Monday, April 16, 2012

'Real Housewives of Atlanta' Reunion Was all About NeNe's Benjamins
It couldn’t be clearer that The Real Housewives of Atlanta have morphed into a set of women whose only real connection is that they’re on the same show. The cast members barely feel like acquaintances these days, let alone people who should be part of the same social circle. In fact, this season seemed as if it was an endless stream of events, parties and other celebrations to get these women to interact with each other – cough, Africa trip.

On the reunion, conversation was less about trying to iron out their relationship wrinkles than it was about disproving each other’s financial claims. And the most focus was on NeNe Leakes’ declaration of wealth.

“I’m rich” was NeNe’s constant mantra this past season and defined the way she acted toward the women during the reunion. She may not admit it, but there’s clearly an air of arrogance about her in the post-Celebrity Apprentice and Glee world that she’s living in. And while she may deny that money has changed her, there is a disconnect between the woman who proudly admits she was a stripper in her 20s and then can’t stomach being in the same room with Kandi Burruss’ new sex toy line.

Kim Zolciak made a couple good points in regard to NeNe’s wealth. First, rich people don’t have to continually say they’re rich. And second, Kandi is probably the wealthiest of the bunch with her song royalties, clothing shop, Kandi Koated Nights talk franchise and the ability to translate her idea of a sex toy line into actual products.

Sheree Whitfield was also able to get NeNe to change her tune about “cashing Trump checks” when she brought up that Piers Morgan, the 2008 Celebrity Apprentice champ, revealed that he was paid about $25,000 to appear on the show. Even if NeNe was paid double that for appearing on the show, that isn’t exactly grounds for calling oneself rich.
Nene Leakes being loud, rude and obnoxious is nothing new to longtime RHOA fans, so it was no surprise to see Nene just being herself last night on the first part of the reunion show. That's why to me last night was really more about Sheree Whitfield continuing to show her true colors as a serious bitch with no man, no real job or any real friends. I mean Phaedra was so on point to call Sheree out for throwing "everybody under the bus" with her lame lies, excuses and always-pointing-the-finger-at-everybody-but-herself antics. It's gotten way past tired with Sheree and her gutter act this entire season, which in my opinion, would give Bravo every right to fire her (if the rumors are true). After all, seriously at this point if Bravo did give Sheree the boot, would anybody out there miss her?