Thursday, October 6, 2016

What Does Vicki Gunvalson Have on Shannon Beador?
Nothing like a good old-fashioned threat to whip an old friend into shape. Just ask Vicki Gunvalson.

After weeks of trying to get back into Shannon Beador's good graces following last season's whole Brooks Ayers debacle to no avail, the OG of the O.C. employed the last tool in her arsenal: She reminded Shannon that she knew a major secret about her marriage and she not-so-subtly threatened to expose it.

"Shannon's been accusing me of lying for over a year now, and I know she's been lying about something about her marriage. I'm tired of it," Vicki said. "She's got to stop pushing my buttons. She pushes the wrong button, it's all over and it's going to be very hurtful for her and her family." Ah, nothing like coerced friendship!
Now, we're not saying that Shannon was lying when she insisted that Vicki was bluffing and had no proof that she'd ever lied about anything, but there's no denying that the homeopathic queen's abrupt 180 and renewed chumminess with Vicki at Heather Dubrow's book party was suspicious. She could barely speak to Vicki at Meghan King Edmond's store opening earlier in the episode and now she's feeling her up, inspecting for hickies? 

Tamra Judge said it best: "I have no idea what Vicki could possibly have on Shannon, but I think Shannon is scared and that's why she's being nice to Vicki. It's all very suspicious."
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