Wednesday, August 24, 2016

Bethenny Frankel Doesn't Regret Confronting Luann de Lesseps: 'I Would Do Everything Exactly the Same Way Again'
It certainly wasn't easy for Bethenny Frankel to decide to tell Luann de Lesseps her fiancé allegedly cheated on her, but she doesn't regret doing it.

"I'm coming from a place of girl-to-girl," Frankel, 45, told PEOPLE Wednesday at an exclusive viewing of The Real Housewives of New York City to launch her latest Skinnygirl watermelon-lime margarita. "I'm coming from a place of girl code – that you tell another girl." 

"I do not pretend to be good friends with LuAnn, I don't pretend to be anything to anybody," she said. "I [was] a woman on an engagement weekend – I chose to go on that weekend, and I would do everything exactly the same way again."

On Wednesday night's episode, Frankel finally decided to come clean to de Lesseps, 51, that someone saw her fiancé, Tom D'Agostino, Jr., allegedly making out with a Playboy model at New York's Regency Hotel the day before her engagement party.  

"I genuinely did not know what to do," Frankel told PEOPLE. "LuAnn is an interesting character: LuAnn has said that she had an open marriage – I know that she and her [ex-husband, Count Alexandre de Lesseps] were not faithful to one another – so I didn't know if that was some kind of rule about relationships. I know she spent time modeling in Europe, I don't know if she's having a stereotypical European relationship [with D'Agostino, Jr.] – I did not know what to do." 

"I did not know the answer to, 'Would you want to know?' which is a question every woman asks their girlfriend: 'Would you want to know? Should I tell you?' " Frankel added.

Frankel went on to explain that if de Lesseps and D'Agostino, Jr. had been married for years and had kids, she might have kept the information to herself "because it would be a lot more history and 'not my business' situation – but this was a one-week engagement, this was the eve of the engagement party that I found this out."

"I had a picture dated and timestamped, and I thought, 'How could I not tell her? How am I going to sit around here and not tell her?' " Frankel continued. "I chose to let the weekend play out and not just dump this on everybody at the beginning so we'd all be sobbing the whole weekend. But I was very upset ... I didn't expect to be so upset."
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