Friday, October 21, 2016

Tamra Judge Apologizes to Kelly Dodd After Ireland Debacle
Tamra Judge is owning up to what went down in Ireland on the next episode of The Real Housewives of Orange County -- and ET has your exclusive first look. 

After returning to the OC, Tamra and co-star Kelly Dodd sit down to hash out their differences. While abroad, Kelly got heated and told Shannon Beador she could see why Tamra’s daughter no longer talks to her. Shannon reported that information back to Tamra, who then exploded on Kelly. 

Cameras didn’t capture the moment, but the ladies’ microphones were on -- and viewers could hear Tamra get physical with Kelly. There was some debate after the fact whether Tamra did in fact push Kelly, but Tamra sets the record straight during the dinner. 

“So, one hundred percent, I was wrong,” Kelly says. “And I just wanted to clarify that with you.” 

“I didn’t have any bad intent,” she adds. “I didn’t mean to hurt you. It was wrong. One hundred percent, I was wrong. I’m really, really, really sorry.” 

“In Ireland, after that whole thing happened with what you said about my daughter, it just really put me in a bad, bad place,” Tamra says. “I’m very upset with myself, and disappointed, and I do want to apologize for pushing you.” 

“I’m not a good drunk,” she continues, blaming the moment on alcohol. “There’s been time -- what, a couple weeks now? … You have to forgive to feel better about yourself, and move on.” 

Before we get to that makeup session, there is more Ireland drama to come. Kelly told ET back in August she felt picked on by Tamra, Shannon and Heather Dubrow. 

“I couldn't take it anymore, and then I exploded on them some news that Vicki [Gunvalson] told me,” Kelly shared. “You have to watch, because it's so good. It's so good.” 

“We were all having a great time until Kelly got mad and she told us all the horrible things she was saying about us,” Tamra teased to ET back in July.
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