possible Yolanda and David Foster Divorce
According to recent reports, Real Housewives of Beverly Hills star Yolanda Foster is on the verge of getting a divorce from her composer husband, David Foster. By now, it shouldn’t be shocking to find out that any of the Real Housewives are getting divorced, considering their lives and careers revolve around creating drama and scandal for television views. Obviously, that’s bound to pass over onto their personal lives, and Yolanda’s just another example of that.

The couple recently listed their Malibu house on the market, which initially sparked the rumors that they were separating and getting divorced. Yolanda has also solidified the rumors by getting rid of Foster as her last name, and she’s now started using Hadid, her previous married name.

Yolanda is David’s fourth wife [they got married in 2011], so David’s clearly used to divorce. He obviously views it as a viable option and one that’s very easy to take, and I can see it being very easy for David and Yolanda to call quits on their marriage instead of fighting through their troubles.

Of course, this isn’t Yolanda’s first marriage either – she was married to Mohamed Hadid, her insanely wealthy former husband. She has three kids with Mohamed, and she still got divorced to him. What’s stopping her from calling it quits with David if they are in trouble? David’s barely involved with the Real Housewives of Beverly Hills, something that Yolanda often gets called out on during the show. But if the rumors are true, then it’s obvious that Yolanda and David are on the verge of separating and that’s the biggest reason he hasn’t made many appearances on the Real Housewives franchise.

NeNe Leakes & Tony Dovolani Dance the "Jive" on Week 2 of "Dancing with the Stars"

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Wednesday, March 26, 2014

Despite Having A 23-Year-Old Boyfriend, Sonja Morgan Doesn't See Herself As A "Cougar"
Things are continuing to go well for The Real Housewives of New York City star Sonja Morgan and her much-younger boyfriend. So will we be seeing him when Season 6 premieres next week?

Sonja, 50, is currently dating 23-year-old real estate developer Ben Benalloul. And yes, he appears in the Season 6 premiere of RHoNY, which airs on March 11 at 9 p.m. on Bravo. 

We'll even get to hear Sonja's co-stars make quips about the relationship. For example, Heather Thomson says, "Sonja has as many men as she has interns, and some of them are the same age." Zing!

However, Sonja says she doesn't see herself as a cougar. "When I look in the mirror, I see a young girl," she tells RumorFix. "My tits are firm, and my ass is up! I don’t feel like a cougar."

So what does Sonja like about being with Ben? "He’s fun," she explains. "He’s got a black card. He takes you to Paris." Okay, so maybe those aren't the deepest reasons in the world to date someone, but her reasons make sense to us.
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Faye Resnick and Camille Grammer Rumored To Be Added as Housewives on 'RHOBH'
"The Real Housewives of Beverly Hills" season four will come to an end next Monday, following the show's season four reunion special, and as that happens, the cast and producers are preparing the series upcoming fifth season.

Earlier this month, it was reported that producers had opted to give the boot to Carlton Gebbia and Joyce Giraud, who were added to the show ahead of season four, in lieu of at least two new women. And now, it has been said that those two women could be Faye Resnick and Camille Grammer.

On March 25, Radar Online reported, "The interior designer, whose name is forever linked to the O.J. Simpson case and a heavily-touted Playboy spread she did thereafter, partied with cast mainstay Kyle Richards and her husband Mauricio Umansky over the weekend, spurring increased speculation she’d be joining Kyle, her sister Kim, and the rest of the 90210 divas on the Bravo drama fest."

According to the report, Faye and Kyle were seen in Las Vegas where they attended an event alongside fellow former cast member, Camille.

Although Camille's rep previously denied she was returning to the show, negotiations haven't yet been finalized, so there's really no way of knowing anything for sure.
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Ramona Singer Says Feud With Aviva Drescher Is Not Over
In the premiere episode of The Real Housewives of New York City, Ramona Singer  and Aviva Drescher got into a nasty confrontation at Heather Thomson‘s party, but shortly after, met up with each other and came to a mutual understanding.

The question now is: Will this newfound common ground last the entire season of RHONY?

“Definitely Aviva and I last season did no end on a good note,” Ramona Singer told “In fact, in between filming, I would run into her at social events and I would just smile nicely and keep walking.”

