Saturday, November 30, 2013

Sonja Morgan Fights To Reverse Multimillion-Dollar Judgment
Get ready for the Real Housewives of the Legal World.

Confidenti@l has exclusively learned that reality TV star and would-be film producer Sonja Morgan is plotting a courtroom drama to reverse a multimillion-dollar judgment she claims led her to bankruptcy.

The former New York “Housewives” star committed $18 million to invest in Hannibal Pictures’ planned movie “Fast Flash to Bang Time” — a would-be flick said to star John Travolta. Morgan never came up with the cash, the film never made it to the screen, and in 2009 a judge ordered her to pay Hannibal Pictures $7 million in damages.

She appealed the case and lost, but now Morgan has been telling close pals she has new evidence that will upend the ruling in a Dec. 9 court appearance in Los Angeles.

Plus, she plans to win in the court of public opinion by packing the courtroom with all her reality TV colleagues.
“This housewife was duped!” Morgan recently told a confidant.

She also groused to a Confidenti@l source that Hannibal Pictures has a history of run-ins with the law. In 2010 Adrien Brody sued the production company to stop the DVD release of “Giallo” until he was paid in full for his work on the film. A settlement was soon reached. In 2012, Hong Kong’s Standard Chartered Bank alleged the production company forged key documents that helped secure $7 million to finance the Antonio Banderas film “The Big Bang.” Standard Chartered didn’t respond to a request for comment.

Hannibal Pictures CEO Richard Rionda Del Castro tells Confidenti@l that legal spats are part of the filmmaking business, and that snafus he’s had on other projects have nothing to do with Morgan’s claims against his company.

“Mrs. Morgan loves to waste money and people’s time, but she cannot escape justice,” Rionda Del Castro tells Confidenti@l.
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‘The Real Housewives of Beverly Hills’ Suffering From Ratings Collapse

Ha! Add a no-good, classless, wench like Brandi Glanville to the mix and turn viewers off. Maybe now Bravo has finally learned their lesson: 
Viewers are continuing to flee from The Real Housewives of Beverly Hills.

The November 25 episode of the Bravo franchise pulled in just 1,627,000 viewers.

That’s only half the number of viewers the warhorse of the Housewives series — The Real Housewives of Atlanta – pulls in.

“The show doesn’t have the same level of drama as it did with the original cast,” one production source told Radar, adding that newcomers to the cast haven’t been able to live up to the bitchiness bar set by the likes of Camille Grammer  and Taylor Armstrong.

Could this be the last season for RHOBH?
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Wednesday, November 27, 2013

Kyle Richards’ Husband Mauricio Takes On Cheating Rumors: ‘I Can Do A Lie Detector Test Tomorrow'
Kyle Richards and her husband Mauricio Umansky fought off cheating rumors once again.

During Monday night’s episode of Real Housewives of Beverly Hills, the couple were ownunited and continued to shoot down infidelity rumors during lunch with her co-star Joyce Giraud and her husband.

“When anyone tries to come between us, it actually makes us stronger,” Kyle said. “We know what we have.”

Her husband stood by her, calling out the fellow housewives for being mean girls.

“Let me tell you something. Any of these f**king girls can do a lie detector test with me tomorrow and no problem,” Mauricio said, adding that the lies splashed across the tabloids have made him “loose all faith in humanity.”

“I realized that as long as you’re in the spotlight, people are going to say bad things about you,” Kyle said in her confessional. “We choose to surround ourselves with people who know us inside and out. We’re not supposed to care, but we do. And it hurts.”

Later, Kim Richards arranged a circus school outing, which she thought would result in an afternoon of camaraderie among the women. But tempers quickly flared among the group.

During the outing, Brandi Glanville vented about Kyle, who reportedly told the paparazzi she was a “bully.”

“I feel like I had given her a heads up about stories written about her husband — as a girl’s girl, I gave her a heads up about it,” Brandi said.

“But then yesterday, I was getting chased down in Calabasas by the paparazzi saying Kyle Richards is calling me a bully,” she later told Kyle’s sister.

Kyle tried to defend her sister and shut down the catty behavior.

“The paparazzi make things up,” she said.

But Brandi and Yolanda didn’t seem amused with her diplomatic behavior.

Later, Kyle confronted Brandi and claimed she never called her a bully.

“I’m not going to apologize for something I didn’t do,” Kyle fired at a defensive Brandi.
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Phaedra Parks Wants To Know What Really Happened Between Husband Apollo And Kenya Moore
Both Kenya Moore and Apollo Nida have finally laid all of their cards out on the table about what really happened between the two Real Housewives of Atlanta stars. As we saw on tonight’s all-new episode (November 24), there seems to be some confusion as to whether the two had an inappropriate interaction off-screen in L.A., and Apollo’s wife Phaedra Parks is ready to get to the bottom of it.

Kenya seems to have changed her story a bit since the Season 5 reunion, as she insisted to Kandi Burruss early on in the episode that the texts she exchanged with Apollo were not sexual at all. Kenya showed her said texts, and though Kandi did rightfully call her out for referring to Apollo as “babe” not cool, Kenya they appear to be fairly harmless. Hm.

Kandi then met up with Phaedra for a froyo date, where she relayed her conversation with Kenya. She explained that Kenya said she hadn’t seen Apollo in-person, but Phaedra knows that Apollo and Kenya saw each other at the Beverly Wilshire Hotel in L.A. 

