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Cynthia Bailey Talks New Season of 'Real Housewives of Atlanta'
The Real Housewives of Atlanta return to Bravo for season four of the series this Sunday, Nov. 6, at 9 p.m. Intown housewife Cynthia Bailey took some time out from her busy schedule to talk to Atlanta INtown about how she wound up becoming a reality star, what to expect in the new season and what it means to be real.

You’ve done so many interesting things in your life. How did you wind up in Atlanta and a Real Housewives of Atlanta cast member?
I ended up in Atlanta because I met my now husband Peter Thomas who had moved to Atlanta from Miami. We went back and forth on whether he was moving to New York or if I was moving to Atlanta, and I decided it was time to make a move. About 8 months after I got here, there was a casting for new Real Housewives of Atlanta cast members. People I knew had mentioned I should be on the show, and I was eventually approached because my name kept coming up as a candidate. I took a meeting, which led to another meeting, which led to a phone call with Bravo and a screen test. It seemed really crazy that I might actually wind up on a reality show! Originally, they were just looking for one new cast member, and it was between me and Phaedra. We both wound up on the show because Phaedra and I are very different.

What was it like watching your rookie season? It’s one thing to go through the video taping process, but I imagine it’s quite another watching your life on TV as part of an edited storyline.
It was honestly a little mortifying. It was my first time at the playground in every way – first time living in Atlanta, first time getting married. I say there’s no season like the first season. There’s no book on how to be on a reality show. You just have to go through it. Peter and I decided the best thing to do was to put it out there – to be real. On one hand, I’m glad we put it all out there. On the other hand, I feel like we gave too much.

Did you change anything for your second season? Try to present yourself or your family in a different way? Were you more guarded? Less?
One of the things that I definitely changed is I think I’m more opinionated. I’m more engaged with the other cast-mates as well. Last season, NeNe was my friend on the show, but this season I integrated with more than just NeNe, and I’m much more vocal.

Atlanta’s Real Housewives are the most popular of any of the Housewives series on Bravo. Why do you think the Atlanta cast is the one everyone wants to watch?
You know, there’s something on our show for everybody. Our show offers something different; we’re organic. It is what it is with us. We’re more real, and you’re going to get great moments and major train wrecks with us.

You’re our first real Intown housewife. People see you out and about in the neighborhood where you live and even at the grocery store, though granted looking better than your average shopper. Why do you Keep it INtown?
I lived in New York City for 25 years, and I’m more of a convenience person. I still travel a lot to New York and Los Angeles, and I like being near the airport. And in the Grant Park area where I live, there are more stores and things to do near my home, and I can walk to those places.

What can you share with us about this season’s Real Housewives of Atlanta? What can our readers expect to see?
Well, Africa will never be the same. We took an amazing trip there, and it’s one of my favorite things we shot this season. I felt like I really bonded with each of the girls individually on the trip. We were stuck together for 10 days in a Third World country, and it brought us together.

You and your husband Peter Thomas have so many new ventures going on. Anything in particular you want to share with INtown readers?
I opened the Bailey Agency School of Fashion, and I call it that because a lot of people who come through the door can’t be models, but they still want to get into the business. I wanted to offer them other things to do and teach them how to be make-up artists, hair stylists, fashion stylists and photographers. Not just kill their dreams (if they can’t be models). Peter has just opened Bar One in the Grant Park area; he got right back into the business after Uptown closed. I think people really related to our troubles last year with this economy. I got so many letters from viewers who were losing their jobs, losing their houses, losing their cars. They were glad to see that people on TV have problems, too. It was really real. I can’t fake that kind of pressure.

Kim Zolciak Weds Week After Real Housewives of Atlanta Premiere
Kim Zolciak's wedding to Atlanta Falcon's football star Kroy Biermann won't broadcast on The Real Housewives of Atlanta. It's believed the wedding will air on Kim's spin off show with Kroy. The Bravo series is expected to be like Bethenny Frankel's spin off, "Bethenny Ever After."

But a People poll from two weeks ago suggested that only one third of the Real Housewives of Atlanta audience will tune in for Kim's show. An overwhelming 75 percent of viewers said they won't watch Zolciak's show because they get enough of her on Real Housewives of Atlanta.

However, Kim and NeNe's final separation, one hopes, may just be reason enough to turn into Kim's new show. Especially if it premieres when the RHOA's 4th season ends. After being burned for what seems like the seven thousandth time by meanie bad girl NeNe Leakes, it's unlikely that Kim and NeNe will interact much on the RHOA show this season. Typically, irreconcilable rifts among or between Housewives starts renders one or both of the arguing parties out of the show.

Jill Zarin's irreconcilable difference with Bethenny Frankel spoiled an entire cast. Zarin and the other original cast member, Alex, both lost their slots in the New York franchise. Kim Zolciak wouldn't even engage with NeNe Leakes during the reunion episode of last season's Real Housewives of Atlanta reunion episodes.

In previous seasons, Kim Zolciak bravely defended herself and her ideas against NeNe's abrasive and scabrous attacks. Season 3, a pregnant Zolciak, in love with a NFL football player couldn't be bothered with NeNe. Kim blew NeNe off and left the most boisterous of the Atlanta Housewives, next to Kim Zolciak herself, to argue and fester all alone.

This season on the Real Housewives of Atlanta, Kroy and Kim move into a mega mansion and Kim delivers her son. During the first season of the Real Housewives of Atlanta, a palm reader predicted that Kim would have another baby. But at the time, Zolciak candidly admits, her life was a hot mess. Zolciak's affair with a married man and her belief that he and she would get married and move in together left her in a bad place with viewers and NeNe Leakes who couldn't appreciate Kim's mistress status.

Kim's wedding, two weeks from now, is by invite only. Kim's guests must sign releases to appear on television. Kim and Kroy have also barred cell phones and cameras from the wedding event.
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Kim Richards Opens Up On ‘Crystal Meth’ Allegations, Admits Past “Issues With Alcohol”
Well, I guess we can now say “it” has been brought. During the game night from hell on last week’s Real Housewives of Beverly Hills, new girl Brandi Glanville challenged Kim Richards to “Bring it, b!thch!” after feeling the wrath of the Richards sisters. While Brandi apologized to Kyle Richards in the following episode at an awkward spa day, Kim wanted nothing to do with the piranha named Brandi.

Kyle has since done damage control spoken out about the women’s behavior, but her sister Kim has remained relatively mum (save a tweet or two)…until now. In a blog on her twitter page, Kim addresses the fight, her actions, and that pesky little crystal meth accusation.

Kim begins, “Let me first start off by apologizing for the delay in my blogs. It has taken me some time to come to grips with certain events that have unfolded on the show. One event in particular is the situation that occurred on Game Night at Pam’s aka Dana’s (haha) That night was the first time I had ever met Brandi.”

She maintains, “For someone who doesn’t know me personally to outright accuse me of using crystal meth leaves me bewildered. Not only did she accuse me of using crystal meth, she accused me of using crystal meth on national television. Drug abuse isn’t something you just throw around as a jab. When Brandi uttered those words on camera, the only thing I could think of was ‘where the hell did that come from?’”

As you recall, it was Kim’s odd behavior and multiple bathroom trips that prompted the outburst while the three women were fighting. Kim is adamant that it wasn’t drug abuse but anxiety medication that is to blame for her very loopy demeanor.

She explains, “I told the others that night, that I had just left my doctors for treatment of my anxiety and panic disorder. I have suffered from this for many years. They knew he had given me medication for it. I found myself groggy, as this was a medication I had never taken before. That is why I was carrying my coffee with me. I should have gone home to lay down. Instead I went to shoot RHOBH. My doctors have been trying to determine which medication is right for me.” Perhaps she took this same medication while Adrienne and Paul were waiting on her to fly with them to the Kings game?

