Is anyone else as heartbroken for the Giudice girls as we are after watching the latest episode of The Real Housewives of New Jersey?

After weeks of heated arguments between Bravo's Garden State ladies, the nastiness was set aside this week for something a little bit sadder as the season finally caught up to that fateful day in March when Joe Giudice finally had to surrender himself and begin his 41-month prison sentence. Watching Teresa Giudice and her children say goodbye to ol' Juicy Joe made for quite the emotional experience.
Mercifully, Bravo made the right call and didn't intrude on Joe's actual goodbyes with his daughters in the house before he and Teresa got into the car and drove away, allowing for that moment to remain private, but there was still plenty to see that had us reaching for a tissue or two. Each of his girls giving him a birthday cupcake to make up for the ones they won't get to spend with him? Melissa and Joe Gorga's youngest son Joey clinging to his uncle at his going away party? Poor Milania watching her dad prepare to drive away through a window, retreating into the house in tears once the cameras catch her? Little Audriana telling her tough-as-nails older sister Milania that if she cries, she'll make her sister cry, too?

Siggy Flicker said it best: "You would have to be an empty shell of a person for this not to affect you."
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