We finally end the episode with what Andy Cohen recently referred to as “one of the most tense scenes that I've ever seen on the Atlanta Housewives”: Phaedra and Apollo’s “date from hell,” as Phaedra dubbed it.

"Kenya said that nothing happened in L.A., and that you were basically lying — that she never saw you," Phaedra said to Apollo. 

Apollo then explained to Phaedra that he and Kenya had been at the same party in L.A. before he returned to his hotel room at the Beverly Wilshire. He said that she was also there, though he wasn’t sure whether she followed him or not. 

“And then she propositioned you, yes or no?” Phaedra straight out asked him.

“She didn’t just come at me and say ‘Hey Apollo, let’s f—,'” Apollo stated. “You know when a female is basically open. She wanted to have sex in L.A. I chose not to. I left and went to another hotel. Real simple.”
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Tuesday, November 26, 2013

Camille Grammer's Ex-Boyfriend Formally Charged Over Alleged Assault
The ex-boyfriend of former model and Tv personality Camille Grammer has been formally charged with assault following an alleged fight in a Texas hotel suite last month (Oct13).

Actor Kelsey Grammer's ex-wife claims she became embroiled in a heated argument with Dimitri Charalambopoulos after he received an early-morning text and a phone call from a screaming woman.
The dispute reportedly turned violent, and Camille states she was left pleading for mercy after he allegedly pulled her hair and pushed her head against the bed.

She submitted photos of bruising to her arms and face to Houston police as they investigated the assault claim, and on Friday (22Nov13), prosecutors at the Harris County District Attorney's Office filed a felony charge of assault of a family member and impeding breath against him.

Charalambopoulos, a former attorney-turned-fitness trainer, was not arrested, but appeared in court on Monday (25Nov13), when he posted bond of $5,000 (£3,330).

He has denied the charge and a statement from his lawyer Kirk Lechtenberger, released to, reads: "Unfortunately, the Houston Police Department filed a case against Mr. Dimitri Charalambopoulos notwithstanding the fact that no offence ever happened. This action is not unexpected considering that, in this day and age, anyone can make up anything and get a charge filed. We look forward to going to trial as soon as possible and clearing this innocent man of this false allegation."

Camille Grammer obtained a temporary restraining order against Charalambopoulos in a California court days after the alleged incident, but a hearing regarding the protective ban has been postponed until 10 December (13).

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Joe Giudice Caught On Camera Having Cozy Coffee Date With Another Woman
How will he explain this?

In addition to her mounting legal woes, embattled Housewife Teresa Giudice will undoubtedly have serious questions for her husband Joe about his intimate rendezvous with ANOTHER woman at a restaurant more than 30 miles from their New Jersey home!

Real Housewives of New Jersey star Joe — who has been accused of cheating before — had a cozy coffee date with the mystery woman at Legends Diner in Secaucus on Friday, can reveal.
The unidentified woman, wearing a large hat and super sized sunglasses, was clearly attempting to hide her identity.

But the pair couldn’t escape one eagle-eyed restaurant goer who snapped a shot of them together on their cell phone — the woman’s face caught in the reflection of a mirror inside the eatery.

“It was DEFINITELY not Teresa,” the spy-witness told, in an exclusive interview.

“She was completely disguising herself with a hat and huge sunglasses that she wouldn’t take off inside. They were sitting over coffee and occasionally Joe would reach over and touch her hand while talking. They were there for a while.”

This isn’t the first time Radar has busted Joe having an intimate moment with a woman other than his long-standing wife.

In 2011, Joe and another woman were snapped at a T.G.I. Fridays in Clifton, N.J., a lengthy distance from the home he shares with Teresa and their four daughters.
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Monday, November 25, 2013

Kim Zolciak Has Twins: A Little Boy & Girl

Hey, good for Troy and Kim. And whether or not you're a Kim Zolciak (I'm not), let's all hope the babies grow to lead healthy, responsible and productive lives. That being said if I were Kim and Troy I'd call this 'a wrap' as far as having more kids is concerned. I mean, these two obviously don't have much in common besides sexual compatibility. But 4 kids in like 3 years is quite a lot to handle and what with the way things are going with the Biermann's, even these guys would maybe raise an eyebrow. Seriously tho, the average NFL football player's career span is like 6 years, Kroy Biermann is currently injured, they live in a huge, lavish home, kids are costly and need lots of attention and who knows how long fans of Kim will want to watch her life unfold on TV:
It’s a boy… and a girl!

Congrats to Real Housewives of Atlanta star Kim Zolciak and her husband—NFL player Kroy Biermann—on the newest addition to their always growing fam!

The couple became parents again after mom gave birth to a set of twins—a boy and a girl! This is the fifth and sixth child for Kim, 35, and the third and fourth for Kroy, 28.

The new parents confirmed their news on Instagram, with the picture above, which was posted with the message, “We are officially the ‘Biermann Bunch’ now!”

Aww, we could not be happier for the proud mom and dad on their growing family!

Kim has two daughter—Brielle, 16, and Ariana, 12,—from a previous relationship; she and Kroy tied the knot to the Atlanta Falcons defensive end on Nov. 11, 2011. The two are parents Kroy Jagger Biermann Jr. (also known as KJ), 2, and Kash, 1!

