Wednesday, August 19, 2015

Sonja Morgan & Carole Radziwill Get Into It Over JFK Jr. @ 'RHONY' Reunion
Sonja Morgan is in the hot seat! 

In a new sneak peek of the "Real Housewives of New York City" reunion, the ladies continue to grill Morgan about her celebrity friends and parting past. 

Carole Radziwill seemed particularly peeved about her costar's comment, which took place earlier this season when the ladies were partying in Atlantic City and Sonja had a tad too much to drink. Remember, Carole's late husband was John's cousin and the two families were very close. 

"I get that you were drunk and it's kind of a funny thing to say, maybe. But it's not funny to me ... [and] that you never even said anything to me about it after," Carole said to Sonja. "No one who knew him called him John John first of all, and for you to say that you partied with John John is not okay, because he didn't party." 

"You, talking about John John, who was my friend -- seriously, I just have to be me," Morgan exclaimed. 

"This is her family we are talking about," Heather Thompson chimed in, coming to Radziwill's defense. "It's like if I talked about your daughter," Carole said to Sonja. 

Of course, Countess LuAnn De Lesseps had to get a few words in too, "I am glad you are concerned about family, Carole," she quipped. 

Clearly, the Countess is still a bit bitter that the "Widow's Guide" novelist is dating her niece's ex-boyfriend!
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