Their first interaction since the last season actually didn’t take place until filming for the new season resumed.
“The first time I ever spoke to her was on the first episode,” Singer clarified.

And when Singer found out that Drescher would be coming to Thomson’s party, she wasn’t that thrilled.

“To tell you the truth, I was dreading that she was coming,” she said.

But Singer tried to be the bigger person.

“I knew Heather had invited her — Heather was friends with her and Heather’s a friend of mine, so I said, ‘Okay, I have to rise above it. I guess for the good of the group, I have come,’” Singer said. “’Hopefully she won’t come over to me’ … but she did.”

Singer’s wishes didn’t work out though, as fans saw in the premiere episode.

Singer confirmed, “We had a confrontation.”

But at the end of the episode, the two enemies called a truce.

“We had a conversation,” Singer said. “And we basically kind of made amends.”

Sadly, it doesn’t sound like the kinks in their friendship were all worked out.

“You are going to see during the season where Aviva basically has problems with some of the other women that she never did have problems, which kind of made me question, ‘Why make up with her?’” Singer admitted. “I only made up with her because of all of you guys, so what the heck is going on here?”
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Tuesday, March 25, 2014

Lisa Vanderpump Considering Leaving 'Real Housewives Of Beverly Hills'
It might be the end of Lisa Vanderpump's "Real Housewives of Beverly Hills" reign. 

The 53-year-old restaurant mogul, who has appeared on "RHOBH" since its premiere in 2010, may not sign on for another season of the hit Bravo series, which she says has turned into a "bitch fest." 

“I don’t know, right now I have to be honest. It is a tough season for me," Vanderpump told "I have got a lot going on. If it becomes about a bitch fest then it is not something I signed up for; but if it becomes about documenting my life, which is the show I signed up for and having fun and supporting women that is something I want to do. But the way the show was in the end, the last episodes, that is not something I would care to repeat.”

Apparently, nothing has been decided for next season yet. 

“I am not signed on and I don’t know whether I am staying and don’t think any of us do right now," she added. “Everyone wants to stay, but I don’t know. I have a lot to consider I am opening a new business, I have 'Vanderpump Rules' and let’s see if they both get picked up and let Bravo make the decision and offer and see where we go from there.”

The news comes on the heels of a drama-filled Season 4. While she started out the season surrounded by friends, Vanderpump was singled-out by the other women who accused her of playing games and lying come the finale. 

The drama continued on Monday with Part 1 of the "RHOBH" reunion special. Yolanda Foster accused Vanderpump of being an absent friend while she was battling Lyme disease and Brandi Glanville claimed she's a different person when the cameras are on. 

If Vanderpump does decide to leave, that could mean some major changes for the "RHOBH" cast. Last month, it was reported that Mohamed Hadid's fiancee, Shiva Safai, is being recruited as an official cast member because newbies Joyce Giraud and Carlton Gebbia are on the chopping block. 
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Cynthia Bailey Denies Accusations She Ripped Off Clients Of Her Modeling Agency
Are the Real Housewives of Atlanta stars all really shady businesspeople? After Apollo NidaPhaedra Parks, and Peter Thomas were all accused of allegedly less-than-proper business dealingsCynthia Bailey is the latest Bravolebrity to come under fire. has learned that a former customer of her modeling agency is accusing her of taking cash from innocent parents in a contest scheme.

Atlanta mom Dorothy Lewis claims she entered her granddaughter, Paris, into a modeling competition on Bailey’s website — at a cost of $20.

The website claimed it would choose a winner each month and feature them on the site. But months later, she claims, there had not been a winner chosen since October 2013 — even though the site continued to collect cash. According to a CBS Atlanta investigation, the agency collected 79 entries and $1,580 without naming a winner.

“It’s just not right to be advertising that you’re going to do one thing and take people’s money from around the country and you’re not following through on what your’e saying,” Lewis told CBS Atlanta. “It’s like false advertisement.”

Making matters worse, the website claimed that a portion of the proceeds would go to Atlanta Diaper Relief, a nonprofit that actually closed six months ago, the news channel found.

But Bailey insists that it was all a misunderstanding. After being approached by CBS, she updated the website to show a different charity as the recipient, and listed the contest winners retroactively.

