Sunday, August 30, 2015

Gamble Breaux Keeps Locking Lips With Reality Star Gabi Grecko
They stunned fans when they locked lips during filming for Celebrity Apprentice last month.

And it seems Gabi Grecko and Real Housewives Of Melbourne's Gamble Breaux just can't get enough of each other.

The pair were inseparable on Tuesday as they dirty danced and once again kissed on the dance floor at the Fashion Aid Media Call in Melbourne.

Showing off her freshly dyed purple hair, Gabi, 26, couldn't keep her hands off the 43-year-old reality TV star- even referring to her as 'my new love' on social media during the event at Bond Nightclub.

The close pals posed for photos together before hitting the dance floor.

Wearing a plunging-neckline dress, Gamble stood behind the wife of 72-year-old Geoffrey Edelsten waving her hands in the air before arching her body back and bringing Gabi in close.
While Gamble showed off her ample cleavage, Gabi was hard to miss in a characteristically flamboyant outfit that consisted of pointed bust plates and sheer stockings acting as pants.

But if the pair weren't showing off their blossoming friendship, they were posing for photos alongside fellow Housewives Lydia Schiavello.

Gamble took to social media to show off the ultimate three-some and captioned their photo: 'The really undomesticated Housewives of Melbourne... Truly.'
This isn't the first time Gabi and Gamble have flaunted a of public display of affection.
Last month, the two socialites locked lips as they wrapped their arms around each other's waists tightly while walking the busy streets of Sydney.

At the time Gabi was filming scenes for the upcoming Celebrity Apprentice sparking rumours Gamble may be joining the Channel Nine show at some point in the series which also stars Housewife Gina Liano.
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