Sounds like a Biermann bunch, indeed! Congrats to the happy, growing family.
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Sunday, November 24, 2013

Lisa Vanderpump Says Her Family in England are "Not Supportive" of Real Housewives of Beverly Hills
Make yourself some sangria and enjoy.

Real Housewives of Beverly Hills star Lisa Vanderpump stopped by the E! News set today to chat (and drink some of her LVP Sangria) with Catt Sadler and Giuliana Rancic about a number of different topics—including her "naughty" cast on Vanderpump Rules and her recent rift with costar and former bestie Brandi Glanville.

"I'm actually interested to see how it plays out myself, because I don't quite understand what went down," Lisa said about her feud with Glanville.

"This week I saw just a little glitch when she said, 'Well I didn't really have your back,' because I was like, 'Really, I've always had yours.' And then I did chastise her at the table a little bit when she used the C-word because last week I was chastising her for using the F-word when she said, 'Shut the f—k up.' And I was like, 'Noooo!'"

The former Dancing With the Stars contestant also explained that the cast are required to watch so that they can blog, and if there's a moment when she wants to pick up the phone and confront a cast member about something they said or did, she said, "You're kinda supposed to save that for the reunion."

As if RHOBH wasn't enough drama for the celeb, she also stars and produces her spinoff series Vanderpump Rules, which focuses on her young, hot and troublesome staff at SUR restaurant in West Hollywood.

"They are so naughty, I even see the footage and I'm like, 'No, they didn't do that! We could've cut that out.' Because it's 'Vanderpump Rules,' if it ever goes out to England, I'm not gonna be let back into the country," she told E! News.

And although Vanderpump laughed when she said that, there's (kind of) some truth to what she said.

"They're not supportive," she said of her relatives in England. "It's a 'reality show' and that doesn't quite fit in with their perception of what I should be doing with my real life. People in England don't talk like that."
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RHOA Drama: Kandi Burruss Explains Fight with Christopher Williams

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Saturday, November 23, 2013

Gretchen Rossi Claims That She Wasn't Fired From 'Real Housewives of Orange County'


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Brandi Glanville Still Not Over Eddie Cibrian-LeAnn Rimes ‘Betrayal’: ‘I Still Battle With Depression And Trust Issues’

Here's hoping Team Rimes wins the championship:
The Real Housewives of Beverly Hills star Brandi Glanville still hasn’t gotten over the fact that her ex-husband Eddie Cibrian cheated on her with his now-wife LeAnn Rimes, even though the affair happened over four years ago.

“Four and a half years after my betrayal, I still battle with depression and trust issues,” Glanville admitted in column she wrote “I survived my heartbreak, but I will be dealing with the damage it caused for the rest of my life.”

Glanville believes that her children are the only ones who keep her on track.

“I have my good months and bad months,” she said. “If I didn’t have my children, I might be one of the many who never came out of the darkness. These two little men, Mason (10) and Jake (6) keep me grounded and in check.”

But Glanville is only sane when her kids around.

I share half custody of my boys,” she said. “This equates to me having a half and half split personality. By this, I mean when I have them and there is total chaos in my house, I am complete. My soul is happy.”

“Then the inevitable happens… they leave me,” Glanville continued. “My big, chaotic house is silent. I hear crickets chirping and that feeling of falling back into the darkness it took me so long to come out of hits me.”

When Glanville’s boys aren’t around, that’s when she gets wild!

“Here comes the other fifty percent of my personality: fun, single, party girl Brandi,” Glanville explained.

And Glanville isn’t thrilled by her other side, but she still accepts that this is who she is part of the time.

“I don’t always love her. Sometimes I barely even like her. She makes a ton of mistakes (just check the internet),” she said. “But, I have never claimed to be perfect and it’s my way of not sitting at home, alone, falling back into my dark place.”

At the end of the day, Glanville offered a piece of advice to people dealing with “problems, depression, or addictions” to just “take it one day at a time.”

“Don’t be so hard on yourself when you mess up because we all make mistakes,” she reasoned. “Learn to ask for help when you need it and know that the people that sit back and judge us, pretending to be perfect, are usually the most messed up of all.”
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Friday, November 22, 2013

Real Housewives of Atlanta Recap with Alex McCord


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Kyle Richards Slams Lisa Vanderpump For Calling Her Fat
Things are getting ugly in the 90210! Lisa Vanderpump and Kyle Richards have never been the best of friends but their on-camera fighting has spilled over into real time attacks the cat claws are out with nasty name calling and has all the vicious details. The Real Housewives of Beverly Hills stars are locked in a brutal battle with each other and they’ve taken to Twitter to bash each other in the very public forum and now that Kyle and Brandi Glanville have joined forces against Lisa, things are getting bad. This is the tweet that started it all:

Talking shit about @LisaVanderpump when she's not there is really sucky @BrandiGlanville, especially to fat Kyle.

Lisa then retweeted that note and all hell broke loose.
I don't normally retweet...however everybody else is so here we go...

Lauren Manzo Reveals She’s Inviting Estranged Aunt Dina Manzo To Her Wedding
Caroline Manzo and her estranged sister Dina will have to bury the hatchet for one night – and not in each others backs — to celebrate the upcoming nuptials of the daughter and niece Lauren.

Though the Real Housewives of New Jersey sisters haven’t spoken in years, Caroline’s daughter has made the decision to add her aunt to the guest list, she confirmed to

“It’s a sensitive topic, but at the end of the day, we’re still family,” Lauren said, in an exclusive interview.

