Monday, February 28, 2011

Bethenny Frankel, 40: "I Might Have Another Baby"
Will Bethenny Frankel's little girl Bryn, 10 months, get a little brother or sister?

It could happen, the Bravo star tells in an exclusive interview.

"I'm 40 years old," Frankel points out. "It's something we have to talk about now."

Her husband, Jason Hoppy, "really wants to have another child," she adds. "The baby stage is so beautiful and addictive."

The recent cover star of Us Weekly also opens up about her "maddening" former obsession with dieting -- and how she's finally developed a healthier attitude about food and her self-image.

Is the Bethenny Ever After star still a Real Housewives watcher? Not so much, she tells Us. The franchise is "women being rewarded for bad behavior," she observes.

Celebrity Red Carpet Interviews from Marc Bouwers 3D Fashion Show 2011 (Teresa Guidice, Alex McCord, Jacqueline Laurita & Dina Manzo Interviewed)

Danielle Staub Fires Back at 'Housewife' Teresa Giudice
Last month, 'Real Housewives of New Jersey' star Teresa Giudice shockingly revealed that she "misses Danielle Staub." Seriously!?

The only person more shocked than us was Staub, who left the Bravo reality show after two seasons. She sat down with PopEater to set the record straight, adding that "the feeling isn't mutual."

"I am so happy with my life after leaving ['Housewives']. It wasn't funny to me. It was very painful," she tells PopEater.

Staub, who became known for her controversial on-screen catfights, has moved on with at least two reality shows in the works, including 'Social,' her new 'Lifestyles of the Rich and Famous'-like program.

"I'm really happy in my life," she says. "I have so much that I've just begun to do."
Of course, Teresa didn't say anything bad about her, but again Danielle just can't avoid creating drama even when there is none.

Camille Grammer 'To Retain Kelsey's Surname'
Real Housewives of Beverly Hills star Camille Grammer has vowed to retain ex-husband Kelsey's surname.

During her Oscar coverage on CNN, she insisted that keeping the Grammer name will provide comfort for her two children.

"I am keeping the name Grammer," she said. "My children are Grammers, so I will remain Camille Grammer."

While discussing Kelsey's recent wedding to Kayte Walsh, Camille admitted that her former spouse's decision to re-marry was "very bittersweet".

The Grammers married in 1996 and divorced earlier this year after 14 years of marriage.

Sunday, February 27, 2011

Bethenny Frankel Strikes Out On Her Own In New Bravo show
Bethenny Frankel co-starred on three seasons of “The Real Housewives of New York.” Then she chronicled her wedding and the birth of her daughter Bryn on “Bethenny Getting Married?” Now she’s back with the unscripted series “Bethenny Ever After,” premiering Monday at 10 p.m. on Bravo.

“Will I be doing this forever? No,” Frankel said of her reality-show career during a recent conference call with reporters. “Without getting into the details of my relationship with Bravo, I have a commitment. It’s not like you get to be, like, ‘I want to do one season, and then, you know, you’ve spent all this money on advertising and crew and all of that and we’re done.’ And there are many things I do love about it. I think it’s a great message for women. I have developed a strong relationship with my fans.”

But the 40-year-old entrepreneur admits filming can be exhausting.

“It’s not me and six other women, where you can split the time between us. It’s just really me. I’m pretty much in every scene of the whole show, so it’s just a lot of work,” she said.

This season will follow Frankel and her husband, Jason Hoppy, as they adjust to parenthood and marriage. “Now we’re into the thick of being married, and the first year of marriage is hard because it’s two people from two different worlds now aligning, living together,” she said. “To say the very least, we go there just with what really goes on in marriage.”

The New York native is an executive producer on the show and wants to ensure that it is genuine.

“If Jason and I in general have had the same argument six times over about marriage or money or life or in-laws or something, at some point, I want to let the cameras catch that because I just hate when you watch these shows and, you know, someone’s, like, broken up with their boyfriend and you see them laying there in full makeup pretending that they’re sad. I just want it to be real and if we’re going to do this at all and we’re going to portray our relationship, I want people to get the whole picture.”

Frankel, whose newest book, “A Place of Yes,” will be released next month, is happy to have moved on from “Housewives.”

“Jason and I could never have stayed on ‘Housewives’ together. He’s like, ‘I don’t like these women. I don’t like what this represents. It’s nonsense and it’s just catty.’ And he hated it.”

Saturday, February 26, 2011

The Dish: "Housewives" Barbie Bitch

Kim Zolciak's Assistant: 'NeNe's Traumatizing My Life'
Kim Zolciak's assistant, Sweetie Hughes, is firing back at her 'Real Housewives of Atlanta' co-star, NeNe Leakes, after Leakes' comments prompted a 'Free Sweetie' campaign that has left Hughes traumatized.

On the penultimate episode of the season, Leakes said of Zolciak's behavior toward Hughes, "You call her a slave, you call her everything. You say hurtful, hurtful things."

Following a call from Leakes, Atlanta radio host Rick Smiley launched the 'Free Sweetie' campaign that's left Hughes, "so upset," according to Zolciak. "She's beside herself," she tells Life & Style.

Hughes, who defended Zolciak on the epsidode, telling Leakes she's "nobody's slave," says of the attention, "They're doing it for Black History Month, and it offends me. They have pastors calling into the radio station and praying for me. They've taken it too far."

As for the motivation behind the attack, Hughes says it's not Zolciak's behavior that provoked Leakes. "NeNe's jealous that she's not as close to Kim as I am," says Hughes. "I've known Kim for 11 years, since I was a kid. Kim's a great friend to me. NeNe's traumatizing my life. She's bringing hell to it."

'NJ Housewives' Involved In CRAZY Bar Attack
Multiple cast members on "The Real Housewives of New Jersey" were involved in a bar fight at a Hard Rock Hotel in the Dominican Republic this week ... TMZ has learned.

Sources involved in the situation tell us ... a couple of castmembers were hanging out at a bar inside the Hard Rock around 1:00 AM Wednesday morning when they got into a heated argument with a male patron.

We're told someone involved in the argument grabbed a drinking glass and smashed it over the man's head ... and the guy was hurt so badly, he needed immediate medical attention.

So far, it's unclear which cast members were involved in the fight -- but we're told Teresa and Caroline had been spotted at the Hard Rock that night.

A rep from Bravo had no comment on the situation.

Friday, February 25, 2011

The Real Beverly Hills Housewives Party at Villa Blanca

Part 2

Lisa Rinna Passed On 'Real Housewives of Beverly Hills'
Before there was Camille Grammer, there was Lisa Rinna. Well, sort of.

In a new interview, Rinna reveals that she was approached to join the season one cast of "The Real Housewives of Beverly Hills," but ultimately turned it down to co-star with hubby Harry Hamlin in TV Land's "Harry Loves Lisa."

"We were in discussions originally," Rinna told Us Weekly of the Bravo series, which went on to star Grammer, Kim and Kyle Richards, Taylor Armstrong, Adrienne Maloof and Lisa VanderPump. "I was up for it, and at the time I did my show instead of Beverly Hills. It was part of the process, but then my show came along so I ended up doing our show."

