Thursday, October 13, 2011

TV Guide Pleas For Kim Richards To Get Help
Dear Bravo,

You need to get one of the Real Housewives of Beverly Hills some help.

For the last two seasons, the antics and issues of Kim Richards have been the stuff of gossip, presumption and — in the case of last season's finale — confrontation. When Kyle called out her sister for being a drunk in that limo, things started to make sense. The rambling incoherency. The unreliability. The money problems. The Jekyll and Hyde mood swings. It was all there, and we hoped that the situation had reached a point where Kim might be ready to face whatever was going on with her. Then the ladies evaded the issue during the reunion special, and that was that.

Now if Kyle wants to enable her admittedly "disheveled" sister by testing her drinks, rushing her off to fix her makeup and violently coming to her defense — as she did during last night's disastrous game night at name-dropping, price-tag brag Dana's place — fine. Denial runs deep, often tragically so. That doesn't mean the network should sit by and stay silent. The woman is a mess. Lisa saw it last season at the dinner party from Hell. Adrienne saw it a few weeks back on their trip to the Kings game. Brandi saw it last night. We all see it. And unless someone behind the scenes steps in and does right by Kim, we fear there might be another tragedy waiting in the wings for your 90210 franchise. And none of us wants to see that.

Please think about it,
The Watercooler
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  1. I aggree with the TV guide post. It seems the Housewives franchise has gone from watching silly women and their over the top spending to orchestrated attempts to have the women completely meltdown on camera. I'm sure you've noticed that evil satisfied grin Andy Cohen gets when the women start screaming at each other at the reunions. What is his issue? It's just wrong.

  2. Ya, I have often thought these shows aren't to help women, but to tear them down. It seems many of the women have shady pasts and secrets that would easily be seen by a Bravo background check, yet they continue to throw these women together and watch the sparks fly. Women without problems are quickly labeled "boring" and taken off the show.