Wednesday, May 20, 2015

Bethenny Frankel Claims Her Mother Tried To Commit Suicide In Front Of Her
Bethenny Frankel has made no secret of the fact that she hates her mother but she makes a shocking claim about her awful childhood in an explosive Real Housewives of New York City sneak peek.

Frankel, 44, meets up with her step-father, John Parisella, and they discuss what a terrible childhood she believes she had.

“Of all the three choices of parents that I’ve had, he wins the prize,” the Bravolebrity says in the video.

Frankel then dropped the bombshell news that may explain why she has not spoken to her mother, Berndatte Birk, in over a decade.

“We had a real nice melting pot of my mother trying to commit suicide in the kitchen in front of me,” she claims.

Now a mother of her own daughter, Bryn Hoppy, Frankel is incredulous about her experience with her mom.

“What mother would ever do that to their child?” she asks Parisella.

And he drops his own bombshell about Frankel’s mother.

“You have to understand, she never wanted a child,” he alleged.
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