And Rinna is clearly quite content with her decision. Asked by Us Weekly if she would want to do season two of "Real Housewives," she laughed and replied, "I'm good."

Kelsey Grammer Marries Kayte Walsh
Kelsey Grammer’s publicist confirms to EW that the 56-year-old actor has wed his 29-year-old fiancĂ©e, Kayte Walsh. According to Grammer’s rep, the couple wed at a private ceremony at the Longacre Theatre in New York.

Just two weeks ago, a judge granted Grammer a fast-track divorce from ex-wife (and Real Housewives of Beverly Hills star) Camille Grammer, in order for the actor to wed at the end of the month.
RELATED: 'I Feel Like I'm Losing My Best Friend,' Says Ex-Wife Camille Grammer

LuAnn de Lesseps: Bethenny Is Not Missed on 'Housewives'
'Real Housewives of New York City' star Countess LuAnn de Lesseps doesn't miss having Bethenny Frankel around the Bravo hit anymore, and she reveals to me the real reason behind the delay in the new season.

"To tell you the truth, no!" she told me on my HDNet show when asked if she misses Bethenny. "She's doing her own thing now, so I wish her luck. Very happy for her. And you know, we have a new housewife now, so on to new and different things."
It's funny, but do any of the New York Housewives hating on Bethenny not notice that she doesn't seem to miss them either?

The Talk - Andy Cohen on 'The Real Housewives' Behind The Scenes

Adriana De Moura Sidi Will Hit The Runway During Fashion Week
You saw her hit the runway during the first episode of Bravo’s Real Housewives of Miami, and now Adriana De Moura will get a chance to do it for real! The Brazilian beauty, who obviously relishes in the attention, will hit the runway during the 13th annual Miami Beach International Fashion Week.

For those of you that watched the first episode (and were able to keep both eyes open for its entirety), saw fellow Housewives Larsa Pippen and Cristy Rice dare Adriana to strut her stuff down last years runway which she most happily agreed to.

I don’t really get what the big deal was though? There was no one sitting in the audience and no one around was really paying attention!!

But I digress…

This time, Miss Thang is going to do the real thing and hit the runway for Brazilian designer, Marcelo Quadros who will feature De Moura in the unveiling of his spring collection at the Copa Airlines Showcase. You can catch her at the Miami Beach Convention Center on March 5, 2011 at 8:30 pm.

Wednesday, February 23, 2011

Kim Zolciak shows off Baby Bump in a Bikini, Reveals She's Gained 20 Pounds

That playing dumb (tho she really is stupid) stunt Kim pulled on Kandi (who's so naive) at the reunion show is still grating my nerves. Glad Andy called her out on it:
Kim Zolciak is so comfortable with her pregnancy, she's showing off her huge baby bump for all to see.

The "Real Housewives of Atlanta" cast member graces the cover of this week's Life & Style in a purple bikini, and also appears inside the magazine in a sexy pink two-piece.

Zolciak, who is due in June, said, "I'm more in touch with my body now."

The 32-year-old also revealed she gained 20 pounds in her first two trimesters.

"I'm definitely eating a lot more now than I did with my girls," said the reality star, mom to Brielle, 13, and Ariana, 9.

And her boyfriend, Atlanta Falcons player Kroy Biermann, definitely approves.

"Kroy loves me pregnant," Zolciak said. "I don't remember my ex-husband being that into it, but Kroy loves it. He tells me I'm so beautiful."

The two are planning to move in together before welcoming their new arrival.

"Kroy's perfect for me, but we're not engaged," Zolciak added. "If we get married, Kroy would like to have one more child, and I want one, too!"

LuAnn de Lesseps On "The Today Show"

Bethenny Frankel's Balancing Act
When Bethany Frankel isn't performing the balancing act of a being a New York Times best-selling author, marketing her brand of Skinnygirl products, socializing with New York elite and promoting her show's second Season (Bethenny Ever After), she's also a devoted mom and wife. Life has changed a lot since her appearance on Bravo's Housewives of New York. Somehow, though, she still manages all of this with the classic wit and snarky humor that fans have grown to love.

—On her growth as a person and couple with her husband, Jason Hoppy, after the first season of Bethenny Ever After: "Since the first season, well, you know, there was a lot in the first season about being—pregnancy and having a baby and planning a wedding which are big crescendos. Now we're into the thick of being married and the first year of marriage is hard because it's two people from two different worlds now aligning, living together."

—On what she has learned the second season of her show (Bethenny Ever After) compared to the first: "You know, I really didn't know how difficult it would be. You think, we're doing a show, and then when you actually sit down and think, it's an hour that is going to be filled with me and is that too much of me and, you know, are we filling that hour and who's on it and what is it and it can be daunting. But then there's just logistics of having a camera crew in your house all the time and wanting your own alone time and just—but wanting to be honest with the whole audience so you want to give them everything."

—On continuing being a reality star with a family and the future of reality television in her life: "I think it's a great message for women. I have developed a strong relationship with my fans and like I said, I feel a responsibility in certain ways to be open about my life. Will I be doing this forever? No. Is it exhausting because I've been doing it—this will be my, oh my goodness, my fifth season on TV in a row pretty much so I'm tired."

—On her connection to her fans and why she continues with the show: "It always boils back I think to honesty and owning it. It's kind of like Seinfeld, where there are just these different characters that appear and these ridiculous situations just happen to appear. And it's pretty much just my normal life. It's just what really goes on. It's not all that glamorous. It's only glamorous if I have to do something glamorous for work but I'm not running around at Fashion Week or doing anything. I'm hanging with my family. That's all we really do, but somehow it's interesting."

—On having more children: 'I mean look, I'm 40. It's not like I could have a brood or anything but Jason really wants to have more kids so that's why that's even been a conversation or a discussion. It just isn't something I would have thought about right so soon but I mean he's right that we don't have all the time in the world. We're both old so, yes, I mean it's too addictive. It's the most beautiful thing in the world.'

Phaedra Parks On "Wendy Williams Show"

Tuesday, February 22, 2011

LuAnn de Lesseps 'Nervous About SVU Role'
LuAnn de Lesseps has admitted that she was nervous about her upcoming guest role on Law & Order: SVU.

The Real Housewives of New York City star will play an art collector who is tied to a murder enquiry in Wednesday night's episode.

"I was a bit nervous," she admitted in a recent conference call. "I mean, these actors are such pros [but] they were very helpful and very supportive of me and that made me feel really good. It created a very positive place for me to try my hand at acting."

Lesseps also admitted that she is keen to play more acting roles in the future.

"I must say I got into it," she revealed. "I've already been called to do another appearance on another pilot on, I think, [the] USA network, so I hope to do more roles."

She continued: "I would love to go on 30 Rock for example. So you can put the word out there, okay? I'm saying it, 'Tina Fey, call me'."

Law & Order: SVU continues on Wednesdays at 10/9c on NBC.
When 'Housewives' take on acting roles I can't help but wonder if that effects their credibility on the show.

Up Close and Latina: The Real Housewives of Miami
For the first time in the hit show's history, Bravo's Real Housewives reality series will have a predominately Latina cast.

Four of the ladies in "The Real Housewives of Miami," which airs Tuesday, Feb. 22, are Hispanic, and for some of the new cast members, it is a long time coming.

