Tuesday, January 14, 2014

Sonja Morgan Talks Housewives, Wallis Simpson and Winter Trends

On the Bravo show "Real Housewife Of New York," Sonja Morgan reveals that running in social circles can be a sassy affair. But it wasn't always cameras, drama and luxury for this reality star. 
Sonja was born in 1963 in Albany, New York. Before becoming a famed Housewife of New York, she grew up in the Berkshires, modeled in Paris and Milan for brands like Body Glove and Diesel, studied marketing at the Fashion Institute of Technology, and became a consultant for various American hospitality and luxury brands. 
Sonja then took her appetite for life onto a reality show by the name of "The Real Housewives of NYC." When Sonja was invited to join the cast of "The Real Housewives of New York City" for Bravo, the sassy 47-year-old was set to become a star. On the reality show, Sonja tries to express that luxury has no price tag and any of us can live on the wild side, no matter the price tag. 
We caught up with the bubbly blonde to chat winter style, her current life and other New York Housewives. Check out our exclusive interview below. 
What are some of your winter must have fashion items?I know that classic watch plaids, leopard and tuxedos for women are trends right now but they are always my staple items! 
Favorite singer/ song?Edith Piaf. La Vie en Rose. I love love. 
Who is your pick for best-dressed celebrity?Wallis Simpson. 
What do you love about their style?Classic elegant but eccentric enough to be all her own style. 
Best dressed Housewife, other then yourself?Lea Black. A girl's best friend are accessories and diamonds. She has some great pieces, knows how to borrow a good ball gown when needed. 
What are you currently working on?An International fashion lifestyle brand. Inspired by the attention I garnered with the recipes cooked out of my toaster oven prototype I made for department stores. They wanted much more!
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