Wednesday, August 26, 2015

Vicki Gunvalson Threatens to Take Meghan Edmonds Down in Intense Real Housewives of Orange County Fight
It's not often a Real Housewives star threatens another so openly, but that's just what Vicki Gunvalson did to Meghan King Edmonds on The Real Housewives of Orange County. Something tells us this won't be the only fight to go down in Heather Dubrow's gigantic (seriously, it is HUGE. She has 14 bathrooms!) mansion.

"I say this: Thank you, Jesus. Thank you, Jesus, he's cured. Don't you ever question if he has cancer again. I'll take you down!" Vicki shouted over the luncheon table at Meghan. "Is my mother still alive? Guess what? She's dead. How dare you! I'm shaking right now because I'm so upset with you."

Let's rewind: Tamra Judge brought her iPsychic (she had only previously consulted with him over Skype) to lunch with Heather and Meghan and he said he didn't see cancer in Brooks Ayers' life. Meghan, whose husband's ex-wife was battling cancer at the same time, had questioned Brooks' recent choices after he stopped chemotherapy and decided to go an alternative route. She shared her questions with Tamra, Heather and Shannon Beador, and Shannon couldn't complete her dinner with Vicki without spilling there was gossip. But, Tamra was the one who told Vicki exactly what the gossip was.
Vicki told Meghan she should assume the iPsychic meant Brooks was going to beat the cancer and that's thanks to Jesus. "We thank Jesus in advance for his healing, amen," Vicki said. "God has the answer, not a psychic."

"We're not going to talk about God," Meghan said.

The fight continued with fingers wagging and more threats.

"Shame on you," Vicki said.

"For what? Caring?" Meghan asked. "Do you realize you're upset with me for being concered? You're just an old woman who's bitter at the world."
"Old woman"? Those are fighting words.
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