Monday, August 22, 2016

Sonja Morgan Talks 'Difficult People' Cameo, Feuding with Bethenny Frankel and $3,000 Hamilton Tickets

On The Real Housewives of New York City, Sonja Morgan has started a toaster-oven business, launched a clothing line, and shopped her own brand of Prosecco. But no one has seen her work as an actress. Until now! Julie Klausner — who used to recap the Real Housewives on this very site — drafted Morgan and Countess Luann de Lesseps to play themselves in her Hulu sitcom, Difficult People. In this week's episode, the women get embroiled in a feud that is mediated by Julie’s mother (Andrea Martin) after she becomes a shrink on Bravo’s payroll.

We caught up with Morgan to talk about her cameo and all of the controversies she’s endured on her day job this season.

I was so excited to see you on Difficult People!
Our episode has Lin-Manuel Miranda in it, so I’m going to get all kinds of new intellectual followers on my Twitter and my Instagram.

Have you seen Hamilton?
No, it was $3,000 a ticket last I heard. I date guys my age now, so maybe they can afford a ticket at $1,000. $3,000 is steep. At that price, you have to sleep with them on the first date. The three-date rule is different. This is the first date.

I don’t know, it’s a really good show. It might be worth it.
$3,000 is like a night at the Hotel du Cap. You have to sleep with the guy. I’m not doing it.

How did you end up with a cameo on Difficult People?
Well, I’m old friends with Julie Klausner and she loves the Countess Luann. Loves her. Billy Eichner was on Watch What Happens Live with Luann, and Julie wanted her on. Luann was my roommate before she got engaged to my lover, and she said, “Can you have Sonja on too?” and Julie said, “Sure!” So we went on and did a little skit.

Was it different filming a scripted show, compared to Real Housewives?
It’s pretty similar. It’s delivery, really. It’s how you deliver your thought. I did this before. I was a model and I did some acting. I really enjoyed it. It’s different because they have a preconceived idea of what they want and you just have to deliver it. I haven’t seen it yet. Probably I’ll blink and my part will be over, but it won’t be a waste of time, because Lin-Manuel is in our episode.

I saw the episode. You and Luann are exactly like you are on the Real Housewives, so you’re very good at playing yourself.
That’s easy. We didn’t even have to do anything! But they did want us to do it a certain way. What did you think of Luann and I as Felix and Oscar this season, as the odd couple roommates?

I loved you two as roommates. But I didn’t like they way she treated you at her engagement party when you disagreed about Tom [Luann’s fiancĂ© and Sonja’s former lover].
You know how Luann gets when it comes to men. I always say that I won’t let a man come between us. When we were living together, you got to see another side to her. She was more open about dating and I thought that was refreshing. Then as soon as there is a man, forget it. She gets like that. I wasn’t thinking of Tom in that way. I thought of him as a drinking buddy, dinner date, have sex after 11 p.m. and leave by 7 a.m. kind of guy.

A lot of Vulture commenters think you were upset because Tom decided to marry Luann and not you.
I think that Tom just needed to tell the truth. Tom said to Luann that he was seeing me. I knew the group knew and it was going to come out. I knew there was no getting around it. To be polite, I said we were friends with benefits. I don’t expect the man to do that. The man has to make a woman feel special. He should have said, “We were really good friends and we had something special, but then I fell for Lu.” That would have made us both feel special. That’s why I made the comments about the murky yellow diamond and stuff. I wasn’t mad at her. I was mad at him.

Are you two good now?
Yes, I will never let a guy come between us. I want to be friends with him, too. You can’t be a tomcat and a lying cat. You have to tell the truth.

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