Saturday, December 10, 2011

Camille Grammer on Why Dedra Whitt Got Into a Shouting Match With Taylor Armstrong: She Was Protective of Me

Sorry but it's one thing to "protect your friend" and another to only make a situation far worse that what it was. I'm no Taylor fan and Camille did nothing wrong when she confronted her with the truth about signs she was being abused at that get-together last week, but regardless Camille still should've pulled Taylor aside and explained herself one-on-one at Brandi's house. I mean it was sick watching Dedra Whitt continuously confront an obviously tipsy and agitated Taylor and get in her face like that...of course this isn't the first time we've witnessed one of Camille's friends go over-the-top on somebody, but still:
We always thought Camille Grammer had it all: diamonds, a hot new lover, and oodles of cash. But after watching the fierce way her best gal pal/makeup artist Dedra Whitt came to her defense on Real Housewives of Beverly Hills’ Season 2, Episode 14 “Malibu Beach Party from Hell” (these titles are getting a little repetitive, aren’t they?), now we know it. Camille does, too.

In her recent Bravo blog, Camille thanked her best friend for coming to her aid at Brandi Glanville’s bash-gone-bad — even if didn’t exactly smooth things over with Taylor Armstrong. “It just exacerbated the situation and made it more volatile rather than being helpful. I know Dedra's intentions were good,” says Camille. The 43-year-old reality star wrote: “When she saw Taylor's behavior and her feelings towards me, Dedra became protective of her friend and wanted to stick up for me. I truly appreciate what she did.”

Camille respected another lady’s actions that night — and we don’t mean Kyle Richards doing the splits. Of Brandi, Camille writes: “She had the right to ask anyone to leave when things were getting out of control, as they obviously were. I thank Brandi for stepping up and trying to re-establish control that evening.” (Brandi’s blog explained why she felt Taylor should leave the party.)

Camille also values her relationships with the other women — Taylor included — and wishes everyone could get along. “The big picture is that we should all help support each other with the challenges we face as women in life .I think Dedra was basically trying to say to Taylor that we both need each other right now. We shouldn't be fighting with one another,” Camille said.
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