“I apologize for any negligence on my part as far as my staff not keeping the website properly updated,” she said in a statement. “I hope after receiving all the correct and updated information from me personally, you can appreciate the sincerity of my intentions. I appreciate you for bringing this important matter to my attention.”
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Real Housewives Awards Winners List Announced: Vicki Gunvalson and Kenya Moore,Amongst Others Honored
Not all housewives are created equal. Bravo announced the results of its first-ever Real Housewives Awards, sharing the winners' list -- according to online votes -- over the weekend. Perhaps shockingly, the women of Real Housewives of New York and Miami were completely overlooked among the list of winners. The drama-prone women of the Garden State, Hotlanta and 90210 walked away with the most awards. Check out the hilarious "honorees" below and tell Us: Do you agree with the results?

Best Supporting Agitator: Kim D. of Real Housewives of New Jersey.
Most Memorable Outfit: Kenya's Phaedra outfit from Real Housewives of Atlanta.
Rookie of the Year: Kenya Moore of Real Housewives of Atlanta.
Most Shocking Reunion Twist: Briana's revelations about Brooks on Real Housewives of Orange County.

Party of the Year: NeNe Leakes pillow talk party on Real Housewives of Atlanta
Favorite Quote: "This is too bitchy I shouldn't say it – but I'm awfully glad I did," Lisa Vanderpump, Real Housewives of Beverly Hills
OMG-est Moment of the Year: Joe-vs-Joe in Lake George on Real Housewives of New Jersey
Best Fight Locale: A bridal shop on Real Housewives of Atlanta
Loveliest Locks: Joyce Giraud, Real Housewives of Beverly Hills

Outstanding Achievement in Extremely Short Form Live Action: Kim "faints" from Real Housewives of Beverly Hills
Favorite Real Housewives City: Beverly Hills
Lifetime Achievement Award: Vicki Gunvalson, Real Housewives of Orange County.
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Monday, March 24, 2014

Bethenney Frankel Is Not A Fan Of Carlton Gebbia

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‘Real Housewives of Atlanta’ Recap (‘Mexi-Loco’): Season 6, Episode 19
Last week, I heard the men of “Real Housewives of Atlanta” are working on a spin-off show of their own.
Perhaps that’s why they are working so hard to generate drama this season themselves.

Take Peter Thomas (Cynthia Bailey‘s hubby) and Gregg Leakes (Nene Leakes’ husband).

Peter had gotten into NeNe’s face a few episodes ago when NeNe acted like a jerk at Kenya Moore’s fundraiser for her. At at the time, Gregg said nothing.

But now Gregg feels it’s time to clear the air with Peter. He believes Peter was inappropriate going after NeNe, that if he had an issue, he should have just gone to Gregg.

Gregg says if he tries that again, Gregg might have to get in his face:  “You not only disrespected my wife but you disrespected me.”

He claims Peter came up to NeNe all crazy but in fact, NeNe heard Peter was upset and came up to him.
This argument devolves quickly into a verbal curse-fest and almost a physical altercation. Gregg has rarely gotten angry on the show so this behavior is highly unusual.

The women show up.

“You need to stay out of women’s business,” NeNe says to Peter. “You are causing problems. What we do as women are between us. You have to stop rolling with the women! You have to stop being a damn b****!”

There were a couple of other meaty story lines, too:

- Last week, we had a bit of a cliffhanger when Phaedra Parks walked in on Apollo Nida and Kenya Moore yappin’ away – in a public setting. She looks tired and peeved. But before Phaedra has a chance to give Kenya some lip, NeNe and Porsha Stewart pop in and Phaedra decides to leave and go to bed. (Kenya, in last week’s episode, wanted Apollo to apologize for spreading supposedly false rumors about her. He wasn’t terribly apologetic and even said he could have slept with her if he could. Truth.)
Eventually, Kenya and Apollo shake hands and agree to be ‘friends,” whatever that means. Porsha and NeNe tell Apollo what he did was wrong.  “I’m not a child. I don’t need someone to hold my hand,” Apollo says in his defense. “At the end of the day, I didn’t do anything inappropriate.”

“Apollo has to respect his significant other to get respect,” NeNe says to the cameras.

Phaedra, away from Kenya, calls her a “wilted up whore… She’s like ‘Single Black Female.’ I wish a shaman could invent her a man and give her a life.”

