Saturday, July 23, 2016

Carole Radziwill Goes After Dorinda Medley For Being A 'Sh-t-Stirrer'
Carole Radziwill is one unhappy camper. She decided to remain on the Real Housewives of New York despite her partner in crime, Heather Thomson, not returning. Now Radziwill has teamed up with Bethenny Frankel and pretty much shut out the rest of the cast. In the beginning, it seemed that she would be bonding with the newbie, Jules Wainstein, but that is no longer the case. With everything going on and the ladies being able to watch the episodes play back, Radziwill has a lot to say about her co-stars.

This season in particular has made Carole Radziwill appear less fun and more uppity than usual. She is currently upset about Dorinda Medley and the comments she has made during her mini interviews on the Real Housewives of New York. In fact, Radziwill was so mad about what was said, she took to Twitter to call Medley out. According to All About the Tea, Carole Radziwill thinks she has been treated poorly, even more so than any of the other ladies on the show. While that may be taking it a little too far, she has been called some very harsh and vulgar things by the women she believed were her friends. Now that Radziwill is on Bethenny Frankel’s best friend list, the two have started to become the mean girls of the group.
It is true that Dorinda Medley has said some questionable things about Carole Radziwill and played both sides of the fence since the drama began this season on the Real Housewives of New York. She seems to be deflecting the hatred for her boyfriend and playing on the bad blood between Radziwill and LuAnn de Lesseps. It all got kicked off when Medley was celebrating her birthday in the Berkshires. Bethenny Frankel had words with de Lesseps and it caused a world of drama between the ladies. A few weeks later, Radziwill and Frankel found themselves being judgmental about Jules Wainstein during a pizza-making event. Since then, it has been a downward spiral.

Recent reports have indicated that Bravo is bored with Carole Radziwill and wants her gone next season. Bethenny Frankel reportedly told Andy Cohen and the people at the network that she will not return unless Radziwill is back. The two have bonded quite nicely this season, much to the dismay of the others. She has never been one to call people out or get upset easily, but Radziwill has had enough. She no longer wishes to interact with most of the cast, even admitting that she is annoyed with Jules Wainstein. Lucky for Radziwill, Jules will not be returning to the Real Housewives of New York for another season.
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Which 'Real Housewife' Is a Total Nightmare Behind the Scenes?

Thanks to cross-promotion within the NBCUniversal family, it is currently E!'s "Real Housewives Week." This means that E! is getting all kinds of inside scoops about the Bravo franchise, and today we hear from Real Housewives of Beverly Hills and Real Housewives of Orange County executive producer Doug Ross about which Housewife is the biggest pain in the Spanx. Would you be surprised to learn that it is ... all of them?

Ross reveals that when it comes time to shoot those magical opening credits, the Housewives all clamor to be No. 1 Most Important Gal.

"That is some of the biggest political maneuvering with the cast members that goes on all season long and they talk about it from the very beginning of the year, what their placement is going to be," he says. "And, of course, everybody thinks that they deserve to be in the center and explains to me that they must be in the center and if they're not in the center, they're not going to come back next year."

Perhaps for the safety of all involved, Ross says that they shoot the final frame individually, and then put all the women together in a composite. "We actually ask every cast member to hold either the orange or the diamond with their left hand out wide, out medium, out close, and then both hands in the center, and then their right hand out wide, out medium, and out close — so we have all the options," he says.

There is one woman who will not give producers options, however.

"I can't name names, but I can tell you that there is one cast member that we work with who absolutely, positively refuses to hold her thing anywhere but the center," Ross reveals. "And I'm the person who directs the opening title shoot and I had to trick that cast member into holding her thing in various positions so that we actually had the option to put her not in the center. [Laughs.] I'm sure you could imagine who it is, but I will never tell you."

So it's either Vicki Gunvalson from Orange County or Lisa Vanderpump from Beverly Hills. My money is on Vicki, because Lisa can't be tricked.
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Friday, July 22, 2016

Teresa Giudice Betrays Melissa Gorga By Revealing Her Drinking To Husband Joe
Is Teresa Giudice trying to cause marital issues between Joe and Melissa Gorga again? In a sneak peek of this week’s The Real Housewives of New Jersey, Teresa betrayed her sister-in-law by exposing her heavy drinking to her brother!

“Your car has that new smell car,” Melissa, 37, told Teresa, 44, as she responded, “You’ve definitely had too much to drink!”

When Melissa called her a “horrible driver,” Teresa accused her of slurring her words!

“I’m going to call my brother and let him know how much you drank,” Teresa said before telling her brother, “It’s your drunk wife!”

Melissa defended herself by saying to her husband, “Your sister is terrible!”

But they didn’t argue over Teresa’s phone call, as she helped Melissa walk to her house.
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Lea Black Starts a Feud with Brandi Glanville
Brandi Glanville and Lea Black are in a war of words on Twitter.

After an update was shared in regard to the ongoing lawsuit between the Real Housewives of Beverly Hills star and Black’s former Real Housewives of Miami co-star, Joanna Krupa, Black weighed in on the situation — and Glanville didn’t like it.

