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Insider Reveals: ‘RHOBH’ Is A Snooze-Fest This Season — ‘They All Get Along Great & It’s Not Good For TV!’

Get rid of phony-ass Kyle (who, besides being friends with everybody, let's face it controls the strings on this show) and evil-ass Brandi and 'RHOBH' will get much better in a heartbeat:
Don’t expect screaming matches and hair-pulling this season on the Real Housewives of Beverly Hills, because an insider exclusively tells there’s no drama because everyone is getting along!

Hard to believe, but even Brandi Glanville and Lisa Vanderpump aren’t causing any waves, the source insists.

“This is going to be the most boring season ever of Real Housewives of Beverly Hills,” an insider told Radar.

“There’s no drama, which means there’s barely even a show for Bravo. The issue is that everyone gets along! It’s horrible!"

Season 5 is comprised of franchise alums Vanderpump, Glanville, Kim and Kyle Richards, Yolanda Foster and newbies Lisa Rinna and Eileen Davidson.

But despite early reports of Vanderpump being ousted  by the cast or jealousy and animosity within the group of ladies, the source says they get along far too well — which won’t bode well for Bravo.

“This is the last thing Bravo wants, is a cast of girls who all get along. It’s not what viewers tune in for,” the source said.

“The girls shot in Santa Barbara this week and it was beyond boring. They need something truly crazy to happen to save this season.”
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Preview From Caroline Manzo's "Manzo'd With Children"
Caroline Manzo may be done with The Real Housewives of New Jersey, but she'll never be done with family drama — especially now that all three of her kids are living under the same roof again. As seen in this exclusive preview of her new Bravo reality show, Manzo'd With Children, chaos ensues when sons Albie and Chris move back home to live with their parents and sister.

Set to premiere on Sunday, Oct. 5, with two back-to-back episodes beginning at 9 p.m., the series follows former RHONJ star Caroline as she tries to keep the peace among her three children and husband Al Sr. If this preview is any indication, though, she's got her hands full — and then some. 

"I always secretly wished that my boys would come back home," the 52-year-old Bravo-lebrity says in the clip. "Careful what you wish for."
One source of tension for the family? Albie's new girlfriend, a bikini-wearing bombshell whom his mom describes as "like a living beer commercial." (And not in a good way.) "The same kids I gave birth to are trying to kill me," Caroline jokes.

The show also chronicles daughter Lauren's efforts to plan her wedding to longtime love Vito Scalia. "You really gotta calm it down with the Bridezilla nonsense," Albie says. 

Albie later slams Lauren as a "toxic person," telling her they don't "need to have a relationship," and throwing (and breaking) a glass against the ground. "I'm so f---ing tired of everybody's advice," he yells while walking away, as Lauren wipes tears from her eyes.

Watch the insanity in the video above! Manzo'd With Children premieres on Bravo on Sunday. Oct. 5, at 9 p.m. ET/PT.
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Carole Radziwill Talks "RHONY" Season 6 and Aviva Drescher Drama
Being the voice of reason on a reality show such as Bravo’s The Real Housewives of New York City is destined to be a doomed position, as Carole Radziwill found out the hard way in this past season. When she first joined the show in Season 5, Radziwill — a writer and Emmy-winning former ABC News producer — served the necessary function of commenting, if not sometimes gawking, at the often crazy behavior of the rest of the cast. She was a stand-in for viewers. 
It was not to last. Season 6, Radziwill’s second — which began airing in March — drew her immediately straight into its mad heart. What sucked her in were accusations from Aviva Drescher, a cast member who had also joined the show in Season 5, that she had heard “on the street” that Radziwill used a ghostwriter for What Remains, her 2005 memoir. Radziwill, who confronted (and strenuously denied) the question on camera in a heated fight with Drescher, was flabbergasted, and the scandal — #bookgate — hovered over and partly informed the trajectory of the season. What Remains is Radziwill’s recounting of her life with her late husband, Anthony Radziwill, his prolonged struggle with terminal cancer, and their close friendships with Anthony’s cousin, John F. Kennedy Jr., and Carolyn Bessette-Kennedy. Three out of those four people died in the summer of 1999, which is also what What Remains is about. To call its authorship into question was new and ugly emotional territory, even for Real Housewives. 
The second of three reunion episodes aired Tuesday night, and #bookgate was addressed. The cast fell into its usual formation, with Radziwill, Heather Thomson, Kristen Taekman, and Luann de Lessepps on one side (literally), and Drescher, Sonja Morgan, and Ramona Singer on the other. Drescher still maintains she did not have a ghostwriter on her own memoir, Leggy Blonde, and in an effort to advance her theory that no writer writes a book alone, somehow also managed to smear Harper Lee. In other words, it was a mess, and nothing was resolved. Part 3 of the reunion will air next Tuesday. 
I recently met Radziwill at a diner in West Hollywood, where we talked about the disaster with Drescher, how infuriating #bookgate was for her, her frustrations with some of the other cast members (Sonja Morgan!), and her work outside of the show, including her recent novel, The Widow’s Guide to Sex and Dating. Oh, and we talked about Drescher throwing her leg on the floor.

