Tuesday, November 26, 2013

Joe Giudice Caught On Camera Having Cozy Coffee Date With Another Woman

How will he explain this?

In addition to her mounting legal woes, embattled Housewife Teresa Giudice will undoubtedly have serious questions for her husband Joe about his intimate rendezvous with ANOTHER woman at a restaurant more than 30 miles from their New Jersey home!

Real Housewives of New Jersey star Joe — who has been accused of cheating before — had a cozy coffee date with the mystery woman at Legends Diner in Secaucus on Friday, RadarOnline.com can reveal.
The unidentified woman, wearing a large hat and super sized sunglasses, was clearly attempting to hide her identity.

But the pair couldn’t escape one eagle-eyed restaurant goer who snapped a shot of them together on their cell phone — the woman’s face caught in the reflection of a mirror inside the eatery.

“It was DEFINITELY not Teresa,” the spy-witness told RadarOnline.com, in an exclusive interview.

“She was completely disguising herself with a hat and huge sunglasses that she wouldn’t take off inside. They were sitting over coffee and occasionally Joe would reach over and touch her hand while talking. They were there for a while.”

This isn’t the first time Radar has busted Joe having an intimate moment with a woman other than his long-standing wife.

In 2011, Joe and another woman were snapped at a T.G.I. Fridays in Clifton, N.J., a lengthy distance from the home he shares with Teresa and their four daughters.
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