Previously, Phaedra had explicitly told Apollo to not talk to Kenya outside her purview. He, the stubborn type, doesn’t know that this is a pretty solid boundary she had set and an easy one for him to follow. He chose not to follow it because he has pride and a desire for independence. He’s oddly willing to jeopardize the trust of his wife to make a point. Or something like that.

The next day, Phaedra explains to Apollo that there should be no “friendship” between him and Kenya, especially after that exercise video copycat nonsense and the inappropriate flirting. She doesn’t trust Kenya. She had previously told Kenya to stay away from her man, which she ignored.  “Once a snake, always a snake,” Phaedra says.

He tries to make it up to her by holding her a surprise birthday party, where she is blindfolded and hits a pinata that is packed with condoms. (Amusing side notes: Gregg grabs several and pockets them. And Porsha hit the pinata so hard, she knocks down the top of the cake.)

The party appears to cheer Phaedra up.

Later, Kenya holds a “make up” session from that nasty couples night several episodes back. (“The one you f***ed up?” Peter cracks.)

Kenya has the ladies answer random provocative questions. Porsha says she likes he sex both rough and romantic and “older” lovers are better with the romantic because they’re slower. NeNe, for whatever reason, takes exception to this and calls her comment ‘ignorant,” when in fact that was just her experience. NeNe later calls Kandi ignorant by asking if NeNe was menopausal in her 40s. Todd defends Kandi by saying NeNe is insulting in her delivery. NeNe is unapologetic.
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Sunday, March 23, 2014

5 Things You Don't Know About Kristen Taekman
Kristen Taekman will (very!) soon make her Real Housewives debut! The 36-year-old model joins the sixth season of The Real Housewives of New York City, which premieres Tuesday, March 11.
According to he biography on Bravo's website, Taekman is married to EBOOST co-founder Josh Taekman, and mom to son Cash, 5, and daughter Kingsley, 2. She also has her own line of greeting card boxes called 2nd Street Press.

During a March 4 press conference, however, Taekman -- who joins veteran ladies Ramona Singer, Sonja Morgan, Carole Radziwill, Heather Thomson, Aviva Drescher, and Luann de Lesseps -- shared even more about what fans can expect to see from her on the Bravo reality show. Check out five things you may not know about RHONYC's newest housewife below.

1. RHOBH's Brandi Glanville and RHONYC's Heather Thomson recommended her for the show. "Once I realized that she and [Josh] were interested in doing the show -- which I did find out funny enough through [Brandi], kind of, and [Kristen] actually at the very same time," costar Thomson explained, "I was so excited because I knew how great of an addition [Kristen] would be."

2. Taekman has already sparked some controversy. Her opening tagline -- "I may not be the sharpest tool in the shed, but I'm pretty!" -- hasn't been well-received. "I just can't believe that people are having an issue with it. It's like it's the funniest thing ever," Taekman said. "I'm 36 and I'm still a model, and I kind of like play off of the fact that, you know, not all models are the sharpest tool in the shed."

3. She's not above arguing with her hubby -- in fact, it's flirty! "We fight, we bicker. We have a two and a five-year-old, so we're still changing diapers and my daughter still gets up some nights. That just really weighs heavy on us as a couple," Taekman explained. "And then towards the end of the season, I decided that our bickering is our personal form of flirting. So I'm going to stick with that."

4. Brandi Glanville was a bridesmaid in her wedding . . . and vice versa. "We're really, really close friends," Taekman shared about the Real Housewives of Beverly Hills stars. "She was one of my bridesmaids in my wedding. And I was at her wedding. People [have] to cut [Brandi] some slack."

5. She doesn't consider herself the "Brandi" of RHONYC. "I definitely swear, but not as much as she does," Taekman said of Glanville. "I'm a lot like her. I think that we could almost be sisters, but kind of like from a different mother kind of thing."
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Carlton Gebbia Forced To Talk About Alleged Porn Star Past On ‘RHOBH’ Reunion
The claws came out during the filming of the Real Housewives of Beverly Hills reunion and can reveal that Carlton Gebbia was questioned about her alleged porn star past!

“A few of the housewives are sh-t stirrers and wanted to put her on the spot — even though they knew it wasn’t true,” the source told Radar.

