Where does The Real Housewives of Orange County go after that drunken themed party fight? Nowhere really. The episode after a big fight is almost always dull. The ladies have to rehash what happened and usually there are attempts to move on. Kelly Dodd and Shannon Beador met to do just that, to see if they could move on.

"You just have to be the bigger person and just let it go. Try to be nice, people respond more to niceness than they do to people who are negative and mean. Maybe you just need to give Shannon a chance," Kelly's mom Bobbi told her over burnt steaks without blue cheese. "Maybe you just have to get to know her. You have to forgive in order to forget, so, there you go."

After screaming at each other about whether or not Shannon set Kelly up (not to take sides, but it sure seemed like a set-up), the two decided to be cordial and move on. This is The Real Housewives. Fights like this are never just dropped. How much do you want to bet the 1970s party fight (or as we've been calling it, "It was you! WHO? It was you! WHO?") will come up again next week and again at the reunion?

Meanwhile, Meghan King Edmonds had her egg retrieval and her husband Jimmy seemed annoyed when she called him while he was playing golf. She went to Washington, DC with Heather Dubrow and spoke about cancer. Tamra Judge practiced for her competition and Vicki Gunvalson freaked out after her grandson locked himself in the car. But while visiting Briana's house under renovation, Vicki said (in a confessional) perhaps the most heartwarming thing she could say.

"The best part about Brooks and I ending our relationship is I have my daughter back 100 percent," Vicki told the cameras. "If I had stayed with Brooks, Briana would have never move back to the OC. Now that he's gone, I've got my family back. Thank god!"
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