Wednesday, May 13, 2015

Claudia Jordan Says She Was Racially Profiled In Alabama Mall, Calls For Boycott
"Real Housewives of Atlanta" cast member Claudia Jordan is asking fans to boycott Auburn Mall after being kicked out of the shopping center this weekend for wearing sunglasses indoors. 

The reality star and radio personality, who was visiting the shopping center with rapper Ginuwine, took to Instagram on Friday to post her grievances on an encounter with security, saying that she was racially profiled and kicked out of the mall after refusing to remove her sunglasses.

"Never go to the Auburn Mall if you're a minority and you chose to wear sun glasses," said Jordan in an Instagram post. "Clearly it's against the law if you are black. Meanwhile we saw 2 white women and a white man wearing sunglasses who were not harassed or even approached. There were no signs saying that sun glasses were not allowed. Please do NOT tell me racism is dead. I'm a classy, educated woman with no criminal record simply wanting to shop in the local mall who was harassed by punk ass mall security and police were called. The message is clear- our KIND was not welcomed here and they are willing to use any excuse to get us all the way up outta there. Way to go Auburn Mall!"

Jordan also posted on Twitter about the incident, saying that it was racially charged since other white shoppers wearing sunglasses were not approached by security.

On its part, the Auburn Mall posted a statement on Facebook on Sunday about the complex's code of conduct regarding apparel and accessories that conceal a person's identity. You can read the full statement below:

"The code of conduct states that 'apparel or accessories that may conceal or disguise the identity of the person is strictly prohibited'. We regret that our Auburn Mall management and security team misinterpreted this policy to include sunglasses as that was not our intent. We are taking appropriate action to ensure we do not have another incident of this nature again. We aim to treat all patrons with respect and will continue to work to improve the shopping experience at the Auburn Mall."

Jordan and Ginuwine were in the Auburn area for a performance. 
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