Thursday, January 9, 2014

Kim Richards Catches Lisa Vanderpump In A Lie About Not Attending Daughter's Graduation Party
We’re die-hard fans of the Real Housewives of Beverly Hills, but even we have a hard time keeping track of who’s friends with whom and who’s about to “go all Oklahoma” on someone’s ass. That said, it’s definitely been made clear that Brandi Glanville and Joyce Giraud are the It-feud of the moment... or they will be until next week’s episode delivers an all-new confrontation.
When RHoBH returns on January 13, Kim Richards doesn’t shy away from asking Lisa why she missed her daughter’s graduation party. When Lisa says she was in Missouri the entire weekend, Kim fires back that her hairdresser saw Lisa having dinner at SUR.

“Giggy, Ken, and I went to Missouri to support children with alopecia,” Lisa explains. “It was a long way. It was quite an arduous trip. But Giggy [a sufferer of alopecia] is committed to that, so of course, as Giggy’s carrier I had to take him.”

When Kim continues to say that her hairdresser saw Lisa in Beverly Hills, suddenly Lisa remembers: “Oh... maybe I came back Saturday night?”

“Oh, now that my hairdresser saw her, [she] remembers?” Kim asks in her confession. “To just make up a lie and say she’s away — it bothers me.”
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