“Of course, I’ll invite my Aunt Dina. I’m not sure if she will come, but she will definitely be invited.”

Despite the deep rift that has engulfed the Manzos, Dina has previously hinted that she was hopeful about reconciling with her sister –- off camera.

She said: “Fifteen minutes come and go. And I understand we may be stretching it here and there. But at the end of the day, after all that is done, we’re gonna see through it all. I love my family. I always will. There’s distance right now and we’ll fix that off camera.”

As Radar previously reported, Lauren got engaged to longtime boyfriend Vito Scalia on Nov. 12. when he presented her with a Yanina and Co. diamond sparkler.

“We both cried tears of pure joy,” she said.

“The ring is perfect, breathtaking. I love it,” Lauren gushed about the bling, which includes “a radiant center stone, with a halo of pave and rose gold diamonds.”

“I knew when I first met him that I would marry him!”

The pair hasbeen dating for over four years.

As for a televised wedding, Lauren hasn’t ruled it out.

“There’s always that possibility and I won’t say it’s out of the question,” she said.

One thing is certain – it will be a huge affair.

Lauren told Radar: “We have so many friends and family members that there won’t be any other size but big.”
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Thursday, November 21, 2013

Porsha Stewart Talks Divorce and Addresses Kordell Stewart Gay Rumors


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Bethenny Frankel Clears the Air With LuAnn de Lesseps

video platformvideo managementvideo solutionsvideo player
LuAnn de Lesseps apparently didn't get real enough for Bethenny Frankel on The Real Housewives of New York City—and that's the reason they had issues, according to the ex-Housewife of the pair.

"When I've had other kind of falling-outs with people on television, it kind of it is what it is, I really meant it," Frankel explained to de Lesseps during their recent sit-down, airing Thursday on Bethenny. "It's what happened. With you, we met in the beginning and I remember us going out and we had a great time...I always thought you were really cool and your platform was 'The Countess' and you were writing a book on being appropriate and you had stuff going on in your personal life—and I had stuff going on in my personal life—so when we would be we would kind of have a certain dynamic."

OK, so Bethenny thought LuAnn was amazeballs at first. What went wrong?

"Then we are on the camera," Bethenny recalled, "and since your thing was how to be appropriate, I would always feel like, 'Yeah, but what about some of that other stuff we talked about?' I would always feel like we couldn't have a really honest friendship on the show. Does that make any sense what I am saying?"

So Bethenny didn't like that LuAnn wasn't always a hot mess?

"Like, you were going through some difficult times personally," the talk show host, who left RHONY in 2010, continued, "and I knew about that and we kind of went through some of that.

"And we couldn't go through it on the show, but we together we went through a lot of my stuff on the show and things that I wasn't doing that were appropriate, dating-wise, and I always felt I kind of wanted to say to you, 'Well what about what you're doing?' But I couldn't, because you have kids and it was a different story so I felt it wasn't a level playing ground."

"Just because you are doing a reality show doesn't mean you have to lay out all your laundry," LuAnn finally managed to interject.

"But I always did!" Bethenny insisted. "Different strokes."

"Which is fine," LuAnn added. "You didn't have a family to protect and children to protect [at the time]."

"Exactly. I totally get it," Bethenny agreed. "And it's difficult for you because being the Countess and having etiquette be your platform...can be difficult."

To which LuAnn replied, "Honey, good manners never goes out of style."

Well, Bethenny forgives her anyway.
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Teresa and Joe Giudice Plead Not Guilty To New Fraud Charges
Two cast members of "The Real Housewives of New Jersey" have pleaded not guilty to two fraud charges.

The charges against Giusepppe "Joe" and Teresa Giudice came on top of a 39-count federal indictment filed against the couple in July.

The Giudices pleaded not guilty Wednesday in federal court in Newark to one count of bank fraud and one count of loan application fraud.

Authorities allege the couple prepared a mortgage loan application stating that Teresa Giudice worked as a real estate agent and made $15,000 a month. In reality, authorities said she was not employed.

The charges each carry a maximum of 30 years in prison and a $1 million fine.

Lawyers for the pair entered not-guilty pleas for their clients, who each wore a gray suit to the short proceeding.

The couple pleaded not guilty in July to conspiracy to commit mail and wire fraud, bank fraud, making false statements on loan applications and bankruptcy fraud. Authorities allege the couple at times submitted fraudulent W-2 forms and tax returns while applying for loans.

Joe Giudice also was accused of failing to file tax returns from 2004 to 2008. He also faces state charges that he fraudulently tried to obtain a driver's license in a separate case.

Authorities said the couple, known for their lavish lifestyle on the show, inflated their worth before the show then hid their increasing fortunes with a bankruptcy filing.

The couple did not comment to reporters while leaving court. Teresa Giudice's lawyer, Henry Klingeman, declined to comment.

Wednesday, November 20, 2013

Lisa Vanderpump On Brandi Glanville's Vile RHOBH Comment: ‘Stank Of Her Feeling The Necessity To Be Controversial… Is Getting A Little Old'
They were once the closest of friends, but now Lisa Vanderpump and Brandi Glanville have fallen out and the British matriarch isn’t holding back in her criticism of her newfound nemesis.

During Monday night’s episode of The Real Housewives of Beverly Hills, Glanville, the outspoken mother-of-two shocked her fellow Housewives over lunch when she called costar Carlton Gebbia a “c—.”