In your first season, you were able to rise above and not get drawn into drama. I felt like your experience this season, however, proved that it’s impossible on one of these shows to rise above in perpetuity.
Carole Radziwill: Last season, because I was new and because all the women, I think, genuinely liked me, as I them, there wasn’t anyone gunning for me. I did, if you recall, cry — they made me cry. 

That’s true.
CR: It was an intense time in St. Barts. And there was a lot going on. Some of it not fun for me. But yeah, this season I scream. I cop to that. It wasn’t my finest moment. But I think I proved that I’m pretty easygoing about things, whether it’s gossip about my ex-boyfriend or silliness about who’s bossy and who’s not. Or who’s not invited to some party, or who is. But I think what really matters to me is my work. And when you not only question my integrity and my credibility — but also, it went deeper than that. I could have understood Aviva repeating gossip about my work, and saying people said I had a ghostwriter, although it seems implausible. But listen, there’s no industry that’s immune to gossip and professional jealously.
But when the attack was not only about my career, but impugns my late husband’s family, belittles my accomplishments, and kind of trashes my novel in a way that I knew to be untrue — and then she ridicules my age — it’s, like, Whoa! I feel like the audience wants you to defend yourself. You don’t mess with someone’s career, or work, or family.

When something like that happens, how aware of the cameras are you?
CR: Had I been more aware, I wouldn’t have reacted the way I did, I think. If someone said to me at a cocktail party, “Well, I hear gossip that Bill Whitworth, the editor of The Atlantic Monthly, ghostwrites all your books,” I would have been, like, “OK, you’re crazy.” And walked away. But as she’s saying it, I’m like, What is she saying? And then I’m like, She’s saying this on national television? And the minute you start to defend yourself, which I did, you kind of look defensive. 

She asked me at lunch if I used I ghostwriter. I said no. I asked her, she said no. It should have ended there. It didn’t. She went to everybody and repeated the gossip. And then confronted me in her home. I said no then, and then yeah, I got spitfire angry when she then continued to belittle my accomplishments and ridicule my age and talk about my late husband’s family — I couldn’t say I was so aware of the cameras at that moment. I was and I wasn’t. I was aware that she was saying this stuff on national television, but I wasn’t able to take that awareness and say, Let me at least behave in a way — I think I behaved in a way that anyone would have.

It happened so early in the season. It must have been jarring.
CR: You’re just coming back, you’re getting your sea legs, like, OK, I’ve got to gear up for this again! Had I known she wasn’t going to bring up her process of hiring a writer to work with, had I known she wasn’t going to bring that on camera, I never would have asked if she had hired the writer. At that moment when I said, “Have you hired the writer?” I fully thought she was going to do scenes with her. So when she said, “No, I did it alone,” in my stomach, I said, Oh, shit. I never thought she would go as far as she did.
Throughout the season, Aviva either said she wrote her book herself or “it takes a village.” But her book was ghostwritten by a woman named Valerie Frankel. Why is that a bad thing?
CR: It’s industry standard. She signed a deal, she had to turn that book around quickly. They peg it to the show. It’s what every other Housewife does. And it’s great. It’s great for publishing, it’s good for writers. It just never occurred to me that she wasn’t going to be honest about that. 