Gebbia, who has been very open about her sexuality and even smooched co-star Brandi Glanville this season, outright “denied the allegations” that she’d ever done XXX.

She scoffed at her jealous co-stars for referring to her saucy role in the 2001 erotic thriller Seduced – Pretty When You Cry as porn.

“She was like, ‘That was a love scene,’” the source told Radar.  “Carlton thinks it’s ridiculous. Her co-stars will do anything to start drama.”

There’s no official word on if Bravo will include the confrontation during the three-part reunion. But this isn’t the first time Gebbia has been asked about her rumored pornographic past.

During an appearance on Bravo’s Watch What Happens Live, a caller asked Gebbia whether she had already or would ever considering being in a porno.

“Ok, um no never did porn. Only in my bedroom,” she stated.

But would she ever consider doing porn?

“Oh, piss off,” Gebbia quipped.
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Saturday, March 22, 2014

Porsha Williams Talks "Traumatic" Divorce On "Bethenny", Reveals She's Made a Sex Tape

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If we had to guess the soundtrack to Porsha Williams' life right now, Destiny's Child's "Independent Women" would definitely be on there.

The Real Housewives of Atlanta star, who finalized her divorce from NFL star Kordell Stewart in December, didn't receive anything from the public split—because that's what she wanted. Williams set the record straight on what happened with her fallen marriage during an appearance on Bethenny (airing Monday).

"I didn't ask for anything. Right now in the press it's, 'Porsha didn't get anything, poor Porsha,' and people are feeling sorry for me because I didn't get anything and they think that we went to trial and I lost," Williams began.

"I didn't go to trial, I chose not to go to court. So there was no judgement. What happened just tore me apart to go through this divorce, it really did. It was so traumatic and it ruled over my life. I woke up...I'm divorcing, every single day and I wanted the freedom. I wanted to be done with it so before we had court the next week, I woke up, called my attorney, we were scheduled for court, to go to court and me plead my side and he plead his side."

She continued, "So I told my attorney, 'Listen, I am done with this. Get the divorce decree, I am coming to sign it.' I said the only thing I want him to do is pay for my hospital bills because I didn't have insurance. He didn't have insurance on me or his son."

That little tidbit stunned Bethenny Frankel, who pointed out that Williams lived a life of luxury yet didn't have health insurance?!

"Listen, I had insurance on myself after the divorce, but the debt we had was for insurance. Remember, I wasn't working," Porsha explained. "The debt was there still from insurance bills. That's what I wanted him to pay. That's it, that's all I asked him to do and I got my car. Yeah, and he did that. I am good. I have health insurance now. I'm completely independent."
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Teresa Giudice Caught On Camera Selling Fans ‘Cash Only’ Books At New Jersey Fashion Show
Teresa Giudice held a book signing on Wednesday night at The Porsche Spring Soiree in Garfield — and in exclusive video footage obtained by, the Real Housewives of New Jersey star is seen charging CASH ONLY — with no receipts — for her book and signature!

Headlining the event — hosted by one of her best friends Kim Depaola — tickets were advertised for $110 that included dinner, wine, music and a fashion show, but there was no mention of charging for a signature from one of Bravo’s most controversial stars!

“Teresa was advertised as the the celebrity guest and that she would be signing copies of her latest book. But nowhere was it advertised that she would be charging guests $25 to sign and take a photo with her!” one guest told Radar.

“When you walked up to her, the woman next to her was quick to advise that it was $25 and ‘cash only.’ Cash only? Who takes cash only? Even Teresa was telling guests it was ‘cash only, no receipts’  and she had bags of cash beside her where her colleague was collecting the money.”

According to the eyewitness, guests were okay with paying for a book — but some were shocked when their plastic was turned down!

“The reaction of everyone was priceless. It was the hot topic of the event. Why would someone insist on cash only?” the eyewitness added.

“Everyone was saying it was clearly to avoid a paper trial of her sales.”

As Radar previously reported, Giudice, 41, and her husband Joe were charged with 41 counts of fraud and tax evasion and after pleading guilty and ultimately taking a plea deal, both face large fines and prison time.

Teresa now faces 27 months in prison, while husband Joe could get 46 months and is likely be deported back to Italy.