"It's a big breakthrough in this industry that finally they're acknowledging the presence and power of Latin people," says Adriana DeMoura-Side, a Brazilian art dealer in Miami, who looks like she just walked off the cover of Vogue.

"We are, for sure, one of the biggest demographics now and to be representing Latino people is a big honor."

Demoura-Sidi, who is described by the show's public relations handler as the "fiery and flirtatious" one, said she is “thrilled to represent Brazil.”

"The Real Housewives" has been a phenomenal success for Bravo. Since its inception in 2006, there have been multiple versions of the reality show that follow the lives of wealthy, and erudite women who mostly share an appetite for high society, fashion, and, at times, drama that can only be produced through the kaleidoscope-like prism of a reality T.V.

The show has filmed in Beverly Hills, New Jersey, Washington DC, New York and Atlanta. But finally, it has arrived at the epicenter of Latin America: Miami.

"Being that it's Miami, I think they needed to have the Latino representation because Miami has a huge Hispanic community and it wouldn't be fair if we wouldn't be represented," said Alexia Echeverria, who with her husband, runs Venue, a popular Spanish language magazine, based in Miami.

"I think America is ready for the Latin culture. It's part of America already, you see it on American TV, you see "Modern Family" and many other shows as well, where they're implementing Latin culture. Who better than us?" she said.

Real Housewives Leave New Jersey For Caribbean Getaway
The Real Housewives Of New Jersey are ditching their parkas for bikinis in tropical Dominican Republic-- and has all the exclusive details of their getaway.

Leaving the frigid east coast weather behind, has exclusively learned that the ladies of Franklin Lakes-Teresa, Caroline, Jacqueline, and newcomers Melissa Gorga and Kathy Wakile-- left for Punta Cana, Dominican Republic over the weekend for a family vacation with their house hubbies.

"All the housewives and husbands took off on Sunday for Punta Cana," said our source. "It's a fun trip with friends and family."

The reality stars also said goodbye to their kids for the week-long relaxing couple's-only getaway.

And fans of the hit Bravo show will hopefully see all the fun in the sun because it's that's being filmed for the upcoming season.

Sunday, February 20, 2011

'Celebrity Apprentice': Star Jones says NeNe Leakes Perpetuates the 'Bombastic Black Woman' Stereotype

Woah! Kind of harsh, but certainly true. Indeed, Star Jones went for the jugular with this one:
"The Real Housewives of Atlanta's" NeNe Leakes has definitely gone on record when it comes to her dislike for "Celebrity Apprentice" cast mate, Star Jones. And now the former "View" host is giving the housewife a piece of her mind.

"I had hoped we could avoid falling into the typical 'snake charmer in your face loud bombastic black woman' stereotypical box that was expected," Jones tells "Some of us were more successful at our quest than others. I knew I wanted to approach the game intelligently, professionally and strategically, while keeping in mind my true purpose for being there - winning money for my charity."

Jones goes on to say that Leakes attacked and intimidated the other black women on the show, which included LaToya Jackson and singer Dionne Warwick, with her "aggressive approach."

"It isn't an approach that works in the professional environment," Jones says. "And it isn't an approach that most sisters use in interacting with each other. I would hope, as she becomes more exposed to a variety of professional situations, she will tone down the vitriolic emotional reactions and learn to express herself in manner that is more reflective of the majority of black women in America."

Getting ‘Real’ with Lea Black
The countdown has begun until The Real Housewives of Miami airs (10 p.m Tuesday on Bravo). Can’t wait? Gawkers can glimpse the well-coiffed castmates — PR diva Marysol Patton, socialite Lea Black, art curator Adriana Sidi, mag editor Alexia Echevarria and basketball wives Larsa Pippen and Cristy Rice — Monday night at Bravo’s red carpet launch party at the Eden Roc Renaissance hotel.

We are chatting with the ladies one by one, and on a recent conference call, we caught up with 56-year-old philanthropist Black, who met her husband, famed defense attorney Roy Black, when she was a juror on the William Kennedy Smith trial in 1991.

Why did you want to do the show?

At the time I didn’t; at the time I wasn’t sure. And now I think it’s become a phenomenon. I think Bravo has created a pop-culture phenomenon so now I’m happy that I did it. Live life, see what happens, take your chances, go for it.

What kind of drama can we expect?

I wouldn’t say that it’s hair-pulling, table-flipping drama. I would say that it’s a different type of drama, but I think people would be fascinated with the characters. Many of them are very witty, and everybody has their own quirky personalities. It’ll be all about Miami, how fabulous Miami is, the best of Miami. A lot of the best and the worst of all of us.

Is there anyone who can be labeled the b-word?

None of the women in this show particularly go out of their way to step on anyone. But if anyone did get stepped on then more likely than not it was someone calling them out on something that perhaps they deserved to be called out on. It certainly was never in a mean way that I thought.

Are your friends and family ready for the scrutiny?

I didn’t tell anybody that I did the show until I finished it, and then I denied it up until Bravo said that they had announced it. So I’m getting a lot of people mad at me. I guess I was shy about it. My husband’s law partner, I think he’s ready to call 911 for oxygen.

Camille Grammer Lands New Job with CNN
Is there a new Joan Rivers in town?

After her recently finalized divorce from Kelsey Grammer, 'Real Housewives of Beverly Hills' star Camille Donatacci Grammer is moving on, and ready to talk -- about Hollywood style, anyway.

Grammer, 42, has been hired as a fashion commentator to help cover the Academy Awards' red carpet for CNN's live Oscar arrivals special, 'Showbiz Tonight: Road Gold.'

"We can't wait to get Camille's unabashed take on Hollywood's biggest night," said a CNN exec producer of the network's broadcast.

While dealing on the home front with the quickie divorce her ex requested, the mother of two has been staying busy on camera in recent weeks. Grammer's season of 'Housewives' ended in drama in January, and just last week, she popped up in a guest role on William Shatner's CBS sitcom '$#*! My Dad Says.' Still, she denies that she's pursuing any full-time acting work.

At the Oscars next weekend, Grammer will reportedly man a microphone alongside regular 'Showbiz Tonight' hosts AJ Hammer and Brooke Anderson, as they candidly discuss the pre-ceremony parade of fashions gracing the Kodak Theater entrance. The trio will also receive input from actress Sheryl Lee Ralph and radio personality Carlos Diaz, according to CNN.

Saturday, February 19, 2011

Denise Richards Wants to Join Beverly Hills 'Housewives' Cast
Denise Richards' life is already playing out like a juicy soap opera, thanks to ex-husband Charlie Sheen, but it seems the former Bond girl isn't ready to let the drama end there.

The 40-year-old actress, who had short-lived reality success with her E! show 'Denise Richards: It's Complicated,' may be looking to get back in the reality TV game with a spot on 'The Real Housewives of Beverly Hills.'

When asked if she'd consider joining the cast of the show, Richards told Us Weekly, "Heck yeah, I would! It's one of my favorite shows!"

Richards, mom to daughters Sam, 6, and Lola, 5, says that while she would be excited to work on the show, her children are her first priority.

"We're just focused on keeping it positive for them," says Richards. "They're really doing well, honestly. They're great. They're still young, and they're full of energy and everyone is really, really doing well."