Kim takes a little responsibility for instigating the incident, admitting, “I know I was no angel that night. I am embarrassed that I fed into the negativity. I didn’t like the way I acted and that is not my character. When I said ‘I don’t want her on my team’ I was just joking with my sister. We have our own sibling banter and we get each other’s jokes. That’s my humor. It’s my fault for not making it obvious to Brandi that I was joking and for that I apologize.”

Kim alludes that Brandi’s excuse for her meltdown is more than a tad hypocritical. “By Brandi throwing out that accusation, it not only hurt me and my reputation, but hurt my children. Brandi was so concerned saying ‘don’t talk about my children’ But did she think for one moment about MY children when she carelessly threw those words out?” Kim makes a pretty valid point there.

She continues, “My kids have been devastated by her cruel words. My children and their friends and families watch this show as well. I can say that I am not embarrassed or apologetic for coming to my sister’s defense. I love my sister with all my heart no matter what ups and downs we go through. She always has my back and I will forever have hers.”

Kim doesn’t deny a past history of substance abuse. She says, “I’ll be the first to admit that I have struggled in the past with certain vices; but I have never in my life, EVER, used crystal meth. I have discussed openly my issues with alcohol. As many of you know, sobriety is a lifetime process, a process that is a priority in my life right now. I am grateful for the love and support of my children, family and dear friends.”

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Adrienne Maloof And Husband Dr. Paul Nassif on "Good Day LA"

Adrienne Maloof And Hubby on GDLA:

Bethenny Frankel and Kyle Richards Look Pie-eyed After a Girls' Night Out in Los Angeles
Birds of a feather flock together, which is why a friendship between Bethenny Frankel and Kyle Richards is unsurprising.

Both women appear on different versions of Bravo's Real Housewives series: New York and Beverly Hills, respectively.

The long-time friends seemed to have immensely enjoyed themselves as they stepped out for dinner last night at Boa steakhouse in West Hollywood.

Bethenny, 40, couldn't keep the huge grin off of her face as she exited the restaurant, while 42-year-old Kyle descended the stairs to valet very, very carefully.

Instead of standing up and waiting for their cars, the pals decided to sit down on the steps and exclaim over Bethenny's black Christian Louboutin stilettos.

The women, who bear an uncanny resemblance to one another, seemed completely immersed in their footwear discussion.

Unfortunately, it didn't look as if Kyle's similar black wedges received any talk time at all.

Paris Hilton's aunt didn't seem to mind, especially given that the reality stars have been friends for over twenty years.

She told the New York Post last year: '[Bethenny] was the hostess at a restaurant in Beverly Hills.. She'll probably kill me for saying this, but I was having lunch one day and she plopped down right next to me and said, Do you use Lancome eye makeup remover?'

'Turns out she was dating my ex and the Lancome was in his apartment. We started laughing and became friends. Then I got her a job with my sister [Kathy Hilton] driving Paris and Nicky to school.'

In addition to looking alike and sharing a similar taste in men, the ladies have had to defend themselves against criticism recently.

After watching herself fight with co-star Brandi Glanville, Kyle told Wetpaint Entertainment: 'That's just not who I am at all!'

Bethenny, who is mother to 17-month-old daughter Bryn, has recently come under fire for allegedly pretending to be lost at sea with husband Jason Hoppy.

Kim Richards' Top 5, Pre-Real Housewives Career Highlights
As a child I was obsessed with actress Kim Richards, whom you might better know these days as one of the Real Housewives of Beverly Hills. From her role as the adorable moppet on Nanny and the Professor to an endangered waif with magical powers in Escape to Witch Mountain, I thought she was the perfect combination of cuteness and spunk -- a girl you could be best friends with, but was still fierce and cunty enough to dress up in the latest fabulous French fashions.

Here are some of my favorite lesser-known Richards career highlights from before her days of calling Housewives cast mate Brandi Glanville a "slut pig" on national television. Charmant, as the French say.

1. Frankie Croyden, Tuff Turf.
This movie was supposed to be a bad-ass new-wave LA story of teens run wild, but was more like an SNL digital short. I was so excited to see it because Kim had crimped hair and a tough-girl sidekick played by Catya Sassoon, daughter of hair-stylist Vidal Sassoon. In this scene James Spader serenades Kimmy's character. Robert Downey Jr. also co-stars

2. Ruthie Alder, Hello, Larry.
This was a slightly rotten sitcom on NBC at a time when the peacock network was in third place. (There were only three networks at the time.) It was produced by the people who created Diff'rent Strokes, and starred McLean Stevenson as a radio disc jockey in Portland raising two daughters. I didn't care that it was lame. I was excited to see Kim play a tomboy with braids! 
I confess that I'm old enough to actually remember "Tuff Turf".

Dina Manzo on The Wendy Williams Show

Jacqueline Laurita Denies Stripper “Rumors”; Will Never Speak to Teresa Again, Plus Danielle Staub Chimes In
A day after In Touch Weekly reported she used to be a former stripper, Real Housewives of New Jersey star Jacqueline Laurita is now denying the report… sort of.

At first it appeared Jacqueline wasn’t going to respond to the shocking report, but she eventually did on Wednesday night when she took to her twitter page and wrote: “Chris and I want to share with you our wedding song…” The tweet included a link to a song by artist T-Pain titled “I’m In Love With A Stripper.”

Jacqueline later tweeted: “ITS A JOKE!!! GET IT????” She then added, “In case you were wondering… No, the rumors aren’t true. ( You know the ones;0) ).”

Jacqueline’s former friend and RHONJ costar Danielle Staub also chimed in yesterday, maintaining Jacqueline was indeed a past stripper.

Hours after the report came out yesterday, Danielle, who has admitted to being a former stripper and then some, tweeted: “It only takes a moment to tell a lie but a lifetime to cover up! The truth always comes out! I’m proud that I’ve always kept it real.”

And when a fan asked Danielle why she never revealed Jacqueline’s alleged secret (though she sort of did weeks ago), Danielle replied: “That’s bc I’m not a backstabbing bitch I kept it to myself bc JL was so weak and asked me to not say anything.”

As we reported yesterday, Teresa Giudice also insinuated Jacqueline was a former stripper when she tweeted last month that she had “lots of ex-stripper friends…”She made that tweet the same day Jacqueline was making negative tweets about her.

As for Jacqueline’s friendship with Teresa UsWeekly is reporting that it is over for good and that Jacqueline has vowed she “will never speak to Teresa again.” She definitely has good reason as Jacqueline believes Teresa was the one who supplied In Touch Weekly with the stripper story.

The source reveals that Caroline Manzo is also done with Tre, stating that Caroline “hasn’t spoken to Teresa in months.” Our RHONJ insider told us the same thing weeks ago stating Caroline was NOT on speaking terms with Teresa, even before the Posche Fashion show drama. “Every time they get together to film, everyone’s fighting with Teresa,” says the source to UsWeekly. The ladies just wrapped up filming on season 4.

Teresa’s sister-in-law Melissa Gorga added: “Caroline is upset over the charade.” When it comes to the status of the Gorga/Giudice relationship, sources reveal it’s still definitely strained. “Teresa and Melissa still communicate for family stuff, but things are strained,” a show insider states.

As for the reunion drama, Melissa admits, “It was dramatic and painful to watch.”

Meanwhile, perhaps to further clear up the rumors that she met her hubby Chris Laurita while stripping, Jacqueline revealed on her blog today on exactly how she met her husband. Jacqueline wrote that she met Chris in “the summer of 1996 when Ashley was only five years old,” adding that at the time, she was renting “a chair in a salon doing hair as a licensed cosmetologist in Las Vegas.”

