Friday, November 15, 2013

Adriana De Moura Dishes About “Ignorant” Joanna Krupa, Says Brandi Glanville Told The Truth About Alleged Affair
With The Real Housewives of Miami wrapping up Season 3 tonight with Part 2 of the tumultuous reunion special, all eyes are on the cast of lovely ladies as they go through yet another hour of excruciatingly brutal catfights and name-calling. 

One of the housewives taking center stage at the reunion is Adriana De Moura, who has been on the Bravo reality series since the beginning. This outspoken Brazilian bombshell has been painfully honest and has taken the internet by storm with her “limp penis” statement. 

Wetpaint Entertainment spoke with Adriana ahead of tonight’s show about the rumored Joanna Krupa and Mohamed Hadid (Beverly Hills star Yolanda Foster’s ex-husband) affair, possibly reconciling with Joanna, and her flailing friendship with castmate Lea Black.

Check out the interview and then hit the comments to let us know exactly what you’re feeling about all this drama down in Miami.

Wetpaint Entertainment: Can you give us a little background on your conversation with Brandi Glanville: Where she told you, how it came up, and why you think it’s true?

Adriana De Moura: Brandi told me a while ago — it was actually last year — but I didn’t want to bring this up because there was no reason for me to. I tried to work things out with Joanna at her bachelorette party, I went to her wedding, everything was nice. It wasn’t until when this season started to air and I saw Joanna, every week, putting digs at me and showing her hostility and rehashing the past, that I realized she hasn’t moved forward. 

I just think that it’s very funny that she thinks just because she’s beautiful she thinks her beauty gives her the license to act ugly. And when you retaliate, she’s overwhelmed by the retaliation and gets even uglier. 

Brandi came to me [at a party] when Joanna wasn’t around and told me Joanna tried to come to her and say hello and give her a kiss on the cheek and she coldly extended her hand because she doesn’t like homewreckers. She said, “I despise women like that.”

Who had the better wedding between you and Joanna?

I think they were both beautiful weddings and I truly enjoyed being at Joanna’s wedding. Her mother is lovely, I love her sister, the place was amazing, and I actually enjoyed myself more at her wedding than my own because my own was so chaotic. 

If you look at the details of the wedding, I think my wedding might have been more for my taste. I like more classic things. I don’t really like the flash, the new rich, style of things, I prefer vintage and classic things, but it’s personal taste. I don’t anything negative to say about her wedding — except that her dress was like a flamenco dancer, but she was still a beautiful bride.
Joanna has said she will never make peace with you again. Do you feel the same way?

Never say never. What I keep thinking is, never say never. But at the same time, Joanna is very territorial and is all about herself. She thinks she’s all that. I’m not saying I’m an angel, because I’m very fiery and feisty. Joanna is calculated. If you step on her route to whatever it is, she will walk all over you or throw you under the bus.
It’s going to be pretty hard to recover after that “limp penis” statement.

Now I’m getting criticized because I said [Romain] has a limp penis. But she was the first one to call him a girl on national television. She opened up about her sex life, and when you do that on national television, you have to accept people’s opinions or assumptions of what they’re seeing. When I said “maybe he’s gay,” I didn’t mean anything by that. He could be gay, that doesn’t mean that being gay is bad.

That’s what bothers me about her, she’s ignorant. She thinks that because she’s pretty, she’s allowed to be ugly, she’s allowed to make stupid remarks, and get away with it. She’s allowed to go around and sleep with married men and get away with it. 

So it doesn’t sound like there’s any hope for reconciliation anytime soon.

I don’t know — we need time to heal. The dust needs to settle.

Switching gears to Lea, what is the status of your friendship with her? Will it ever recover?

I hope that we could because of our sons. With Lea, it’s different because we had history. I really regret everything that went down between us and whatever part I did to cause her to feel that way, I really regret it, though I think she exaggerates it and makes stuff up and spins stuff and then she’s the victim — and it’s not quite like that. She’s trying to hurt me, but she’s hurting my son more than anything else because he goes to school, kids make comments, and it’s not a nice thing. 

I wish we could move past this because it’s not worth it. Her ego, my ego, whatever. Let’s put our egos aside and think about the boys — but she’s unable to. I don’t know what’s going to happen.
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