If she's serious about getting on the Bravo hit, she may already have an in. Cast member Adrienne Maloof's husband, Dr. Paul Nassif, is a friend of Sheen's and was the one who called 911 following the actor's reported bender.
This is a move I'd totally support, especially if Camille doesn't come back. Richards is an actress, she's good-looking and being a significant ex of Charlie Sheen we would never have to worry about her being boring--all that combined makes for a perfect addition to RHOBH.

Friday, February 18, 2011

Marysol Patton And Mother Arrested For DUI: See The Matching Mug Shots
As the Real Housewives of Miami dress up for photo shoots to promote their new show, there is at least one cast member who doesn't want you to see these photos -- the matching mug shots of her and her mother!

Marysol Patton, who runs one of the premiere public relations firms in Miami, along with her mother Elsa, were both arrested for DUI in 2010, has learned.

According to the Florida State's Attorney's Office, Marysol, 44, was arrested by Miami Police in January 2010 for DUI but pled guilty to a lesser charge of Reckless Driving and escaped with a $1000 fine, plus $581 in court costs.

The case was closed on December 15, 2010.

Not to be outdone by her daughter, Elsa Carreras Patton, was also arrested by Miami Police in October 2010 for DUI as well as driving without a valid license.

According to a source, the case of the 76-year-old self-proclaimed “Seer” was later dismissed when the arresting officer failed to show up to court to testify.

Jill Zarin’s New Shapewear Line, Skweez Couture
Last night was supposed to be the glorious night that Bravo premiered the first episode of the Real Housewives of New York City’s fourth season.

To the disappointment of everybody on the island of Manhattan, the date was postponed, some say, due to a lack of crazy housewife drama .

But, anybody who knows Housewife Jill Zarin knows that not even the absence of a premiere would stop her from throwing a raucous premiere party.

After all, the ever-industrious housewife had scheduled the event to coincide with the launch of her new shapewear line, Skweez Couture.

“I didn’t cancel my party,” said Ms. Zarin, looking glamorous in spiky heels and an upswept ‘do. “Why would I do that?”

Instead of screening the premiere, Ms. Zarin decided to just focus on celebrating her svelte figure, made possible by a hot pink Herve Leger bandage dress, under which she wore her own brand of underpinnings.

Because, you know, if life gives you lemons, you drink champagne and throw a fete with Johnny Weir and fellow housewives Sonja Morgan, LuAnn de Lesseps, Cindy Barshop (the new one) and Alex McCord, among others, in the Meatpacking District, right?

Yes, that’s exactly what you do.

WSJ HEARD ON THE RUNWAY: Tell me about Skweez Couture. Bobby says it’s going to be the greatest thing since sliced bread.

JILL ZARIN: Let me ask you something. Who wrote the article about me the other night? Was that you?

WSJ: About Bobby at the QVC party? Yes, that was me.

JZ: You wrote such a good story. Bobby was so freaking happy.

WSJ: Thank you.

JZ: That’s the thing about Bobby, and I am not putting anybody down on the other franchises of the show, but you know…he’s not a fame seeker. He doesn’t go out, but he does love the attention.

WSJ: Let’s talk about Skweez Couture. Why did you decide to spell it with a ‘K’?

JILL ZARIN: To be honest with you, I wanted to spell it with a ‘Q’ but I couldn’t get the trademark so I had to reinvent it. And I like the word ‘couture.’ We have five skin tones plus black, so you can go from light to dark, and it matches your skin tone. For our first go, it’s very ambitious. 35 styles. Multiple SKUs. Everything comes in “tight,” “tighter” and “tightest.” Our price point is about 25% less than the competition. I came up with the name from, you know, “Squeeze your fat ass into that dress.” It’s not brain surgery.

WSJ: Are you wearing one right now?

JZ: I sure am. I am wearing a onesie but it doesn’t have a bra so it comes up underneath and it goes straight down and has a snap bodysuit.

Thursday, February 17, 2011

TV Guide Interviews Danielle Staub

Anyone who believes anything this tramp says is an idiot.

Camille Grammer: I'll Spend Kelsey's Wedding Night with Our Daughter
Despite what you might have heard, Camille Grammer is not invited to her ex's wedding – and she's perfectly fine with that.

"I don't want to be involved with the wedding, not at all," the Real Housewives star says of Kelsey Grammer's upcoming nuptials to Kayte Walsh. "But I don't begrudge him his happiness."

In fact, Camille has another obligation for the same night her former husband plans to tie the knot in New York City.

"My daughter has a talent show that day that she's been working on for two months now," Camille said in an interview with PEOPLE. "I told her, 'Mason, you can go. Please, if you want to go to your Daddy's wedding, please do,' and she said, 'No, Mommy. I want to go to my talent show.' "

Although her son Jude, 6, will be at the wedding, Camille says, "I'll be the proud mom in the front row" of the talent show, where her daughter Mason, 9, will dance to the song "Fame."

Bethenny Frankel Talks Diet Obsession
Former Real Housewives of New York star Bethenny Frankel has admitted that she was consumed by dieting for much of her life.

Frankel told Us magazine that her battle with weight started when she was sent to an obesity clinic at the age of 8 by her mother.

"I spent my entire life being obsessed with dieting," she said.

The star further explained that she experimented with "5,000 diets", which eventually caused severe physical damage.

"[I was] bingeing and then fasting or starving. Forbidding everything," she remarked. "That's how I used to be: up and down five pounds every single day, to the extremes. My metabolism was totally wrecked."

Frankel insists that in recent years she has learned to take a more relaxed approach to dieting and has even shared her strategies in a series of weight loss books.

She recently competed on ABC's Skating With The Stars, where she finished as runner-up to winner Rebecca Budig.

Underage Drinking Controversy Brewing for 'The Real Housewives of Miami'?
It hasn't even aired yet, but controversy is already hitting Bravo's "The Real Housewives of Miami." ET is getting the dish straight from the ladies themselves!

Alexia Echevarria, the executive editor of Venue Magazine who calls herself a “Cuban Barbie," is under fire for allowing her teenage son to consume alcoholic beverages. In the premiere episode, the married mom of two talks openly with her son about buying a table at a club with bottle service, and she tells ET, “We see drinking with our children as something social, cultural, special occasions.” She says she's more of an older sister to her two sons and admits, “You never know if you’re doing the right thing.”

The ladies were coy when asked to reveal the villain on the show. Lea Black, a Texas native says, "I think collectively people have their opinions and maybe there are some mean girls, but I can't speak personally about it. There is quite a bit of drama, but I wouldn't say it's hair-pulling table-flipping drama," Black said. Marysol Patton, who owns her own public relations firm in Miami, wants viewers to stay tuned past the third episode when things start to really heat up.

The ladies say they are ready for the spotlight and not worried about editing of the show. Black says, "I think you have to give people the material, no one can force you to say the things you say. If I said it in a mean spirit and it was portrayed in a mean spirit, then that's that."

Wednesday, February 16, 2011

Camille Grammer: I Tried to Quit Real Housewives
Camille Grammer almost couldn't go through with Real Housewives of Beverly Hills.

The Bravo star reveals that she gave the cable network her resignation in the middle of filming the hit reality show's first season -- only to be coaxed back by her future ex-husband Kelsey.

