Sunday, January 19, 2014

Kandi Burruss On Drama With Mama Joyce: 'We're Back To Speaking'
Kandi Burruss’ relationship with Todd Tucker caused some tension between the “RHOA” star and her mother, but Mama Joyce said their relationship is back on track now.

“My relationship with Kandi now is in a very good place,” Joyce recently told
At one point the two weren’t on speaking terms but Joyce said she reached out to Kandi before her daughter left for a trip.

“She was going out of town, and I said I am not going to let my baby go out of town and not [give] her a call. We hadn’t talked for a couple of weeks. I was really upset with her. Really, I was upset because of the ladies on the ‘Housewives,’” Joyce explained.

Kandi’s co-star Cynthia Bailey commented on the tense situation on “Watch What Happens Live,” seemingly insinuating that while Joyce worried about Kandi providing for Todd, it’s Kandi who provides for Mama Joyce.

“I called Kandi,” said Joyce who wanted her daughter to address the statements and stand up for her mom. “They think that I was more concerned about her money and taking care of me and that’s not the case.”

While “RHOA” fans noted that Kandi’s mother is now living in Kandi’s old house, Joyce said, “I live in the same house that I’ve been living in for 37 years, the house that I moved in one month before Kandi was born.”

Though Kandi and Mama Joyce have reconciled, the matriarch said she’s still hasn’t really connected with Todd.

“I decided to stay out of their relationship and let them deal with their relationship. They’re together, but I’m out of their relationship.  It’s much healthier, but I have rekindled a healthy relationship with my daughter and my granddaughter, and we’re in a good place,” she said. “I really haven’t talked to Todd.”

It seems her suspicions about Todd being an opportunist still stand, but Mama Joyce said she’ll be happy if she’s wrong about him.

“I pray and hope that I am wrong about Todd and if I am wrong, I’ll come back to HLN and say, ‘I am wrong about Todd Tucker,’ and if I’m right, I will be totally quiet and y’all will not hear a word from me.”
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