“Sorry, unacceptable!” Vanderpump wrote on her official Bravo blog.

“We might be friends, but that stank of her feeling the necessity to be controversial, which is getting a little old.”

Though Eddie Cibrian’s ex-wife claimed she meant the vile comment “as a compliment,” many stars weren’t amused.

After the episode, Glanville took to her blog in an effort to defend her brash choice of words.

“I met Carlton’s best friend through my girlfriend and she said that Carlton was a girls’ girl and ‘c—y in a good way,’ so I assumed it was safe to repeat this,” she wrote.

“Not everyone clicks from the get-go, and some of our friendships will take more work then others.”

As for Gebbia, she confessed that she wasn’t offended by the choice of words.

The latest Housewife wrote: ”We are all having lunch and unfiltered Brandi compliments me with the ‘c word.’ I didn’t find it offensive because I have friends that use that word. I’m not a huge fan of it, but it’s nothing I haven’t heard. It just depends on the way it’s intended. So why wasn’t I up in arms by what she said? Well it’s quite simple, I like Brandi.”
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Lisa Hochstein's Nude Video Leaks
"Real Housewives of Miami" star Lisa Hochstein has been caught in a lie.

The reality TV star has denied that she was ever a porn star, but has just uncovered a nude video of a younger Hochstein -- Lisa Mackay at the time -- that has leaked on a prominent online adult site.

The video, which surfaced on, features Hochstein at 22-years old giving an interview about her modeling career and posing for Playboy. "I don't think there is anything wrong with [being] naked as I think a woman's body is beautiful," Hochstein says to the camera. "We are all born naked. Each to their own."

The video will no doubt reignite the debate of what constitutes soft porn that was sparked when Hochstein, married to Miami plastic surgeon Leonard Hochstein, filed a slander lawsuit for more than $15,000 earlier this year against a commenter who claimed she "was an escort who also did soft porn in Vegas."

What's more, the site has also uncovered fully topless photos, and some showing her bare butt, of Hochstein that are all over the Internet under her maiden name of Mackay.

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Carlton Gebbia Confesses To Being 'A Witch'
Yes, I'm a witch," said Gebbia, 40, one of the newest housewives.

"Wicca, the white side, which is Mother Nature," she continued. "I've been involved with Wicca since I was 7. My grandmother was practicing, and my mother was psychic."

Gebbia's admission came at a lunch she hosted for the wives at her cross- and crystal-strewn castle, which Kyle Richards referred to as "Harry Potter's house."

It was Richards' endless questions and jokes about witchcraft and religion that prompted Gebbia to say, "Don't try to shock value me in front of people I don't know. I have practiced dark, but now I practice light.

I would never go to the dark side. Not again." 

Lisa Vanderpump, 53, felt for Gebbia, saying, "There are a couple of witches in our group, but I don't think Carlton is one of them."

Yolanda H. Foster and Brandi Glanville were also drawn to Gebbia's "light" side at lunch. "There's something about her that's very grounded and real," said Foster, 49.

Added Glanville, 40, "I find Carlton to be a little dark and edgy, and I like that."

But it wasn't until a typically inappropriate Glanville asked Richards, 44, about the cheating rumors surrounding her husband, Mauricio Umansky, that the luncheon really turned dark and edgy.

"My husband and I are in love with each other," a tearful Richards said at the end of the night's show, "and no tabloids or group of mean girls can take that away from us." 
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Tuesday, November 19, 2013

NeNe Leakes In Hospital After Tweeting About Feeling "Very Sick"
You guys, this is serious. Our girl NeNe Leakes isn't feeling very well and we're not just talking about a case of the Monday sniffles. The usual ball of energy is feeling so badly that she had to be taken to the hospital to get some fluids in her bod. She even posted a picture from her hospital bed.

Yesterday, NeNe managed to hit up her Twitter account after the all new episode of The Real Housewives of Atlanta to send a shout-out to her fans for tuning in. But, already, the sassy star was feeling under the weather.

"Thanks 4 tuning into RHOA 2nite! I have been very sick for the past couple of days but I wanted 2 Thank my tweetie pies," NeNe wrote on her page.

This morning, however, NeNe clearly had some sort of relapse, because her next status update came from the hospital.

NeNe added a picture of both of her arms hooked up to IV fluids, writing, "My arms are hurting wit these IV’s #blessedtobealive."

Whoa… blessed to be alive? This sounds more serious than we thought.

We'll keep you posted on any further details that develop regarding NeNe's condition, but from the sounds of it, it seems like NeNe might have come down with some sort of flu. And considering her über busy work schedule, running from one appearance to another, we're not surprised that her body finally told her that enough is enough.
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Teresa and Joe Giudice Indicted on Two More Counts of Federal Fraud
Two stars of "The Real Housewives of New Jersey" are facing additional federal fraud charges.

Giuseppe "Joe" Giudice, 43, and Teresa Giudice, 41, were each indicted Monday on one count of bank fraud and one count of loan application fraud.

Authorities allege the couple prepared a mortgage loan application stating that Teresa Giudice worked as a real estate agent and made $15,000 a month. In reality, authorities said, she was not employed.

Monday's charges are in addition to a 39-count indictment handed down in July, charging the couple with conspiracy to commit mail and wire fraud, bank fraud, making false statements on loan applications and bankruptcy fraud.
Joe Giudice also allegedly failed to file tax returns from 2004 to 2008.