"I don't know if I can say this, but I quit at one point," Grammer, 42, tells in a new interview. "I did. Because it was too much."

As the world knows now, Camille and Kelsey's 13-year marriage was secretly disintegrating off-camera -- thanks in part to his affair with Kayte Walsh, a 29-year-old British flight attendant who is now his fiancee.

"I didn't know how much I could expose at the time," Camille explains. "I was holding a lot back because I had known for a while that things were not right between my husband and I. So it's very difficult filming a reality show while you're going through this process, and hurt, and devastation."

She explains: "I quit for, you know, a couple of weeks."

What convinced her to return? "Actually Kelsey called me and said, 'You have an obligation to do the show. You have to finish the show.' So I said, okay. He also asked me to come to the Tonys." (Camille has charged in the past that it was her husband who convinced her to do the series as he carried on his affair.)

Soon thereafter, Kelsey, 55, had another, much more devastating request. States Camille: "He said, 'I've been thinking about it, and I just don't want to be married any longer.'"

The People Page: Real Housewife Marysol Patton

PageDaily Interviews Ramona Singer

Tuesday, February 15, 2011

Kim Richards: 'It's 99 Percent Certain That She Won't Do Season Two'
The Real Housewives of Beverly Hills chicks may be on hiatus, but just because the cameras have stopped rolling doesn't mean the drama is taking a break. Far from it!

Just got word that one housewife is most likely opting out of season two due to some serious personal issues.

Any guesses as to who it might be?

Kim Richards.

You thought we were going to say Camille Grammer, didn't you?

"Camille is coming back; she just wants the public to feel sorry for her a little longer because of the whole Kelsey [Grammer] thing, so she's not announcing it yet," dishes our Bravo insider.

But apparently Kim isn't so eager.

"It's 99 percent certain that she won't do season two," explains our source.

RHOBH fans know full well that the season finale had some serious tension between Kim and her sister Kyle Richards.

"There is so much more going on than what was shown on TV," blabs our RHOBH insider. "There was a lot of tension building up over the years, they have a complicated relationship."

Even though Kim refused to discuss her possible alcohol problems on the reunion show a few weeks ago, concerned friends aren't so quiet.

"It's a problem. She just won't show up to events or functions she is supposed to be at, and no one can get a hold of her," spills our insider. "It's really affecting her relationships to those closest to her."

Kyle Richards: ‘Many Times I Wish That I Hadn’t Gone on the Show’
Tonight, Bravo will wring the last drops of drama out of the epic first season of Real Housewives of Beverly Hills with a director's cut of the infamous dinner party. With so much tension lingering at the end of the reunion shows, we wanted to know if the housewives had actually since achieved any closure with each other. So we called Kyle Richards, whose rage increased exponentially as the season progressed (anger at Camille Grammer, her sister Kim, medium Allison DuBois, even that lady who once danced with her husband, Mauricio ... ). We reached her on Valentine's Day, when she was in a good, romantic place, and asked her to reflect on her various feuds, update us on the status of her relations with her fellow Housewives, and give her frank encapsulation of the Bravo experience. And because we knew Vulture's Real Housewives fans would settle for nothing less, we are running the conversation as a virtually uncut Transcript: No explanation of Camille's behavior has been left on the cutting-room floor.

So, why do you think you clashed with Camille right off the bat?
It started off-camera. I didn't know about the personal things she was going through that made her more sensitive. I think she was overly sensitive. I wasn't aware of what was going on in her life. But we speak different languages.

Do you think you acted insensitively toward her, though?
No, I don't. I was only asking her normal girl questions: "Is your husband meeting you [in Hawaii]?" I was just making conversation, because I didn't even know her well yet. I had only met her a couple of times. I was just trying to chat with her and make conversation, and I'm not sure how it happened but it all went wrong and that set the tone for the rest of the season. [Editor's Note: This is when Richards made the comment that Grammer famously interpreted to be, "Why would anyone be interested in you without Kelsey there?"]

Obviously, Camille was slightly paranoid that you were out to get her.
Right, and I tried telling her. [When she accused me of saying nobody cared about her without Kelsey], I said, "That's not how I feel, that's not how other people feel, that's how you feel." But that didn't go over too well either.

You also called her a "fucking liar."
I can be direct, which is maybe not a good combination with Camille. But [as far as the Hawaii comment], I didn't think like that. I don't think most people think like that. Maybe she's been around people who do think like that. At that point, she was not really sure about her marriage. Maybe she'd dealt with things like that before — with being people more concerned with Kelsey than with her. So I didn't really know how to tell her that. I wasn't attacking her. Really!

Do you think she has self-esteem issues?
Yeah. I kept thinking, You have everything. I don't know why you feel like this.

After that whole thing happened with the Hawaii comment, by the end of the season, it still seemed like you were really passive aggressive toward her.
Every time I tried to fix it, it just became worse. So it definitely became both our faults. We were clearly not friends and I didn't know where to go with it. She was saying things about me. It snowballed into this ridiculous thing. It never should have happened in the first place. I kept thinking, We're not going to be like the other shows. We're not going to clash, we're not going to have problems. Ha! The next thing you know, it happens. And I was like, "How did this happen!?"

Did you really think you guys would be the one cast who didn't fight?
I didn't think we would fight. I said before, I'm a girl's girl. Contrary to what you see on the show, I really don't clash with people. Yes, I clash with my sister sometimes. But I thought we'd be great on the show and have fun. Because we all have a lot going on in our lives, we wouldn't fight. We wouldn't need that in there. It just naturally happens. You stick six women together and put them in situations where they have to be together and they're in the same circle, and that's what happens, I guess.

Why do you think that is?
Well, if I think something looks like a toxic situation, I don't put myself in that environment. But when you're filming a show together, you really don't have a choice, so I guess it's harder to just bite your tongue and walk away.

At the reunion, you were called a bully. The medium also said that you probably bullied girls in high school. Have you ever been called a bully before?
Oh my God, never in my life, never in my life. I've never been a bully, ever. The medium — maybe that's where Camille got that word from.

Monday, February 14, 2011

Bethenny Frankel 'Very Happy' She’s Not On The Housewives Anymore
It's out with the old and in with the new as Bethenny Frankel thanks her lucky stars she's a Real Housewife no more.

In an interview with the reality star admits she's swept the dramas of The Real Housewives of New York City under the rug and is happy to have finally moved on with her own show Bethenny Ever After.

And don’t look for the ‘Housewives curse’ to come anywhere near her on-camera life. This time around it’s not the show that’s creating problems in her personal life, just the general everyday relationship challenges that we all deal with.

“We’re not on the Housewives. The Housewives can ruin a lot of things,” Bethenny told during a conference call to promote the season 2 of her hit Bravo show. “I’m very happy that I’m not on the Housewives anymore because it’s just a whole different place.

“On our show I’m executive producer. I’m involved in decisions, nothing gets shot unless I know it’s getting shot. If Jason and I became unhappy as a result of the show or there were problems because of it, we wouldn’t do it.

“The least of our problems are my show. It’s just normal. [The things] in the show that are happening that don’t have to do with the show are us being so different, and in-laws and money and the more busy I get and normal life.