I imagine that one of the frightening things about being on a reality show is that people can just say anything.
CR: I know, Kate. I know! And I don’t have skeletons in my closet, I don’t have things I can’t talk about. But I realized after that, Oh, you can just make it up. I remember after that scene going to the producers and saying, “Well, that was drama, but it’s not true.
The publisher didn’t pass, and Bill Whitworth is an editor.” He was my copy editor, which is a phenomenal insult to him to even say that, because he’s one of the most respected editors. It’s just that he didn’t come on until the very end of What Remains. I remember saying to the producers, “That’s not true.” And they looked at me, like, We don’t care about the truth. It was this stupid “Aha!” moment. 

When something like that does happen, which is upsetting and potentially damaging, what do you do? Do you call Andy Cohen?
CR: The ironic thing is that the next morning at 10 a.m., I was at a wedding with Andy; a mutual friend was getting married. I was in a rage! I’m really good with Andy, because we do travel in the same social circles, and I’ve never — it’s like a Chinese Wall. Because I can be very passionate about things, especially about work, and I do regard the show as work. I don’t like to get into conversations with him about it, because he is the executive in charge of Bravo, and there’s a professionalism that has to exist. Neither of us wants to talk about the show when we’re at weddings. But I broke my rule.

Tell me more. CR: I think he had heard about it. And he knew I was upset about it. He was very smart, though. He said, “Rely on the intelligence of the audience, Carole.” I was, like, “I can’t do that! That’s slander! And this is insane!” And you know what? He was right.

CR: But there were calls to lawyers. 
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Lisa Vanderpump’s Family Members Think She's An ‘Egomaniac’
Lisa Vanderpump has millions of fans, but several of her family members aren’t among them. has exclusively learned that some of the Real Housewives of Beverly Hills star’s extended family have distanced themselves from her over her “egomaniac” tendencies since stepping into the spotlight.

“They are fed up,” a source very close to Vanderpump tells Radar exclusively.“They have given her too many chances and they cannot stand the person she has become. They do not even recognize her anymore and want nothing to do with her.”

What is even worse is that the RHOBH star, apparently, couldn’t care less!

“Lisa is so caught up in her world, she does not care what her family, or anyone else, thinks of her,” the source tells Radar.

“Lisa is a total control freak and is very demanding,” the source, who has known Vanderpump for years, reveals. “She is a total egomaniac. Aside from her family, some of her old friends are even dropping like flies too. She has become just an awful person. A lot of people don’t want to be around her anymore.”

Vanderpump herself has admitted, “I have to be frank, my family in England have not supported my choice to venture into this world.”

Indeed, when approached by Radar, Vanderpump’s British cousin Sally said, “it’s not something I want to get into,” and a relative, John Vanderpump, also declined to discuss the reality star.

On July 25, her brother, Mark Vanderpump, tweeted, “As your brother, @lisavanderpump, you need to get your skinny a** back to England and stop pissing on about reality TV.”
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Sonja Morgan Has A New And Younger Boyfriend
It’s out with the old and in with the new for Sonja Morgan! Since breaking up with Harry Dubin on the Real Housewives of New York City, the reality star is moving on in the dating scene. The 50-year-old cougar, was spotted hand-in-hand with a handsome mystery man over the weekend in the Hamptons — and only can exclusively reveal the identity of her new beau — and his age!

The lucky guy on Morgan’s arm is 45-year-old David Svanda, who owns Svanda’s Framing & Art in Brookfield, Connecticut.

“I’ve known him forever!” Morgan told Radar.

During their date night at at the Hamptons Magazine Celebration of The Children’s Justice Campaign, “He was so patient. We came in the back door and were running out the back door!” she added.

“I was at my friends Joan and George Hornig’s home to support Kelly Rutherford to bring awareness to how difficult it is for divorced mothers. Her story is poignant,” Sonja said. “Obviously, you caught me and my friend as we were exiting! He was a very good sport to come along, but we did have a fabulous dinner afterwards at Red Stix. I had to leave the next morning to L.A. and then my daughter and I have a rendezvous for the rest of the summer in France.”

