Saturday, November 30, 2013

Sonja Morgan Fights To Reverse Multimillion-Dollar Judgment
Get ready for the Real Housewives of the Legal World.

Confidenti@l has exclusively learned that reality TV star and would-be film producer Sonja Morgan is plotting a courtroom drama to reverse a multimillion-dollar judgment she claims led her to bankruptcy.

The former New York “Housewives” star committed $18 million to invest in Hannibal Pictures’ planned movie “Fast Flash to Bang Time” — a would-be flick said to star John Travolta. Morgan never came up with the cash, the film never made it to the screen, and in 2009 a judge ordered her to pay Hannibal Pictures $7 million in damages.

She appealed the case and lost, but now Morgan has been telling close pals she has new evidence that will upend the ruling in a Dec. 9 court appearance in Los Angeles.

Plus, she plans to win in the court of public opinion by packing the courtroom with all her reality TV colleagues.
“This housewife was duped!” Morgan recently told a confidant.

She also groused to a Confidenti@l source that Hannibal Pictures has a history of run-ins with the law. In 2010 Adrien Brody sued the production company to stop the DVD release of “Giallo” until he was paid in full for his work on the film. A settlement was soon reached. In 2012, Hong Kong’s Standard Chartered Bank alleged the production company forged key documents that helped secure $7 million to finance the Antonio Banderas film “The Big Bang.” Standard Chartered didn’t respond to a request for comment.

Hannibal Pictures CEO Richard Rionda Del Castro tells Confidenti@l that legal spats are part of the filmmaking business, and that snafus he’s had on other projects have nothing to do with Morgan’s claims against his company.

“Mrs. Morgan loves to waste money and people’s time, but she cannot escape justice,” Rionda Del Castro tells Confidenti@l.
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