“Those are the only problems we have that every one in the country has. We don’t have problems because we’re shooting our show. That doesn’t create problems.”

The always outspoken newlywed and new mother to baby Bryn, spoke candidly about the reality of the Housewives curse, which fans have seen tear marriages and relationships apart on-screen, including most recently NeNe Leakes and Tamra Barney.

Bethenny reveals her husband “hated” the Housewives and the couple, who got married last year during the first season of Bethenny Getting Married, could never have done the show together – and survived!

“My boyfriend first season [of Housewives] did not want to be on the show. Did not think it was a good idea. Had no interest in it. If you want to be on the show and your husband has a problem with it and doesn’t love it, it’s going to be very difficult. It can be very annoying,” Bethenny said.

Marysol Patton Talks About Being In Front of the Camera for new Reality Show
New Jersey, Atlanta, New York, O.C., D.C., Beverly Hills… and now, Miami! Bravo is bringing another group of feisty women to the small screen in the “Real Housewives of Miami.” And the big question is: what should we expect from this new group of ladies?

Marysol Patton, a public relations powerhouse in Miami with a long list of celebrity clients, is one of them who will surely captivate audiences everywhere.

Viewers can expect to see some hot Miami drama, when Patton tries to play nice with five other lades, which include: Lea Black – a mother and wife to lawyer husband Roy Black, Larsa Pippen – mother and “hottest NBA wife” to basketball star Scottie Pippen, Alexia Echevarria – an executive editor for a top magazine, Cristy Rice – a mother whole divorced NBA star Glen Rice, and Adriana DeMoura-Sidi – newly engaged gallery owner.

In an exclusive interview with Celebrity News Service, Patton talked about being an independent woman, having to get over her shyness of being in front of the camera, and of course, family.

CNS: How were you approached about being on the show?

MP: The casting director called The Patton Group and asked us for recommendations of amazing women. One of my employees recommended I go and the rest is history

CNS: Have you watched the other "Real Housewives?" And what was going through your mind before filming began for "RHOM?"

MP: I had seen the first season of Real Housewives of Orange County which I really liked. When we were filming I knew that our show was going to be very different from all of the others ones as our cast is very different and the tone was turning out to be light, humorous and upbeat!

CNS: How well do you know the other ladies of "RHOM?"

MP: I have known Alexia, Lea and Cristy for many years and since we started filming, obviously have gotten to know Adriana & Larsa as well.

CNS: What can viewers expect to see in "RHOM?" -- at least from you? With the other girls?

MP: I think the viewers will see a very eclectic mix of women - 3 of Cuban decent, a Brazilian and a Texan – which that alone is an explosive yet very fun combination. The viewers will also see me trying to balance my time between running my busy PR firm and my romantic life

CNS: Will viewers get to see you at work, hanging out with other celebrities, spending time with your family?

MP: Viewers will see me in my office, where I spend most of my time, running the day to day operations of my company and at different celebrity events that The Patton Group is brought on to run the red carpets for and of course, with my family.

CNS: What was it like being followed by cameras? How was that experience? Did you get used to it? Was it difficult at first?

MP: I have always been notoriously shy. For years I shied away from cameras at my events that wanted a sound bite. In the beginning I was very nervous about being in front of the camera but after I while I didn’t even notice they were there anymore and that can be very dangerous.

CNS: What have you learned from your experience doing the show?

MP: At most, I’ve learned how to keep my company in the forefront of my focus, while balancing the show and making time for my loved ones and friends….a healthy fusion of balance and spirituality.

Alex McCord on New Season: "We Go to the Brink of Insanity and Back!"
The Real Housewives are about to get real ugly.

Real Housewives of New York City star Alex McCord says this season viewers will see some extreme craziness go down—even with Bethenny Frankel and Jill Zarin's fighting done—because all is not rosy between the seasoned Housewives and new castmember Cindy Barshop.

"Oh, it's not one epic fight, it is 100 fights," McCord told us. "We're comfortable enough with each other now that it's no holds barred. I did not know Cindy before. You'll have to see what happens with her and everyone."

And where does her husband, Simon, fit in to all of this?

Simon says he's still pressing buttons, annoying the other wives—including Barshop—and, as usual, tagging along with his wife for this season.

"On Cindy all I can say it's really hard to come into a mature cast that has been around each other for four years," he told us today at the Cynthia Steffe show at Lincoln Center. "It takes a while to work out how to avoid the drama."

Alex says one incident reaches such madness that "you can't make up what happens."

"People go all the way to the brink of insanity and back and there and back again," she told us.

NeNe Leakes Is Living Alone
Nene Leakes' fabulous house is no longer a home now that her estranged husband has moved out.

NeNe admitted last night on "The Real Housewives of Atlanta" reunion that she and Gregg Leakes are indeed splitting up.

"I am," Nene answered when asked if the couple was still pursuing a divorce. And she revealed that the pair's living arrangements have changed, stating, "Greg has moved out."

When asked what was the final nail in the coffin with her marriage to Gregg, Nene said that this had been coming for years. "There was no one thing that lead us here," she explained. The couple would often argue--in fact they even clashed about their sex life during an interview with S2S publisher Jamie Foster Brown.

On the topic of their sex life, NeNe had all but implied during one episode of "RHOA" this season that Gregg may have cheated on her. During the first half of the reunion special, NeNe would neither confirm nor deny the accusation.

"Greg is not an angel," NeNe said in an attempt to mask the issue. "I'm not going to say whether he has or hasn't, because I don't think that's everybody's business."
I'm not trying to condone anything Greg may've or may've not done and certainly NeNe shouldn't be blamed for her for lacksadaical older son, but NeNe Leakes has a serious attitude problem that can't be pinned solely on the men in her life. Phaedra called her out last night on what a bully she is, but anybody watching RHOA from the start would know that NeNe's personality and in-your-face bully tactics have been turning off people, men and women, for years. The woman needs professional help before she can be with anyone again.

Sunday, February 13, 2011

Who Was Murdered In Kim Richards Past?

Win A Dinner @ Lisa Vanderpump's Villa Blanca

What ‘The Real Housewives Of New York City’ Are Up To For Valentine’s Day
From mommy-daughter dates to secret surprises, the stars of RHONY are celebrating Valentine’s Day with the ones they love!

It’s sure going to be one beautiful Valentine’s Day for the gals of the cast of The Real Housewives of New York City! Ramona Singer, Sonja Morgan, Kelly Bensimon, Alex McCord, Countess LuAnn de Lesseps and Jill Zarin all share their plans for the special day with exclusively!
Here’s what they’re all up to:

Ramona Singer: “I actually celebrated Valentine’s Day early with my husband Mario,” Ramona says. “I gave Mario a present. We got a double massage for two hours last weekend at the Equinox in a private room and shared a bottle of champagne. Because Valentine’s is on Monday, we are going out on Saturday night with four other couples for dinner. On Monday we are taking our daughter Avery (because she is the other woman in Mario’s life) to a nice dinner.”

Sonja Morgan: “I’m going to get my guy some red hot and white cashmere socks, and three long stems roses,” Sonja notes. “The rest I’ll leave up to your imagination.”

