Thursday, January 23, 2014

Kenya Moore Calls Both Phaedra Parks and Porsha Stewart “Dumb”
Kenya Moore is one of the more articulate stars of The Real Housewives of Atlanta, but she doesn’t mince her words. She also doesn’t really get along with most of her co-stars, which makes for a pretty explosive combination.

So when the 42-year-old stunner was on Arsenio Hall last night, January 21, we were prepared for just about anything to come out of her mouth, and boy did she deliver! Kenya proved that there really isn’t any love lost between her and her co-stars, and although she didn’t go after NeNe Leakes this time around, Phaedra Parks and Porsha Stewart weren’t so lucky. 

Kenya once again addressed the sexting scandal with Phaedra’s hubby Apollo, declaring, “I don’t want any parts of any married men so let’s just be clear about that.” And when she got into specifics, Kenya took a swipe at Phae-Phae’s professional skills, noting, “I’ve never seen him [Apollo] outside of a Real Housewives of Atlanta taping ever, so that’s a complete lie. I just think whatever woman would believe that lie, especially a woman that’s supposed to be an attorney, has to be the dumbest attorney I’ve ever seen in my life to believe a story like that without any facts.”

Kenya went on to state that she’s not about to let Phaedra bash her and get away unscathed. “To get on television and then to slander me outright, that’s hitting well below the belt and she’ll pay for that.” Yikes! We’d be worried, girl!

And when the Phaedra/Apollo situation was fully exhausted, Arsenio went on to discuss Porsha Stewart and her humiliating lack of knowledge about the Underground Railroad, especially given her family’s civil rights history. As can be expected, Kenya weighed in. “For her not to know anything about the Underground’s embarrassing. I almost feel sorry for her to be — I don’t want to use the word dumb, but dumb — and to show that to the world.” 

Even though Kenya started off pretty harsh she actually doesn’t blame Porsha for her lack of knowledge, at least not entirely. “We all make mistakes but the ignorance is something that’s hard to deal with. I feel on a lot of levels we failed her,” she concluded.
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