Monday, November 18, 2013

Alexia Echevarria Says That Lisa Hochstein and Joanna Krupa Were Never Really Friends
“The Real Housewives of Miami” star Alexia Echevarria called it from the beginning; Lisa Hochstein and Joanna Krupa are not friends in real life. In fact, she didn’t think that there were any genuine feelings between the women at all. And during the reunion, low blows were made that made everyone question their friendship. According to a new Bravo blog published on Nov. 15, “The Real Housewives of Miami” star Alexia Echevarria is now revealing that the large fight between Lisa and Joanna was very uncomfortable to watch.

“There was one situation that dragged on for about 2 hours of this filming that made me very uncomfortable: Lisa and Joanna’s fighting. I feel that if you are really friends with someone that you don't go around making hurtful accusations about them. Obviously, what I predicted was correct: they were NEVER friends and just pretended to like each other for whatever reason. Not sure they will ever make up after this fight,” Alexia writes.

Of course, many of the friendships seemed to have been turned upside down this season. It seems like many of the friendships are only due to circumstance - them filming the show together.
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