The north Jersey residents, parents to four young daughters and known on the show for their lavish lifestyle and massive home, pleaded not guilty in July and are scheduled to be arraigned on the new charges Wednesday.

Henry Klingeman, a lawyer for Teresa Giudice, said she plans to plead not guilty to the new charges.

"She looks forward to defending herself at the trial, scheduled for February 24, 2014," Klingeman said in a statement. "Beyond that, we will answer all of the charges in court, not out."
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Drunken Brandi Glanville Takes Another Classless and Vile Swipe At Joanna Krupa
When Brandi Glanville stumbled out of a Beverly Hills restaurant on Saturday night, a venue where she’d celebrated her 41st birthday, the Real Housewives of Beverly Hills star was confronted by a throng of paparazzos who only had one topic they wanted to question her about: her feud with Miami cast member Joanna Krupa.

“Brandi, what do you think of Krupa wearing a “Team Rimes’ shirt?” one shutterbug probed, in reference to the Polish model stepping out in support of Glanville’s arch-nemesis LeAnne Rimes last week.

To which Glanville — already in hot water for the original vile diss and her claims that Krupa came between costar Yolanda Foster’s marriage — responded: “Sounds fishy.”

It was yet another jab from Glanville, who claimed on an episode of Watch What Happens Live that she’d heard from Foster‘s ex-husband Mohamed Hadid that “her p***y smelled!”

So it seems, Glanville STILL isn’t taking the advice of pal and cast member Foster who ordered her to muzzle herself on the epic and disgusting feud.
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Monday, November 18, 2013

Phaedra Parks Says Kenya Moore 'Should Get Tested For AIDS’
Real Housewives of Atlanta cast member Pheadra Parks knows the secrets of being a southern belle. In fact, this week she released a book about it.

On season six of Bravo’s hit reality show, Phaedra who is now a mother of two, manages her growing household, all the while keeping up the with the drama that comes with being an Atlanta Housewife.

During a recent episode of RHOA, Phaedra makes a failed attempt at reconciling with fellow cast mate Kenya Moore.

Phaedra confessed that her biggest problem with Kenya is that during the RHOA season 5 reunion, Kenya told Phaedra that she should get an AIDS test.

“I think when you’re getting a good read, and I was giving her [Kenya] a good southern bell read — you will say anything to try to throw shade,” Phaedra told theGrio’s Chris Witherspoon.

“The reason I was so upset it because AIDS is a very serious disease and it should not be taken lightly. It affects unfortunately mostly black women. For a black woman to carelessly throw around a statement such as you should get tested for AIDS and implicate or try to say the reason that I would have AIDS is because my husband went to prison, it’s just very ignorant…. to put it mildly, because black women are the highest carrier of AIDS… so she [Kenya] should probably get tested.”
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Caroline Manzo Prepares For Daughter Lauren Manzo’s Wedding
Now that she’s finished with The Real Housewives of New Jersey, it’s time for Caroline Manzo to turn her attention to other pursuits; namely, planning her daughter’s wedding! Now that Lauren Manzo is engaged, Caroline’s busy scouring Pinterest for cute wedding ideas.

I Dream of NeNe’s wedding special is over, which means that Lauren Manzo’s engagement has arrived at the perfect moment. Gotta have a Real Housewives wedding to obsess over at all times, right?

Although Lauren’s plenty excited over her fancy new engagement ring and the prospect of marrying Vito Scalia next summer, it sounds like Caroline could prove the real bridezilla in this whole process. 

Unfortunately for us, now that she’s no longer a Real Housewives cast member, we won’t be seeing much of this demanding mother of the bride…or at least, not on The Real Housewives of New Jersey. No worries though, there’s always the spin-off Manzo’d With Children!

Upon hearing the exciting news, Caroline Manzo wasted no time getting on top of the wedding planning process. Her first order of business? Checking out Pinterest for all the latest wedding trends. Following a long Pinterest wedding binge, Caroline confessed, “Couldn’t sleep and was on Pinterest at 5am this morning — wedding on the brain!” Her Pinterest page is actually pretty darn cool though, complete with wedding dress inspiration from Vera Wang and a cake that looks absolutely delectable. Only sixteen pins thus far, but you can expect the collection to expand rapidly in the near future!
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Alexia Echevarria Says That Lisa Hochstein and Joanna Krupa Were Never Really Friends
“The Real Housewives of Miami” star Alexia Echevarria called it from the beginning; Lisa Hochstein and Joanna Krupa are not friends in real life. In fact, she didn’t think that there were any genuine feelings between the women at all. And during the reunion, low blows were made that made everyone question their friendship. According to a new Bravo blog published on Nov. 15, “The Real Housewives of Miami” star Alexia Echevarria is now revealing that the large fight between Lisa and Joanna was very uncomfortable to watch.

“There was one situation that dragged on for about 2 hours of this filming that made me very uncomfortable: Lisa and Joanna’s fighting. I feel that if you are really friends with someone that you don't go around making hurtful accusations about them. Obviously, what I predicted was correct: they were NEVER friends and just pretended to like each other for whatever reason. Not sure they will ever make up after this fight,” Alexia writes.