Jacqueline reveals she also did some modeling back then for “conventions that came to town.” Jacqueline says she “modeled clothes, shoes, accessories, electronics, computers” etc. She states she actually met Chris in Chicago during a trade show she was working at.
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Brandi Glanville And Dana Wilkey On "The Wendy Williams Show"

Kim Richards: Brandi Glanville Has a Mouth "Like a Sewer"
As it turns out, ragging on Real Housewives of Beverly Hills' Brandi Glanville is a team sport, if you ask Kyle and Kim Richards.

Shortly after Kyle got in her digs over Glanville's potty mouth and slammed her parenting skills, Kim is taking her shots on Monday's all-new episode.

Gathered with the rest of the cast for a spa party at Adrienne Maloof's house, former model Glanville can already sense she's on the outs with the women.

"I did a couple of spa treatments where I didn't have to talk to anyone on purpose because I was scared," reasons Glanville, who had her crutches hidden by the Richards sisters at Dana Wilkey's game night shortly before the spa party.

Taunted by insults from Glanville -- including being called a "slut pig" -- Kim opts not to interact with her cast member, in an effort to ward off negativity.

"Know what I've decided? [She's] not worth my time," Kim tells her sis Kyle in a sneak preview from Monday's show. "I don't like anyone who's going to be negative [and] talk like that...not worth my time."

Kyle agrees, calling feeding into Glanville's behavior like feeding a "piranha."

But once Glanville is out of earshot, Kim can't resist getting in her own jabs.

"I don't even want to look at her," she seethes. "I don't think she's cute. I don't think she has a pretty mouth. [She has a] dirty, dirty ugly mouth, like a sewer! Not someone I'd like in my house. No, thank you!"
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Melissa Gorga Sports a HUGE Fat Suit and Scoffs Hot Dog in New York City

She is regularly seen by TV viewers as a particularly svelte and slim member of reality show The Real Housewives of New Jersey.

But Melissa Gorga looked almost unrecognisable as she stepped out in New York City today in a fat suit.

The 36-year-old aspiring actress and singer wore the suit under a bright pink tracksuit, ensuring she stood out enough to film a special segment for TV show Entertainment Tonight.

According to Radar Online, the star taped a special piece for the show to see how people treat her as a plus-sized woman, with the results apparently to be seen on the show this Thursday.

Melissa also wore glasses and sported special makeup on her face to give her an all-over larger look.

She strolled through the Manhattan streets, attracting the stares from onlookers as she bought a hot dog, put makeup on and hailed a taxi.

Melissa, who has been married to Joe Gorga for seven years and has three children, looked a far cry from her ultra svelte self.

She joined the show for the third season which kicked off back in May, and is the sister-in-law to current cast member Teresa Giudice, with whom she has a strained relationship.

'It's been kind of crazy,' she told TV Guide after her first few episodes had aired. 'I'm not really used to it. Everywhere I go, I get spotted so it's a new world for me.'

However, she admitted she saw her entry into the show as a good opportunity to launch her singing career.

'We didn't want to do it at first, and Joe was definitely saying no to the point where it was pretty much a no,' she recalled.

'Then, he took that I do sing into account and that it is a huge opportunity, and we kind of thought maybe we could outsmart them. This will be fun.'
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Cedric Martinez Writing Tell-all Book, To Give His Side Of Lisa Vanderpump Story
As if the Real Housewives of Beverly Hills didn’t have enough drama this season, everybody’s favorite ousted houseboy Cedric Martinez is back in all his glory — and he’s talking exclusively to Wetpaint Entertainment!

For those of you who have been on Mars, Cedric was a regular on Season 1 as an unofficial member of the Vanderpump-Todd household. As the RHoBH season progressed, Ken convinced Lisa to ask Cedric to move out, saying he had sponged off of them long enough. Ouch! Now that Season 2 is underway, Cedric is back in the picture by way of his friendship with new cast member Brandi Glanville and some less-than-flattering remarks Lisa has made about him. Lisa says she hasn’t seen Cedric, who she once considered “family,” since their falling out, but she’s sure he’ll “go a long way to find another idiot like me.” The usually loquacious Cedric has not spoken back, however — until now.

“It was a rough year,” says Cedric, “but I've landed on my feet. Ken stabbed me in the back and Lisa twisted the knife, but they didn't kill me.” The former houseguest now a place of his own and a job he loves. And that’s not all: He’s got a tell-all memoir in the works.

Cedric says that Lisa not only planted negative stories about him in the tabloids, but she also talked to the media about Taylor Armstrong’s marital troubles, an act that anyone following Season 2 knows Taylor herself believes to have happened. "Absolutely!" says Cedric. “There's no question about it. I've known Lisa has Us Weekly on speed dial since she sold out my relationship with Lance Bass.”

When contacted by Wetpaint Entertainment to comment on the remarks, a representative for Lisa Vanderpump declined to return our call.

Cedric will make an appearance later on in Season 2, but in the meantime, he is watching the show closely and has some concerns. Take Kim Richards. “Anyone watching this season knows drinking is the least of her problems,” says Cedric. “I hope and pray she gets the help she so desperately needs.”

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'Real Housewives' Footage: Russell Armstrong Wanted to Sue Co-Star Lisa Vanderpump for Comments In Tabloid Story

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A preview for next week's "Real Housewives of Beverly Hills" episode includes footage of a dinner party where the late Russell Armstrong talks about suing co-star Lisa Vanderpump for talking about him to a magazine.

Will Armstrong Marriage Counseling Air on 'Real Housewives'?

"So did you read the big story today?" Armstrong asks, as he passes a magazine article across the dinner table. "They link it to Lisa.

"We'll just serve them with a lawsuit," Armstrong continues as Kyle Richards -- Vanderpump's closest friend on the show -- looks on in surprise.

"This is very awkward," Richards says later in a separate on-camera interview. "Am I next?"

Speaking of awkward … so much for letting the troubled Armstrong rest in peace.

Aside from a brief cast discussion about Armstrong's August suicide that aired before the season two premiere, the "Real Housewives of Beverly Hills" has largely ignored the subject of Armstrong, who complained before his suicide in August that the show had ruined his marriage.

The comment at the dinner table was just one sign of the stress the show brought into his life.

Armstrong’s attorney, Ronald Richards, told TheWrap that Armstrong spent his savings trying to make himself and his wife seem wealthy enough to be on the show. He settled a lawsuit accusing him of siphoning off money from a business to pay for a redecorated home, which was just one of his apparent extravagances.

Armstrong’s mother, John Ann Hotchkiss, recalled him telling her during an interview on HLN, "Mom, they’re just going to crucify me this season. I don’t know what to do. I’ll never survive it."
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Caroline Manzo Leads NJ Housewives Attack On Teresa Giudice
If viewers thought Teresa Giudice had been attacked enough on the Real Housewives of New Jersey reunion's first installment, they best think again, as the mom of four was raked over the coals once more in Sunday's part two.

On Sunday's show, Giudice came under fire largely for incidents involving her family, including hubby Joe and daughters Gia, Gabriella, Milania and Adriana. Recalling this season's infamous christening scuffle, the women discussed the fact that Giudice left daughter Audriana alone while punches were being thrown.

"No mom wants to be attacked on their child," said Giudice, who slammed her cousin Kathy Wakile for ducking out of the party, not knowing she was tending to Audriana at the time. "If she was a good cousin, she wouldn't have said that to me," Giudice said, taking issue with Wakile's comment that Audriana was "unattended."

Giudice's reply didn't sit well with mother of three Caroline Manzo. "She took your child out of danger," Manzo shot back. "She's a good cousin because she did what I would want somebody to do."

The women also came to blows over the heartfelt song Gia Giudice sang at a family birthday party, urging her mother and uncle Joe Gorga to reconcile.

