Saturday, April 18, 2015

‘Real Housewives Of Beverly Hills’ Producers Consider Adding ‘Sobriety Clause’ To Kim Richards’ Contract After Arrest
Kim Richards has sat in silence since her very public arrest while on a rampage at the Beverly Hills Polo Lounge on Wednesday night. But behind-the-scenes, has exclusively learned, producers of the reality star’s hit TV show are spinning over what to make of the incident.

As Radar previously reported, the executives of RHOBH called an emergency meeting after finding out that the 50-year-old troubled star had gotten arrested while causing a scene at the iconic landmark and allegedly kicked a police officer while detained.

“During the meeting with the producers of the show yesterday they decided that they would possibly like to implement a sobriety clause into Kim Richard’s contract,” the insider says.

Although the source claims that the “details are still being worked out,” a few things are clear.

“They do not want to get rid of Kim on the show because she does so amazing for ratings, but they also think that keeping her on the air is not conducive to her well-being,” says source.

“The fame that this show has brought her has seemed to actually make her alcoholism worse instead of better because whenever you throw a lot of money and fame at someone who is already struggling with addiction issues, the situation can become incredibly volatile, as it has in her case.”

Richards has been open about her struggles to stay clean and sober and the show has focused many episodes on her battle to overcome addiction.

However, the insider tells Radar, “The higher-ups do not want to be held responsible if something tragic happens to her.”
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Friday, April 17, 2015

Porsha Williams Covers "Upscale" Magazine: "When I Look in the Mirror, I See a Survivor"
Porsha Williams is well aware that good looks can go a long way, but that isn't what she relies on when it comes to creating her beauty empire.

Although she does look absolutely flawless on the cover of Upscale, the Real Housewives of Atlanta star tells the magazine knows that superficial characteristics shouldn't matter even though they sometimes do, despite what her mother, who she names as her "biggest inspiration," has told her.

"[My mother] taught me that beauty comes from the inside out; but I also know that the outside does matter," she says. "My outside beauty wasn't always so pretty, though."

Williams opens up about the bullying she faced as a young child for "being super skinny with big teeth." She also says that other black girls "would tease me and pull my hair because it was long." Even though she has faced critics her whole life, especially since appearing on the hit TV show, the reality star says it has only made her stronger.

"It's funny, but not, that I can feel so confident in my own skin, even with my flaws," she says. "But my looks have warranted a general consensus that I'm ditzy or an airhead, thanks to the show. It's meant for entertainment, so I get it."

She adds, "But off camera, behind the doors at my office, it's a different story."

In addition to her place on RHOA, Porsha is busy building a growing beauty empire that includes hair extensions, shapewear and lingerie. She explains to the magazine that "dark moments" growing up allowed her to emerge stronger and therefore create something based on her "aesthetic."

"To be able to build something based on my life, my style...blows my mind," she says.

But it wasn't just the bullying from fellow students that helped shape her into who she is today. As the granddaughter of famed freedom fighter Hosea Williams, Portia says she has always "stood for something, so no matter what people think, I won't fall for just anything."

And now that her face is essentially everywhere, she explains that women have started to see her as an inspiration, which also helps her find affirmation in all that she does. "Women support me strongly, and I love it," she says.
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Kim Richards Arrested For Drunken Rampage In Hotel & Kicking A Police Officer
Kim Richards was arrested at the Beverly Hills Hotel early Thursday morning -- after allegedly going on a drunken rampage and kicking a police officer ... TMZ has learned.

Sources tell us ... Richards had been hanging out at the famous Polo Lounge inside the hotel and was asked to leave because she was too hammered and being "unruly." 

We're told Richards went to a bathroom and refused to come out. Cops were called to the scene and we're told they had to "drag her out" of the bathroom.

Richards -- who has struggled with substance abuse in the past -- was reportedly belligerent, slurring her speech and reeked of booze. 

We're told Kim was taken to a nearby jail -- where she allegedly kicked a police officer. 

She's been charged with trespass, resisting arrest, battery on a police officer and drunk in public. 
Cops issued a citation to Richards -- and she was later released.

Richards' sobriety was called into question on the recent "Real Housewives" reunion special -- when Lisa Rinna suggested that Kim was on something during a car ride earlier in the season.

