Thursday, October 13, 2016

Petition Gains Steam To Replace Kelly Dodd on 'RHOC' After Alleged 'Fat-Shaming' Incident on Twitter
Is Kelly Dodd in danger of getting fired by Bravo? The polarizing newcomer of The Real Housewives of Orange County crossed a line with some fans when she fat-shamed a woman on Instagram. 

She took it a step further by going to the woman’s Instagram account to criticize her weight and how embarrassed she is going to be by her. 

According to The Real Mr. Housewife, Kelly Dodd wrote an offensive message on her Instagram to a fan who wrote something she didn’t like. 

Dodd wrote, “Maybe try losing some weight because your kid is going to be ashamed that you’re a pig!! Get off my page you pig!” What’s more, Kelly went to @chellbell1973’s personal Instagram account page to make a disparaging comment about the woman and her daughter.
According to several tweets that Kelly Dodd is responding to, she tells fans that the woman attacked her husband and daughter.

Dodd writes in one response, “When ppl attack my husband & kid! I can’t say anything?? That girl shamed my family! I can’t say the same thing bk?”

Several fans proceeded to encourage Dodd to go silent and not react to the trolls. She acknowledged their suggestions by responding with “sage advice” and that one of them was “right.” Another person suggested Kelly disable her comments on Instagram.

In September, it was revealed that Kelly sent a private Facebook message to another fan telling her to get a nose job. The fan responded by calling her a “real girls’ girl” and that her automatic response to defending herself on anything is to attack another person’s looks. She added that once her time is up as a reality TV star she’ll only be remembered as a “joke” like so many others are.
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