When Manzo told Giudice she should have taken her 10-year-old into another room to sing the song in private, Giudice argued she tried to keep the dialogue open with her daughter. "I asked her, 'Gia, do you see Mommy trying? Do you think I should do more?' She's like, 'No, Mommy, I see that you're trying. I just wish Joe would try back,'" Giudice recalled.

"What you did to that child with that song was wrong," Manzo sniped. Wakile took a bit more tact: "Knowing that this song was something that could be potentially emotional, singing it on national TV, don't you think that you could have proofread it first?" she asked Giudice.

"She wanted to surprise me...I thought it would open my brother's eyes," Giudice replied.

Countered Manzo: "You used your child as a tool!" The conversation took a wild turn when Giudice took quite an effort to explain how 'real' she is.

As Giudice went on, Manzo offered a be all, end all statement: "I could choose to be in the tabloids, but I choose to be a mother to my children," she sniped.

Monday, October 24, 2011

Dina Manzo Blogs "The Truth" About Feud With Sister Caroline
Dina Manzo is coming clean.

In an extended blog post labeled "The Truth!" the former Real Housewives of New Jersey star explains why she left the show...and why she is feuding with her sister and former castmate Caroline.

"I debated on if I should even do this but maybe this will put this all to rest," Dina wrote. "Just so you know I've been offered a SERIOUS amount of money to sell this to many outlets BUT I chose to do it for free here. So all of you who have something to say can shove it."

So what's she saying about all the drama?

Dina explains that once she decided to leave RHONJ, she began to distance herself from all the ladies on the show because all the drama between them became too "toxic" for her.

"I really wanted to walk away from all of the toxic behavior, I was not into ganging up on anyone and I was no longer obligated to talk about Daniele so the best thing for me to do was stay away...I guess some of the Housewives may have taken that as I think I'm better than them...that couldn't be further from the truth."

She then explains that through her children's chairty, Project Ladybug, she began to see that the bickering on the show seemed "so silly" and that she discovered what is really important in life—for her that no longer included reality television.

"I'm not proud of what went down season one and I entered into season two with a heavy heart, not really into it at all," she wrote. "Once I left I felt like a weight was lifted off my shoulders and I finally felt a sense of peace."

Dina says distancing herself from the show and cast did include not being as close as she once was to Teresa Giudice, but that the duo were still occasionally speaking. At the time she also had a falling out with her sister Caroline.

"Feelings did get hurt," Dina said of her family battle. "I won't get into them because I have no desire to rehash the past that can only hurt my parents whom I adore...There is no side here, this is a private matter there are 3 sides to every story depends on who you ask."

Dina added that she loves all her brothers and sisters and nieces and nephews and wants the best for them all.

"If any of them needed me I would be there for them in a heartbeat," Dina wrote. "There are 11 of us, 5 are girls, there is always someone fighting with someone at some point, that's just the way it is with a big family."

On the topic of her friendship with Teresa and if she was the cause of her rift with Caroline, Dina says all she did was console Teresa after she felt attacked on the show.

"I felt bad for her...even though I had distanced myself from her a bit I was still her friend and she needed me," she wrote, saying she also went to a party that Teresa invited her to, but the Bravo cameras were there and she was unhappy.
I read the entire blog post and still think Dina's full of it. First, I never bought that Dina left RHONJ because of Danielle (which is what she stated publicly) because Danielle's interactions with Dina were mostly minute and never that serious. Secondly, from what I've seen if her, Dina Manzo is a passive-aggressive narcissist. In other words, as much as she likes to play the role of down-to-earth, peace-loving, wife and mother, there's too many stories out there of Dina being an angry, control freak (business-wise) and there's something not right about a person who spends a million bucks on their wedding, much less marries a guy who she admitted cheated on her constantly. I'm sorry but there isn't.

Then too, if Dina's known Teresa for over 15 years, than she has to know what an acid-tongued, manipulative, idiot witch that Teresa is. Teresa's problems with her brother started way before Caroline got involved. Teresa's huge financial problems had nothing to do with Caroline and if Dina was really watching the show this season (and past) then she saw how supportive Caroline was of Teresa (something Teresa herself has admitted time and time again on her RHONJ blog) throughout Teresa's troubles the past few years.

Lastly, if Dina wants people to stay out of her life, she should do what most people do when they want people to stay out of their business: lay low. Dina's on her 3rd reality-TV show now, she tweets, blogs, the whole nine. So when she gets on her high horse and starts complaining about people wanting to know what's really going on with her and Caroline, it's just hypocritical and rather condescending. Frankly, I'm tired of Dina's manipulative ways. To think, I used to be a fan. I mean, yes, all families fight sometimes, but even the idea that Dina could watch Teresa's actions the couple of years, how she lies and treats her own brother, sister-in-law, cousin and puts up with that boor of a husband and still be "supportive" of her while not talking to her own sister, just sickens me.

Sunday, October 23, 2011

Caroline Manzo: ‘Teresa Wanted To Destroy My Family’
The feud between Real Housewives Teresa Giudice and Caroline Manzo may be new but it looks like it's here to stay.

On part one of the explosive New Jersey reunion show, Teresa brought up an apparent rift between Caroline and her sister, former Housewife Dina Manzo. But Teresa later said, "I don't get Caroline's problem with me."

Now, in a new blog on, Caroline clearing up any confusion and revealing her reasons for wanting to keep the "sad situation" between her and Dina out of the spotlight.

"My fear in having this issue exposed had nothing to do with me at all. It was all about my parents," Caroline writes. "Teresa knew how important it was to me to keep the Dina issue hidden, but ... she finally had her moment at the reunion. Did she think I would deny it? Congratulations, Teresa, the only thing you succeeded in doing was hurting my parents. What a fool I've been in my efforts to bring your family together when it was your intent to destroy mine from the start."

During the reunion, Caroline revealed that Teresa said she never planned to make up with her brother, Joe Gorga, and had called him "an a------." Teresa denied this and called Caroline a liar.

But if Caroline is so interested in keeping family business away from the cameras, why did she bring that up? Caroline insists she was telling the truth, but says she regrets the comment.

"I will never forget the look on Joe Gorga's face when he saw the clip of me outing Teresa's true feelings about reconciling with him," she says." "Many of you think Teresa said this to me in confidence, not true, it was widely known and said to others beside myself. Joe didn't deserve to hear that, and I wish I never said it."

And before signing off her blog post, Caroline says she doesn't take Teresa's comments – whether it's what she said at the reunion or in her cookbook – too seriously.

"She can never hurt me, because I take into account where it's coming from," she writes. "Unlike you, Teresa, I can look in the mirror and hold my head high knowing that I have always given the best of myself to my family and friends. I live my life with integrity and self-respect."
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Crazy Kelly Bensimon Announces Shoe Line
Move over, Manolo Blahnik!

Watch out, Christian Louboutin!

Kelly Bensimon is about to step on your toes...

Proving that she's not about to let the end of her run on The Real Housewives of New York City slow her down, the former reality TV star just announced that she'll soon be launching her own line of shoes, Kelly by Kelly Killoren Bensimon.

She'll start with a collection of ballet flats set to debut in the spring.
PlayIt's a Boy for "American Pie" Star
PlayMeet Mariah Carey's Twin Babies
PlayLindsay Lohan Goes to the Morgue

"I want to make it super chic but incredibly affordable because I feel like why can't fashion be democratic?" Bensimon tells me.

She also wants fashion to be charitable.

For each pair of the $39.99 flats sold, $3 will be donated to the Breast Cancer Research Fund.

"The reason I am doing this is because I'm the mother of two girls," Bensimon said. "If I can put my name out there on something creative and help generate money to find a cure for this disease then I'm going to do it. I've seen the courage and I've seen the hope and I've seen amazing women persevere through such horrible situations. It's really exciting to be able to help in any way."

Bensimon has no plans to stop at shoes. "This is the start of a bigger Kelly collection," she said. "This is my first huge milestone and I'm hoping to bring all this great product and be able to be as charitable as possible on the largest scale possible. That's my goal. That's what I want."