Of course, many of the friendships seemed to have been turned upside down this season. It seems like many of the friendships are only due to circumstance - them filming the show together.
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Sunday, November 17, 2013

Porsha Stewart on The Wendy Williams Show

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Carlton Gebbia Horrified At 'Bee Murder'
From the moment viewers met new 'wife Carlton Gebbia on the season premiere of "The Real Housewives of Beverly Hills," she's seemed a little odd. She did, after all, name her children Mystery, Destiny and Cross. But that may just be the tip of the iceberg with Carlton. For one, she's a witch. And then there's an incident we're going to call "Beemageddon." 

It started innocently enough when a bee showed up at Kyle Richards' outdoor dinner party. Now Kyle is allergic to bees, and so one of the other ladies killed this interloper. Problem solved. Only, it was problem begun as Carlton didn't like that at all. In a confessional later, Carlton explained, "I’m disgusted. We’re sitting outside, in this bee’s environment. This is f*cked up. Why would you do such an awful thing?” 

"I'm a bee murder accomplice," Kyle said in her own confessional, before bursting with laughter. Wetpaint's Ryan Gajewski couldn't take it seriously, either, pointing out that Carlton had just been trying to entertain the ladies with a story about her cat killing a bird before becoming incredibly offended at the "bee murder."

The Stir's Rebecca Stokes wondered if it was moments like this that make the women wonder why they agreed to participate in the show. "In real life, you go home from those gatherings, smudge your home with sage, say a quick prayer to Anubis and never hang out with those people again. Carlton doesn't have that luxury because she's on a T.V. show with them. At best she can use dark magic to curse all and sundry.”
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Saturday, November 16, 2013

Joanna Krupa Strikes Back At Brandi Glanville With "Team Rimes" T-Shirt

Haha, nice move by Joanna:
War of words! Joanna Krupa's fight with Real Housewives of Beverly Hills star Brandi Glanville doesn't appear to be over just yet. The 34-year-old Real Housewives of Miami star stepped out wearing a "Team Rimes" shirt in Miami on Thursday, Nov. 14.
Krupa printed the message on her black tank top in big white letters. The model, who wed businessman Romain Zago in June, proudly showed it off to photographers while taking her dog for a walk. The shirt is an obvious diss to Glanville, whose famous arch nemesis, of course, is LeAnn Rimes.

Krupa and Glanville began feuding following Glanville's Nov. 11 appearance on Watch What Happens Live. On the show, the RHOBH star accused Krupa of having an affair with costar Yolanda Foster's ex-husband Mohamed Hadid. Krupa fired back on Twitter, writing, "No wonder her husband left her." Glanville then took the feud to the next level by making a vulgar remark on WWHL: "Well, Mohamed did tell me that her p--sy smelled. It's true! I'm not lying! And Lisa Vanderpump was there when he said it. Sorry, bitch. I win!"
On Thursday, Nov. 14, Glanville's RHOBH co-star (and apparently former friend) Lisa Vanderpump spoke to Us Weekly to slam Glanville's claims and defend Krupa and her good friend Hadid.

"She carelessly threw out something so egregious and vulgar and it was upsetting to Joanna Krupa," Vanderpump, 53, told Us. "From what [Foster and Hadid] told me, [Krupa] was not culpable in the demise of their marriage or involved in it in any shape or form . . . She said my friend [Hadid] would say something so distasteful, so disgusting -- and the consequence is it affects him, his ex wife, and his children. It's embarrassing and that man would never say that."

Vanderpump added of Glanville: "Sometimes I think she should just put a muzzle on it."
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Cynthia Bailey and Peter Thomas Help Double Reward for Atlanta Cop Shooter
An Atlanta reality TV power couple is stepping up to help catch a cop shooter and challenging fellow business owners to join them.

Peter and Cynthia Thomas, of Bravo’s The Real Housewives of Atlanta, are offering to double the $5,000 Crime Stoppers Atlanta reward for the man who shot Atlanta Police Officer Christopher L. Smith on Saturday.

Peter Thomas, who owns and operates Bar One Tapas Lounge on Memorial Drive, not far from where Smith was shot, is certain that the gunman intended to kill the officer.

“This is a challenge to business owners,” Peter Thomas said. “They should match my $5,000 to get this cop killer off the street.”

Atlanta Police officials said they appreciate the gesture that will make the reward $10,000, because the greater the reward, the more chance someone will give investigators information.

Smith was working an off-duty security job at an apartment complex on Atlanta’s east side when police say he was ambushed by a man carrying a shotgun.

The man shot at Smith, hitting the officer in the face and leg, authorities said.

Peter Thomas said he lives five minutes from his business and within minutes of the area where Smith was attacked, and believes that those residents and businesses that benefit from police protection should be willing to protect those officers.

“I wouldn’t want to hear that somebody who was trying to protect us was shot,” he said. “If this person will shoot a policeman, he’ll shoot anybody.”

He pointed to the 2009 shooting death of bartender John Henderson at The Standard, a bar less than a mile from Bar One on Memorial that has since changed its name.
Johnquavious Hood was arrested and charged in connection with the shooting, Thomas said, after $50,000 was raised for a reward.

“Not a day goes by when we’re closing the bar that I don’t think about that,” Thomas said. “The reason they arrested that guy had a lot to do with the reward.”

