Monday, March 3, 2014

Porsha Williams Won't Reveal New Boyfriend's Identity...Just Yet
Regardless of your feelings about Porsha Williams-Stewart during her first season stint on Real Housewives of Atlanta — and many weren’t feeling her submissive wife deal — you probably still felt for her when her ex-NFL hubby unceremoniously dumped her via Twitter. Nobody deserves to find out about their divorce on social media! So it’s great to hear that the young Atlanta gal has finally found a potential Mr. Right — and you may already know him!

Porsha has been slow to re-enter the dating scene after her divorce was finalized in December 2013, and who could blame her? We saw firsthand on RHoA’s sixth season what kind of emotional toll the ugly split had on Porsha. But she’s done with those tears now, and she’s taken up with a new guy… though it’s still early.

“He’’s well-known, so I’’m being cautious,”” she tells OK! Magazine in a recent interview, playing coy about his identity — though she does admit he may appear on the show eventually. “He’’s someone very special. He’’s standing out from the pack right now. We’’ll see how that turns out.””

Start your brainstorming! Whoever he is, Porsha’s new interest should provide some good source material for her budding music career. She has a single, “Flatline,” that will drop in the next week or so.

““It’’s a woman’’s anthem,”” she spills. “It’’s going to speak to a lot of women, just like my story did.” ” 
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