Wednesday, January 29, 2014

Yolanda Foster Calls Out Brandi Glanville's Excessive Drinking
Late last year Brandi Glanville’s Real Housewives Of Beverly Hills co-stars became so concerned about her drinking that they started planning an intervention.

And one of her closest pals on the show, Yolanda Foster, has admitted that she hates when Brandi Drinks and has been vocal about her feelings. 

Speaking to Andy Cohen on Bravo's Watch What Happens Live, she said: 'Oh, I can't stand it. I hate it, yeah, and I tell her all the time. But like I always say, I'm not her mother. But I don't like it - I don't support it.'
However, while the duo have a great relationship on camera, it appears as if there is some tension between them in real life.

When asked if they are still close, she said: 'We are... y'know. We're close when we're shooting, and you see each other every day. But you know... Yeah, we see each other.'

And Brandi was not impressed with her pal, writing in a tweet, which has since been deleted, during the show, '@Andy @YolandaHFoster I thought we were closer, I guess... We had dinner plans Sat. until she had to cancel last sec. Hmm, I guess one never knows (sic).'

Yolanda was quick to fire back: 'Please, Think before you speak, Brandi. There is a child's privacy involved in this conversation, so back off!!!!! (sic).'

During a dinner party shown on a December 2013 episode of Real Housewives, Glanville drank freely and hit out at the other guests.

41-year-old Glanville, who was married to Eddie Cibrian before he left her for LeAnn Rimes, made unpleasant remarks about Joyce Giraud and giggled from her corner of the table as she swigged red wine.
'When Brandi drinks I am always her target,' said Giraud, a former beauty queen.
Giraud snapped when Glanville mocked her for calling her husband 'baby.'

'He is my baby and if you are upset because you don't have a baby, go find a baby. Maybe if you acted differently you would have a baby of your own,' said the Puerto Rican beauty defensively.  

In the car on the way home, Giraud and her husband, German producer Michael Ohoven, gibed at Glanville's sloppiness.

'I think you need to plan an intervention,' said Ohoven.

'She gets drunk and lonely.'

'I think she was wasted out of her mind. It's sad right? She's so pretty,' said Giraud. 

'It's so ugly to see such a pretty girl so wasted and slurring,' added the mother-of-two who has been at loggerheads with Glanville for some weeks and has accused her of making racist remarks about her. 

The contentious dinner was held by Foster, who was planning her first party since recovering from brain-degenerating Lyme Disease. 
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