Friday, October 21, 2011

Taylor Armstrong Talks Dating Rumors & ‘Real Housewives’ Future
“The Real Housewives of Beverly Hills” star Taylor Armstrong and fellow Bravo star Matt Nordgren – from “Most Eligible Dallas” — have been the subject of romance rumors and Taylor set the record straight with Access Hollywood’s Shaun Robinson.

“There’s a rumor that you’ve already started dating, and that you’re new beau is Bravo star Matt Nordgren… is that true?” Shaun asked Taylor during a recent visit to the set of Ciroc and Bravo’s New Year’s Eve commercial, promoting an upcoming December 31 event involving various “Real Housewives” franchise stars in Houston, Miami, New York, Los Angeles and Chicago.

“That is not true,” Taylor said. “He is not [my boyfriend.] He is very sweet, and just as handsome as can be. He’s such a great guy, and we’re friends, we have mutual friends in Dallas.

“We end up running in the same circle whenever we see one another, but he also has a wonderful foundation, called The Leadership Foundation, and I work with domestic violence. We’re trying to partner on some charitable efforts,” she continued. “He’s cute as a button, but no.”

Taylor and Matt were photographed having lunch together on Friday in Los Angeles. However, Taylor was quick to deflect the romance rumors with Matt – or with anyone else.

“Any guy in your life right now?” Shaun asked.

“No. It’s too soon,” Taylor, who is still dealing with the suicide of estranged husband Russell Armstrong, said. “I need some more time.”

With Season 2 of her hit Bravo series currently airing, how does Taylor feel about the possibility of returning to the small screen a third time?

“I love my cast and Bravo has been amazing to me. I’m absolutely open to it,” she told Shaun. “Again, it depends the most for me on whether it’s the right choice for [my daughter] Kennedy. I really have to see how she’s doing and make sure it’s the right choice for her.”

Adding, “At this point, I just have to do what I can to get my life back together and keep my little girl happy.”

Caroline Manzo to Teresa Giudice: "Shame On You"
Sticks and stones may break their bones, but reality TV is doing some real damage!

Real Housewives of New Jersey's Caroline Manzo and Teresa Giudice got into a heated fight on Sunday night's reunion. Caroline attacked everything from Teresa's marriage to her family's bankruptcy proceedings, but she's adamantly convinced her former friend is in the wrong.

Bravo's RHONJ reunion Sunday "was miserable," Caroline wrote in a blog post Wednesday. "We're currently shooting Season 4 and the night before the reunion we were all together at an event that should have never ended the way it did. I can't reveal too much, but I can tell you that there was an incident, which led to an ugly confrontation that destroyed a friendship and quite possibly put an irreparable divide between families."

"I don't regret anything I said to Teresa, because I was telling the truth," she said. "All of our emotions were on overdrive from the night before and I couldn't hide my feelings. I didn't see why I should at this point."

But there is one thing Caroline wishes she could take back: "outing" Teresa's true feelings about reconciling with Joe Gorga. "Many of you think Teresa said this to me in confidence, not true, it was widely known and said to others beside myself," she explained. "[But] Joe didn't deserve to hear that, and I wish I never said it. He's a great guy with a huge heart, and I hurt him."

Teresa called Caroline "as Italian as the Olive Garden," but that didn't throw her off. "We joked [about that], but here's the difference -- we didn't joke about my son, Melissa, Kathy or Richie... Big difference."

"It was never about the Italian remark," she clarified. "It was about the underhanded sneaky insults towards the rest of us followed by an insincere apology... To use my words as a defense against your insulting remarks towards my son is unbelievable. Apology not accepted."

Caroline's strained relationship with her sister Dina was something she wanted to keep hidden, but she said Teresa "tried numerous times throughout the season and through her blogs to reveal it. She finally had her moment at the reunion."

"Did she think I would deny it?" Caroline quipped. "Congratulations, Teresa, the only thing you succeeded in doing was hurting my parents. What a fool I've been in my efforts to bring your family together when it was your intent to destroy mine from the start. Shame on you."
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Thursday, October 20, 2011

Kandi Burruss Talks New Season Drama & Business Ventures
With the new season premiering on Bravo November 6, the ladies of Atlanta are gearing up for more drama (Nene Leakes will be back, after all!). However, when all is said and done, one of the Real Housewives of Atlanta proves it takes hard work, and not hair pulling, to remain in the spotlight.

In a recent interview with Sister 2 Sister, Kandi Burruss discusses returning to Season 4 in light of the recent firings of the Real Housewives of New York. When asked what to expect, she reveals, “You never know. I don’t feel too comfortable. I can’t be too comfortable.” Kandi continues, “That’s why I keep multiple things going on. In my opinion, I’ve been in the industry long enough to know that you may be hot, but as soon as you cool down, people are ready to say, ‘She fell off.’”

I don’t foresee Kandi falling off any time soon with all the business ventures she has in the works. Besides being part of the Housewives franchise, she maintains her popular radio show “Kandi Koated Nights,” owns a boutique called Tags, and has developed Bedroom Kandi, a new line of sex toys. To top it all off, Kandi is joining the likes of cast mate Kim Zolciak and getting her own spin-off on Bravo, aptly titled “Kandi Factory.” Oh, and don’t let me forget about her role as executive producer for a program on a different network…where does she find the time?

Kandi admits, “I have multiple hustles. I’m always thinking about what’s my next move.” However, her fans shouldn’t worry that she’ll be jumping off the housewives ship any time soon. She says, “I want them to keep me as part of the show.”

Giving fans a sneak peek at what’s to come, Kandi teases, “It’s so much drama this year. It’s not going to be like one big thing. It’s going to be multiple arguments and blowouts.” She continues, admitting, “There were times I had a couple words.” However, don’t expect to see Kandi throwing drinks, flipping tables or pulling wigs. She jokes, “That’s when you get me acting straight street.”

Getting away from the drama and closer to her roots, Kandi is also the head of Kandi Cares, a foundation created to help single parents “afford to do things for their children they might not be able to afford” without assistance. Kandi says, “I’m from a single-parent home and I am a single parent. I used to get in trouble when I wasn’t involved in extracurricular activities. The best thing to do for kids or any children is to get them in the most activities as possible.”
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Jill Zarin: Real Housewives of New York 'Was Just a Platform for Me'
After four dramatic seasons, The Real Housewives of New York has, well, cleaned house, as stars Jill Zarin, Alex McCord, and Kelly Bensimon have not been asked to return for a fifth season.

But Zarin, 48, isn't letting her exit from the popular Bravo series stand in the way of her next venture: the launch of her shapewear line, Skweez Couture.

Zarin talked to about her life post-Real Housewives and whether or not fans can expect to see the straight-talking, no-nonsense reality TV star return to the small screen.

On being let go from The Real Housewives of New York.
"I was definitely prepared for it. I had sort of an inkling over the summer that the show might take a turn. As a family, we weren't sure if coming back for a fifth season was going to be the best road for me right now, but we were waiting until Bravo made their decision."

There are no hard feelings — really.
"I believe that what's meant to be is meant to be, so I sort of let it happen. If they asked me back and that was my path, so be it. And if they said that they wanted to make a change for the cast and that was going to be my final season, I was certainly ok with that. I had a four-year run on a very successful show. And it's just now starting to air in Europe. I get about 50 emails a day from the UK, Germany, Israel, and Australia — we're all over the world. The show will continue (good or bad) to live on in reruns on Bravo and any other network."

The end justifies the means.
"I'm very proud of what I did. It was just a platform for me. I'm grateful to Bravo for opening the door for me in this business that I never though I'd be in — the entertainment business. It won't be the last time (I hope) that I'll be on television. I have a couple things that I'm in the middle of that I can't share yet."

