Saturday, October 29, 2016

Tamra Judge: My Husband Eddie Is Not Gay
He only plays for one team. Tamra Judge defended husband Eddie Judge’s sexuality during a Monday, October 24, appearance on Watch What Happens Live after she accused costar Vicki Gunvalson of spreading gay rumors about her man.

The Real Housewives of Orange County star, 49, insisted that Eddie is straight when a caller asked about his recently questioned romantic preferences.

“Vicki put that out there,” Tamra shot back before the caller told her that Eddie “has a few tendencies that could be skewed as homosexual.”

This comment only seemed to infuriate the fitness enthusiast — who tied the knot with personal trainer Eddie on June 15, 2013, as seen in a televised wedding special — and she continued to stick up for her hubby and his attraction to women.

“Why [do you think he seems gay]?” she asked the caller. “Because he’s hot?!”

The caller, invoking more than a few tired stereotypes, then mentioned that since Eddie is “good-looking” and “in shape,” it might be a “red flag” that he has a thing for other men. During the telecast, the camera panned to Tamra’s insanely fit spouse, who seemed unbothered as he smiled from the sidelines.
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