Friday, August 19, 2016

Kelly Dodd Admits To 'Anger Management Problems'

From Kelly's Bravo blog:
In case you are wondering, Jolie did not and will not ever watch last night's episode. My believing that Shannon set me up and my response to Nina and Jaci's "neutrocious" (yes, I said that) lies will be revisited at the reunion, so Jolie probably will not be watching that either. I also asked the parents of Jolie's friends to please refrain from having their children watch the episode. The atrocious things that were said about me and my inappropriate responses, hopefully will never get back to "Shnuks" aka Jolie. I am so thankful that Jolie is still out of school for the summer while this episode is aired. 

Losing my temper at the dinner party for Meghan was almost completely inexcusable. I acted like a raving lunatic. I admit I was wrong in many ways. I was embarrassed by my hysterical rants. I embarrassed my family and everybody involved. I want to apologize again here to Shannon and Tamra for the horrible names I called them. Of course they were in no way true or deserved. I also want to apologize to Meghan for ruining her special night. Clearly, I offended Heather's delicate sensibilities, so I apologize to her for that too.

The show is called REAL Housewives. It's real when I said I have anger management problems. My faults were on full display in this week's episode. This was me at my worst. 

For someone to get irate there usually has to be a triggering event. For me, it was the fact that I believe Shannon set me up by giving Jaci and Nina a forum to spread vicious lies about my character. I have written about the set up in my blog now for the past few weeks. So, I am not going to restate the facts again here. Shannon denied it again at Kitiyama and continues to deny it to this day. In the '70s episode she fabricated some cock-and-bull story about Nina having some reason to attack me. At the sushi dinner, Shannon denied that Nina said "I don't need to suck anybody's dick to pay my bills" when she was sitting right there next to Nina on the couch, heard her say it, and told Nina she was keeping it real.  

Shannon said I attacked her three times. On Heather's boat party I was joking with her about USC. Go back and watch it. I fist-bumped her to let her know it was a joke. So that strike doesn't count. At the '70s party I believe she set me up. So she initiated it. When I offered an olive branch to try to reconcile over lunch, she never admitted the truth, never apologized, and was equally guilty of yelling at me. We were both in the wrong. At Kitiyama, I was clearly in the wrong. So, by my count that's one strike.  
Personally, why Meghan even brought up the Shannon/Kelly sit-down at the dinner party is a head scratcher. And Heather crying and having a breakdown in the car afterwards...ok, really?!?

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