Kim had admitted that she had taken a pain pill -- but was adamant she had not fallen off the wagon. 
Sad, but not a surprise considering her long history with alcohol abuse. One can hope that Kim gets the help she desperately needs and get her life back together. But also that all the idiots who sided with Kim and Evil Brandi during that recent reunion, get a dose of reality from this news and understand all the pain Kim has heaped on herself, Kyle and the rest of her family. Then too, the con job that Brandi played in pretending to befriend Kim on air and get in-between her and Kyle should also be brought to light here too, after all, I'm sure Brandi was nowhere in the vicinity of this latest relapse.

Thursday, April 16, 2015

Gretchen Rossi Talks New Fashion Line
Put the claws away! Gretchen Rossi has "traded the fighting for fashion."

The Real Housewives star stopped by a local CBS station to discuss the next chapter of her life, and that means a new pet project for the reality star: hip new clothes!

“I had a lot of women reach out to me on the show that just said, ‘I want to look and feel my best and you always seem to look and feel great, so how do you do it?’ And so I really wanted to bring affordable fashion and beauty to all of my fans and customers,” she said.

So look good and pay less? We're so on board!
While Gretchen was unsure about her return to reality, she did have a comment about her feelings on Real Housewives of Orange County.

“It was time to turn that page and it’s been really exciting to go into the next chapter of my life,” Gretchen said about her stint on the show.
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Lea Black’s Novel ‘Red Carpets & White Lies’ Hits Stores Next Month
Real Housewife” Lea Black — who might have the best argument in favor of jury duty since she met her hubby while serving on one — has written what she knows in “Red Carpets & White Lies” (due from Beaufort Books on May 5).

One of “The Real Housewives of Miami,” Black met her lawyer husband Roy Black when she was on a jury and he was successfully defending William Kennedy Smith on a rape charge.

In the book, the first of a trilogy, she’s socialite Leigh White, who is busy planning what she hopes will be the best charity ball in Miami history while coping with the hysterics of her friends and pseudo friends.

Move over, Jackie Collins.
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Wednesday, April 15, 2015

Bethenny Frankel Slams Heather Dubrow's Doctor Hubby Terry As ‘Fame-Hungry’ After He Says He’d Like To ‘Feed Her’
Bethenny Frankel ripped Dr. Terry Dubrow as a “fame hungry” “dumbsh*t” Monday, after the plastic surgeon hit a nerve saying he’d like to “feed her a little bit.”

The socialite took aim at Dubrow — husband of Real Housewives of Orange Country star Heather Dubrow, and star of E!’s plastic surgery reality show Botched — jabbed at her when asked, on Monday’s Watch What Happens Live, which Real Housewives star he would want to help fix up on his show.

Dubrow set his sights on the prominent Real Housewives of New York City star, needling her about the already-sensitive issue of her weight.

“I would put on Bethenny and just feed her a little bit: She looks amazingly pretty [and] natural, but just a little skinny girl for me,” Dubrow said, with no pun intended.

When host Andy Cohen challenged Dubrow his that his own wife Heather also has a lean frame, Dubrow countered, “I think my wife has a little more muscularity going.”

The Skinnygirl entrepreneur took to Twitter to shoot back after the unflattering remarks, asking “Who is dr dubrow & what happened?”

She continued painting Dubrow as attention-hungry, commenting, “So he’s a ‘rich, busy & [successful]’ [M.D.] using his wife’s reality show to comment on me [because] he’s bored? Irrelevant? fame hungry? Needs $?”
I saw this live while it was being played out on Twitter last night. Yeah, Bethenny really went IN! and Heather couldn't apologize quick enough for her husband's hypocritical remark. Bottom line, don't be stupid enough to diss a woman's eating habits when your own wife could use an extra couple of pounds or two.

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Cynthia Bailey Talks Kenya Moore & Phaedra Parks Making Peace On ‘RHOA’: ‘I Applaud Both Ladies For Their Efforts’
The Real Housewives of Atlanta star Cynthia Bailey may not have gotten much out of her attempted conversation with Phaedra Parks a few weeks back on the show, but it sounds like she is glad that Kenya Moore found peace with the mother of two. Phaedra has clearly struggled to figure out who to believe after being betrayed by her husband, and she may have wanted Bailey’s support more than anything.

Cynthia Bailey had learned that Phaedra Parks may have been cheating on her husband with a man named Chocolate prior to him going to jail, but it sounds like Parks had no interest in talking to Cynthia about it. Instead, she decided to focus her energy on simply taking care of her children and talking to Kenya in the Philippines.

According to a new Bravo report, The Real Housewives of Atlanta star Cynthia Bailey is now revealing that she is very happy that Kenya Moore and Phaedra Parks have solved their issues in a very emotional conversation.