On her new shapewear line, Skweez Couture at Lord and Taylor.
"Beauty begins with a great foundation. Women need to know that undergarments are critical to making your clothes fit the best they can and to make you look your best. I felt that there was a lack of assortment in certain types of shapewear. I found a need, and I'm kind of like a problem solver, so I solved it!"

Wednesday, October 19, 2011

Kyle Richards: "I Don’t Have Anything Against Brandi Glanville"

It's funny watching how often Kyle has to defend herself from accusations of being "mean". Could it be that she's just, I don't know...really mean?
If you saw their catfight on Monday's episode of Real Housewives of Beverly Hills, you wouldn’t be alone in thinking that Kyle Richards really doesn’t like new girl Brandi Glanville.

After some angry four-letter words flew in a very toxic confrontation that we won't dare repeat, Kyle shared her side of the story to Wetpaint Entertainment in an exclusive interview at the Lexus Live on the Plaza party during Los Angeles Food and Wine Festival.

"The last couple of weeks I look like a mean person and I’m not, but you don’t always see everything and it’s hard to explain to people," Kyle told us. "I can say that when I watch it, I think that’s not me.

"It was also at a time when I was really stressed because I was just concerned about my relationship with my sister and we were right in the middle of mending things," she added.

In case you missed it, the blow-up was sparked by Kyle criticizing Brandi's parenting skills after she let her son pee on Adrienne’s lawn during a pool party, and then things escalated when the newbie hurled drug accusations at Kyle's sister, Kim.

"I don’t have anything against Brandi, I think she’s a beautiful girl. I think things are misunderstood about her son going to the bathroom on the grass. I don’t have any sons, but I know that little boys do that," explained Richards, who has since apologized to Brandi.

"There is just a lot of stuff that people don’t see leading up to Brandi coming into the show, amongst all of us girls talking and knowing she is friends with Cedric," she added.

When asked if they are friends now, Kyle answered diplomatically, "I wouldn’t say we’re friends! I actually don’t have a problem with any of the new girls. I think Dana [Wilkey] is a nice girl. Brandi, I don’t know that well, but I’m sure she’s a nice girl."

One person she isn’t so diplomatic about is Cedric Martinez, Lisa’s former BFF and current arch-enemy.

"The reason Cedric came back on was because Brandi was friends with him, and we all knew that, so we all kind of had our guard up and were skeptical," she explained, adding that we’ve not seen the last of him. "Cedric does rear his head here and there."
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Real Housewives of South Boston (Parody)
Many people are familiar with "The Real Housewives of New York" and "The Real Housewives of Orange County", but what about "The Real Housewives of South Boston"?

A new comedy sketch is putting some Boston stereotypes in the spotlight, highlighting the typical Boston accent and the love of New England sports teams.

The video has gone viral on YouTube, and some people say it could offend viewers from the South Boston area.
WARNING: Very strong language, NSFW

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Lisa Vanderpump Responds To Restaurant Credit Card Controversy
Lisa Vanderpump is taking action at her upscale Beverly Hills restaurant Villa Blanca after learning that one of her employees was allegedly changing tip amounts on credit card receipts.

The wealthy British Real Housewives of Beverly Hills star's rep told exclusively that her client was “shocked” to learn about the incidents.

“Lisa Vanderpump's number one priority at her restaurants Villa Blanca and Sur has always been customer satisfaction. She cares deeply about her patrons, friends and her community,” her representative said in a statement about the situation.

As previously reported, two customers came forward to complain that the tip amount they left on their credit card receipts was altered and increased after they left the restaurant and that when they complained they did not receive a response.

“She was shocked and disheartened by the allegations about an employee who allegedly improperly tipped himself an extra $2 dollars. The employee in question is no longer employed by Villa Blanca,” Vanderpump’s rep said.

“Villa Blanca serves about 600 satisfied customers everyday and it is very upsetting for Lisa when something like this happens.
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Wendy Williams Speaks On 'Real Housewives of New Jersey' Reunion Show

Brutally honest...and funny.

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Tuesday, October 18, 2011

Jill Zarin Calls Teen Mom "Birth Control" at Girl Scouts Event

Desperate to stay in the spotlight:
While the Girl Scouts of America believe reality TV gives young girls a skewed image of what real life should be, Real Housewives of New York City star Jill Zarin thinks at least one of the shows could have a positive effect. In the case of Teen Mom, she believes it'll prevent girls from getting knocked up too soon.

"Teen Mom... is like birth control," she said at the "Behind the Scenes: Girls and Reality TV" panel held by the Girl Scouts of America on Wednesday, according to Media strategist and author Jess Weiner countered that opinion, stating that she's heard of many girls who purposefully get pregnant to appear on the show.

Zarin, who's often known for feuding with her Housewives co-stars, was among the panelists who were debating the effects reality TV has on youth following the release of the 2011 study "Real to Me: Girls and Reality TV." The study found that a majority of the girls thought that the action in reality shows is genuine and unscripted. "Tween and teen girls who regularly view reality TV accept and expect a higher level of drama, aggression, and bullying in their own lives, and measure their worth primarily by their physical appearance," says the study.
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Monday, October 17, 2011

Taylor Armstrong on Russell's Abuse: Real Housewives May Have Saved My Life

Talk about irony:
Certain members of Russell Armstrong's family have pointed fingers at his participation in The Real Housewives of Beverly Hills for hastening his downward spiral.

But his widow, Taylor Armstrong, doesn't necessarily think Russell would be alive today if not for the cameras.

She's pretty convinced, however, that she herself might not be alive if not for the cameras!

"There was a storm happening in my life that was very separate from a camera being there," Taylor said when asked during an interview with KTLA-TV whether the Bravo cameras amped up and spotlighted the drama in her life in a destructive way.

"I was in an abusive relationship for six years and that was going on...The only thing I would say," she added, "if the cameras were not in my life, I might not be sitting here today. A lot of domestic violence situations end in murder-suicide, versus just suicide. I have my daughter with me today, and by the grace of god and, perhaps, reality TV, I'm sitting here and so is she."

Russell hanged himself in August in the Mulholland Drive home he was living in after he and Taylor separated. Foul play was quickly ruled out and an autopsy confirmed that his death was a suicide.

Business associates said that Russell had seemed depressed, but overall expressed shock that he chose to end his own life.

While he and Taylor had the most obviously tumultuous marriage on the show, it was only after his death that Taylor started speaking publicly about physical abuse she suffered during her six-year marriage. Court records showed that one of Russell's exes had obtained a restraining order against him after accusing him of abusing her and their young son.

Taylor says that she has a titanium implant "holding up" her right eye, due to an injury inflicted by Russell.

"I believe that, subconsciously, I may have signed up for the show to try and allow my problems to be in the public eye to some extent because, again, it was my saving grace," the mother of 5-year-old Kennedy said.

"Going through that for so long and then having the ability to find a platform of my own—which is really what I want to focus on now, helping women who are in a dangerous situation, find a platofrm find a financial source to get them out fo that situation before something tragic happens."

When asked about the criticism she's received for putting herself right back in the public eye so soon after such a traumautic event, Taylor insisted that her purpose now is to help others.

"I spent five weeks in my house," she said. "We're all put on this earth with a plan, a mission, and we're handed a very specific mission through a tragedy. And If I don't do something with it I'm not doing right by other women, and men, who might be in a dangerous situation."

Of Kennedy, Taylor said, "I'm thankful to be here. Imagine if she had two less parents, instead of one. I feel thankful at this point."

Exclusive: Details of RHONJ’s Teresa Giudice & Dina Manzo’s ‘Fake Friendship’; Dina Claims She Isn’t Taking Sides

Come to think of it this story does make a whole lotta sense as I never quite believed that Dina and Teresa were as close as Teresa would like people to believe:
More exclusive Real Housewives of New Jersey news to report today!

