Wednesday, November 27, 2013

Phaedra Parks Wants To Know What Really Happened Between Husband Apollo And Kenya Moore
Both Kenya Moore and Apollo Nida have finally laid all of their cards out on the table about what really happened between the two Real Housewives of Atlanta stars. As we saw on tonight’s all-new episode (November 24), there seems to be some confusion as to whether the two had an inappropriate interaction off-screen in L.A., and Apollo’s wife Phaedra Parks is ready to get to the bottom of it.

Kenya seems to have changed her story a bit since the Season 5 reunion, as she insisted to Kandi Burruss early on in the episode that the texts she exchanged with Apollo were not sexual at all. Kenya showed her said texts, and though Kandi did rightfully call her out for referring to Apollo as “babe” not cool, Kenya they appear to be fairly harmless. Hm.

Kandi then met up with Phaedra for a froyo date, where she relayed her conversation with Kenya. She explained that Kenya said she hadn’t seen Apollo in-person, but Phaedra knows that Apollo and Kenya saw each other at the Beverly Wilshire Hotel in L.A. 

We finally end the episode with what Andy Cohen recently referred to as “one of the most tense scenes that I've ever seen on the Atlanta Housewives”: Phaedra and Apollo’s “date from hell,” as Phaedra dubbed it.

"Kenya said that nothing happened in L.A., and that you were basically lying — that she never saw you," Phaedra said to Apollo. 

Apollo then explained to Phaedra that he and Kenya had been at the same party in L.A. before he returned to his hotel room at the Beverly Wilshire. He said that she was also there, though he wasn’t sure whether she followed him or not. 

“And then she propositioned you, yes or no?” Phaedra straight out asked him.

“She didn’t just come at me and say ‘Hey Apollo, let’s f—,'” Apollo stated. “You know when a female is basically open. She wanted to have sex in L.A. I chose not to. I left and went to another hotel. Real simple.”
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