The original bank and bankruptcy fraud charges centered on their inability to file tax returns from 2004 to 2008.
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Lisa Vanderpump says Yolanda Foster is the Fake "Hollywood Friend"
It seems that someone has pissed off Lisa Vanderpump even more than Brandi Glanville! In her latest Bravo blog entry, posted on Monday, March 17, Lisa wrote mostly about how her "The Real Housewives of Beverly Hills" co-star Yolanda Foster doesn't make sense. Lisa blasted Yolanda for going after her and said that she's the fake Hollywood friend.

Lisa defended herself against Yolanda's statements that she wasn't willing to put in the time to have a real friendship. Lisa wrote that she was simply going through a very busy period in her life. She also pointed out that other cast members did not go to Yolanda's events either. Lisa doesn't believe that she should be punished for not having the time.

"I don't define my friends by the amount of time I spend with them. I define them by their loyalty and how much fun I have with them in the time when we are together," she wrote.

She further implied that Yolanda is the fake Hollywood friend.

"I would say a Hollywood friend would be someone who would be competitive. Someone who would go to your friends and say derogatory things about you, then deny it. Maybe someone who would create a scenario that attempts to sully your husband's reputation. Maybe that would be a Hollywood friend," she wrote, a clear reference to Yolanda being upset at Ken Todd for touching her at the show's final party.

Clearly, Lisa believes that Yolanda overreacted.

At least Lisa has Joyce Giraud on her side when it comes to Yolanda.

"Her [Yolanda] saying Lisa is a "Hollywood friend" for being busy is the most ridiculous thing in this planet. 

True friends DO NOT NEED TO SPEAK EVERY DAY...I never (not once) heard Lisa say anything negative about Yolanda. Yet in our very first one-on-one, Yolanda was quick to talk about Lisa," Joyce wrote in her latest blog entry.
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Friday, March 21, 2014

NeNe Leakes Talks "Dancing With The Stars" with Jimmy Kimmel

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Lisa Hochstein Begins Demolition on 1920s Star Island Mansion: "I Can Do Anything in Heels"
Say goodbye to Lisa and Lenny Hochstein's Star Island home! The Real Housewives of Miami couple finally won their battle to tear down their 1920s mansion, and they have now begun to tear the mansion down. 

The couple purchased the 1925 home in 2012, paying just under $8 million for the estate. As it turns out, the home itself is valued at just over a million dollars, while the beachside land itself is really what's valued so highly. 

Lisa, 31, and Lenny decided to tear down the home and build a state-of-the-art pad, but it wasn't quite as easy as they hoped. Miami area preservationists fought tooth and nail to save the home, eventually losing an appeal to save the home and running out of money to further their cause. 

On March 18, Lisa took to Twitter to let her fans know that demolition had begun. "I just took the first major chunk out of our star island home in my High heels," she wrote. "I can do anything in heels lol #demolition #bubbye."
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Brandi Glanville Says Her Sons Won’t Appear On Ex-Husband Eddie Cibrian & LeAnn Rimes’ New Reality Show
Brandi Glanville has put the kibosh on her sons appearing onEddie Cibrian and LeAnn Rimes‘ upcoming TV series, has learned.

During her recent Podcast One show, The Real Housewives of Beverly Hills star revealed that her boys, Jake and Mason Cibrian, will NOT be appearing on her ex-hubby’s VH1 reality show.

“Are the children going to be on Eddie’s show at all?” Glanville’s guest The Millionaire Matchmaker star Patti Stanger innocently asked.

“No, no, no, no!” Glanville said.

As previously reported, Glanville’s ex-husband and Rimes have signed to do a semi-reality show.

The scripted show, titled LeAnn and Eddie, will be based on the “normalcy” of their lives at home as well as dealing with their celebrity status, the producers said in a press release. How they’ll do that without including the two kids remains to be seen.
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Thursday, March 20, 2014

Report: Phaedra Parks, Apollo Nida Divorcing
Apollo Nida and Phaedra Parks may have more legal drama to contend with in the coming weeks. The Real Housewives of Atlanta couple are headed for divorce, according to
Nida and Parks are reportedly already separated following Nida's indictment on several counts of fraud and identity theft. He is currently on house arrest pending trial, but could face 20 years in prison if convicted.