Morgan, who filed chapter 11 bankruptcy, recently sold her Saint Tropez home for $5.7 million to help pay off a $7 million judgment for a movie deal gone bad.

“I sold my house in France so I will now be in a better position to settle with Hannibal Pictures over the movie that never was never made,” she added. “I’m very proud of the first movie I produced, The Marsh, starring Forest Whitaker and Gabrielle Anwar — but this was a hard lesson learned and I look forward to moving on with my life. I’ve never felt better and I’m very grateful to Bravo for the opportunities they have given my daughter and I.”
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Alex McCord Recaps "Real Housewives of Orange County" Season 9 Finale

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NeNe Leakes Slams Cynthia Bailey and Kenya Moore; Speaks on Her Time on RHoA: "My Life Has Changed For the Better"
It comes as no surprise to us that NeNe Leakes’ life is pretty darn fabulous, and it seems things are only getting better for the outspoken star.

The 47-year-old mother of two, who graces the cover of September’s Pose Magazine, reveals that her days on Real Housewives of Atlanta have helped her mature into the strong woman she is today. 

“Over the years, I feel I have grown for the best,” reveals NeNe. “I have grown as an adult. I am older and wiser. I know so much more now that I didn’t know when I came into this world. I feel I have gotten better. I feel my life has changed for the better.” 

While NeNe may be maturing with each passing season, she still has plenty of detractors. However, the reality star says that those who only see her bad side simply don’t know the real her. 

“I think people misunderstand,” says Nene, adding that her feud with co-star Cynthia Bailey has been hyped up for the cameras. “I don’t go out a lot. I am very private. I am really chill. I understand why the girls on the show are made to come after me. I am the original.”

As for her insistence upon speaking her mind, NeNe says that she’s trying hard to curb her combative instincts. 

“My husband is always like, ‘you don’t need to say that,’ or ‘you don’t need to be that real about it.’ I’m like, okay, maybe he’s right. I’m going to do much better from now on. I am really working on it.” 
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Teresa Giudice Pleads With Bravo To Not Send Cameras To Sentencing Hearing
Real Housewives of New Jersey star Teresa Giudice has told Bravo not to send cameras to her upcoming sentencing hearing, but the network is ignoring the missive and plans on using it during the filming of the reunion show, is exclusively reporting.

There have been mounting tensions between Giudice and Bravo because the diva has refused to film additional scenes for the show because of plunging ratings.

“Teresa doesn’t want cameras from Bravo to be at her sentencing on September 23, and has told producers of the show her thoughts. Bravo doesn’t care what Teresa wants or thinks, and they are done protecting her,”  a source told Radar.

“So, Bravo will absolutely send cameras and plans on utilizing for the reunion show. It’s no secret that the ratings are in the gutter, and Bravo knows there will be a lot of drama during Teresa’s sentencing.”

The New Jersey table flipper believes that the network has exploited her legal issues in pursuit of ratings.
Giudice recently lost her patience after Bravo arranged for her to do a sit-down interview with the New York Post which “ended up being an absolute hatchet job,” according to the insider.

Despite her desire to spend time with family in the face of her legal issues, “Teresa agreed to do a limited amount of press to promote the Real Housewives of New Jersey,” the source says.

“Bravo insisted that she do the interview with the paper. During the interview, Teresa felt the direction of it was negative, but the Bravo publicist did nothing to stop it, or get it back on track. Teresa felt the publicist should have done more to protect her, or stop the interview.”

Bravo have become frustrated because the fan favorite has decided to keep a lower profile ahead of her looming sentencing hearing, and scaled back on promotional appearances.

Our source previously told us, “It’s very frustrating for Bravo . . . They tried to tell Teresa that she was contractually obligated to show but her legal crisis manager, Wendy Feldman, shut that down. Teresa’s contract is actually very loose, and doesn’t clearly dictate what media she must do.”

