Saturday, January 25, 2014

Carlton Gebbia Claims Joyce Giraud Is ‘Fighting For Airtime’, Defends ‘Unfiltered’ Brandi Glanville
As the new girl on The Real Housewives Of Beverly Hills, Carlton Gebbia had no idea how “toxic” her cast mates would be.

Now 12 episodes into the Bravo franchise, the Wiccan is faithfully defending her BFF Brandi Glanville and explaining why she loathes sisters Kim and Kyle Richards and former Miss Puerto Rico Joyce Giraud.

Despite Brandi’s controversial comment to Joyce on the Dec. 9 episode that implied black people don’t swim, Carlton stood by her friend and told Star Magazine, “Brandi is known for being unfiltered and inappropriate, but I don’t think she’s a racist. She just made a stupid comment.”

“She’s not judgmental,” she said of her sexy make out partner.

In fact, she claims Joyce is only stirring up the drama with Brandi because she needs attention.

When asked if any of the Housewives were fighting for airtime, Carlton flatly replied: “Definitely, especially Joyce.”

“If the camera isn’t on her, she will cause drama for the sake of drama,” she added.

The mother of three continued to rant about the other housewives – namely the Richards sisters.

“Kyle is not authentic. She is insincere. I don’t believe she has a loyal bone in her body. I think she’s incredibly calculating, and I honestly think she’s toxic.

Kim is just Kim. I see a wonderful person and a loving mom in Kim,” Carlton said.

She added that the hardest part of being on the show is “watching Kyle and Joyce make dangerous judgments about people. I don’t think they’re good people.”
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