Saturday, March 22, 2014

Lisa Vanderpump says Yolanda Foster is the Fake "Hollywood Friend"
It seems that someone has pissed off Lisa Vanderpump even more than Brandi Glanville! In her latest Bravo blog entry, posted on Monday, March 17, Lisa wrote mostly about how her "The Real Housewives of Beverly Hills" co-star Yolanda Foster doesn't make sense. Lisa blasted Yolanda for going after her and said that she's the fake Hollywood friend.

Lisa defended herself against Yolanda's statements that she wasn't willing to put in the time to have a real friendship. Lisa wrote that she was simply going through a very busy period in her life. She also pointed out that other cast members did not go to Yolanda's events either. Lisa doesn't believe that she should be punished for not having the time.

"I don't define my friends by the amount of time I spend with them. I define them by their loyalty and how much fun I have with them in the time when we are together," she wrote.

She further implied that Yolanda is the fake Hollywood friend.

"I would say a Hollywood friend would be someone who would be competitive. Someone who would go to your friends and say derogatory things about you, then deny it. Maybe someone who would create a scenario that attempts to sully your husband's reputation. Maybe that would be a Hollywood friend," she wrote, a clear reference to Yolanda being upset at Ken Todd for touching her at the show's final party.

Clearly, Lisa believes that Yolanda overreacted.

At least Lisa has Joyce Giraud on her side when it comes to Yolanda.

"Her [Yolanda] saying Lisa is a "Hollywood friend" for being busy is the most ridiculous thing in this planet. 

True friends DO NOT NEED TO SPEAK EVERY DAY...I never (not once) heard Lisa say anything negative about Yolanda. Yet in our very first one-on-one, Yolanda was quick to talk about Lisa," Joyce wrote in her latest blog entry.
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