Kelly Bensimon: “My valentines are my two girls,” Kelly gushes. “I like to surprise them with some fun sweeties. Sea wants chocolates. Teddy wants gummy bears. Fortunately I love both!”

Alex McCord: “With Simon and I, every day is Valentine’s Day,” Alex rubs it in. “So we don’t do anything special on V-day. But now that our kids are getting older, they are starting to share Valentines with their friends at school. We sit at the table and go over the cards with the kids. We also had a romantic night on Feb. 10 (that was not V-Day related) where we cooked each other a big meal after the boys went to bed. Neither of us are big on the commercial V-day thing.”

Countess LuAnn de Lesseps: “I’m being surprised — it’s killing me,” LuAnn shares with us. “LuAnn is being ’surprised’ for Valentine’s Day by her boyfriend, Jacques,” confirms her rep. “She has no idea what the plans are! And then next weekend, she is taking her daughter Victoria for a girls’ weekend out in Miami.”

Jill Zarin: “Jill plans on spending a romantic evening at home with her husband Bobby and modeling the new lace design of her Skweez Couture shapewear,” Jill’s rep tells us. “Bobby always starts Valentine’s early by sending flowers a few days prior. The first bouquet of 500 imported french red roses arrived on Feb. 11.”

Albie and Chris Manzo Take Hoboken
Will the next big TV reality show focus on two twentysomething guys from the suburbs dating and partying in Hoboken? Rumors throughout the media suggest that the sons of one of the stars of Bravo’s “Real Housewives of New Jersey” show – Albie and Chris Manzo, who now live in a pricy apartment on the Hoboken waterfront – may be filming a reality show about their bachelor exploits here.

The brothers spoke with The Reporter in an interview on Friday, but could not address details about a possible new show.

The Manzos are the two sons of Franklin Lakes resident Albert Manzo, who owns the Brownstone banquet hall in Paterson, and his wife Caroline, one of the more prominent housewives on Bravo TV’s “Real Housewives of New Jersey” show. The show depicts catfights and challenges among a group of families in the Jersey suburbs.

Last week, the brothers said they enjoy their new home in Hoboken, where they moved only three months ago.

“As far as living in Hoboken, it’s like being back in college,” Albie said. “And Chris never went to college, so it’s like he’s a freshman at Hoboken U.”

Albie is the older brother who recently was dismissed from law school due to poor grades, but was trying to go back. His mother said on the show that his difficulties were due to a longtime learning disability. Christopher, the younger brother, has mused that it’s his dream to own combination car wash/strip clubs. (Probably wouldn’t pass muster at the Hoboken Zoning Board.) However, Chris also has a nerdy side, since he recently appeared on a reality show about dating, “The Millionaire Matchmaker,” and took his date to Medieval Times.

Now that the two have left home, they are enjoying the mile-square city, they both said.

‘It was like a madhouse’

“We were walking by Carlo’s Bakery and people noticed us; it was like a madhouse,” Albie said on Friday, referring to the bakery that is the location of yet another reality show being filmed in Hoboken, “Cake Boss.” Albie added, “It’s the people there [visiting Carlo’s] that like the Jersey reality shows, but we enjoy [getting noticed elsewhere]. We don’t think we’re famous. When we get noticed, it’s like it’s happening again for the first time.”

“You almost think they’re making fun of you,” Chris jokingly said of the large crowds that get excited when they see the pair around town.

Albie said residents should not fear the fact that the two are here.

“We like it in Hoboken,” Albie said. “We’re not really party boys. Chris is out a lot more than I am. We’re having fun.”

Chris retorted: “That’s a nice way of saying he’s boring and I’m not.”

Saturday, February 12, 2011

Proof That Taylor Armstrong Is A Scam Artist

Finally the truth is starting to come out about Taylor's lies, manipulation and instigating. The way she played Kim the past season was sick to watch:
There’s definitely a lot that surfaced during the Real Housewives of Beverly Hills reunion, particularly about the lies Taylor Armstrong has told. And now even more is coming out about her con-artist of a husband Russell Armstrong and more scams from crazy Taylor!

He’s a convicted felon, first off after being charged by the IRS of evasion of assessment. He’s also been repeatedly sued and filed for bankruptcy in 2005. And he sure picked a great partner in crime in Taylor. Watch the video after the jump to see all the lies she was caught in this season: denying surgeries, faking her name and claiming Adrienne Maloof is an old dear friend who is her child’s godmother…when they’ve only known each other 3 years! OK, can we start playing the Psycho music over this reel?
Btw, anyone else notice Taylor's huge crush on Kyle throughout the season? The woman is clearly delusional.

Ramona Singer @ MBFW Fall 2011

Kelsey and Camiille Grammer Now Officially Divorced
The quickie divorce Kelsey Grammer so desperately wanted from wife and business partner Camille – so he could marry again – this time to his girlfriend Kayte Walsh – has finally been granted.

The judge in Los Angeles County Superior Court signed the divorce decree only after Grammer was forced to post $2.3 million to assure Camille of adequate pension guarantees in the event his next wife takes him to the cleaners.

Although Kelsey is officially single he is planning on marrying Kayte (rhymes with mate) by the end of the month and this fact caused Camille and her legal team to seek extra security.

Kelsey and Camille still need to work out their property settlement. Because their joint estate is so huge – well over $100 million dollars – and complicated – including real estate, entertainment companies, investments, etc. – the property settlement itself will be like a major corporate breakup.

Camille’s business acumen was largely responsible for Kelsey’s growth in personal wealth during their marriage – so she deserves everything she is getting.

TMZ further reports:

UPDATE: Camille just said, “I have a great many mixed feelings about today — I’m sad for what was, yet excited about the road ahead.” She adds, “What I most hope is that Kelsey and I can improve our communications and truly co-parent our two wonderful children, and I wish Kelsey and Kayte love and happiness in their new marriage.”

Andy Cohen Speaks Out About Heidi Montag Drama
Leave it to Andy Cohen, the man behind Bravo's Real Housewives franchise to stir up drama with one of the reality TV world's most notorious players: Heidi Montag.

After she claimed to be joining the next Beverly Hills Housewives cast, Cohen shot back with a colorful denial, saying, "That trash is delusional and I would sooner stab knives into my own eyes than see her on this network."


USA TODAY's Arienne Thompson happened to be sitting behind Cohen at designer Prabal Gurung's Fashion Week show this afternoon and asked him about the drama.

"I think I already said enough. I got a little carried away," he said, sounding a bit exasperated about the whole thing. "There was just a flood of untrue Housewives rumors last week and I just hit my tipping point."

For her part, Montag says Cohen's just being a big bully. "Andy's tasteless remarks were hurtful and completely unnecessary," she told People. "I have always been a fan of the Housewives franchise and I don't appreciate being bullied."
God, is there any idiot on the planet who hasn't jumped on the "bully" bandwagon? Good job by Andy for being totally honest on how the rest of America feels about the attention hogs that are "Speidi"--he shouldn't take anything he said back.

Friday, February 11, 2011

Ramona Singer Disses Bethenny, Explains Show Delay
This Real Housewife may be starting a real-life fight.

The Real Housewives of New York City star Ramona Singer tells E! News that there is "no truth" to reports that the Bravo hit's new-season premiere was pushed back because it was boring and needed major retooling. She also says this season's better without her real-life pal and former castmate, Bethenny Frankel.