Expect Giudice to show up for her sentencing hearing “with her hair and make-up professionally done, and wearing a brand new outfit. Even though Teresa would prefer that no news crews cover the sentencing, she will look her best,” the insider said.
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Phaedra Parks Refuses To Answer Probing Questions About Apollo Nida In Deposition
A deposition that Phaedra Parks gave in her own defamation lawsuit against former friend, Angela Stanton, has been uncovered. Stanton says the Real Housewives of Atlanta star is “thwarting” the legal system and making a “mockery” of it.

The Inquisitr reported on Parks’ affiliation with Stanton and the lawsuit that the two are embroiled in. That full story can be read here.

Radaronline reports that the RHOA star refused to answer questions about Apollo Nida and his criminal activities while they were married. News of this emerges after Radaronline obtained public records filed at the Gwinnett County Courthouse.

Apparently, when Parks agreed to sit down for the deposition she’s been dodging, she was only willing to do it with a long list of conditions. Court documents filed by Stanton’s attorneys say that if the deposition was videotaped, Phaedra wanted complete control of the transcript. She didn’t want the media finding out about it, or having it leaked on the attorney’s website.
Filed documents read:
“Parks frequently refused to answer questions and discuss topics that have the strongest relevance to the instant case, thus thwarting truth-finding function of the discovery process and impeding ‘the progress of this case and possible rulings’… Namely, she refused to answer any questions regarding her relationship with and knowledge of the criminal activities of her husband, Apollo Nida, a man with numerous and recent convictions and financial crimes.”
“This is a line of questioning that is very clearly and very obviously relevant to the ultimate question in this case, i.e, whether a reasonable person could believe that Parks herself was involved in the sort of criminal activities described in Stanton’s book.”
“Questions regarding Parks’ knowledge of, benefit from, and participation in her husband’s criminal schemes are very obviously relevant to the issue in this case … This is particularly true given that the schemes described by Stanton in her book (insurance fraud, forgery, VIN fraud) closely resemble the financial crimes for which Mr. Nida has been convicted. Yet throughout her deposition, Parks refused outright to answer any questions regarding her husband or her knowledge of her husband’s involvement in criminal schemes.”
When Phaedra Parks was asked whether her husband, Apollo Nida, “recently pled guilty to a number of federal financial crimes,” her response was, “I will not be discussing my husband.”

The Real Housewives star was criticized for “doodling” during questioning. At one point, Stanton’s attorney said to her, “You appear to be ignoring me.” Phaedra responded, “As I have answered earlier, I will not be having any answers or having any discussion regarding my husband.”
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Tamra Barney Tells Lizzie Rovsek: ‘My Husband Would Never Touch You With A 10-Foot Pole’
The season nine finale of the Real Housewives of Orange County featured Tamra Barney in typical trash-talking mode.

And if, as has reported, Barney won’t be back on the reality show next season due to her diva ways, she certainly went out with a bang on Monday night’s episode!

Barney was angry with Lizzie Rovsek after her co-star allegedly told her that she was jealous because Barney’s husband, Eddie Judge, wanted to f*ck Rovsek.

The incident happened after an off-camera truth and dare style game earlier this season in which Judge was asked who he’d like to marry, shag, or kill and he supposedly said Rovsek would be the one he’d want to “shag.”

But Rovsek has maintained she’d said “marry” — and not “f*ck” — to Barney.

“Whatever you think I said, I apologize,” Rovsek told Barney during a party Vicki Gunvalson threw for the whole gang on Monday’s RHOC.

Rovsek’s husband Christian chimed in, telling Barney, “It doesn’t f*cking matter. We played the game … when stuff became personal … you kind of closed up.”

Barney said, “It did hurt my feelings and actually … when I did get upset was when we were playing the game she said, ‘I want to shag Eddie because I want Mexican-Italian babies.’

“And knowing the situation we have with the whole baby thing,” said Barney, who had discussed having another baby with Judge, who is Mexican.

“I was just having fun!” claimed Rovsek, who is Italian.

She then told the cameras, “I don’t feel sorry for Tamra and her baby situation. She has four kids. She’s been married three times. I think she has plenty of babies. She’s almost 50-years-old. She’s fine.”

But Barney told Rovsek, “What you said about my husband was disgusting.”

She added, “Listen, Kentucky Fried T*tties, my husband would never touch you with a 10-foot pole.”
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