Saturday, March 17, 2012

Phaedra Parks Denies Criminal Past
Rumors began swirling earlier this week that demure Southern Belle Phaedra Parks was hiding a deep, dark, criminal past, but the swiftly lawyer has taken to Twitter to vehemently any criminal activity.

It all began when one of Phaedra’s former “friends” — a woman named Angela Stanton — gave an interview with VIBE magazine regarding her upcoming memoir, Lies of a Real House Wife: Tell The Truth and Shame The Devil.

In the memoir, Angela alleges that Phaedra and her now husband Apollo Nida were writing fraudulent insurance checks for two years, and after Apollo and Angela served time for their crimes, the trio, and Apollo’s brother, moved on to stealing high-end cars.

When Angela was eventually caught, she was charged with racketeering and sent to state prison for five years. Apollo also served time in jail for his involvement in the car plot, but it’s unclear how long he remained behind bars.

While Angela’s story is surprisingly intricate and detailed, Phaedra maintains that there’s no truth to anything she’s said.

On March 15 Phaedra tweeted, “The interview circulating is a lie. My attys @bjbernstein & @LLinWood will deal w/this false & defamatory interview swiftly.”

Doesn’t Angela know not to go after a high-powered lawyer?!
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