Thursday, August 13, 2015

Meghan King Edmonds Lashes Out At Vicki Gunvalson
Meghan King Edmonds may be the new girl on "The Real Housewives of Orange County" block, but she's already caught up in her fair share of drama! After costar Vicki Gunvalson accused her of being a gold digger, Edmonds responded in an interview with reality TV blog The Real Mr. Housewife.

"Vicki is a hypocrite. She can't argue that. What you see on TV speaks for itself," said Edmonds. "She literally says one thing and then acts the other way."

The whole situation started when Gunvalson, 53, complained that Edmonds is a pampered housewife who stays at home and "lives off her husband's money," according to the Daily Mail. Gunvalson, who works hard as the founder of the California-based Coto Insurance and Financial Services, criticized Edmonds for depending on her husband, MLB star and Fox Sports announcer Jim Edmonds.
"What's Megan going to do when Jim moves on to wife No. 4?" asked Gunvalson.
Edmonds pointed out that Gunvalson doesn't have much room to pass judgment on her husband, who's been married three times so far.

"She talks about Jim needing to get ready for wife No. 4," said Edmonds, "but if she marries Brooks, that would be husband No. 3."
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