Do tell, Ramona...

"No truth to it," she says of the reports the show is being overhauled due to a lack of drama.

"How could it be boring? Am I boring? I could never be. It really is everyone's scheduling. Everyone has different schedules and things going on and we are working on it."

Singer, speaking to us today at Lincoln Center during New York's Fashion Week, goes on to suggest that the upcoming edition is "the best one yet."

"Oh my gosh, this is the best season ever, because there's no evil drama," Singer says. "People ask will the show be good without Bethenny on it, but I think the show will be better because she made it too dark. She and [BFF-turned-nemesis] Jill [Zarin] made it too dark with the fighting."

Singer says she knows there has to be some drama to keep viewers interested, and it's certainly not all lollipops and satchels of gold among the current castmembers—it's just a different, softer dynamic.

"I'm not saying there's not going to be fighting, but we make up at the end of the day. We all get along, but at the end of the day we can all drink Ramona Pinot Grigio together."
First of all, how would Ramona know the real reason RHONYY4 got pushed back? From all reports the women on the show were just as surprised by the delay like the rest of the world was. Secondly, I'm just not buying the idea that it's just a coincidence that RHONYC4 got pushed back with Bethenny no longer on there. None of the women will admit it, but Bethenny was easily the most popular person on RHONY and now that she's gone it's going to take some huge shoes to fill her place. Would it really shock anyone that Bravo execs didn't like what they saw in a post-Bethenny world and said 'hey, we gotta fix this and fast!' Wouldn't surprise me at all.

Teresa Giudice's Daughter Sings Song About Family Feud At Birthday Dinner

Hey, Gia might be the smartest one in the whole bunch:
New Jersey's feistiest Housewife, Teresa Giudice, threw an Italian-style pizza party for her daughter, Milania's birthday last week, and although there were no food fights this time around, her older daughtr, Gia, actually sang a song about a recent family feud! And has all the exclusive details.

"Gia sang a song about her dad and uncle fighting and how it makes her so upset," said our source. "All the guests couldn't believe what they were hearing and were like 'are you kidding?'"

The Giudice-Gorga in-fighting all started after a baptism reception late last year ended in a physical brawl between Teresa's brother Joey Gorga and her husband Joe Giudice, as first revealed; the incident drew a line between the families.

And to make it worse, as cameras rolled for the hit Bravo Real Housewives franchise show, Gia's relatives -- and her dad!-- didn't even stay to hear her sing her heart out.

"Gia's father, Joe, left the room and Teresa was asking him to stay," said our source. "Teresa's parents stayed in the other room too because they didn't want to be on camera."

But at least the family feud seemed to have subsided during Milania's b-day bash!

Bethenny Frankel: 'I Want My Own Talk Show'

More reason for Crazy Kelly to stay jealous if this happens:
BETHENNY Frankel wants her own talk show!

The former Real Housewives of New York star says she feels hosting her very own program would allow her to better interact with her fans.

“I would like a daytime talk show because my conversation with my fans right now is through social networking, and my TV show [Bethenny Ever After] communicates what I’m doing, but it isn’t really a dialogue or a conversation,” she explained.

“Most of my business wishes come true.”

Frankel also discussed the second season of her Bravo reality series, which begins February 28.

“It’s about the texture of marriage and bringing together Venus and Mars, which is what my husband and I are. We’re from two different planets. And he’s religious, and I practice yoga,” she said.

“He wants to be around his parents all the time, and I like to be alone and just a lot of crazy things. It’s really probably the only real reality show. It’s a reality sitcom.”

The Real Housewives Of Miami Season 1 Trailer

Tamra Barney's Son Ordered To Stay Away From Ex
The son of Tamra Barney -- from "Real Housewives of Orange County" -- was just slapped with a restraining order ... and it's all over a nasty breakup with his ex-girlfriend.

Ryan Vieth used to date Daniella Kelley -- his mom's stylist -- but now, according to new court docs ... he's required to stay at least 100 yards away from her and her dog.

Sources close to Daniella tell TMZ, she broke up with Ryan last year -- at which point he allegedly launched a campaign to harass her ... showing up to her house randomly ... and posting incriminating pictures of her on

In the restraining order -- initially granted in December -- Daniella demands any posts about her on TheDirty be removed from the site.

Both parties agreed to extend the order until August of 2011.

UPDATE: Ryan's lawyer wants to make it clear that, "He broke up with HER" -- and says the TRO also states Daniella can't contact Ryan or his family.

Thursday, February 10, 2011

NeNe Leakes on Wendy Williams Show, Disses Star Jones

Lisa Vanderpump In Car Accident -- 'He Attacked Me!"
"Real Housewives of Beverly Hills" star Lisa Vanderpump tells TMZ she just got attacked by a lumber truck driver in Beverly Hills.

Lisa tells TMZ ... she was driving on Benedict Canyon Drive when some lumber from the truck in front of her fell off. Lisa tried to avoid the wood by attempting to quickly pass the truck, but she says the truck driver intentionally tried squeezing her to the curb.

Lisa says the truck actually attached to her Bentley, causing "serious damage."

And Lisa tells us, "I'm not feeling so good. I'm going to see a doctor."

Lisa was driving with Robert Kovacik, the news reporter who got attacked by a man while he was having drinks with her at the Beverly Hills Hotel last December.

Lisa's "Real Housewives" co-star Kyle Richards showed up at the scene to help.

She says she's not going to file a police report.

Wednesday, February 9, 2011

Kelsey and Camille Grammer Will Divorce Tomorrow
Kelsey Grammer and Camille Grammer will be divorced Thursday ... sources connected with the case tell TMZ.

As TMZ first reported, Kelsey's lawyer asked the judge to grant an immediate divorce decree, leaving the property settlement issues for a later date. The judge did not issue a divorce decree at a hearing last week because certain issues had not been resolved.

But we've learned lawyers for both Kelsey and Camille have now agreed on all the prerequisites for an immediate divorce, and the judge will issue the decree tomorrow.

The divorce decree will allow Kelsey to marry his girlfriend Kayte Walsh according to plan -- by the end of this month.

Camille Grammer Tells 'Extra': 'I Am Not Moving to NY for Real Housewives'
It's good to see how Camille Grammer hasn't lost her sense of humor.

As for the rumor Camille is leaving the Beverly Hills "Housewives" and moving to the New York edition, she cleared it up, telling our Adrianna Costa, "This crazy rumor! No, I am not moving to New York to be on the 'Real Housewives of New York City.' I am staying here in L.A."

Camille continued, "I don't think the show has technically been picked up for a second season. But as soon as we know, I will know more. But I'm in a much better place, I'm happy. I'm having a lot of fun."

The "Real Housewives of Beverly Hills" star spoke to Adrianna on the set of "S**t My Dad Says," on which Camille is making a guest appearance. Costa asked her what wedding gift she might give to her ex, Kelsey Grammer.

"Sharp steak knives... and a Crock Pot," Camille laughed.

All joking aside, she hopes she and Kelsey can be friends. "We've been friends for 14 years. He's moved on, I've moved on. It's time to heal and be friends for our children."