With one simple phone call it seems Jacqueline Laurita has set up not one, but two feuds for the new season of The Real Housewives of New Jersey. You'll recall Jacqueline called Joe Gorga, brother to Teresa Giudice and husband to Melissa Gorga, when Teresa was visiting her house and rehashing drama from many seasons past.

Seems Melissa isn't too pleased Jacqueline dialed up her man.

"I've always loved you, I've always felt like you've been a good friend to me, but I'm f—king pissed you called my husband," she tells Jacqueline at a sit down lunch. Do good things ever come out of a sit down?

In the exclusive video below, Melissa tells Jacqueline Joe never said she was a bad friend to Teresa. "Listen to me, we're friends. Even if he said that about you, call me," Melissa says.

"He's my friend too. You don't need to be his voice…I went right to the source," Jacqeline says.

The fingers start wagging when Jacqueline brings up all the things she did to try and mend the fences between Joe and Teresa. "I was so good to your family," she says.

You've seen the teasers, you know things don't end well here and become hunky-dory.

"I think that my relationship totally changes this season, with her, completely. And it was pretty shocking and I think she tried to be hurtful in certain situations," Melissa previously revealed to us about her relationship with Jacqueline that takes another turn. "I think Vermont is big turning point. When we go away on the girls' trip, it was a big turning point for me, for my and Jacqueline's relationship. It took my rose-colored glasses off and it was like really seeing someone in front of me that I didn't see before."
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