Wednesday, January 15, 2014

Teresa Giudice In Denial About Husband Joe’s Repeated Rendezvous With Other Women
Teresa Giudice is in “complete denial” about her husband Joespending time with other women behind her back, has been told. 
“She’s not doing a thing about it,” a source told “She didn’t say one word [to him]. This is how I heard her talk to Joe (afterwards), ‘Hey Joe.’ It’s just like that. Nothing.” 
The Real Housewives of New Jersey star believes it when her husband tells her that these meetings are just for business. 
“[He has] her snowed that this girl has something to do with business,” the source said. “But it didn’t look like business to me. He was all smiley, giggly.” 
“I think she believes every word he says,” the source added. “I think that’s why she got herself in this kind of trouble, even with the feds, everything.” has exposed at least three secret cozy dates that Joe has had, behind the back of his wife. 
The most recent was on Dec. 27 when he was photographed having dinner with a mystery woman. It followed at least two other incidents — this and this. 
Privately, Teresa has said that if she caught Joe cheating, she would be done.
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