Wednesday, January 29, 2014

Porsha Stewart’s First “Soulful” Single Gets Name and Release Date
It’s been nearly a year since Porsha Stewart belted out her own rendition of “Amazing Grace” at The Real Housewives of Atlanta’s Season 4 Reunion, and as the Season 5 sit-down approaches, so to does the release of Porsha’s first single. Since the Season 4 Reunion, Porsha has been through a very painful and public divorce from Kordell Stewart, and despite the tough time, Porsha insists that she’s channeled all of her anger into her music.

We knew the release of Porsha’s first of five tracks was right around the corner, and now she’s giving Bravo’s The Dish even more details. “I just finished the first single,” she revealed of the track set to be called “Flatline.” “We're going to be releasing the single within the next two weeks! I'm so excited!”

And though we’ve seen bits and pieces of Porsha’s creative process on the show, she says she’s been working on this particular tune since she learned of her shocking split on Twitter. “I've been working on this song throughout the whole divorce and the whole season [of RHOA], mapping out my emotions and putting in things that I've gone through,” she said.

As you might have guessed, “Flatline” addresses the loss of a relationship, something Porsha can obviously relate to. Speaking about the song Porsha dished, “It's emotional and it's me really being vulnerable and just saying the things that a lot of people feel when you have a heartache and break up with someone.”

But don’t write this newly divorced gal off as just another singing housewife, because Porsha maintains music has been an important part of her life long before reality TV came along. “I didn't become a Housewife and say, 'Oh, I want to sing!' I just decided I had the time to put into it, to actually release something this time,” she explained. “When you go through something like I did, you lean on music. It was really important to me and I decided I wanted to share that with everybody else.”
Porsha says her co-star and musically inclined pal Kandi Burruss didn’t work on any of her songs, but she did give Porsha some much-needed advice and encouragement.“We didn’t work together on any of these songs, but she did stop by the studio once or twice while I was working on a couple songs and gave me a few angles and pointers,” says Porsha. “She was such a great friend — pushing me and telling me she believed in me. She was very encouraging.”

And how does Porsha feel about the finished product? The RHoA star says that when she heard the complete track for the first time it brought tears to her eyes. Aww, girl, we can’t wait to hear your music!
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