Wednesday, August 24, 2016

Shannon Beador Has Renewal Ceremony with Cheating Husband David
Damn, David Beador came through tonight.

We'll never forget the emotional hell he put his poor Real Housewives of Orange County wife Shannon Beador through when his year-long extra-marital affair was revealed (and we're pretty sure she won't either), but his one-man reenactment of the climax of a romantic comedy certainly scored the man plenty of points. This is a guy who set out to prove to his wife and children (as well as the viewing public) that he's back in it for the long haul. And he mostly succeeded. And we've got to say—we were almost as overwhelmed as Shannon was while watching his never-ending display.

Shannon's non-stop day of romance began when David called her two days ahead of her birthday to sing to her and tell her that she had to be out of the house in 20 minutes for an overnight stay at a "special place." No time to sit at home and dwell on Kelly Dodd's "see you next Tuesday" shenanigans when there's an entire life's worth of homeopathy to stuff into a suitcase for an overnight trip. Never change, Shannon. Never change.

David's steady stream of surprises felt like one of those clubs Stefon was always talking about on Weekend Update. (Where my SNL fans at?!) And by that, we mean it had everything.

Drive down the coast to the very same hotel you got married at a decade-and-a-half prior? Check.
A quickie before the next surprise while a cameraman stood just outside the bedroom? Check.

A cocktail party with all of your closest friends and co-stars—and Flipping Out's Jeff Lewis and Jenni Pulos, inexplicably? Check.

An unexplained retreat to your suite while your friends hear talk about a second venue? Check.

A vow renewal ceremony complete with a surprise appearance from your three daughters? Check.

A joke from noted comedian Jeff Lewis about Vicki Gunvalson's presence being the next surprise? Check.

A four-day getaway to Cabo in the morning? Check.
Like we said, it had everything.

How David planned all of this without Shannon catching wise is beyond us. This has to have taken a lot of work. But then again, we guess he is pretty good at keeping secrets. (Low-hanging fruit, we know. Sorry. We couldn't resist.)

After last week's histrionics, was this the most thrilling episode? Not really. But it was a sweet hour—and sometimes that's OK too.
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