Anyone with information about the incident is asked to call anonymously to Crime Stoppers Atlanta at 404-577-8477.
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Friday, November 15, 2013

47 Times Suspended License Driver Joe Giudice Cited for Careless Driving in School Zone
“Real Housewives of New Jersey” husband Joe Giudice has driven into some more legal trouble.
The already-indicted reality show hubby – with a long history of driver’s license suspensions — was cited by police last week in his hometown of Montville, N.J., for careless driving in a school zone, according to a copy of the citation obtained by ABC News.

Montville Township Administrator Victor Canning said Giudice, on Nov. 5, swerved into oncoming traffic lanes as a police car approached.

“The officer assumed he was texting,” Canning said of the reality-TV personality. “He didn’t actually see him texting but he assumed that’s what he was doing.”

Giudice, 43, is facing state charges after allegedly obtaining a New Jersey driver’s license by impersonating his brother. At the time, Giudice’s license was suspended because of a driving-under-the-influence episode.
Giudice and his wife, “Real Housewives of New Jersey” star Teresa Giudice, 41, are also facing a series of federal charges for alleged fraud.

Miles Feinstein, Giudice’s lawyer, did not immediately respond to a message from ABC News.

According to New Jersey motor vehicle regulations, Giudice faces a fine of up to $200 and/or up to 15 days in jail for the latest citation. State records show his license has been suspended 47 times since he first became a New Jersey driver in 1987.
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Adriana De Moura Dishes About “Ignorant” Joanna Krupa, Says Brandi Glanville Told The Truth About Alleged Affair
With The Real Housewives of Miami wrapping up Season 3 tonight with Part 2 of the tumultuous reunion special, all eyes are on the cast of lovely ladies as they go through yet another hour of excruciatingly brutal catfights and name-calling. 

One of the housewives taking center stage at the reunion is Adriana De Moura, who has been on the Bravo reality series since the beginning. This outspoken Brazilian bombshell has been painfully honest and has taken the internet by storm with her “limp penis” statement. 

Wetpaint Entertainment spoke with Adriana ahead of tonight’s show about the rumored Joanna Krupa and Mohamed Hadid (Beverly Hills star Yolanda Foster’s ex-husband) affair, possibly reconciling with Joanna, and her flailing friendship with castmate Lea Black.

Check out the interview and then hit the comments to let us know exactly what you’re feeling about all this drama down in Miami.

Wetpaint Entertainment: Can you give us a little background on your conversation with Brandi Glanville: Where she told you, how it came up, and why you think it’s true?

Adriana De Moura: Brandi told me a while ago — it was actually last year — but I didn’t want to bring this up because there was no reason for me to. I tried to work things out with Joanna at her bachelorette party, I went to her wedding, everything was nice. It wasn’t until when this season started to air and I saw Joanna, every week, putting digs at me and showing her hostility and rehashing the past, that I realized she hasn’t moved forward. 

I just think that it’s very funny that she thinks just because she’s beautiful she thinks her beauty gives her the license to act ugly. And when you retaliate, she’s overwhelmed by the retaliation and gets even uglier. 

Brandi came to me [at a party] when Joanna wasn’t around and told me Joanna tried to come to her and say hello and give her a kiss on the cheek and she coldly extended her hand because she doesn’t like homewreckers. She said, “I despise women like that.”

Who had the better wedding between you and Joanna?

I think they were both beautiful weddings and I truly enjoyed being at Joanna’s wedding. Her mother is lovely, I love her sister, the place was amazing, and I actually enjoyed myself more at her wedding than my own because my own was so chaotic. 

If you look at the details of the wedding, I think my wedding might have been more for my taste. I like more classic things. I don’t really like the flash, the new rich, style of things, I prefer vintage and classic things, but it’s personal taste. I don’t anything negative to say about her wedding — except that her dress was like a flamenco dancer, but she was still a beautiful bride.
Joanna has said she will never make peace with you again. Do you feel the same way?

Never say never. What I keep thinking is, never say never. But at the same time, Joanna is very territorial and is all about herself. She thinks she’s all that. I’m not saying I’m an angel, because I’m very fiery and feisty. Joanna is calculated. If you step on her route to whatever it is, she will walk all over you or throw you under the bus.
It’s going to be pretty hard to recover after that “limp penis” statement.

Now I’m getting criticized because I said [Romain] has a limp penis. But she was the first one to call him a girl on national television. She opened up about her sex life, and when you do that on national television, you have to accept people’s opinions or assumptions of what they’re seeing. When I said “maybe he’s gay,” I didn’t mean anything by that. He could be gay, that doesn’t mean that being gay is bad.

That’s what bothers me about her, she’s ignorant. She thinks that because she’s pretty, she’s allowed to be ugly, she’s allowed to make stupid remarks, and get away with it. She’s allowed to go around and sleep with married men and get away with it. 

So it doesn’t sound like there’s any hope for reconciliation anytime soon.

I don’t know — we need time to heal. The dust needs to settle.

Switching gears to Lea, what is the status of your friendship with her? Will it ever recover?

I hope that we could because of our sons. With Lea, it’s different because we had history. I really regret everything that went down between us and whatever part I did to cause her to feel that way, I really regret it, though I think she exaggerates it and makes stuff up and spins stuff and then she’s the victim — and it’s not quite like that. She’s trying to hurt me, but she’s hurting my son more than anything else because he goes to school, kids make comments, and it’s not a nice thing. 

I wish we could move past this because it’s not worth it. Her ego, my ego, whatever. Let’s put our egos aside and think about the boys — but she’s unable to. I don’t know what’s going to happen.
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