Tuesday, March 20, 2012

Gretchen Rossi Says Tamra's Engagement Is a Sham, Tamra Responds And Gretchen Says It's Not True

"Real Housewives of Orange County" star Gretchen Rossi is telling friends ... Tamra Barney's new engagement is based on a money-grubbing lie -- manufactured by show producers desperate for a dramatic finale.

Sources close to Gretchen tell TMZ, producers originally approached Gretchen's BF Slade about proposing -- hoping he'd pop the question in time for the show's big finale this year. We're told producers even attempted to bribe Slade with an exotic proposal destination ... and a FREE RING.

We're told Slade turned the offer down -- convinced the public already hated him enough without a fake proposal -- so producers turned to Tamra and her BF Eddie Judge out of spite.

We're told Tamra and Eddie instantly snatched up the proposal package -- and her whole proposal was then conveniently filmed for the show ... at the same exotic location that was allegedly offered to Slade.

Bravo had no comment.
I hope this does turn out to be true because Tamra has to be the only idiot on the planet who thought she could really be friends again with a lying wench like Gretchen Rossi.

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  1. Hmn, days ago it was reported that Gretchen asked Bravo for a ring and a trip. Now she's saying they offered it to her? I think she is saying this about Tamra now to deflect from her. And if Bravo was offering rings to people, why not take it? I doubt Slade would turn that down.

  2. If what Gretchen was saying was untrue, Bravo would have commented. They haven't...and they won't...because what Gretchen is saying is 100% true!

  3. In my opopinion, there is NO WAY that I believe this horse sh$t & nobody else will either. EVERYONE despises Slade & thinks he is a total coat tail riding, mooching, no job, no house, no car, no money, king of "the ain't got no" club & Bravo would never give Slade a salary much less trips & diamonds or anything else to ruin Gretchen's life. He needs to actually try to get a job like the rest of the country is doing. I don't know one person or even an acquaintance of any person I know that took 3 years to find a job. He needs to face the fact that he is NOT an actual celebrity. He is just old guy that is a leach & baby daddy that happens to be sleeping with some lady that is on TV &off definitely too young for him, once again (Jo).