Monday, August 1, 2016

Is Gamble Breaux's Wedding Headed For Disaster?
On The Real Housewives of Melbourne tonight, there’s some uncertainty down under as plans for Gamble Breaux’s wedding get under way — when it emerges she doesn’t even have a proper wedding planner.

The revelation emerges as Gina Liano attends a dress fitting with Gamble with dress designer Alin. It soon emerges that he doesn’t have her proper dress ready yet — and says he’ll “somehow” get it done it time.

But then Gina asks some probing questions and soon learns that not only is Alin organising the dress — he’s taking charge of everything from the tablecloths to the cutlery too!

Gina’s expression is priceless as you can tell she thinks the wedding is heading for disaster, as she is pretty sure Alin has never done any proper wedding planning before.

A preview clip for tonight’s Season 3 Episode 2 of The Real Housewives of Melbourne, titled Old Sparks, New Starts, shows the footage of the fitting as Gamble tells Gina how it feels “freaky” being in a wedding dress again.

Alin looks on apprehensively as Gina inspects Gamble’s dress, and immediately finds something wrong with it. She says: “Would you have to wear that underneath, that underwear?”— pointing out an undergarment that can be seen through the lace around the thigh area.

Discussing the design, Gamble says she wants it “laced in pearls” among the flowers. But when Alin says he was thinking of getting rid of the flowers completely and instead having more “architectural lines”, the girls look on in horror.
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