“A t**t walking around w/ tampon hanging out says another t**t needs perfume? Send jury the panties,” Black wrote, referring to an embarrassing moment suffered by Brandi Glanville in 2013.
Black, who starred on The Real Housewives of Miami until its cancellation in 2013, was reacting to an article shared by the Miami Herald earlier this week, in which it was stated that Glanville’s attorneys were requesting Krupa’s medical records. According to the report, the attorneys were hoping to prove that Krupa suffered from feminine odor with her documents, which would hopefully result in the case being thrown out.

“Lea, wow I thought you were classy,” Brandi Glanville responded. “Remind me never to have you over to my home again & mallow you to meet my kids. Honestly sad.”
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Thursday, July 21, 2016

Camille Grammer on Possible Return to 'Real Housewives' Full-Time: 'We Gotta Talk to the Higher Ups'
Camille Grammer might be making her way back to The Real Housewives of Beverly Hills full-time.

ET caught up with the reality star at The Bravos, where she was on-hand to support her fellow Beverly Hills star -- and the night's headliner -- Erika Jayne. Camille wasn't nominated for any awards at the show this year, but that might change in 2017. The show features the "Don't Call It a Comeback" award, an honor for Bravo stars who make big returns to the shows that made them famous. 

"Don't call it a comeback!" Camille sings. "I don't know. We'll see, we'll see. You gotta talk to Andy [Cohen] about that. We gotta talk to the higher ups."

Camille hasn't been a full-time cast member of RHOBH since 2013, but has made appearances in almost every season since. She admits her guest appearances are kind of the "perfect gig," because she gets to come in and have fun, but escape the drama.

Still, her surprise appearance at The Bravos has us thinking we might be seeing more of Camille when The Real Housewives of Beverly Hills returns later this year. 

"Oh, I love being a part of it for what, it's gonna be six, seven seasons?" Camille gushes. "Oh my god, that's a long time! I call it my dysfunctional family, working with these girls -- but no, they're wonderful. I miss them when I'm not around them. They're fun."
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Bethenny Frankel Is Finally Divorced From Jason Hoppy
Bethenny Frankel is now officially divorced from her husband, Jason Hoppy. 

Hoppy’s attorney, Bernard Clair, confirmed to ET that the couple’s split has “finally been resolved” and that Hoppy is “thrilled that this chapter of his life is over.” 

“He is extremely pleased with the settlement that was reached,” says Clair. “Jason looks forward to the future and enjoying that time privately with family, friends and most important to him, his daughter.” 

The couple tied the knot in 2010 and welcomed daughter Bryn, now six, weeks later. They filed for divorce in January 2013 and later reached a custody agreement, though the divorce has taken more than three years to finalize. 

Details of the settlement have not been revealed. 

Interestingly, following the news, Frankel promoted her book, I Suck at Relationships So You Don’t Have To: 10 Rules for Not Screwing Up Your Happily Ever After, on Twitter, highlighting an excerpt about how to get an ex-lover back. 
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Wednesday, July 20, 2016

NeNe Leakes Too Busy For ‘RHOA’?
NeNe Leakes' streak on "The Real Housewives of Atlanta" is finally coming to an end ... at least based on what's NOT been going on during season 9 tapings. 

TMZ has learned they've been shooting for weeks now, and NeNe is nowhere in sight.

It seemed like she was possibly coming back to the main cast after being named a guest last season. She's been busy with a HSN clothing line, one woman tour, new game show and a stint on "Fashion Police."

Our 'RHOA' sources tell us producers have added at least one new cast member, and NeNe -- the only remaining OG ATL housewife -- doesn't look to be part of plans going forward.

We're told "guest appearances" are always a possibility, but as of now producers aren't counting on having NeNe.

We suspect Kim Zolciak might have 2 little words for her ole frenemy ...
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Jules Wainstein Gets Served Divorce Papers
The wheels are officially in motion.

E! News has confirmed that The Real Housewives of New York's Jules Wainstein was finally served with divorce papers from her husband Michael Wainstein a few months after learning that the pair decided to call it quits.

The New York court filing shows that Jules has enlisted Bethenny Frankel's divorce lawyers, Aronson Mayefsky and Sloan, for her case, which is also listed as a "contested" divorce. This means that there are certain terms that the two parties cannot agree to, either about getting divorced or about issues pertaining to the separation, such as the division of assets, allocation of debts, alimony, child support, or the custody of children.

Specifics as to what these two stars cannot agree on have yet to be disclosed.

The divorce papers come roughly one month after police were called to the Wainstein home.

E! News learned at the time that the Real Housewives of New York star called the police on her estranged husband after feeling threatened by her ex. "Jules was the one who called the police," a source told us, adding that Jules needed help because Michael was speaking to her in a threatening manner. No arrests were made.