As we reported days ago, Caroline Manzo finally admitted there is indeed a rift between her and sister Dina Manzo in a preview clip for the show’s reunion. Even worse, Caroline blamed Teresa Giudice for straining her relationship with Dina.

But what’s even more surprising is the fact that Dina continues to be BFF with Caroline’s new enemy Teresa while shunning her own sister.

And today, we now have exclusive details on the real deal when it comes to Dina and Tre’s friendship. According to our RHONJ insider, the friendship between Dina and Teresa is pretty much fake as the only time the two hang out together is when there are cameras around. Our source states the two are simply using each other for different reasons — more so Dina than Teresa.

“Dina’s Party (Dina’s HGTV show) isn’t getting such rave reviews. It sure isn’t a hit show. So, she is desperate to stay relevant. Teresa was seen filming with her. That is why they remain friends,” says the insider. “Dina who claims she hates all the BS hangs out with the biggest trouble maker of all. But, Dina is no dummy. She does it to stay on the map. Dina also uses Teresa to make appearances because she knows she gets a larger crowd at her Ladybug events.”

“Teresa and Dina’s friendship was totally played up for the show. They never see each other. The only time they do is when they are using each other for business,” reveals our source adding that Dina “knows Teresa is a trouble maker and doesn’t agree with what she does.”

As for what caused the rift between Dina and Caroline, our source states it all started when Caroline refused to quit the RHONJ. “Caroline and Dina have had a strained relationship since Dina left the show. When Dina left she wanted Caroline to leave as well. It really is a mess. This show has screwed up so many relationships.”

Our source also insists Dina left the show not so much because of Danielle Staub but because of her husband Tommy Manzo — who never appeared on camera. “Dina’s husband Tommy told Dina she HAD to leave the show. She had no choice in the matter.”

The insider adds that Dina is “NOT happy” that Teresa revealed her feud with Caroline on the reunion show. However, “Dina won’t dare stay mad at Teresa since she hopes she chooses Project Ladybug as her charity on Celebrity Apprentice. It is one big circle of using people.”

Indeed, Teresa began filming Celebrity Apprentice a few days ago. No word yet on whether or not she chose Dina’s Project Ladybug as her charity.

As for Dina, she started receiving some backlash from RHONJ fans who feel she is taking Teresa’s side over her sister Caroline’s. She then took to twitter to defend herself.

“Eww getting some MEAN tweets. I didn’t take sides, don’t assume~didn’t even know they were not getting along until recently~I’m not involved,” tweeted Dina.

Sunday, October 16, 2011

Is Jill Zarin Writing A Bravo Tell-All Book?
After Jill Zarin was fired from The Real Housewives of New York, Jill kept busy promoting her body shapewear line, Skweez Couture, and going on an extended vacation with her husband, Bobby. Lately, she’s been keeping busy on Twitter, giving her fans updates on her life after The Real Housewives of New York City. Spurred by fans asking her why she was not invited back to The Real Housewives of New York, she encouraged her fans to tweet Andy Cohen (@BravoAndy). A fan wrote to Jill: “I am very mad at @BravoAndy. I can’t wait for your tell-all book. Can you update us on it?” How did Jill respond?

She writes: “Starting to write down the truth!” It looks like Jill does not want to bow out gracefully from her Bravo exit. Of course, fans of the Real Housewives franchise want to know the good, the bad, and the ugly–but mostly, the truth–so a tell-all book would be a big hit. Will Jill tell the whole truth? She recently hinted on Twitter that she was let go from Bravo due to her high salary. In response to a fan tweeting “@BravoTV couldn’t afford Jill Zarin anymore. Money can’t buy you class,” @JillZarin responded: Exactly! You are the first to figure out!”
Gotta admit, as much as I can't stand Jill, I'd buy her tell-all book.

Crazy Kelly Bensimon's Advice to New Housewives: 'Make as Many Mistakes as Possible'

Yeah, just what the new "Housewives" need: advice from Crazy Kelly Bensimon:
Though she was let go from The Real Housewives of New York City last month, Kelly Bensimon says she harbors no hard feelings.

"I'm not angry," she told PEOPLE. "I had a great opportunity. I mean, three years! Three years I'm on television. ... The show is on all over the world and we're still going to be on for a long time. It's like the Baywatch of Housewives. For me, it's just the gift that keeps on giving."

Speaking at a QVC charity event in New York City to benefit breast cancer research, Bensimon called her stint on Real Housewives a "huge leap of faith" and said she looks forward to watching upcoming seasons of the Bravo hit.

"The show started off in one way and it needs to take a different direction because that's the nature of the TV beast," she said. "I'm excited to watch it. It's going to be great."

As for rumored the new cast, Bensimon said, "I don't know them, but I'm sure they're going to be very interesting, lovely women."

She did have some words of advice, however.

"Make as many mistakes as possible," she said. "Do anything that you can do that you can learn from your mistakes. Because if you don't learn from your mistakes then you're what? Boring!"

Saturday, October 15, 2011

Why Marlo Hampton Isn’t An “Official” Housewife On The Real Housewives Of Atlanta
Is she or isn’t she?

A new report claims Marlo Hampton, who was supposed to be the new wife on the block for Real Housewives of Atlanta is actually not going to make the cut!

StraightFromTheA blog is reporting that, while Marlo was originally slated to join as the seventh housewife, she has now been relegated to the “side-kick” role ala Brandi Glanville and Dana Wilkey of Real Housewives of Beverly Hills.

This is possibly verified by the fact that Marlo was not included in any of the official Bravo promotional pictures or write-ups for the new season. And Phaedra Parks stated in a recent interview: “We’re almost finished filming, it’s still just the six of us, no one left and there is no new Housewife.”

The reason Marlo got downgraded? Apparently not only did she lie about her affiliation with supposed fiancĂ© Charles Grant, she also has a pretty shady and violent criminal past! (oh no – Danielle 2.0!). Also she was supposed to bring the catfights with NeNe Leakes, but instead the two formed a friendship! A Bravo no-no!

Marlo’s criminal past is quite extensive, resulting in seven arrests, including a couple for aggravated assault and another for check fraud from her days living in Florida. Seriously! Sources say Bravo is claiming they did not know about her lengthy violent criminal history and when they were alerted to it through the blogosphere, were forced to reconsider adding her to the cast permanently to avoid being held responsible for any of her untoward (re: possibly illegal) behaviors! Hey, they’ve already got enough of that on their hands!

I find it very hard to believe that Bravo would not thoroughly and exhaustively background check their cast members – and I believe they do conduct those checks and then cast for maximum drama. I mean, you get a background check to work at Target!

Dina Manzo: I'm Not Taking Sides in the Caroline vs. Teresa Feud

This is wack. Is Dina really trying to convince people that she's totally neutral here?!? Put aside the slam Teresa made about Carline being "1/16th Italian", but could Dina not be bothered in the least that Teresa also took an unnecessary shot at her nephew Chris in her cookbook? Or that Teresa would take an unwarranted shot at her sister after all the support Caroline's shown Teresa throughout all the drama Teresa's been involved in since RHONJ started?

I'm not saying that Dina can't say that she doesn't want to be in the middle of this drama, but remember it's Dina's choice to still be in the spotlight (she's on her 3rd reality-TV now) and like it or not Dina can't pretend that people weren't going to wonder how she fits into all of this considering she's besties with that scumbag Teresa and also Caroline's little sister. That said, "not taking sides" comes off as pretty weak:
There's no family feud for the Manzo clan – at least not according to Dina Manzo.

The former Real Housewives of New Jersey castmember took to Twitter on Thursday night to clear up rumors that she has a stake in the escalating fight between Teresa Giudice and her older sister, Caroline Manzo.