Parks, a lawyer herself, is allegedly looking to clear herself of any charges related to Nida's legal troubles. The reality star, who has been spotted looking considerably thinner in recent weeks, is struggling to keep her public profile clean of her husband's wrongdoings, according to sources.

But divorce may not protect Parks from the law. The attorney and businesswoman is reportedly listed as a co-owner on several of her husband's businesses, though its not clear if those businesses are under investigation by authorities.

No word on how — or if — the couple's legal or marital drama will play out on Real Housewives of Atlanta. Parks' planned spin-off show, Rich People Problems, is reportedly on hold for now.
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Carole Radziwill Talks Scrap With Aviva Drescher: 'I Wanted to Slap Her Across the Face Like Cher in Moonstruck'
Real Housewives of New York star Carole Radizwill would like to set the record straight. She didn't have a ghostwriter for "What Remains," her bestselling memoir, contrary to what Aviva Drescher told the world in the second episode of the sixth season of RHONY.

In the episode, Aviva, who revealed in the first episode of the season that she got a book deal for a memoir, meets with Carole for lunch and blindsides the Emmy-winning journalist with reported gossip that she used a ghostwriter to pen her bestseller. Then Aviva takes that "news" to all the other ladies of New York.

"Let's just say what Aviva calls ‘silly show drama' or whatever—however she characterizes it—the entire legal community calls slander," Carole told E! News. "So no, I wasn't happy to see that on television. But I was very weary of Aviva going into this season and it was not an unpopular feeling among the group. Let me be clear, let me break it down. Aviva is on a reality show, she got a book deal and she hired a ghostwriter. It's not that complicated. I do not use a ghostwriter. I never have. I think it's clear in the show that she has little understanding of publishing and very clear that she has little respect for single, working women. She doesn't know the difference between a writer, an editor and a ghostwriter...She has very little understanding and rightly so, it's not her profession. I don't know why she went on the show claiming to suddenly be a writer. Still, to this day, I don't understand that. I don't know what her problem was with me."

In the episode, the two met for lunch to discuss Aviva's book, "Leggy Blonde," and her process in writing the memoir. Then things got weird. "She was very insulting at lunch and very demeaning of my work and sort of generally acting really strange. I still, to this day, don't see what I said that would trigger her to make up these lies and go behind my back," Carole said. "She lied when she told me she didn't hire a writer. When she said that in the scene I was a little taken aback because I thought she was going to bring that process, whatever it is, on camera and promote her book."

Carole said Aviva continued to lie to the other women on the show, especially when she said she wrote the book like writing a long email. "No offense to people who write long emails, I'm sure they're fascinating, but it's not like writing a book," Carole said with a laugh.

"She asked me to help her find a writer to work with, and I did. Under the umbrella of no good deed goes unpunished, I wish I had never gotten involved with it at all," she said. "But again, it's not about books, it's about behavior. She has a destructive pattern of character assassination and we've all seen it and I just feel like I was her latest target.

"To divert attention from her own lies, she made these ridiculous accusations about me. I think it was completely unprovoked. I asked a very innocent question. I thought she was going to bring that process on camera and clearly she wanted the world to think of her as a writer," she said. "I suppose she was looking for a way to promote her book, and I understand that, and she knew by attacking me she'd get a lot of airtime, and she did."

Aviva said Carole worked with former Atlantic Monthly and New Yorker editor Bill Whitworth as the ghostwriter on "What Remains." In reality, Carole said she met him late in the publishing process. "I hired him to do copyediting, even though it is so beneath him and I even hate to say that because he is one of the most well-respected, esteemed, legendary editors in all of publishing," she said. "I was lucky to work with him and it's just unfortunate that she—I don't know where she got that."

According to Aviva, her publisher told her about Carole's ghostwriter. Carole said Aviva's publisher is a professional colleague and personal friend and would never say that and has since apologized for even having her association with it brought up. "This wasn't like an emotional tirade [where] she called me ‘white trash,' this is a very calculated and manipulative attempt to spread this gossip as a way to divert attention from what she was saying.