“My favorite part of the Philippines trip was when Kenya and Phaedra finally agreed to sit down like the intelligent, grown women that they are and discuss their issues. I love closure, therefore I really appreciated seeing the two ladies talk, cry, apologize, hug, and hold hands to pray,” Cynthia Bailey has revealed about the trip.

Of course, the drama between Kenya and Phaedra has been going on for quite some time. Two years is a long time for a single lie to be carried on. Moore has been very affected by the comments that Parks has made about her, based on the lies that Apollo Nida has shared with the entire cast.
“Two years is too long to hold onto energy that is toxic and negative to your spirit and soul. Sometimes you just have to let things that no longer serve you positively go and move on. I applaud both ladies for their efforts. Their gesture was uplifting and great for the morale of the group. I am happy for both of them,” Cynthia Bailey adds.

Cynthia herself attended the therapy session, where she had hoped to make peace with NeNe Leakes. But since NeNe walked out of the therapy session before any work had been done, Bailey hasn’t really gotten closure on anything.

According to the Inquisitr, Cynthia Bailey has revealed that she will move on from the drama with Phaedra, as she realizes that she probably won’t get the apology she is expecting. Some are questioning why Bailey is expecting an apology, as Cynthia was the one who got involved with Parks’ personal business.
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Tuesday, April 14, 2015

Nene Leakes Disses Some “Shady Queen Producers”, Says She Won’t Return To RHOA Until They're Fired
Is the queen of RHOA, Nene Leakes coming back to the hit Bravo reality show? The reality star recently signed on to do a new show with former BFF Kim Zolciack and says she wasn’t really feeling the ladies on Real Housewives. 

Nene believes that the ladies are all conspiring against her and want to take over the show, even some “shady” RHOA producers are to blame for the hostility and divisiveness on the show…

We recently reported that Claudia Jordan was hinting at her own series after showing off her close relationship with some RHOA producers at lunch in LA. 
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Is Kyle Richards's Rocky Relationship with Sister Kim on the Mend?
Their relationship has been strained for some time, but Kyle Richards may finally be ready to make amends with Kim and put their bitter family feud behind them.

This weekend, Kyle captioned an Instagram post: "#NationalSiblingsDay these are my siblings @kathyhilton & @kimrichards11 #sisters no matter what …."

While Kim didn't respond to her sister's public message, the friendly photo is a far cry from their recent appearance on The Real Housewives of Beverly Hills reunion, where the pair went head to head.

"The way you act is just mean," said Kyle, 46, who asked if Kim, 50, was going to "disinvite" her to her daughter's wedding. "I want to have your children in my life." 

Kyle broke down in sobs and was nearly unable to continue: "You're so f---ing mean! Just leave me alone!"

While the reality stars continue with their back-and-forth drama, Kyle admits it's never been this bad between the two.

"I'm the first to say that my sister's and my relationship has obviously had its ups and downs, but this has by far been the worst place our relationship has ever been in," Kyle wrote in her Bravo blog post April 9.

"There seems to be no recollection of the love and support that I have given her throughout our lives."  
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Monday, April 13, 2015

Kim Zolciak Defends Daughter Brielle’s Sexy Bikini Photos & Her Relationship With Boyfriend
Six kids and still killing it! Kim Zolciak is loving her beach vacation with hubby Kroy Biermann and her six kiddos. The family's excursions have been thoroughly documented on the reality star's Instagram page, including a series of bikini shots. 

"Lovin that salt on his chest!" the Don't Be Tardy star, 36, captioned a shot of herself wearing a green bikini and licking her football-playing husband's bare chest. 

She also posted a photo of the athlete lifting her in the air, showing off her impressive booty and flashing a little side boob. 

"He loves me just way I am #ItNeverGetsOld #IMustHaveDoneSomethingRight #AskBelieveandReceive," she captioned the sweet pic. 

Zolciak also shared a series of family shots with her many children, including her look-alike eldest daughter Brielle, 18. The teen has gotten a lot of flack for dressing too maturely for her age, so Zolciak tried to combat that in the caption of Brielle's bikini image with her boyfriend.

"Hey cuties @briellebiermann @sladeosborne #SheIs18AnOldEnoughToHaveABoyfriendSoShutUp #SheIsOldEnoughToWearABikiniSoShutUp #SheIsConsideredALegalAdultSoShutUp #SheIsStillMyBabySoShutUp," she wrote with the pictures. 
Hey, the apple doesn't fall far from the tree.