"eww getting some MEAN tweets," Dina, who left the show in season 2, Tweeted. "I didn't take sides, don't assume~didn't even know they were not getting along until recently~I'm not involved."

After previews of an explosive – and emotional – New Jersey reunion hit the web, there was speculation that Caroline and Dina's relationship was strained because of disagreements over their friendship with Giudice.

While Caroline hasn't explicitly addressed Dina, in a recent interview on The Gayle King Show, Caroline spoke about her relationship with Teresa, which seemed to fizzle out in the season 3 finale after Giudice made insulting jokes about Caroline in her cookbook, Fabulicious!.

"We were never really friends," Caroline tells King. "She was an acquaintance. She was very good friends with my sister, Jacqueline [Laurita]. ... I think Jacqueline suffered the biggest blow here."

Laurita, who is Caroline and Dina's sister-in-law, did not appear at the recent reunion, which will air on Bravo on Sunday (10 p.m. ET), after sparring with Giudice over Twitter. She has allegedly quit the show, which is already taping season 4.
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Friday, October 14, 2011

Bethenny Frankel Opens Up About Skinnygirl, Lost at Sea Rumors
Heard any good Bethenny Frankel rumors lately?

The wife, mom, author, mogul and reality star has had quite the week.

First, she was accused of staging a "lost at sea" ordeal for her reality show Bethenny Ever After? (Late last month, she and husband Jason Hoppy were stranded on a sailboat on the open sea for 20 hours in what was intended to be an 8-hour pleasure cruise.) Days later, the Huffington Post questioned Forbes' magazine's story that Frankel's Skinnygirl brand was worth $100 million, claiming it was acquired for just $8.1 million.

"The whole thing has been really upsetting," Frankel tells Us Weekly in an exclusive chat. "You have to spend 24 hours of your life defending your honesty to your fans. [These stories are] irresponsible journalism and ... a waste of your time."

Both accusations turned out to be patently false. Bravo issued a statement about the sailing incident. "It is accurate that Bethenny, Jason and their therapist were stranded at sea when the navigation on their boat broke during a taping for [the show]," the network said.

"The Coast Guard referred a private tow vessel who eventually led their boat out. When people see the episode, they will certainly see for themselves that this was very real."

Forbes magazine shot down the HuffPo's $8.1 million claim in a Thursday post called, "Bethenny Frankel's Skinnygirl Deal: The Numbers Still Hold Up". Said one financial expert: "Suffice to say, this was not an $8.1 million acquisition."

The happy mother to daughter Brynn, 17 months, became a star and successful businesswoman based on her frankness on Real Housewives of New York and her popular spinoff.

"I never realized I would even have fans by being so honest about being single, being broke, not being like the other wealthy women I was surrounded by," she explains to Us of her single Real Housewives days.

"My entire brand is based on that [honesty]," Frankel explains. "I felt like I had a responsibility to my fans to say something."

Still, with the fracas now behind her, Frankel is happier than ever. Little Bryn, she tells Us, is "amazing!"

Real Housewives of New Jersey: A Shocking Two-Part Reunion

Thursday, October 13, 2011

Sisters Caroline, Dina Manzo No Longer Speaking

One of the oldest sayings in the book is "blood is thicker than water:, so I'd like to think this news isn't true. But then too I was never a huge fan of Dina Manzo (she always came off as kind of arrogant, hypocritical and aloof) and knowing that Teresa and Dina are besties says a lot about Dina's real character and who she chooses to be friends with. It would also be fair to point out that Danielle Staub warned us all about Teresa's wicked ways a long time ago, but no one listened because...well, she's Danielle Staub:
No longer thick as thieves?

Sisters and former Real Housewives of New Jersey costars Caroline and Dina Manzo are no longer speaking -- and they have Teresa Giudice to thank.

On Sundays's reunion show, all eyes will indeed be on Giudice, 39, who has officially been iced out by her costars, one-time pal Caroline Manzo, Jacqueline Laurita, Giudice's cousin, Kathy Wakile and sister-in-law, Melissa Gorga.

"Teresa is a wolf in sheep's clothing," Manzo, 50, tells Us Weekly of Giudice, who slammed her former friend in her Fabulicious! cookbook, calling her "as Italian as the Olive Garden," and insulting her son, Christopher.

After spending much of Housewives' season 3 attempting to mend Giudice's longtime rift with her sister-in-law, Manzo realized Giudice had no intention of making nice. "It was all a charade," Manzo tells Us. "And we were all pawns in her horrible game."

As a result, Manzo says she behaved badly toward the Gorga family, without getting to know them first. When she got to know them and become friendly, Giudice flipped. "[A friendship] was not what Teresa wanted," she tells Us. "I welcomed the bad guys, so I became the bad guy."

"When it served her purpose, she was my friend," Manzo reasons of Giudice on Sunday's reunion.

And Giudice's behavior hasn't just affected Manzo's relationship with the Gorgas. On part one of the reunion, she reveals that her bond with her sister Dina, a Giudice ally, has officially broken down and that the pair no longer speak.

"[Teresa] is hurting people to bring herself up," Manzo fumes to Us, adding that she sees little chance of a reconciliation. "We all make mistakes and can be cruel and heartless in the things we say and do, but [Teresa's behavior] is different -- premeditated. To sit there and try to hurt someone…assault their character, it's unacceptable. I'm done."

Kelsey Grammer Slams Ex Camille: Housewives Was My "Parting Gift" to Her

Talk about being an a-hole:
That's gotta burn!

In February 2011, Kelsey Grammer married fourth wife Kayte Walsh days after his messy divorce from Camille Grammer was finalized.

The bitter exes, who share two kids, have famously traded barbs in the press about one another and their marriage -- which disintegrated on camera during the first season of Real Housewives of Beverly Hills.

Promoting his new TV show Boss on Australian morning show Sunrise on Tuesday, the actor, 56, made yet another snippy comment about Camille, 43, and her new post-divorce fame as a reality star.

"In my mind [RHOBH] was my parting gift to her," Grammer said. "It was a very difficult marriage and a very difficult decade. I thought, 'So long, here's a present for you.'"

Emmy winner Kelsey began his romance with flight attendant Walsh, 30, while he was in NYC to perform in the Broadway show La Cage Aux Folles -- and had a hand in getting his wife (back home in Malibu, Calif.) cast on the hit Bravo show.

"Looking back, maybe he wanted to keep me preoccupied in California while he was off having his affair in New York," ex Playboy model Camille told the New York Post last year.

"I think it was more Kelsey's agenda. I was very reluctant, because I am a very private person."

TV Guide Pleas For Kim Richards To Get Help
Dear Bravo,

You need to get one of the Real Housewives of Beverly Hills some help.

For the last two seasons, the antics and issues of Kim Richards have been the stuff of gossip, presumption and — in the case of last season's finale — confrontation. When Kyle called out her sister for being a drunk in that limo, things started to make sense. The rambling incoherency. The unreliability. The money problems. The Jekyll and Hyde mood swings. It was all there, and we hoped that the situation had reached a point where Kim might be ready to face whatever was going on with her. Then the ladies evaded the issue during the reunion special, and that was that.

Now if Kyle wants to enable her admittedly "disheveled" sister by testing her drinks, rushing her off to fix her makeup and violently coming to her defense — as she did during last night's disastrous game night at name-dropping, price-tag brag Dana's place — fine. Denial runs deep, often tragically so. That doesn't mean the network should sit by and stay silent. The woman is a mess. Lisa saw it last season at the dinner party from Hell. Adrienne saw it a few weeks back on their trip to the Kings game. Brandi saw it last night. We all see it. And unless someone behind the scenes steps in and does right by Kim, we fear there might be another tragedy waiting in the wings for your 90210 franchise. And none of us wants to see that.

Please think about it,
The Watercooler
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