"So Aviva Drescher is a writer now and I'm not, so it's hilarious. I don't want to demean myself much further by giving her ridiculous accusations any more seriousness than they deserve," she continued. "But, I signed up for a reality show, not an altered reality show. Aviva can be very nice when you're going along with her agenda. But if you don't, whatever, thank her husband enough, or don't give her the support she feels entitled to or you call her out for being less than honest, she can become a very, very unpleasant person and we've all seen it—everyone in the group has seen it—and everyone was weary of her."
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Kim Richards Disses Lisa Vanderpump During ‘RHOBH’ Reunion: ‘You’re Full Of [Bleep!]’
The catfights continue!

In a new preview for the Real Housewives of Beverly Hills Reunion – Part 2, airing March 24, Kim Richards calls out Lisa Vanderpump for exploiting her public battle with addiction.

The exchange starts innocently enough, when host Andy Cohen asks the British beauty, “Why do you think [Kim] feels like you don’t take her seriously?”

“Maybe I just don’t get her,” Vandperump confesses.

Richards – who is now sober – identified her problems with Vanderpump, admitting she doesn’t believe that her co-star’s concern about her whereabouts, while she was battling her addictions, comes from a place of genuine friendship.

“Yes, I missed a whole lot, Lisa, and it wasn’t just your party.

“I missed a huge chunk of my f–––ing life and my children’s lives, and I’m sorry if I missed a party or two,” Richards says.

Vanderpump jumps on the defense, insisting she is “pissed off” by the accusations and “never made a big deal” about Richards’ absence from various events.

But Richards isn’t ready to give in.

“I’ve never actually seen you be there for any one of us,” Richards said. ”You’re full of s––– right now.”
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Wednesday, March 19, 2014

NeNe Leakes Dazzles In ‘Dancing With The Stars’ Debut
NeNe Leakes has already parlayed her gig on the Real Housewives of Atlanta star into stints on Celebrity Apprentice, Glee and The New Norml, and on Monday, she began a new frontier in her domination of the boob tube with her debut on Dancing with the Stars on the show’s 18th season opener.

The 46-year-old beauty, who once worked as an exotic dancer, said she was focused on “shaking her bon-bon” for the national audience, and delivered a premiere performance Ricky Martin would have been proud of.

The charismatic Leakes, who’s paired with Tony Dovolani, showed off her nimble feet dancing the cha-cha-cha to Robin Thicke‘s “Give It 2 U,” garnering a standing ovation from the studio audience, and 21 out of 30 possible points from the judges in her first time out.

Len Goodman compared her routine to an “all you can eat buffet of fun and entertainment,” while Bruno Tonioli said the mercurial TV beauty was just “scratching the surface of her potential.”

“Half of dancing is about your personality, so you definitely brought that,” Carrie Ann Inaba told the feisty reality star, who welled up after her successful start.

After receiving 7s across the board, a humble Leakes said of her scores: “I think it’s great, I’m honored so much, thank you.”
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Here Is Porsha Williams' New Single "Flatline"

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Aviva Drescher Says Bethenny Frankel and Jill Zarin May Return for RHoNY Season 7

I don't believe this for a second:
Every season since beloved frenemies Bethenny Frankel and Jill Zarin left Real Housewives of New York, we’ve heard rumors that one or both of them would return. Unfortunately, these little tidbits are usually dreamed up in some wishful thinker’s head, and are thus proven to be false. But just one week after the premiere of the sixth season of the Bravo reality show, we’re hearing the buzz again — and this time from a reputable source: RHoNY star Aviva Drescher!

The Manhattan ladies have been making the media rounds over the last few weeks, and though the drama is just starting to roll out on-screen, we can already see where the rifts have happened behind-the-scenes. In particular, Aviva’s fellow Season 5 starters Heather Thomson and Carole Radziwill have some real issues with the “leggy blonde” after she perpetuated a rumor that Carole used a ghostwriter for her novel, The Widow’s Guide to Sex and Dating

We’re not sure if Aviva is just lashing back at her sparring partners with more rumors, but she sure does sound confident in her prediction that 1) Carole and Heather are being ousted next season, and 2) Bethenny and Jill are taking their places!

“I heard they’re going to replace Heather and Carole,” Aviva revealed on VH1’s The Gossip Table on Tuesday, March 18. She also didn’t miss a chance to pepper in a little shade, adding, “Heather and Carole are trying to be like Ramona and Sonja… NOT! I heard that Jill and Bethenny might come back and boot them off the show.”
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