Saturday, October 15, 2011

Dina Manzo: I'm Not Taking Sides in the Caroline vs. Teresa Feud

This is wack. Is Dina really trying to convince people that she's totally neutral here?!? Put aside the slam Teresa made about Carline being "1/16th Italian", but could Dina not be bothered in the least that Teresa also took an unnecessary shot at her nephew Chris in her cookbook? Or that Teresa would take an unwarranted shot at her sister after all the support Caroline's shown Teresa throughout all the drama Teresa's been involved in since RHONJ started?

I'm not saying that Dina can't say that she doesn't want to be in the middle of this drama, but remember it's Dina's choice to still be in the spotlight (she's on her 3rd reality-TV now) and like it or not Dina can't pretend that people weren't going to wonder how she fits into all of this considering she's besties with that scumbag Teresa and also Caroline's little sister. That said, "not taking sides" comes off as pretty weak:
There's no family feud for the Manzo clan – at least not according to Dina Manzo.

The former Real Housewives of New Jersey castmember took to Twitter on Thursday night to clear up rumors that she has a stake in the escalating fight between Teresa Giudice and her older sister, Caroline Manzo.

"eww getting some MEAN tweets," Dina, who left the show in season 2, Tweeted. "I didn't take sides, don't assume~didn't even know they were not getting along until recently~I'm not involved."

After previews of an explosive – and emotional – New Jersey reunion hit the web, there was speculation that Caroline and Dina's relationship was strained because of disagreements over their friendship with Giudice.

While Caroline hasn't explicitly addressed Dina, in a recent interview on The Gayle King Show, Caroline spoke about her relationship with Teresa, which seemed to fizzle out in the season 3 finale after Giudice made insulting jokes about Caroline in her cookbook, Fabulicious!.

"We were never really friends," Caroline tells King. "She was an acquaintance. She was very good friends with my sister, Jacqueline [Laurita]. ... I think Jacqueline suffered the biggest blow here."

Laurita, who is Caroline and Dina's sister-in-law, did not appear at the recent reunion, which will air on Bravo on Sunday (10 p.m. ET), after sparring with Giudice over Twitter. She has allegedly quit the show, which is already taping season 4.
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  1. In my opinion, after watching tonight's show it is blatantly obvious....Dina is threatening to continue to not speak to her family if Caroline or Jacqueline does not keep silent on Teresa's lies! Why else would she put out statements "silence is golden"

    I could never set back ans watch someone tell my sister "bring it on" "shut up"

    It looks like Teresa has rubbed off on Dina! Withholding communication and love is a form of emotional abuse. Wake up Dina! Dina how did you feel watching someone yelling and baiting your sister? Staying out of it does not require reminders "silence is golden"

  2. i dont know how anyone can call teresa a friend. she has no clue of what the word means.

    she is the most despicable person i have ever seen and her behavior is disgusting. she makes me ashamed to call her italian. i, too, would rather be caroline's "kind of italian" than teresa's kind of italian. she is a street urchin!

  3. I could not disagree more. Teresa defininely needs to use a filter when she speaks, HOWEVER Caroline is no Angel by any stretch of the imagination. She views herself as completely innocent in "all this garbage" She was involved in as much if not more "emotional abuse" as any person there on the Reunion show! She likes to pretend she is "above it all" Melissa.......... please, she's a great actress, perhaps on the D list.... is there an E list? Kathy......... I think if she didn't have them whispering in her ear, her and Teresa could reunite.
    Teresa is an easy scape goat. I'm thrilled she has been so successful in all her ventures. Something the "other women" have not be so fortunate. Which....... I might add is possibly where all this venom is coming from. Pure jealousy.
    As far as Dina being distant from her sister, Caroline..... seems Dina is NOT the only one who has distanced herself from Caroline. Can that be blamed on Teresa as well??? I'm sure bloggers will try............ come on........ watch the show without blinders and listen to the bating going on. Melissa telling things that she KNEW would bait other's into a "Let's hate Teresa" venue.

  4. Dina Manzo talks Real Housewives of New Jersey Feud full talks here..