The call to police came shortly after the reality star announced that their marriage has come to an end after eight years together. The insider added, "This divorce is contentious and it's going to be ongoing."
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Tuesday, July 19, 2016

Lisa Vanderpump Confirms Eileen Davidson's Return to 'Real Housewives of Beverly Hills'
Eileen Davidson faced rumors of a possible demotion weeks ago, but now, those reports appear false. While the soap star was expected to take a step down, or potentially leave The Real Housewives of Beverly Hills all together, she has since signed on full-time. While Davidson has maintained her silence in regard to her reported return to the Bravo reality show, her co-star, Lisa Vanderpump, confirmed she was back on Twitter on July 18. After a fan tweeted to Vanderpump, asking the restauranteur if Davidson was back "full-time," Vanderpump confirmed the news as "true."

Eileen Davidson has been with 'RHOBH' for two seasons

Following the exits of former cast members Joyce Giraud and Carlton Gebbia, who were axed from the series after appearing on just one season, Eileen Davidson and her fellow soap star, Lisa Rinna, joined the show for Season 5. Ever since, they have maintained their full-time roles. Although Davidson hasn't always gotten along with all of her co-stars and feuded with Vanderpump throughout Season 6, she and Rinna have become great friends and by the end of Season 6, Rinna was Davidson's closest ally. The two women even took on Vanderpump together at the reunion, which caught many off-guard.
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Meghan King Edmonds: 'I Will Never Forgive Brooks Ayers'
She's not ready to make nice.

Meghan King Edmonds tells PEOPLE Now that she won't ever get over the controversy surrounding Brooks Ayers' purported cancer diagnosis and forged medical records.

The Real Housewives of Orange County star – who was very critical of Vicki Gunvalson's ex – says "I will never forgive [Brooks]."

Ayers admitted last November that he forged medical documents from cancer hospital City of Hope, which he originally presented in an attempt to prove his diagnosis. Despite speculation, however, he maintained that he had cancer.  

Edmonds, 31, isn't buying it though – and says there's a reason she was so adamant that Ayers' was lying during the show's 10th season.

"I think people think that I was a little overzealous, and maybe I was," Edmonds acknowledges. "But it really sucked to be dealing with cancer, with my friend LeeAnn dying of cancer, and to see this guy Brooks, this sleazeball trying to profit off of cancer with Vicki."

The mom-to-be also hasn't changed her tune about Gunvalson, whom she slammed as a "filthy liar" to PEOPLE last fall.

Of Gunvalson's arc on this season of RHOC, Edmonds reveals, "I'm honestly shocked at how everything went down with Vicki as this season progresses."  

"You're gonna see reconciliation and see it go backwards again," she teases. 
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Monday, July 18, 2016

Jules Wainstein Takes On ‘Bully’ Bethenny Frankel, Admits She Still Struggles With Her Eating Disorder
Jules Wainstein finally stood up to Bethenny Frankel.

Wainstein felt unjustly bullied by Frankel and Carole Radziwill in regards to her intelligence and eating disorder. However, Wainstein turned the tables on her co-stars during Dorinda Medley’s dinner on the latest episode of the Real Housewives of New York.

According to Radar Online, the drama escalated after Dorinda Medley told LuAnn de Lesseps about rumors Ramona Singer had started. De Lesseps subsequently stormed out of the restaurant.

Wainstein tried to defend de Lesseps’ actions, which didn’t sit well with Radziwill and Frankel.

While Wainstein spoke against gossiping behind people’s backs, Frankel brought up the calzone incident from a few installments back.

As fans will recall, Wainstein accidentally baked a few utensils inside the calzone, which Frankel thought was extra stupid.

“I’m not stupid, okay?” Wainstein told Frankel. “I’m really sick and tired of you portraying me as stupid. It’s not nice.”

Wainstein didn’t stop there.

According to People, she went on an epic tirade about how Frankel’s sense of humor hurts those around her.

“Your sense of humor is at other people’s expense,” she stated. “My sense of humor’s at my expense because I don’t want to hurt people’s feelings. You make fun of other people because you don’t care about other people’s feelings. Because you hurt people’s feelings.”

Of course, Frankel immediately defended her sense of humor. She also accused Jules Wainstein of calling people old and talking behind their backs.
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Heather Dubrow On Teresa Giudice Post Jail: 'I'd Like Accountability and Remorse'
Not impressed! They're both Real Housewives, but Orange County's Heather Dubrow is not feeling the love for New Jersey's Teresa Giudice after what she views as an inappropriate response to her time in jail. 

Giudice, 44, was seen returning from her almost yearlong stint in jail for fraud charges, on the Sunday, July 10, episode of RHONJ. Despite being besieged by paparazzi, the reality star managed to sneak inside the house where she was welcomed home by her husband, Joe Giudice, before she burst into tears.
Hugging her daughters, the mom of four revealed she'd been dreaming of that moment for the past 11-and-a-half months, before admitting she'd been "very naive" and insisting, “I’ve learned my lesson. I’m not going to make the same mistake twice.”

But according to Dubrow, Giudice's return wasn't tasteful. "She came back from prison talking a lot about yoga and her diet, and I think a lot of people would like to hear about accountability and remorse," the 47-year-old star of RHOC told Andy Cohen on the Monday, July 11, Watch What Happens Live.

Dubrow denied to Cohen that she's being harsh about Giudice (who she admits she doesn't actually know, and thinks is a good mother). "I think honestly, in the scheme of things, that was pretty benign," she added, of her comments. 
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